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It was only six months since the large battle between the two Alphas. Six months since Chief Hiccup Haddock found his mother and lost his dear father. Six months since he took the role of Chief of Berk. Gods and it was a long six months. First, there was the repairs and the solution to food and shelter scarcity. The next had been redesigning routes to get trade incoming and outgoing faster. Third, there was the annual chief summit.

Berk was crawling with foreigners. A feast was held in honor of the visiting chiefs and their heirs. Hiccup had to attend that. He spent that whole night, slowly drinking away at a mug of watered down mead at his seat in the back of the hall at the table of Chiefs or dancing with chieftains' daughters. Throughout the night, he looked for one friendly face that was present for a couple of hours but then disappeared when chiefs started to throw him to their daughters for a proper dance.

Hiccup was aggravated, there was only one daughter he'd enjoyed a waltz with and that was the Hoffersons' daughter. He was very disappointed when he could no longer find Astrid's unmistakable face. She probably saw him dancing the night away with these strangers. As Chief, he found no chance of slipping out of the hall to pursue his girlfriend. However, when he did, it was so late that he knew Astrid would've been asleep and he hated to disturb her sleep with a lame excuse as this. She had been through a lot as his supporter and now, the one in command of the Dragon Academy and other dragon training-related affairs. Of course, she'd be exhausted.

It was one morning during the summit when he felt something take his heart, twist it around to cause so much pain and then release it. Hiccup later realized that it was his conscience using assault to knock some sense into him.

He was in a meeting with the Meatheads, Bog Burglars and Visithugs. He sat in his chair, processing the argument that the Meathead Chief had thrown onto the table.

"Now that Stoick the Vast is no longer with us," he had began his statement. Hiccup cringed at the careful words of the chief regarding his late father. The Meathead did not falter. "His son had to take over."

Hiccup sighed.

Thanks for stating the obvious, buddy. He sarcastically thought. Gods, he really wanted to get the Hel out of there. Take Toothless out for his deserved morning flight. Go find some other island. Snatch Astrid from the Dragon Academy and take her a deserved date. He just wanted to get out of here.

"Therefore, it is time to bring up the issue of marriage." Hiccup sat forward suddenly, eyes widened at the mention. Sure, he sort of had plans already in the making but…

"Aye, I propose that Chief Hiccup should marry my daughter, Camicazi." Big-Boobied Bertha offered. Hiccup shook his head. He had played with Camicazi a few times when they were little. She was a brilliant thief and had a wild temper.

"That is a bold offer, Bertha." The Visithug Chief commended. "However-"

Hiccup tuned out on the rest of the conversation as it was argued of who would be the best suitor for the Hooligan Chief. Hiccup stroked his chin for a moment, pretending to consider these offers when he had to think of a way to let them down gently. He already had someone in mind. Of course, he was convinced that he would spend the rest of his life with Astrid by his side. Very rarely they spoke of their future together, usually in jest at what their children would look like, while they were gazing up at the stars. They would joke what kind of dragons their children would ride and which child would be able to cleave a tree in two with a throw of an axe. At that time, they both knew they weren't ready to start a family together. Not when they had lands to explore.

However, these chiefs were making valid points about getting married.

"A Chief needs a firm second hand and that can be my Camicazi." Bertha argued to the Visithug chief. "Smart, selfless and dominant."

Astrid was smart, she was cunning in all things battle-related. Not to mention, she was becoming a very excellent dragon trainer. Sure, she has had her moments of foolishness but so has he and they figured out how to patch them up, together. She was also selfless, always there for him when he needed support. He thought back to the first days of him becoming chief and how she took time out of her day to visit him in the Forge or at his house. She'd always ask if her presence was wanted and he always said yes because it was true. He needed her encouragement but most importantly, her company to keep him level-headed as he tried to come up with new solutions for the problems faced that day. As for dominance, he used to think that Astrid was the dominant one in their relationship. She always initiated the affections and always reminded him with a rough punch to keep him in line after he done something crazy or stupid. When they got older, dominance wasn't really much of a thing. Both of them liked to think of themselves as equals. They both initiated affections to each other and they both knocked some sense into each other in some type of form.

"Aye, we aren't looking for dominance, Bertha." The Visithug argued. Hiccup chuckled at the meaningless word. "The chief needs someone proper to give him a male heir to the throne. My daughter-"

If Hiccup was going to marry, it wasn't going to be for that reason. Especially not for that reason. Yes, he wanted children but specifically male children. No, he wanted a daughter. A daughter with blonde hair and blue eyes, a spitting image of her mother. He had a wistful, silly smile on his face when he pictured the little girl riding in front of him on Toothless.

"A chief needs someone he can trust!" Hiccup stated suddenly. Eyes looked at him as he rose to his feet. He regarded the chiefs with a firm nod and continued to his argument. "A chief needs someone that will support him, treat him as an equal, argue his most questionable solutions and love him."

That was when his heart turned roughly and expanded suddenly. The realization donned on him and he gave the widest, most confidant smile to the perplexed chiefs.

"And I know someone who is absolutely perfect for the job."

It was early evening and the Chief was found in the back of the Forge. It was a good place to go after a stressful day. He wrote down notes about the day that he could refer back tomorrow when he heard a voice.


