This is a Naruto/Supernatural crossover featuring Naruko Uzumaki (Natalie) and the Winchester brothers. Now the Naruto-verse will come into play shortly after season five, but until then Naruko will have no contact with the Elemental Nations aside from learning from her parents ghosts and having a summoning contract. So no complaining about the fact that there's almost nothing of Naruto in it aside from Natalie!

Dean was about to stab the Trickster with the stake when he heard something...was that music?

Sam, Bobby and Loki all paused what they were doing.

Yep, definitely music. Whoever was singing had a really good voice too.

A girl with blond hair in a pixie cut, tattoos down her left arm and one down her left eye was singing to whatever song she had on her Ipod, while she waltzed in unconcerned by the monsters in the auditorium. She took out her earbuds and looked across the stage and her eyes immediately landed on Dean.

Everyone stared at her for different reasons.

Her eyes narrowed at Dean, anger clear in her eyes.

"Dean, what the hell are you planning to do with my boyfriend?!" hissed the girl. Her blue eyes were sharp as they pinned Dean to the floor.

"Natalie?" he said in shock, before her comment registered. "What do you mean boyfriend?!"

"Hey Nat," said Sam.

Natalie Winchester, the youngest child (though she was adopted) of the Winchester family and the only girl. She was a hunter like her brothers and adopted father, but after a spat with Dean had run away shortly after Sam had. The only way they knew she was alive was because she occasionally visited Bobby for help, though she was careful to avoid Dean after the massive fight she had with him.

Natalie was two inches taller than Dean, though still shorter than Sam. She had sunshine blond hair and ice-blue eyes. On her cheeks were a pair of faint whisker-like markings. She had a rather sizable bust and a killer figure (which had been part of the reason she had a fight with Dean) that most men would drool over. She wore somewhat revealing clothing that tended to expose her stomach, though she always wore jeans rather than the rather skimpy shorts others with her figure wore.

She was also younger than Sam by four months.

"Natalie, what are you doing here?" asked Dean.

"Well I was coming here to find my boyfriend Loki. What the hell are you trying to do to him? I swear to god if you're planning to run off another guy I like I will strangle you!" she growled.

"Babe, it's not like that!" said Loki nervously.

"Then what is it like Loki?" she demanded.

"They came hunting for me," he said.

Natalie noticed the floozies he had conjured and growled.

"Loki, what have I said about bringing these two out?"

Loki winced.

"Wait a damn minute. Is this the reason you've never brought your mystery boyfriend over?" said Bobby.

"You think I would be stupid enough to tell you my boyfriend is a trickster when you're liable to shoot him on sight? Or worse, tell Dad?" she scoffed.

"Dad's dead," said Dean.

"Well boo-hoo. He was an asshole anyway," said Natalie rolling her eyes. "Now, am I going to have to split you lot up or do I have to get physical?"

Dean backed off from Loki, who got rid of his constructs. There was no way they were getting out of this mess that easily.

"So Nat, why did you leave?" asked Sam. They were in another town, and Loki had been dragged along by his sister.

"I got sick and tired of man-whore Dean chasing off the guys who flirted with me at bars," she told him with an eye-roll.

That had been the main reason she had left. Every time a guy showed any real interest in her, Dean would show up and either chase him off or pretend he was her boyfriend. It had really pissed her off.

Sam looked at Dean, who was unrepentant about his actions. He wasn't letting some lowlife knock his sister up, and after Sam had left he had transferred all those overprotective tendencies over to Natalie.

"How's Hades?" he asked, trying to change the subject.

Hades was a hellhound Natalie had gotten through a game of high-stakes poker with a crossroads demon when she was fifteen. Crowley (the demon she had been playing against) had been rather pissed that a hunter had managed to beat him while he was stone cold sober, but had given her the agreed prize...a pure-breed hell hound puppy she had named Hades. He had been surprised she could see the dog, let alone train the thing.

Since neither John nor Dean could see the puppy, she had been able to keep it a secret...until it saved her from a werewolf one night and they learned she had been keeping it for nearly six months under their noses.

Sam, the lone Winchester able to see it other than Natalie, had kept his mouth shut about the hellhound because he happened to like dogs and Hades was like the pet he had never been allowed to have.

Natalie grinned.

"Want to see him? He's outside," she said.

Sam followed Natalie outside...and saw a dog easily the size of the Impala snoozing next to a large tree. He took one look at the collar and realize that it was Hades.

"Yikes. How did he get so big?" asked Sam. He knew Hades was a point.

"According to Loki, demons usually get hellhound familiars in packs, rather than just the one. The bigger the pack, the smaller the hellhound. However I just have the one and that meant less fighting for food. So Hades just kept growing until he was so big I literally can ride him like a horse. He's way faster than cars, so I've never had to get a license," said Natalie grinning.

"Think he still remembers me?"

"Hades," said Natalie, whistling.

The massive hellhound got up and lumbered over to where his master was. He sniffed Sam once before he whined. Sam scratched his ear and was rewarded with a wagging tail. He grinned.

"So when did you get your eye tattooed?" asked Sam.

