This story occurred to me one night after reading a bunch of comics and watching Disney and Dreamworks movies. Tell me if I should continue it or not.

When I was 10 years old, my dad was murdered.

It's so hard to explain. There was this one night, I couldn't sleep, so I went to the bathroom, washed my face and came out. When I looked at the glass of water on the table next to my bed, the water started rising up from the glass. Then all of a sudden, my bedroom door burst open like a gust of wind. The sound startled me bad, so I went downstairs.

"Dad? Dad, you there?" I called out. When I crossed the threshold that preceded the living room, it was a scene that would haunt me for years to come.

My Dad, Stoick by the way, was lying down on the ground like he was wounded. Around him...I saw what looked like a giant plume of black sand. I know it sounds crazy, but keep listening. Inside the sand, I saw these strange, horse-like creatures, galloping, throwing their hooves around.

"Son! Get back, it'll hurt you!" he yelled out. I stood there, frozen, transfixed on the image; it was so surreal. The horse things kept throwing their bodies around everywhere until I set my eyes on something else. I the center of the sand, I saw a man. A dark blue skinned, pitch black haired man with eerie yellow eyes.

"Dad! What-what's going on?" I called out, my voice shaking and wavering with fear.

"Just stay back!" he called out again. His voice was tuned out by all the surreal imagery around me, and I wasn't snapped back to reality until I felt a pair of hands on my shoulder.

"Jay! Get away from those things!" my mother, Valka, shouted to me. She started to pull me back from whatever was happening and I tried to resist, flailing my arms around and pushing against her dragging, trying to get closer to my father, but it would be for nothing.

While I was freaking out, the man in the black sand all of a sudden just rushed toward me. I closed my eyes, expecting to feel some kind of excruciating pain, but felt nothing. I didn't hear anything, and goosebumps covered my skin, like I was cold or something. I opened my eyes and...I was standing on a dark, silent street in Lord knows where.

"Mom?! Dad?!" I called out, only to receive no answer. "Mom?! Dad?! Anyone?!"

I just ran straight ahead; isn't that so unnerving, seeing a young kid running out late at night in the middle of the street? Well those thoughts weren't running through my mind because I was just so, I was so afraid and nervous. I ran as fast as I could, which wasn't all that fast; don't worry, we'll get into that later.

When I finally got to my house, squads of cop cars and ambulances and fire trucks were at the scene. When they questioned me, I told them all of what happened; no surprise, but no one believed me. Nobody. They all thought I was just in shock or something.

What I saw that night was real. Nothing's gonna change my mind otherwise.

Third-Person POV

"Come on dude, hurry up!" said a chubby, blonde male outside of a white door.

"In a minute Fishlegs!" Jay called back. It had been about eight years since the bizarre incident that changed his life forever occurred. Jay now had longer brown hair with a braid on the side, and was taller now. But he was still incredibly socially awkward, a trait that worked against him as he entered college. His only friend was an also socially awkward male named Chris Ingerman, or Fishlegs as he liked to be called. Why, Jay never knew.

"It's something important, you have to get here now Hiccup," Fishlegs demanded, his voice carrying the inflection of someone far less mature. Ever since they became friends, Fishlegs had been calling Jay 'Hiccup' due to a moment where Jay had drunk soda much too fast and developed, you guessed it, hiccups. Jay started to get used to it, but he still preferred his proper name, thank you very much.

"This better be either science or women, Ingerman."

"Something better." Jay opened the door and saw Fishlegs holding two slips of paper in his hands, offering one of them to him.

"DREAM Labs, right?" Hiccup said with a big smile on his face. DREAM Labs was the only scientific establishment in the whole 5 state area, which included Berk, Arendelle, Corona, Dunbroch, and Burgess.


"How did you get these, Legs?"

The heavier male shrugged. "I know a guy."

"They're scalped, aren't they?" Hiccup said flatly. He knew that excuse; he's been hearing it for so long, it no longer sounded the slightest bit believable to him.


"When does it start?" Hiccup asked.

"In about one hour, there's gonna be a big tour. They're turning the particle accelerator on right now, so we'd have to wait for a little bit," Fishlegs informed.

Hiccup looked at the ticket he was holding; he wanted to go, he really but-

"You go on there, man. I'll catch up," Hiccup told him.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, there's just some things I need to take care of a few things."

"Is it gonna take long?" Fishlegs whined.

Hiccup rolled his eyes; good Lord Fishlegs was a baby during certain moments. "That's why I'm telling you, just go. I'll be there. Trust me."

Fishlegs shuffled his feet around slightly and looked at his brunet friend with wary eyes; he really didn't want to go without him, but if he was encouraging it, so be it. He began walking down the hall to the exit when he called out "Don't miss it man! It's gonna be spectacular!"

Hiccup crossed the threshold, closed the door, and stalked back into the chemistry lab; as he walked to one of the tables with his belongings on it, he switched on the television screen to check the progress of his soon-to-be trip.

"We are live outside DREAM Labs despite the incoming storm which is only going to get worse," the reporter on the TV said. From the looks of it, it was raining pretty heavily and looked somewhat stormy, which might have some minor side effects, but nothing too big, Hiccup thought.

He looked outside the window at the tall structure which looked like it was a few miles away; he was glad that that DREAM Labs was nearby, but what pissed him off was that he could never get in.

Hiccup turned towards a bulletin board near his table which contained newspapers with headlines such as,



The brunet shook his head at the reports; it was nonsense, all of it. His mother didn't kill his father, he knows what he saw that night. No one believed him, but he knew what he saw. It was like one of those things you would see on Mythbusters or any paranormal documentary.

Hiccup looked at his phone which read 8:35.

'Shit, I'm late. Again,' Hiccup thought as he moved toward the table to gather his things. He looked back at the TV screen to see any new developments beforehand.

"Wait, we are now being told to evacuate the facility, the storm may have caused a malfunction to the primary coolant system. Officials are now trying to shu-"

Everything in Hiccup's lab was enveloped in darkness, all the lights were off, the TV shut off everything was off. Concerned, Hiccup loked out his window again, only to see a sight that was unexpected and baffling.

A loud boom erupted from the faraway establishment of DREAM Labs, followed by a bright, damn near blinding, flash of light, and a large shockwave travelling all throughout the area. Hiccup looked around to make sure everything was okay structurally in the lab.

"The skylight," he said to himself, looking up at an open surface in the ceiling with a black chain hanging from it. He walked toward the chain and grabbed it; if something bad was going down, he wanted to make sure that everything was safe. As soon as he took hold of the chain, trying to close the skylight, it happened.

All of a sudden, the lights and other electrical appliances came back online, but there was something amiss; the lights were so bright that one of them blew out, sending electrical sparks flying in random directions. The sparks hit the metal racks that were located on both sides near Hiccup, travelling upward swiftly and causing a strange reaction.

Hiccup looked around himself and saw the chemicals on the racks bubbling up and soon enough, rising out of the beakers and graduated cylinders; it reminded him so much of the night that no one believed. It looked like the chemicals were defying gravity, but they were moving so slowly. The brunet looked up at the skylight intent on closing it, but saw something entirely different. As if there was a higher power in the world, a bright flash of lightning erupted from the heavens and struck Hiccup, with the force of it being strong enough to send him flying back into a rack of gravity-defying chemicals.

Electricity surged throughout his system as darkness enveloped him. Hiccup lay unconscious on top of the chemicals, soaked with them while still having a current of electricity running up his leg, and ending at his temple.

Hiccup could now add this as another life-changing incident, and so could everyone else. For the incident that just occurred would soon be known as THE GREAT WAVE.

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