Based very loosely on the Bedside Challenge at WIKTT, but since that's over, I'm just messing around with the concept.

Disclaimer: JKR owns this all, I'm just playing with the toys.

Rating: R

Pairing: HG/SS

Warning: Not a really happy tale. Nope, not at all

Fugue State

The final battle between the forces of Light and Voldemort took place the winter of Harry Potter's seventh year on the lei lines of Stonehenge as both sides attempted to tap into the magical forces that permeated throughout the grounds.

In the end, the Order and the Light ruled the day.

In the first minutes after the defeat of Voldemort all the combatants could do was stare at the whirlpool of light and magic that surrounded the corpse of Voldemort as Dumbledore and Harry shouted their final curses at the Dark Lord. His body and power dissipated in a swirl of magic and power few had ever seen. The battle paused as both Death Eaters and the Order's forces stared at Voldemort as his body disintegrated into ashes.

Five minutes after the death of Voldemort, Peter Pettigrew, once a friend of the Marauders and known to them as Wormtail, sobbed as he clutched the ashes of the once powerful lord to him, coating his body in the dregs of the Dark Lord. The remaining Death Eaters, demoralized by the death of the invulnerable and immortal Lord were stunned, captured or killed by the side of the Light. It fell to Sirius Black to capture Pettigrew, once his friend, now a pitiful sobbing fool with one arm. It seemed once Voldemort had died, so had his magical constructions. Pettigrew's arm, used as a tool, fell to the ground in the midst of the ashes. Pettigrew, who's sole contribution to the now famous Marauders' Map had been to procure the parchment, looked up to see his friend and cried. Black, who was by all accounts showing great control, placed Pettigrew in a body bind and turned once again to the battle.

Which was over.

Twenty-four hours after the death Voldemort, the wizarding world celebrated. For a week. Muggles who looked to the skies over England saw colored lights, shooting stars and flocks of owls. Since the Aurora Borealis had never before been seen in England, many thought it was a sign of the Apocalypse. Stonehenge had become impassible as a localized storm and low fog kept everyone away. Even the Druids thought something was amiss. The flocks of owls that crisscrossed the country were discussed and examined on the evening news and by numerous Scientists trying to assure people that this was not a sign of impending doom. All throughout the Muggle world people chatted, prayed and watched for the Four Horsemen. Churches, Synagogues and Mosques were filled as everyone attempted to convince the deities that they were truly pious people.

After a month passed and the world did not end, everyone, Wizard and Muggle alike went about their business.

Forty-five days after the death of Voldemort, the Wizarding world watched as the first of the Death Eater trials began. Based on secret reports from the Order and years of intelligence about the structure of the Death Eaters, prisoners were sentenced accordingly. The reams of parchment on the activities of the Death Eaters went back years and was pronounced irrefutable by both the Minister of Magic, Arthur Weasly and his son Percy. Percy, under who's administration Azkaban fell, for he had taken over after Barty Crouch had died, promised the world that the guilty would spend their lives ensconced in misery and despair. Even so, there were a number of Death Eaters, who's crimes were such that there was no other option but to sentence them to the Dementors' Kiss. The rest were entombed within Azkaban for the remainder of their lives. Those that were injured at the Battle were placed in a special ward in Azkaban until such time as they were fit for trial. The world was finally free of the darkness that had plagued it for more than twenty years. Sighs of relief were heard everywhere.

Two months after the death of Voldemort, the first of the books detailing the Final Battle began to flow into the bookstores. Flourishes and Blotts did swift business as people snatched up every account of the Battle and the War. Most popular were the photo-books of the Battle and its Aftermath and biographies of the Savior of the Wizarding World, Harry Potter. Harry's, who was studying for his Newts at the time, only comment on the deluge of books about him was that he wished he could receive royalties.

Four months after the death of Voldemort, Harry, Hermione and Ron all passed their Newts and left Hogwarts. Griffindor had won the House Cup. Harry was drafted by the English National Quidditch Team and left to train. Ron was traveling in his gap year as he decided what to do with his life. Hermione entered into an Apprenticeship with Grethworn Juglenot, Master of Charms, to obtain a Masters.

Five months after the death of Voldemort, most of the books detailing the fall of He Who Was Now Dead, were placed in the Remainder Bin at the bookshops. The only thing that remained a top seller, and would for years to come, was the poster of the final moments of Voldemort. It showed both Harry and Dumbledore, standing in the smoke and remnants of curses, pointing their wands at the whirlpool of light that was once the Dark Lord. At their feet lay the bodies of numerous Death Eaters. The picture, taken by Colin Creevey, would later win him the Pictorious Prize and a job with the Daily Prophet. Everyone that bought the poster stared at the looks of determination in Harry's and Dumbledore's eyes as they watched for signs of life from the Dark Lord. The picture captured the moment when they turned to one another, moved away from the disintegrated pile of ashes that was now the Dark Lord, and faced any remaining Death Eaters.

Dismissed by all was the Death Eater that lay directly at the feet of Albus Dumbledore. Sprawled at the feet of the headmaster, his robes burnt, covered in blood and gore, the man appeared dead. Most watched as Dumbledore stepped over the body, and turned to the rest of the battle. They stared at the retreating figures of Harry and Dumbledore as they walked into the smoke of the Battle to strike down the remaining Death Eaters. The two heroes of the wizarding world. No one ever noticed that the man at the foot of Dumbledore, twitched his fingers towards the heel of the headmaster as he passed over the Death Eater.

No one at all.