angellec: 5x04 The End; I would like to see Sam freed from Lucifer because God showed up and hit reset he thinks Dean is dead but he is surprised to learn Dean was included in reset and is alive and was waiting for him

HECK YES I'LL DO THIS! I love the episode The End. In fact, I have a friend who does a good Cas voice and I'll say "Dude are you stoned?" and he will respond with "Generally yes." I would love to try this out!

He knew he had to do this. If there was one thing he had to do, it was this. The apocalypse was never supposed to happen. His angels weren't supposed to be like this. But I guess if he didn't want chaos and insanity, he shouldn't have left. It's a good thing he could make this all right in the end. That he could fix everything he broke.

All he needed to do was fix this.

There God stood, in the middle of Camp Chitaqua. Or as most people knew him, Chuck. With a snap of his fingers, he is gone.

But that wasn't the only change.

Sam slowly opened his eyes. He didn't think much of it for a few seconds before he realized, he just opened his eyes. He sat up quickly, looking around.

How was this possible? How could he move his own body? Last time he check, he was possessed by Lucifer. And...

Sam put his face in his hands. He couldn't believe it, even though he saw it. He had killed his own brother. He had felt Dean's neck snap under his foot.

He couldn't take it anymore. Sam let go all of the tears he had been holding back for so long. Holding back since 2009 because he couldn't let them go. Lucifer wouldn't let him. And now, he was free. But that meant nothing if Dean wasn't alive. He might as well just watch as Lucifer took the wheel. There was no point in anything else. Who ever got him free of Lucifer's power shouldn't have bothered.

Sam looked at the surrounding area. His vision was burry because of his tears, but he didn't stop crying. He couldn't.

He was in a garden. I looked relatively nice, being in the middle of the apocalypse. He was next to a plant that was growing roses. Not that any of this mattered to him. This was the place that he killed Dean, so to Sam, this place was an abomination. Something that should be destroyed at once. But it would continue to live on, as would Sam. And that was the worst part of it all. The garden and Sam would live on, despite the evil they represented. This garden was the place of his brother's death and Sam, his killer.

As Sam continued to look around, he saw that Dean's body was gone. This only caused Sam to sob harder. So, the person who fixed the apocalypse couldn't even leave Sam a body to bury? He couldn't leave Sam even that?

Sam heard footsteps entering the garden. Not that he could bring himself to care. But they were getting faster and closer. He hoped that it was someone who held a grudge against him for being Lucifer's vessel. Maybe this could all be over then.

"Sam!" a familiar voice exclaimed worriedly. But Sam couldn't believe it.

"Sammy!" the voice yelled, trying to get his attention.

Sam looked up slowly to see the one person in the world he needed right now.

He saw Dean.

"Dean?" Sam asked quietly. He saw his brother. He didn't have a scratch on him. In fact, he looked better than before Lucifer had started trying to kill him. He looked a little less worried, a little less sad. He was kneeling down next to Sam and had pulled his head into his lap.

"Yeah, it's me, Sammy. It's me, buddy." Dean said with a relieved tone.

Sam sat up straight and hugged his big brother. Dean hugged back, rubbing Sam's back in a circular motion, telling him that everything was going to be ok.

"I-I thought you were dead..." Sam muttered.

"I'm ok, Sam." Dean reassured him.

"You-Your body was gone..."

"I know. When I woke up, I saw you laying on the ground. I made sure you were alive, then I went to find Cas. I had to make up for... What I did." Dean explained to his brother. "I'm so sorry that I worried you."

"It doesn't matter. You're ok."

The two released their hug and stared at each other, both of them smiling.

"Sam." said a gruff voice.

Sam looked past his big brother to see Castiel standing in the entrance to the garden. Sam got up and walked over to Cas, pulling him into a tight hug, just like he had with Dean.

Cas acted awkward for a few seconds, then hugged back just as tight. The two let go as well and Sam saw that Cas was smiling.

"Cas, you smile now?" Sam asked.

"Yes, I do."

This caused the three of them to smile.

Together, Sam, Dean, and Castiel walked out of the garden, leaving it and it's memories behind. Sure, they would never forget the past five years. But that's exactly what they would be. The past. And they would always remember where it ended, though they may not know how.

It ended in the rose garden.

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