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Chapter 1: 4 years ago

Fine P.O.V.

What is love? How does love feel?

Well I don't know what love feels like at all. I think I knew it when I was younger, but got ruined. Sometimes I blame my dad for having a divorce with mom, which probably caused me to forget love. I don't blame him sometimes because he's a busy man and doesn't really have the time to be with the family. So I decided to stay with him, so did my older brother Xavier, and Rein is with mom. We still see each other at school and talk.

But ever since mom and dad's divorce, I had health issues. The doctor said it was probably because of depression. But its been happening recently, even they don't know why. Probably it's because it's not the perfect temperature for me. So I was always home, Rein was the only one who called me since she was one of the four in my contacts. I also wear glasses since I have trouble looking reading books and writing. When I go to school I would braid my hair into two, wear my school uniform, but since I don't like showing off skin I wear leggings and loose sweaters, which hides my curves and...well you know.

Because of that I get bullied. That's why I hang out with Rein during lunch time. She was the one who suggested it. So in return I listen to her and help her study. Even though I'm not at school, I studied every night and do my missing homework. So I guess that's why I'm bullied. My appearance and personality. I look like a nerd. Boys said its hard to believe I'm Rein's younger twin sister. She's beautiful in many ways. They say she has a body. I don't. I do its just I don't like to show off and its because too much men would come up to me and tell me their fake feelings.

Another reason why I don't know love. Because guys are jerks! I even seen Rein with a broken heart once. More reasons why I don't love. Right now she's single and in love with Bright Daiyamondo. He doesn't even know her feelings for him. That's why I hate men. They don't understand a womens feelings. I don't hate my dad and Xavier! Their the only men I don't hate.

There is so many reasons why I don't know love. Love is a waste of time.

"Fine!" My sister said trying to get my attention.

I look at her and smile. "Yes?" I said.

"I've been calling your name for a while now. Don't tell me you have a fever again?!" She touches my forehead.

"I'm okay! Don't worry so much!"

"Why not? You worry all of us! Because of your health issues we don't know when you get a fever or get sick and collapse!"

"I'm healthy now aren't I?"

"Yeah, but still. I'm just worried that you'll get really sick and end up going to the hospital again."

Oh day when I was at class in the fifth grade my illness got out of hand. So I was immediately taken to the hospital and recieved medical attention. I couldn't really walk and I was too weak to move. Because of that, I struggled to eat, go to the restroom, and stay awake. I even heard the doctors this illness would affect me in the future as well. I got better in a month. It was really hard trying to walk and run again, but everything became normal in a week or 2. So I struggled with school work, but I caught up in 2 weeks. Thanks to the tv's at the hospital, the nurses put on videos so I won't get left behind. They even tested me.

I smile at Rein and said, "It's fine now. That was all 4 years ago. Come on Rein get over it! We're 14 years old and freshmens! You should be happy that we made it this far!"

"I know. Its just that everytime you get a fever me and mom worry about you." She said.

"Mom? Hm I never really talk to mom, do I?"

"No. Thats why she worries about you. Xavier would call her everytime he gets ready for his part-time job. Speaking of Xavier, where is he?"

"I think at the student counsil room. He is president."

"Ok yeah." I giggle. "What?"

"Its funny how you forget!"

"Its not my fault! I don't see him often! You see him every day!"

"Right. Sorry. Then why don't we drop by! He loves it when he sees us!"

"Okay lets go!"

We pack our lunches and run to the student counsil room. When we make it, students were barely coming out. We waited for Xavier. He turned out to be the last one.

"Xavier!" We sync. He looks at our directions and smiles.

"Fine! Rein! What are you doing here?" He said.

"We came to see you!" Rein said.

"Really? Thanks little sisters!" He pets us. I get petted with the left hand and Rein with the right hand. I don't know why, but I feel so safe when I'm around my big brother.

"Yo! Xavier whats the hold up!" Said a guy running to us.

He turns to him. "Sorry, Andy. My little sisters came to see me so I forgot that I was meeting you!"

"How cruel!" He looks at Rein then at me. "Are they suppose to be twins or something?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Well the one with blue hair is beautiful and they other one's cute yet plain."

Xavier walks up to him and puts his arm around him. "You better not date them."

