As soon as the Straw Hat Pirates, along with Elly, have their ship going straight to Earth, it landed on the ocean safely. Luckily, they saw land on where they were going. With this...

"Elly and I are going to take a walk to see what we can find," Nami instructed as she and her friend went to a small boat known as Mini Merry II. "Wait here."

And they agreed.

The two redhead childhood friends look around town to see it's surrounded by Gebler soldiers.

"We should avoid being seen by those people, Nami. This part of town, Sector A, is under martial law," Elly commented.

"I figure that," Nami agreed.

As soon as they decided to hide to one of the houses, they noticed Fei is there with Citan and Hammer.

"Um, Nami, may I talk to you privately?" Elly requested.

"Sure, Elly. I know what you want to talk to me about. I know what your problem is," Nami agreed.

They hide to the side of the house to just in time to let two soldiers pass by.

"It's just that," Elly looked at Nami in the eyes and tears started to appear by the corner of her eyes. "How can I face Fei? I've made so many mistakes and I let him down by refusing his offer to leave the army and join him. When we have our reunion, I... attacked him, and almost took his life. I almost took your life as well when you came."

To help her friend in this situation, the navigator could just put her arm around her shoulders.

"Look, if you're really sorry for your actions, I'm sure he'll forgive you. I'm sure he won't push you away for what happened the last time you two met. Want me to come along and help you talk to him?"

"No, I need to see him on my own," was Elly's decision.

"I thought so. Good luck, anyway," Nami gives a pat to her head.

"Thank you."

Elly gives out a smile as she went to the house. As soon as she did, Fei, Citan, and Hammer looked at her with their eyes wide. A moment of silence is for two minutes after this.

"Elly..." Fei started.

"Hello, Fei. It's been a while, huh?" the redhead soldier greeted.

"Yes, it is..."

"Listen, Fei..." Elly took a sit to one of the chairs found by the table. "I know you got some mixed feelings about seeing me, but I want you to know."

Tears are starting to leak out of her eyes as she found the words she is going to say.

"I'm so sorry, Fei. I'm so sorry about my actions. I don't know if I can make it up to you, but..."

Before she could say anything else, Fei reaches to her for a hug. All that matters to him is that she is safe and sound.

"I'm just you're okay," he said.

"I'm fine, but how can you forgive me so easily? After what has happened between you and me..."

"It's okay, Elly. I know you didn't mean it," Fei added.

"Fei..." Elly wiped her tears off from her eyes. "Thank you."

Then, she hugged him back as Nami arrived.

"That's a very nice, and I know you two are meant to be together," she smiled, and the two let go of the hug upon noticing her.

"Nami..." Fei didn't expect her arrival.

"Hey, you must be 'Cat Burglar Nami'," Citan pointed out. "I'm Citan Uzuki, and I'm a doctor from Lahan. It's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, too, Citan."

The two shook each other's hands for a greeting.

"I'm Hammer," the brown-furred creature introduced himself.

"Elly, I know who you're worried about during our time at Solaris. It's Fei, isn't it? I can feel it," Nami stated. "It's up to you to decide who you should be with after this."

"Nami... I appreciate you're looking out for me. This is because we both promised to take care of each other when we were kids. But..." her friend started to admit on the statement as everyone in the room looks at her. "I made my choice. I'm going with Fei."

The redhead navigator just smiles at this and puts her arm to her friend's shoulder.

"I knew you'd made that choice. Remember this, Elly. No matter where we are, if we're together or not, and if we don't have a same job, you're still my best friend. You're still the same girl I met ten years ago in that forest."

With those heartwarming words, Elly gives a hug, and Nami returned it before they let go when the former goes to Fei.

"Fei, take care of Elly for me," the latter said.

"Don't worry, I will," the man replied.

The two best friends looked at each other with a smile before they go into separate ways. Nami left the house, knowing her friend will be safe with Fei. It is then she used Mini Merry II to get back to the Sunny without her.

"Where's Elly?" Sanji asked with concern.

"Don't worry, Sanji," Nami replied with a smile. "She's safe."

As she looked on the last place where she left Elly under Fei's care, Nami knows she has a good reunion with her and hopes to meet her again someday.