Brain Droppings

Or: How I learned to stop delaying and try posting a fan-fiction.

Herein will be a collection of plot-bunnies, one-shots, and the occasional essay about fan-fiction in general. Unless otherwise stated all of these drabbles are up for adoption, please PM me a link with your first chapter so I can see where a more accomplished author will take my idea. This first chapter will function as a table of contents and contain summaries for all the snippets to come.

Claws of Whirlpool

Marvel/Naruto crossover

Chapter: 2

War destroyed the old world. Gods among men fought for justice, or honor, or pride, or spite, or hate, or greed. It doesn't matter why they fought, just that they did. The world has changed, the war left the planet a scarred wasteland drowning in a miasma of magic, radiation, and who knows what else. But, like always, humanity overcomes. First by adapting to the poison, then harnessing it, and finally improving it into an art form now known as "Chakra" only for it to be used for yet more wars. Here lies the chronicle of two survivors of the old world trying to find a place for themselves in a land tearing itself apart again.

Elevator Pitches 1

Various crossovers

Chapter: 3

An assortment of small ideas that failed to crystallize into even a full chapter's worth of material. This one contains Two Minds are Better Than One (Death Note/Code Geass crossover), Naruto Xavier (Naruto/X-men crossover), and Private Server: Brockton Bay (Worm/Matrix crossover).

Naruto: Legacy of the Doom Slayer

Naruto/Doom crossover

Chapter: 4

With the portal closed and the Well cut off from our dimension, the dimensional tether lost its direction and sent the Doom Slayer to an uncharted plane. He meets a nice ninja girl, they settle down and have more than a few kids. Centuries later the "Last Uzumaki" discovers his heritage. Time to Rip and Tear.