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The Email

-Dear Princess(and no I won't stop calling my little girl that), I wanted to let you know me and your mother have received your emails and we are so proud of you. We are happy your fitting in well to Beacon, I knew you'd fit in well we Scarlatina always have excelled. But beyond that you've surprised me with all the friends you've made, but I wish you'd send us their names, hey never hurts for a few background checks. Although i'm getting off topic, I heard that Beacon is having a large masquerade, or ball or whatever it is those high society people call it, not in my pay-grade. Still given it is going to be such a large event and, with all your friends you've bound to attracted a few boys(AND YES I WANT THEIR NAMES!) so me and your mother will be coming up to visit you at school. So we will be arriving for the dance and I hope to see you and the boy escorting you(AGAIN I WANT EVERY BOY'S NAME YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH!)

-So proud of you Princess, love Mom&Dad

P.S, I still want the names of all the boys you hang out with, not joking.

Velvet sweat dropped, they weren't supposed to come to Beacon or see that her emails haven't been completely truthful. She started to panic now with realization started to dawn on her. First her father would be here in two weeks to assess how she's doing and she had to beg him to let her come to Beacon, and then when they got here that number two, she had no friends. Her own team didn't even like to be seen outside of class with her as they had already departed to the mall for the weekend leaving her to hold down the fort.

"Okay think Velvet..." she took a deep breath realizing she'd need a plan. She placed her scroll down on her bed as she jumped up deciding she'd take a walk around the school. But before that she'd have to change into some new cloths and not just a XXL night-shirt. So quickly selecting a plain orange T-shirt and a pair of shorts, she departed into the hallway, and after shutting the door behind her panic struck again when she heard a familiar voice.

"Hello freak!" she turned to see Cardin with a his cronies. Panicked she went to open back up her door when suddenly she remembered, she left her key inside and the doors lock. The color left her face as she turned to face the quickly approaching bullies when a voice in her head screamed something that finally got through to her.

"Run!" she heard her mind scream, and quickly taking the advice ran as fast as she could down the halls taking every corner as quickly as possible, all the while she could hear them getting closer. Moving fast she quickly took an open door finding herself face to face with a blonde boy whose name she didn't quite remember. "I-I-I-I" she stammered not really knowing how to make sense of it when Cardin's shouts reached close to the room.

"Where are you freak?!" the scream echoed into the room, but before she could say anything else the boy quickly moved past her and shut the door, the sound of running outside quickly alerted them that Cardin had run by unaware that Velvet had been in the room. She took a quick sigh of relief, well before she realized she was alone in a room with this boy.

Taking a moment to rationalize she turned to him "Thanks..." she stammered still a little shaken by the quick run.

"No problem." he said with a smile before it turned to more of a look of curiosity "Wait haven't I seen you in Ooblecks class?" he asked.

She nodded "Yeah my names Velvet." she stated rather meekly.

"Jaune Arc." he replied with another smile "So what are you up to?" he asked knowing it was a harmless question, and he was genuinely curious.

Velvet thought for a moment "I was on a quick walk, and he showed up.." she stated knowing it didn't matter what she said though. No one cared what happened to a freak like her, or much less any kind of reprimanding on Cardin as it never happened. So even running was just a useless delay of the inevitable, but it at least served as a quick reprieve.

"Yeah he's kind of a jerk." Jaune stated quickly snapping Velvet out of her train of thought as she quickly answered him with a nod. "Where's your team?" he asked.

"Oh they went into Vale for the weekend." she replied.

He would have asked her why she didn't go with them, but the look on her face said it all, so deciding he didn't have anything else to do made a friendly offer "Would you like me to join you on that walk?" he asked.

"Oh." that took her a little by surprise, she was actually half-expecting for him to open the door to let her out, but she couldn't just leave him without an answer "I guess that would be ok?" she replied timidly before her mind screamed "WAIT WHAT?" but realizing it was already past the point of no return Jaune went back to the door opening, and then motioned for Velvet to follow. Regardless of the circumstances Velvet couldn't help but feel something in the back her mind, and maybe it was right or not, but she thought maybe she had just made a friend.

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