*DP pops up Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan in tow* Delphine Pryde: Well, fellow otakus, it's been a little while, hasn't it? Vegeta: *mutters* More like a year, lazy onna. *glares at the Saiyan-jin no ouji* DP: I WAS busy with school work. Right, Gohan? Gohan: Ano.... *Chi Chi comes running in, holding a large frying pan* CC: Don't you dare have my baby boy lie to cover your laziness. *chases* *DD hides behind Goku* DD: I'm not here! Goku: *caught between wife and author, poor guy* Chi Chi, maybe you should put the frying pan down. CC: *waving said pan* No, I will not. Move or I'll hit you as well. DD:*without Goku to hide behind, jumps into Vegeta's arms* Save me! Vegeta:*drops girl to floor and stomps off, muttering to self* Onna no baka.... DD:*wincing in pain, runs after him* Vegeta-sama, how could you? CC: Don't ignore me. *follows* *Goku and Gohan look at each other, questioningly* Goku: Seeing as how, author-san, is occupied. Let's get on with the next chapter. Gohan: And everyone belongs to their respective owners. *^_^-ed*

Flying with a Wish Back on Earth Part One: A New Seishi

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." –saying

Master Roshi had his head deep in the refrigerator, searching for his beer that Krillan had hidden once again, when the knock on the door came. Startled, he raised his head too quickly and ended up hitting his head on the fridge's roof. He fell to the floor, holding his head and cursing.
"Are you alright?" asked Turtle.
"Do I look alright?" The pounding on the door came again. "I'm coming. Sheesh, the rudeness of some people. Can't a guy drink in peace," he grumbled, pulling himself up and walked to the door. Yanking the door open, Roshi opened his mouth to scream at the intruder and stopped. A lovely vision of femininity stood before him.
She appeared to be around nineteen; with hair the color of sunset pink, wrapped in a neat braid that reached to her knees and eyes a pale purple. She was wearing a loose, Chinese outfit made of red silk, that while it didn't cling to her form tightly, showed off her well proportioned body. At least that was what Roshi observed until he finally got to his favorite piece of the female autonomy, the breasts. To his disappointment, they were flat. Surely, one this stranger's age would have already gone through puberty and developed all the appropriate outward signs of the gender. Which left only one disappointing conclusion: this beautiful girl was in fact a very pretty boy.
His face fell and his earlier irritation returned. "Yeah, what is it?"
"Pardon me, sir," the boy said, "are you, Master Roshi the Turtle Hermit?"
"I'm not buying anything, but yes I am," he said quickly, thinking the boy to be another solicitor. How they found his tiny island was anybodies guess.
The bishonen blinked before realizing what he meant. "Oh, I'm not selling anything." He bowed; braid gently swinging to the front. "My name is Ryu, and I've come to ask you to train me."
Roshi frowned. What was it with these young people? Coming to ask him to train a perfect stranger; and without a gift, he added to himself, thinking of when he first met Krillan.
"I'm not taking any students."
Ryu didn't show any disappointment. "Your sister thought you might say that, she asked me to give you this." The boy handed him a letter.
Wondering what Baba had to say, Roshi opened the envelope. The letter contained big words about possible futures and other mumbo jumbo, boiling down to him training the boy or Chikyuu might be doomed. With Goku gone for who know how long, Chikyuu needed another Champion anyway...Roshi sighed. It looked like he didn't really have much of a choice. "Come on, we have to get you fitted."
"For what?"
"Your turtle shell."

And so began Ryu's introduction into the fighting style of the Turtle Hermit. A weighted turtle shell, colored a much brighter pink than his hair, soon graced Ryu's back. Unfortunately that was not all. Master Roshi had thought long and hard about the way he had taught his former students, including: Goku, Krillan, the Ox King, and the original Gohan; and developed ways to improve his teachings.
One of the things he added was to follow Goku and Piccolo's examples and add more weights. Weighted boots, undershirt, and wrist guards were put on along with a training suit in the Turtle Hermit school's traditional colors of orange and blue. Suffice to say, Ryu's hair clashed horribly with the outfit, but he didn't complain.
The training regime was changed slightly as well, but kept mostly the same. They moved to a larger island that Roshi was very familiar with. There Ryu was forced to deliver milk to remote addresses, having to go through the dangerous areas, such as: a shark infested lake, forests full of saber tooth tigers, and meadows and plains used as hunting ground for carnivorous dinosaurs. The same route that Goku and Krillan took many years before.
Roshi also focused on the actual art, beating into Ryu's head that brute strength alone couldn't always make up for skill, something he regretted not spending more time on with his other students. He also spent time on using ki to strengthen the body and as projectile attacks. When Roshi finally reached the limits of his teaching he brought in Krillan to teach Ryu how to fly.
"Why do I need to learn to use my ki to fly, all I have to do is-" Ryu clamped his mouth shut, as if shocking off some secret. "Well, Tinkerbelle, lead on."
"Tinkerbelle?" Krillan wondered.
"You know: 'faith, trust, and pixie dust.'"
You could practically see the question marks floating around the nose less wonder's head.
"Tinkerbelle, pixie dust; Peter Pan, flying? Is none of this ringing a bell?"
Still blank. "Didn't you ever watch cartoons as a kid?" Ryu asked in disbelief. Krillan lips twisted in a small smile. "I was raised in a temple. Monks aren't known for being worldly." "I don't know about that," the pink-haired boy said dryly. He'd met a few strange monks in his time; including one with wandering hands1, that didn't care what he was, just that Ryu was pretty. Something hit him on the head before dropping to the ground. "Ow!" He clutched his head, glaring at the offending object: a stone. Ryu gave a chilling look at the thrower. The Turtle Hermit barely blinked. "Get to work, lazy bum." "Yeah, yeah." The pink-haired fighter turned to his latest teacher. "Lead on."

Hours later, in a small secluded island farm, a woman lightly sweated as she pulled the weeds from her vegetable garden. Her daughters, four-years- old and ten-years-old, played on the back porch nearby. "Mama, mama," cried her youngest. Blonde pigtails flying everywhere as she clutched a stuffed bear. "What is it, baby girl?" the mother asked, wiping her hands on faded jeans, clearly unhappy about her work being interrupted. The little girl pointed at the sky. "There's a really big bird." "That's nice," the woman commented, going back to her work. "It's not a bird, it's an alien," insisted the ten-year-old, as she marched up to the two with her hands on the hips. Sighing, the woman raised her eyes to the sky, wondering why Kami-sama tested her so. It was then she caught the figure in the sky. She narrowed her eyes, to focus better, only to have them widen again in surprise. "It's not an alien or bird. That's the milk boy," she said, before passing out. The two girls looked at each other, wondering why their mother had reacted so, shrugged, and went back to playing. They'd ask Ryu-san about it, tomorrow.

1) Reference to the character Miroku from Inuyasha.