Okay, so I started off with a little historical basics of a Viking Wedding, all information curtesy of the finest Viking website I've browsed, the Viking Answer Lady. Then…the plot sort of strayed and so…this came to be. Yes, I did base the actual wedding off a certain pirate film. I guess my brain subconsciously said "yo, everyone writes the wedding, put yer own flair on it" and boom! Complete randomness with an army of marauders that seem to never die despite all of the misfortune the Berk riders give them, making an appearance. Anyhow, here is the long awaited one-shot and as usual, thank you for all the kind feedback and please enjoy this oneshot. You guys are awesome!

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Traditions are a customary pattern of beliefs and/or practices that were meant to be passed on from generation to generation. Traditions defined a culture. It was an ideal that bonded all the individuals in one culture in some way. They could be found in religion, in society, in trade, in music. Traditions were an entity of a culture.

And the Vikings had the tools for culture. They worshipped the same pagan gods, albeit favoring different ones over others. They had their own hierarchy of thralls, simpletons, nobility and the jarl, or chief. They had their trades; they were crafty woodworkers, excellent sword makers and unbeatable shipbuilders in their time. They had their music, the århus flute crafted from bone or wood or the stringed lur among other such instruments entertained Vikings. Poetry was also a favorite pastime. It was tradition to wash on Laugardagr, which literally translates to Wash-Day. It was also tradition to hold weddings on Frjádagr, or Frigg's Day and with a Viking wedding, that was the haven for all things traditions. There was a system to secure the betrothal, there was a procedure to prepare the Bride and groom for their special day, there were customary prayers and spiritual liquids to bless the marriage and there was the jolly feast with even more steps to present the new wedded couple…and then, as all of us fans know by now, there was the tradition of a public consummation.

Both Hiccup and Astrid woke up that morning on a Frigg's day near the end of summer. The shift in the weather changed the leaves on the tree to red, orange and brown. The air was starting to get a little nippier. But it was all part of the lifestyle of a tough crowd like these Vikings. These two Vikings, separated yesterday because of the tradition of 'bad luck to see the groom before the wedding', woke up that morning, their hearts terribly missing each other's company but relieved to remember that they would reunite and their union would be permanently cemented the next time they saw each other.

They were both decked out in the traditional Viking wedding garb. Astrid had to surrender her kransen to her mother, who put it away until Astrid would give it to a daughter of her own. She had argued to keep her red tunic, shoulder pads and skirt combination and was successful in that but today, she'd be wearing different attire. She was hustled off to the bath house where she would be ritually 'washed away' of her maiden status. Astrid had to bite her lip to keep her from laughing when the more-experienced women lectured her about how to be a wife and how to please her husband. Astrid twitched uncomfortably when she had to plunge into the cold water to complete this ridiculous tradition. Then, as they dolled her up, they placed that ridiculously looking bridal-crown on her head to replace the kransen.

Like Astrid, Hiccup had to take some ceremonial bath and, because the groom didn't have a visual token of bachelor status, he had to go sneak into an ancestor's grave and take the ancestral sword to present to his bride. However, Hiccup felt a little uncertain about giving his axe-wielding Vikingess access to yet another weapon she could use to cause bodily harm when she was upset with him, and he knew she will lose her temper with him and his antics. Nonetheless, he had the goofiest grin on his face at even the subtle reminder that she would be his wife at the end of the day. So, on that cheery note, he trudged on with the traditions, wishing he was somewhere in the skies with Toothless but, physically present to the males who were arguing about a certain way to…er…make a woman happy. It took Spitelout's words 'you'll need an axe, to show her you are the master of your marriage' to finally shoot down that tradition. Then, he was dressed with the sword attached to his hip to present to his bride. His heart raced with anticipation, excitement and nervousness.

The ceremony went off without a single hitch. Hiccup watched his beloved approach him in a simple, yet gorgeous blue dress. The bridal crown, made from braided twigs with woven flowers and leaves, fixed perfectly on her golden crown of silky tresses. He looked forward to remove that crown and run his fingers through her wonderful strands. He smiled, goofily, just thinking about it.

Astrid admired him as well, he was dressed in a fancier green tunic and fine brown trousers. Despite several attempts to get his unruly auburn locks tamed, he was still the rugged, handsome man she was completely in love with. She, like Hiccup, looked forward to run her hands through his shaggy hair and placing another small braid in it as if to solidify, in their own whacked up way, their union.

Gothi honored the Gods and Goddesses, asking for their blessing on this well-matched couple. The ceremonial water were dashed on them, little droplets trickling down their faces which made them giggle, giddily. Their hands clasped and it was soon time for the vows. Hiccup was ready to open his mouth and pronounce is undying love for the strong, beautiful woman in front of him.