"I'm not! I would date the blue one, but not the pink one!" As much as I want to punch this guys Xavier did it for me, except he flipped him.

"For your information. She's pinkish-red. Don't get that mixed up. And I happen to say both of them are cute." He kneels down at him. "Anyway sorry dude. You got me mad, again. So see ya in class." He smiles.


He turns to us and turns us around, gently pushing us away from here. "Lets go somewhere else."

"Agree." We said. I look up at Xavier. I admire him. He also stands up for me. He knows when I'm hurt or sad. Thats how much he knows me. Xavier must have noticed and looks down at me. I smile a thank you and he smiles a your welcome.


Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that my siblings are one of the popular kids at school. Because of their beauty.

Anyway the crowd runs up to us and crowds them. Pushing me away from them. I was pushed to the wall and fell on the ground.

"FINE!" My siblings said. They couldn't move since they were squished. Can't blame them. Then the crowd starts to move taking my siblings with them and leaving me behind. I was alone. It became quiet. I wanted to cry because one my body hurts and two I'm alone. I get up anyway. I dust myself and see a scratch on my knee. These leggings were new too! Luckily I packed another pair just in case and bandade. Weird right? Well this happens every day.

I go to the restroom and clean myself up. I did it quickly. I cleaned my scratch and put the bandade over it and put on new leggings. I throw away the trash and leave the stall. This isn't the first time this happened. I was bullied so I'm use to it. I exit the restroom and turned left, wrong move.

"Hey look it's nerdy chick!" Great not these guys again. I just past them, but they grabbed my arm and squeezed it. "Where are you going?" One of them said. I didn't say a thing. I hate violence, but I want to punch him so badly! "Hey! Did you hear me?!" He pulls me backwards which causes me to fall on my butt. Great, isn't my body already in pain. He puts his foot on my chest and forces me down. Making my head hit the floor. I tried to stay calm, but I couldn't help it. A tear instantly came out, releasing pain and saying help me! "Look! Look! She can cry! I told ya man!"

"Okay you've proved my point! Now lets see what we can do next?" The other guy said.

"Did you bring scissors?" My eyes widened. What are they planning to do?!

"Yup." He takes out the scissors. "Gonna cut her homework?"

"Even better. I wanna see how she looks like with short hair."

"Me too!" They high-five each other.

I said softly, "P-Please don't..."

They look at me. "Shut up!" He puts more weight into that foot. Causing me pain. They start laughing. What kind of sick people are they?! Laughing at others pain?! He even takes off my glasses. "Wow! She looks way better without these!"

"Stop it please! STOP!"

Then a shadow comes. It caught us by surprise. The shadow kicked and punched those two.

"Lets get out of here!" They run for it.

I get up. This guy had violet hair. He looked like one of those kind of boys that didn't care how they dress up or what they look like. He turn to me. He had violet-blue eyes. "You." He said.

"Y-Yeah?" I said.

"Are you okay?" I give an unsure nod.

"Thank you."

"Its not a big problem. You should stand up for yourself more."

"Thats what my brother tells me."

"Your brother?"

"Yeah. Xavier Kuri."

He went quiet. "X-Xavier..."

"Whats wrong?"

"Nothing. I'm surprised your his little sister. That makes you one of the twins right?"

"Yeah. I'm Fine Kuri. The younger twin."

"So Rein's the older twin?"


"Do you know who I am?"

I look at him with a confused look. "Um...sorry no." He gives me a surprised look. "What? Did I say something weird?"

"So you don't know who I am?" I shake my head. "Wow. Usually girls would remember me right away and get all clingy."

"Well I'm not clingy. Anyway what's your name?"

"Shade Mūn."

"Shade Mūn? Nope. Never heard of you."

"Hm. I think we're gonna get along very well."

"How so?"

"Because your unlike any other girl I've met. Plus your cute."


"But since you have these things. You'll look plain." He gives me my glasses.

"Thank you so much!" I take my glasses and wear them.

"Ah. I knew it. You look plain."

"You look immature."


"But really. Thank you for everything. Shade Mūn." I smile.

"Like I said. No problem."

"But still!" I smile even more. Why does my face feels hot? Oh no! Do I have a fever again?! Probably because I was in too much stress!

"Are you okay?"

