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Inuyasha and Kagome were walking in the woods. Inuyasha was in front and Kagome was a few feet behind. They had gotten into another fight. They never seemed to get along.

They had been walking for hours and it was starting to get dark.

"I think we should stop and rest here." Kagome suggested.

Inuyasha stopped. "Yeah, alright," he responded. He went to gather wood to make a small fire. While he was gone, Kagome was all alone. She could hear the howls of the wolf and the owls.

'Inuyasha, hurry up!' she said to herself, not wanting to be alone. It was now dark.

Finally, she saw him coming back. She sighed in relief. "What took you so long?" she said out loud, trying to hide her fear.

"I was gathering branches!" was all he said.


Kagome was sitting by the fire. Inuyasha was atop the tree near by. She looked over at him for a moment, the bluntly turned back.

She stood up, took her small blanket, and started to walk away.

"Hey, where are you goin'?" Inuyasha asked.

She stopped. "I'm going to bathe in the lake. It's been a while since I've clean my self," she responded. Then she kept walking.

Inuyasha slightly blushed. He turned away as if to hide it. "Whatever."


Sesshoumaru was on a tree by the small lake. He had been watching his half- brother and the human girl for quite a while now.

When Kagome got to the lake, she started to undress. She started to take her shirt off.

The sight of her bare back made Sesshoumaru blush a little. 'What am I thinking! She is nothing but a worthless human girl!' he murmured to himself. Yet, he couldn't take his eyes off her.

She took off her skirt and under garments. Then went in to the lake. The water was cold, which made her shiver a bit.

Sesshoumaru watched her from where he was. Admiring her. Admiring her beautiful body.

Kagome just stood still in the lake. 'I wonder why Sesshoumaru hate Inuyasha.' she said to herself. 'He looks.sad and lonely.' she continued to think.

She did not notice that Sesshoumaru jumped of off the tree and was walking towards where she had left her clothes.

'He doesn't look.evil.' Kagome kept thinking. She felt a chill. 'I better get out. I might catch a cold.' She turned around and headed to her clothes. When she was half way out, she noticed Sesshoumaru.

"Sesshoumaru.?" she said softly, not really wanting to scream. She immediately covered her chest when she realized it was in plain view.

Sesshoumaru grinned.

Kagome needed to get out. But her clothes were right in front of him!

"Come and get your clothes if you want them." he said, picking up her clothes with one hand and extending out the other.

Kagome didn't know what to do. She was confused. What did Sesshoumaru want? If he wanted to kill her, he would have already done it.

Kagome hesitated for a moment. Then she began to walk out of the lake towards him. She grabbed his hand and he helped her out.

Sesshoumaru smiled at her. That kind of scared her.

He let her hand go. Then looked at her. All of her. Kagome felt quiet unpleasant having Sesshoumaru look at her like that. But she did nothing. She just stood there, letting him observe her. She felt her whole body blushing.

After a while, she heard him chuckles. She looked at him.

"You are quite beautiful for a human." he said in a seductive voice. He handed Kagome her clothes. She took them, and started dressing in front of him.

'What does he want?' she kept asking herself.

Before she could button her shirt, Sesshoumaru grabbed her wrists.

He stared at her for what seem like hours. 'She is beautiful for a human.' he said to himself. Kagome was feeling insecure under his gaze.

Then she noticed that he was leaning ever so slightly towards her. His face was getting closer to hers. Before she knew it, his lips had claimed hers. He gently kissed her. Then he deepened the kiss. Kagome felt like she was going to melt.

She could feel his tongue dancing in her mouth. She wasn't disgusted by it. On the contrary. She was rather. enjoying it.

Sesshoumaru was surprised when he felt her kissing him back. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to his body.

He felt something. wonderful happening to him. And it frightened him. Could this be love he is feeling? Could a demon actually learn to love?

He heard her moan softly, bringing him back to reality. He ended the kiss, and pulled away from her. He was embarrassed when he noticed that his hand had somehow managed to find her breast and was coping it.

He looked at her.

Admiring all her features.

Then, he leaned and kissed her again. Then he pulled back and took a few steps back. Kagome looked surprised.

He just smiled gently, and then he disappeared. Leaving a confused and surprised Kagome behind.



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