However, as some folks have voiced throughout years of living life, shit happens. It was just then that some marauding band of dragon riders soared straight into the village. The Vikings dispersed, mounted up and gathered weapons to defend their home. Hiccup rolled his eyes and made a sarcastic remark and then looked at Astrid who was already mounted on Stormfly, dutifully awaiting the Chief's orders. To others, she looked like she was steely-eyed and ready for battle, but Hiccup saw the look of aggravation alit in her eyes. However, she was focused, just one of the ways he loved her.

"Strike from the right?" Hiccup suggested, Astrid smirked, knowing, that despite it was a mere suggestion, it was his way of ordering her around. It gave her an opening to judge and make him reconsider if she made a valid point. Yet, this time, she found no challenges and gave a firm nod.

"Hold on," she stilled quickly. She hopped off of Stormfly. Hiccup glanced at her, she pulled something out of her saddle bag. "Think you can remove my crown, I need to tie my hair back so it won't get in the way."

Hiccup chuckled and removed it. He set it hastily down on the table that held the items for the ceremony. Astrid successfully pulled her hair into a messy ponytail and hopped right on Stormfly once again. She blew her fiancé a kiss before lifting off into battle. Hiccup watched in awe as she wielded her battle axe and maneuvered skillfully around the flock of rogue dragon riders.

Hiccup joined the fray soon enough and swung around to find the leader. Berk was holding its ground good enough, the marauders were completely amateur on dragons compared to the Hooligans. He had Toothless swoop up, close to the targeted dragon, disorienting it. The leader huffed and tried to get his mount under control to which Hiccup took full advantage of the pause. Toothless zoomed past again and the dragon lurched downwards.

Yet, the dragon eventually used his full strength to fire at Toothless. The Night Fury dodged but Hiccup felt the rush of fire a little too close. He grimaced and told Toothless to take a quick dive to pull himself together. It was then he saw several other dragons come to the aid of the pirate leader. Hiccup grunted a curse when he found himself flanked on both sides. He would have to engage in direct conflict so he made to withdrew the sword, meant for his intended, from his belt. Prepared to unsheathe it, his move was delayed when he found a spray of hot fire, knock two dragons out of range. She swung her battle axe at one of the armed men who swung his sword. The blade got caught in the deep curve of her axe and she disarmed him quickly before giving him a kick to his helmet which sent him plummeting. That dragon went after him.

Hiccup, not entirely surprised by her quick movements but surprised at her well-timed assistance, smiled at her.

"Couldn't have come at a better time, milady!" he shouted over the winds of battle. Astrid smirked and she glanced at the leader who was a few yards away and ready to charge. Quickly, she unattached the sword from her belt and tossed it to him. He caught it by the scabbard with improved accuracy and he looked at it.

"Your sword, babe." She said and he immediately understood. He held it firmly against his saddle as he tossed her the sword he had withdrawn earlier.

"Milady." He said. Astrid looked at it and then at him.

"My own Inferno?" She grinned at him. Hiccup nodded. She smirked and with a snap of Stormfly's wings, the Nadder and Rider banked around to take on the approaching leader. Hiccup was ready to cover her when he saw her rush past, spraying Zippleback gas in front of the man and then having Stormfly bank and fly back to ignite the gas.

With a sickening crackle, it exploded and Hiccup held his breath, hoping that his girlfriend got out of the fire quickly.

"Atta girl, Stormfly!" he heard her shout, victoriously as she swooped up past Hiccup. Hiccup shook his head at her and flew after her. He handed her one of his cartridges.

"You know, all we need is give each other our oath rings, say our vows and someone to say we're married." Hiccup stated. Astrid chuckled as they approached a group of pirates.

"You can wait right?" she questioned.

"I dunno," He spotted Gobber on Grump joining them. "Hey Gobber!"

"Aye, Chief?" the blacksmith called back.

"Marry us!" He requested. Astrid and Gobber both looked at him like he was crazy.

"I don't think now's the best time, babe!" Astrid flatly scolded.

"Eh, c'mon, we've traded our swords, asked the Gods for our blessing." Hiccup urged. Astrid contemplated for a moment before finally nodding. She looked at Gobber.

"Gobber, marry us!" She shouted at him.

"Thor almighty, yeh kids are a piece o' work." Gobber huffed, indigently. He smiled though and nodded. "Aye, we're gathered 'ere t'day!"

It was then a fireball shot at Gobber and he swung right out of the range, just narrowly missing the blow. Grump fired back with his own blast and Gobber cleared his throat.