"I don't know. I feel warm and not so good."

"No way?!" He touches my forehead. My heart just skipped a beat. Why?! "You have a fever!"

"What?! This sucks..."

"I'll carry you to the infirmary."

I take a step back. "Its okay!"

"No its not! You'll worsen it if you force yourself."

"Can't argue with that."

Then Shade walks up to me. He carries me bridal-style! Why is my heart racing? He looks down at me. "Hang in there okay?" I nod. Then he starts to run. I can hear his heart beat. It was calm, but rising little by little.

"You know. This is normal for me."

"What do you mean?"

"I would always get fevers and sometimes sick."

"Now that I think of it. I remember a girl from the fifth grade collapsed out of nowhere. When the teacher ran up to the girl she checked her temperture and noticed the way she was breathing. That was you wasn't it? The girl that never came back till one month later?"

"We the same class?"

"Yeah. To be honest I sorta admired you."

I feel my face grow hotter. "W-Why?"

"Because when you came back, you didn't care what others said. You stayed strong and did whatever it took to stay focused. So that's why I admired you!" He smiles.

I was speechless. Nobody ever looked up to me. Nobody ever said those words to me. For some reason I wanted to hear them again. From him. What's this feeling?

Normal P.O.V.

Shade opens the infirmary door and enters. He lies down Fine on one of the beds. He told the nurse what happened. She wasn't surprised.

"Again Fine? Geez your really making me worry." She said.

Fine chuckles awkwardly. "Sorry Bella." She said.

"Bella?" Shade turns to the nurse.

"That's my name." She said. She turns back to Fine. "I already contacted your siblings."


"What? They need to know!" Fine looks down with a gloomy aura around her. 'Is it me or did it just get gloomy around Fine?' Shade thought. "They'll be here in 3...2...1...0." The door slams open.

"FINE!" Rein and Xavier said. They look at Fine.

"H-Hey." She said.

"Damn. Why did your fever kick in? You were having a great time too!" Rein said.

'A great time...' Shade and Fine thought.

Xavier looks at Shade. "Aren't you Shade Mūn?" He said. Rein looks back as well.

"That is Shade! It's been a while!" She said.

"I guess it has..." He said.

Fine was getting confused already. "You guys know each other?" She asks.

"He was in our fifth grade class! All the way to eighth grade." Rein answered.

"Really?! I never noticed!"

"Your so slow." Shade said.

"Shut up!"

They all laughed, but Bella had to stop the conversation.

"Fine you have two decisions. One you can stay here till after school and two you can go home." She said.

"I think its best if you go home. I go to my part-time job after school anyway." Xavier said.

Rein agrees and said, "I would take you home myself but we live in different houses."

"Wait. You guys don't live together? But your siblings." Shade said.

"Our parents are divorced. Xavier and Fine decided to live with father and I decided to stay with mother."


"So Fine? Which decision are you going to choose?" Bella said.

Fine think abouts it. "Well you sound desperate for me to go home so I'll go home." She said.

"Good. Because I already told you dad to pick you up."


Bella giggles. "I just wanted to see your reaction when I told you. Now calm down. You'll worsen your fever!"

"Its only a slight fever. It'll go away when I get some sleep."

"But we don't wanna take the risk."


"Xavier and Rein told me what happened 4 years ago."

"Eh?" She went quiet and glares at the two. "I thought it was only between us?!"

"SORRY!" They yelped.

Shade walks up to Fine. "If you like. I'll wait with you till your dad comes." She looks up.

"Really?" She said innocently. He nods. She smiles. "Okay!"

"Can I ask why you're here, Shade Mūn?" Xavier said in annoyance.

"I was the one who took her here." He said.

"I don't believe you."

"Why?!" Fine said.

"He has a record of detentions! It's still the beginning of the school, by two months, but he's already causing trouble! He already sent more then 10 students to the hospital! I don't trust him!"

"Your just jealous because he took you cute little sister to the infirmary."

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are." All the girls said.

"But still! I can't trust him!"

"What if I told you he saved me by being bullied."

"He did?" He looks at Shade. "He doesn't look like the type to save anyone. But I'll let this slide. For once."

"Thank you, big bro!" She smiles at Shade and he smiles back.

