Durarara! (c) Ryohgo Narita

Possibly bad English. Enjoy!



"I want to confess something."


"... Go on."


"I'm in love with someone now."

Silence again.

"Oh, really? That's good."

"... Yeah."

More silence filled the air.

"Wanna tell me who's the one you falll in love with?"

And a sigh.

"... I'm in love with someone I call 'Brother'."




Shizuo froze and Kasuka didn't say anything. For a few times, only the silence filled the air.

Another sigh.

"Sorry, Brother. I know it's too sudden for you." Kasuka continued slowly, "I just want to let you know... that my only brother isn't just a hatred target. There's still someone loving you..."

Shizuo closed his eyes as Kasuka closed the gap between them.

And kissed his brother lightly.

"... And that's me."


Hi! My first English fic in this fandom is this story! Sorry if you find mistakes coz I'm not very good at English ^^

Thanks for viewing!