"We're gathered 'ere t'day, t'bless the union, finally, between our Chief an'-Yeh wan' a piece o' this, yeh half-troll!"


Astrid and Hiccup glanced at each other and they both flew to assist Gobber.

"Astrid Hofferson," Hiccup began as he flanked one of the enemy. His blade crashed against his axe and Toothless fired a nice plasma blast at the dragon's side. "I love you, I've always have-Toothless, on your left-"


"Astrid," Hiccup resumed. "Do you wish for me to become your husband, to have and to hold, through sickness and in health until we both reach Valhalla or Helheim?"

Astrid dove out of reach of an arrow and Stormfly squawked, blasting her own magnesium burst at the attacker.

"I do!" she shouted over the loud clashing of metal and dragons, "Hiccup, I love you so much- Stormfly, spine shot!"


"Do you, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, wish for me to become your wife, to have and to hold, through sickness and in health until we both reach Valhalla or Helheim?" Astrid said, though she was a bit winded from the action. Hiccup smiled, enraptured and he nodded.

"Of course, I do." He vowed. Gobber, who had heard the exchange, chimed back in.

"Right, I suppose rings are out of the-"

"Babe, here!" Gobber watched Astrid toss a small ring to her husband as she swooped past him to take care of a dragon tailing on his rear. Hiccup caught without effort and placed it on his left ring finger. He then reached into his pocket and when Astrid turned to resituate and assess the current status of the battle, Hiccup sidled up to her.

"Milady." He offered in his gentlemanly fashion. She was close enough to let him slip it onto her finger. Astrid smirked and the two were separated by an incoming fleet of bloodthirsty dragons. Gobber came in to assist the two and to end the ceremony.

"Righty-o, I now pronounce yeh-" Once again, Gobber was interrupted by some random strike to his right and he flew right out of the way. He shook his head and smacked the pirate against his helmet with his Warhammer prosthetic. The man plummeted and the dragon went after him. Gobber sighed in relief and returned to his duty. "I now pronounce yeh-Oi, tha' was a lil' t'close!"

Whack! Clang!

Gobber, frustrated, just glanced at the couple.

"Jus' kiss!" He said before launching into another charge against two incoming pirates. They were like flies, always drawn back even when they were nearly downed.

Not needed further instruction, the two dragons sidled up to one another and the two riders shared their sealing kiss. Passionate and heated, it solidified the promises and began the newest chapter of their young lives.

They broke apart and rushed back into battle, now as husband and wife, securing Berk's victory in the battle in one last hurrah.

It was a double celebration that night. The Great Hall was crowded, all existing barrels of mead were rolled out and tapped into. The alcohol splashed around and music and laughter rattled the rafters. Dragons enjoyed flocking the tables, pining for the scrapes which they were happily given. The Terrors sang with the upbeat music.

However, as the Vikings partied in response to their outstanding victory and the blessed union of their two leaders, the said couple were outside on the steps. All the celebration they need was their two dragons keeping an eye out and themselves. They were wrapped in a tight, passionate embrace. Astrid's head snuggled in the crook of his neck, her arms around his waist. His head rested against hers, his nose brushing past her ear. One hand played with the messy ponytail still in her hair and the other held her waist.

They were swaying to their own rhythm, in companionable silence, until Astrid, who tried to stop herself, giggled.

"And what's so funny, milady?" Hiccup questioned with curiosity. Astrid just slightly lifted her head from her husband's shoulder.

"Just…we always seem to fail at following traditions." Astrid pointed out. Hiccup shook his head.

"Quite the contrary," he whispered in her ear. It was hot, desirable and enduring to his wife. "Gothi made the prayer, we traded our swords and rings, we spoke our vows and sealed everything with a kiss."

To emphasize his point, he bowed his head and pressed a quick, fervent kiss upon her inviting lips. He pulled away and placed his forehead against hers. Their breaths entangled with each other, noses brushing against the other and eyes closed to embrace their sweet solace.

"The one time, you are right." Astrid joked, lovingly as she reached up to stroke her husband's cheek. Hiccup grinned and kissed her palm.

"I must say…we followed enough wedding traditions today with our little flair," he chuckled. Astrid smiled and he suddenly reached down and picked her up in a bridal carry. He started to walk down the steps with surprising grace. "Shall we…defy tradition and have our own little celebration elsewhere, with no eyes to see?"

Astrid only smiled, placed her arms around her husband's neck. Hiccup mounted on Toothless, Astrid sitting in front of him. His arms wrapped tightly around her as his prosthetic clicked into place. The two shared one more kiss and one more long, tender look. Hiccup glanced down at Toothless.

"Right bud, to Itchy Armpit."

The end.

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