Rein looks at the two and smirks. "I see. Then to prove that Shade will look after you till we graduate high school."

Xavier and Fine look at Rein as if she was crazy! Then Shade smirks. "Alright then. I will." He said.

"What?!" Xavier said. Fine couldn't believe her ears. She wanted to faint!

Bella giggles, knowing where Rein is going with this. "Then you two should get going. Lunch is almost over!" She winks at Rein and Rein winks back. She grabs her brother and walks out.

"Lets go." She said. She drags him out.

"No~ Not the innocent one!" He said. Then the door closes behind them. The bell rings.

"Well I got work to do. I'll be at my desk if you need anything." Bella said.

"Well. When is my dad coming?" Fine asks.

"He said he'll be here soon. Now if you excuse me!" Bella walks away.

"What are they planning?"

"Thats what I want to know." Shade said. "Well since I'm going to be watching over you from now on. Why don't we be friends?"

"Friends?" He nods with a smile. "Sure!"

"Lets shake on it then!" He takes out his hand for a hand shake. Fine looks at his hand and hesitates a little. She shakes it. "From now on we're friends!"

"Right!" She smiles. "Ah! Since we're friends now can I have your phone number?" Fine asks.

"Sure." They exchange numbers. Shade looks over Fine's shoulder and sees her contacts. "I'm fifth."

"I don't know that much people. So I only have dad, mom, Rein, and Xavier."

"And now me."

"So how many people do you have in your contacts?" He shows her. "No way?! You must be freakin popular!"

"Because of my ass kickin skills."

"Thats not all. Its probably because of your looks."

"I see your point." He smirks then starts to act. "Don't tell me you fell for me too?!"

Fine blushes. Truth slams the door open.

"Fine?! Your in love?!" He said. This made Fine blush more.


Shade starts laughing hard while Fine tries to make sense to her dad. He finally understood a couple minutes later.

"So are you here to pick me up?" Fine asks.

"Oh course. But may I ask why Shade is here?" Truth asks.

"You know him dad?!"

"Well. Its a long story. All I can say is that I know his father."

"No way!"

"Well we should go now." Truth carries Fine.

"Okay then." Fine sighs.

"W-Wait! Can I walk out with you guys?" Shade said.

"Why?" Truth said raising his eyebrow.

"B-Because I wanna see go Fine off. I am her friend.


Fine looks up at Truth. She takes off her glasses and does the puppy eyes. "Please dad." She said. Truth couldn't resist the cuteness and letted Shade come along. "Thanks dad!"

"Anything for my daughter!"

"Don't go spoil mode on me again..."

"Oh right." They exit the room.

When they exit the school, students looked at Truth from the window.

"Hey. Isn't that Truth Kuri from the Kingdom Indrusties?!" One of the kids said.

"You mean the boss?!"


The students opened their class windows.

"TRUTH! CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH!" The students yelled. Truth and Shade turn.

"Shit. Now you can't go to class..." Truth said. He looks at Shade. "Your coming with me! At this point you'll get caught up in my mess!"

"But! My stuff!" Shade said.

"Now is not the time! Text a friend to get it for you and call your dad you're with me! Now lets go!"

"R-Right!" They run to the limo. "No way! A limo?!"

"Now's not the time to be surprised! Just get in!"

"Okay right!" Shade opens the door and enters. Truth places Fine inside and enters.


"Understood!" Beltran, his driver, starts the engine and drives.

Truth sighs in relief.

"Dad? Are you okay?" Fine asks.

"Yeah. Its just its been a while since I ran while carrying you. I'm not young anymore so I shouldn't be doing this kind of thing." Truth said.

"You look young." Shade said.

"Thanks for the comment Shade. But I may not be aging on the outside but in the inside I am."

Fine pats her dad on the back. "So Shade did you call you dad?" She asks.

"I texted him instead." His phone vibrates. He looks at the message. Then a gloomy aura surrounds him.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Its father and son talk."



They make it to Fine's house.

"Shade. I have to go to work so can you carry Fine inside." Truth said.

"What about the key?" Shade said.

"I have it." Fine takes out her house key.


Truth continues. "Now. When I open the door you immediately run to the house!"


"Really? You don't know why?"

Shade thinks about it. "I get it now."