He smiled wider than at his proclamation earlier this morning.

"In here, milady!" he shouted. He closed his notebook but not before gazing at the one big notice on the right side of his book. One big word and his heart fluttered every time he saw it. It was time. Astrid opened the curtain and entered the private room. She placed her axe in the corner.

"I…need my axe sharpened." She told him. "I was…hoping Gobber was here so you wouldn't have to do it."

Hiccup nodded his head, disappointed that he didn't get a kiss in greeting. She was probably still upset about last night.

"Yeah, he turned in early." Hiccup said, feeling like that awkward fifteen year old again. He even rubbed the back of his neck. Astrid nodded.

"I guess I'll come back tomorrow then-" She said, making her way to the door.

"Where are you going?" he asked. Astrid stopped, her hand just holding the curtain. She looked at him.

"You're busy and I don't want to-"

Hiccup reached for her hand and pulled her to him. She put her axe down again. He boldly beckoned her to sit on his lap. She did so and leaned her back against his chest. Her nose finding a little spot by the shell of his ear. She nuzzled it affectionately. He hummed in pleasure and pressed a kiss to the side of her head.

"I haven't seen you in a while, milady." He spoke in his low, throaty voice. Astrid was quiet for a moment which concerned him. "Astrid?"

"I…" her eyes were casted onto the floor. "I saw you dancing with all those women last night."

Hiccup pursed his lips, frowned that he had guessed right.

"I tried to find you." He whispered to her, earnestly. "Every time I could, I looked all around for you."

"Hiccup," Astrid sighed. She frowned. "You're chief now and…look, I know that we love each other but…"

Hiccup waited for Astrid to compile her thoughts. His heart twisted in anxiety about her words. She sighed.

"I heard about the meeting this morning," she finally began with. "How the chiefs were discussing your marriage."

Hiccup hummed, sourly.

"Those men have no right to decide whom I should marry." He growled but his lips pressed a gentle kiss to her neck. He nuzzled her neck. "Besides, we already have plans milady."

Another long exhale from the blonde.

"I know, but would they really accept it?" Astrid asked. "I mean, you're chief and you'll probably be expected to marry outside of the tribe."

There was a moment of silence again and Astrid stood up. Hiccup had a flash of disappointment across his face but it turned into concern as his girlfriend spoke.

"You'll need someone who can give you heirs." Astrid began to list as she normally would. "Someone who can run a household while you're out there, chiefing. Someone who can be smart, tough and trusted enough to be your second in command."

She had her arms crossed, hugging herself as she did when she felt small and divided. She looked over at Hiccup who looked back up at her with his beautiful, but sad green eyes. She expected an 'I'm sorry' from him and a breakup, she was prepared for this.

Yet, when he rose from his bench, she saw something sparkle in his emerald orbs. It was the opposite of sad and he started to walk towards her.

"I told the chiefs that I would marry someone who supports me," He recalled as he stepped closer to her. Astrid started to back up as if trying to avoid him for some odd reason while she tried to figure out the look in his eyes. "Someone who treats me like an equal."

Astrid was just near the wall. Hiccup still pursued.

"Someone who doesn't let me get away with anything."

Her back finally hit the wall and she grunted in discomfort from the impact. Hiccup had effectively trapped her next to the corner of the room. Her breath hitched as she could feel his breath ghosting her lips.

"Someone who loves me." He whispered. That small but firm voice softened her and made her melt as did the hand that gently wrapped around her chin. His longest finger was just at the corner of her mouth and his thumb stroked her pale skin. Astrid stared at him. He then took the dive and pressed a warm, firm kiss upon her lips. She hummed in response but soon returned the kiss with challenging passion. Her hands fell onto his shoulder but after a few moments of the intensity of the embrace, one of her hands shoved into his hair and raked her fingers through it as they moved their mouths together, in sync. Hiccup's hands fell to her hips as he kissed his girlfriend with the greatest love he had for her.

Even the way they kiss, he knew that this choice was unquestionable. They both fought for dominance but were happy to let it play out. The hand in his hair soothed him while her mouth bit down on his lower lip, causing him moan and give into her until a moment later when he tried to retake the ground again.

Soon, they both had breathe sometime. They pulled apart but not away. Their foreheads were pressed together as they breathed against each other. They were flushed but warmed. Astrid's hand fell from his hair to the scruff on his jaw. She stroked her thumb against it, absently but also as a loving gesture.

"Astrid," he breathed. He was finally able to talk in full sentences. "I love you."

"I love you too." She answered, equally exhausted but happy. His hand grasped the one at his jaw and he held it to his cheek.

"Marry me."

Astrid looked straight him. Eyes wide. Astrid dreamed of this day a few times and imagined a stuttering Hiccup like when they were fifteen. Yet, as she replayed the kiss in her mind, she was reminded that they weren't fifteen or sixteen anymore. She was approaching her twenty first birthday and was a leading dragon rider and Hiccup was Chief of Berk. Hiccup chuckled.

"I know it's sudden-"

She placed a finger gently on his lips and smiled the most radiant grin Hiccup had ever seen in his life.

"You already know the answer, babe."

The End.

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