"Good! Now go!" Truth opens the door. Shade gets Fine and jumps out the door. She takes out her key prepared to open the door. When they reach it Fine immediately opens the door. "See you later, Fine!" The car drives off. They enter the house. Shade looks around.

"For a wealthy business father you sure have a normal house. I mean its big, but normal." He said.

"After my parents divorce dad moved in a bigger house. But the enviroment was bad for me, so we moved to a normal house." She said.

"How long ago was that?"

"I was the third grade."

"Wow. You guys lived here for a while now, huh?"

"Yup! Now can you put me down? I can walk on my own now."

"No. I'm not doing that till I lie you down on your bed."

"Then do you mind walking up the stairs?"

Shade looks up at the stairs. "No biggy. I'm very athletic, so I can jump my way there."

"If you say so..." He runs to the stairs and jumps. He was actually jumping his way through, like Tarzan. He makes it up the stairs, not a single sweat. "I'm calling you Tarzan now."

"What?! No way?!"

"Just kidding!" Fine giggles.

Shade blushes a little. "Anyway, where's your room?!"

"That's super obvious. It's a light pink door with my name hanged up."

"Cool." Shade walks forward and sees the door. He opens it. "I don't know if I should say this room is neat or...suitable for you."

"Thats what Rein said! Now. Put me down."

"Oh right." Shade puts Fine down.

"I'm going to change so wait outside."

"Okay! Geez bossy much."

"Got it from my mom." Shade exits the room and waits outside. He heard the sound of her clothes taking off. He blushes. 'What the hell is wrong with me?!' He thought. "Okay. You can come in now." Shade enters and sees Fine on her bed. "Do you mind turning on the A.C? I can't stay in the heat too long or else my fever would worsen."

"Sure." Shade turns on the A.C. The air blew on his face. " works good."

"Thats because its new. Dad bought it for me so that Xavier won't fan me anymore." She looks down. "They worry too much. Its no big deal."

"IT IS!" Fine jumps and looks at Shade. "Sorry. Its mom is always sick and she's always at the hospital. So when others get sick I get worried."

"No. It's okay. I'm the one who's sorry..."

Shade walks up to Fine and gently pushes her down. "Get some rest."

"What about you?"

"I'll be here. My dad gets off of work in an hour, so I'll stay for a while."

Fine looks at Shade. "Shade. Lets promise each other something."

"What do you mean?"

"Your my first friend. And I don't want to lose my first friend." She helds out her pinky. "So I promise when you need me I'll be there for you. When you lose your temper I'll calm you down and make sure that your always smiling. No matter what, I'll be by your side no matter what you say or do." Shade was surprised. He smiles and helds out his pinky.

"I promise when your a need of assistance I'll be there. When your crying I'll be there till your tears are all out. When your sad I'll cheer you up. And when you get sick again, I'll be the one to help you. I'll always be by your side."

"Then we both promise each other that!" The wrapped their pinkies together. "Shade. As long as I want you to stay here, but can you get my medicine? Its on my desk."

"Sure thing." Shade walks to her desk and gets her medicine. Fine sits up. He serves her medicine and she drinks it. She lies back down ready to sleep. "Before you sleep. Let me take off your glasses."

"Oh...ok." He takes off her glasses. "Thank you."

"No prob." He smiles. Fine blushes and turns away. "Are you okay? Your face is redder."

"Yes. I'm fine. I just need some rest." She closes her eyes. "Anyway, thank you for everything today."

"Like I said. No-"

"But still!" She closes her eyes and sleeps. Shade smiles. 'She thanks me too much.' He thought. He closes his eyes and sleeps as well.

Narrator (Me)...

Ever since that day, Fine and Shade became close friends. As soon as Rein found out they were friends now she'll tease them. Bright already knew Shade which shocked Fine.

They all became bestest friends.

Even though Fine still got bullied, Shade was always the one fighting back. They kept each others promises. Which gives Rein ideas. She'll tease them and make fun of Shade by hugging her sister. He would get irritated.

Looks like one is in love with the other, but the other still has no clue what love means.

Anyway! The four stayed with each other no matter what. Even though Fine was never in the same class as them, they would still visit her.

That's not till they all start their senior year! \(0.0)/

What's gonna happen next?! :o