"Hmm? Oh, this. It's not actually a tattoo, just something I found online and drew with a permanent marker. The one on my shoulder is a special summoning one that Loki had on hand and put there...along with the awesome wing pattern on my back."

"So how did you and Loki meet?" asked Sam, as they sat down outside with their beers. Dean and Bobby were grilling Loki about his intentions towards Natalie, since they weren't allowed to kill him without upsetting her.

She was considered the baby of the Winchester family, which was part of the reason why she had struck out on her own. She was always closest to Sam though.

"I was at this neutral club in Arizona a few months after my fight with Dean and these demons kept trying to either get into my pants or hook up..."

"Neutral club?"

"A place where there is no hunting or dealing. Basically an area where demons, hunters and other supernatural forces have to declare a truce so long as they are inside the place or else they get kicked out. It's a place where those in the know can relax without having to worry about their alliances or status," explained Natalie, "Anyway here I was, trying to enjoy my drink in peace when this loser demon from the pit came over and started trying to get into my pants. He must have thought I was from the Pit too because of Hades, who was in his cuddly form at the time. All of a sudden he shuts up and I see this pagan god waltz up and order the most sugar-filled drink on the list. He acted as a deterrent for the other losers so we strike up a conversation. Next thing I know I'm on a couch inside his apartment with Hades next to me with the worst damn hangover."

Sam immediately went into big brother mode.

"He didn't try anything did he?"

"Nah. Said that since I entertained him so much by annoying the lesser demons that he felt he owed me a safe place to ride out the hangover. Should have seen the look on his face when he found out I was really a hunter who had a hell hound for a pet," sniggered Natalie.

"So what happened next?"

"He asked why I was all alone in a bar full of things hunters tend to go after, so I told him about my argument with Dean. I end up spending a few nights at his place, then when we realized how much we had in common he started showing up after hunts. Finally he asked me out and I said yes, and we've been together for almost two years now," said Natalie.

"He's never hurt you has he?" asked Sam.

Natalie snorted.

"If he ever tried I would have set Hades on him. He knows that I can kick his ass and that I have no issues with having my familiar biting his ass. Loki might make those floozies but he's never truly strayed towards anyone. Apparently he likes the fact I can not only hold my own against him, but that I have something so interesting waiting to be unleashed," she said.

It was a secret she had kept since she was thirteen, shortly after she hit puberty. (John had immediately dumped her on Ellen Harvelle the second she started her first period, something he had never lived down.)

Natalie, when she first successfully went inside her mind, had found that she held a kitsune, or Japanese demon fox, inside her body. It was an old one too, with nine large tails and ears the size of electrical pylons. It went by the name Kurama, since she had bugged him for months for his real name.

She had no idea why she was possessed by a Japanese demon, nor did she care once she realized it couldn't control her like the ones she hunted. Kurama said that he had been with her since she was still in the womb and would likely follow her into her death. It was through him that she had developed her own style of fighting unique to her...or that she had learned about her birth parents who were long dead.

She didn't know what these...jutsu...were, only that they ran on an energy that came from the earth and could easily be mistaken for magic. At least now she had an excuse for where she learned them.

Dean, Bobby and Loki all came out. Loki looking a little harassed for once.

"You know, you could have warned me your brothers were the Winchesters," whined Loki.

"I did. You should have figured it out when I told you about Dean and Uncle Bobby," she replied flatly.

"I can't say I approve of the guy, since he did try to kill us...but I reserve the right to gank him if he ever breaks your heart," said Dean.

"You'll have to get in line. I've told Loki that if I ever catch him trying to cheat on me I'll have Hades on his ass before he can blink," said Natalie with a drawl.

"He tries to get up to any of his tricks in my house, I will shoot him," said Bobby.

Natalie beamed. That meant they weren't going to try and chase Loki off.

She left her number for them to call her...and gave Sam a whistle so he could bring Hades to him if he ever needed the help. She would have given it to Dean, but he couldn't see her pet.

Loki and Natalie were enjoying some down time between hunts/pranks. Ever since that day when Loki pranked her brothers, the two had been enjoying a bit of a break. Though Loki still couldn't believe Natalie was their sister. Even knowing she was adopted it was hard to equate the fiery girl with her rather irritating brothers. Though at least Sam wasn't an idiot like Dean.

Natalie was wearing a collection of skimpy clothes and strings that some might consider a bathing suit...though Loki just loved the fact that it showcased her entire figure while leaving the best bits to an outsider's imagination. Seeing his girlfriend walk back with two snow cones, Loki growled and pulled her in for a possessive kiss.

No way in heaven was he giving up someone as interesting as Natalie without a fight. She was more fun than any of his previous girlfriends, and he had several over the centuries!

Natalie giggled as she handed him the strawberry cone.

"Someone's feeling frisky today," she said, snacking on her blue cone.

"Can't help it, you're the hottest girl on the beach and everyone knows it," he replied.

She grinned, and lay on the beach towel next to Loki, getting a nice tan in the process.

"So... why did you give Sammy-boy that whistle?"

It was something Natalie had whittled out of boredom and Loki had enchanted it so that it would call Hades for her.

"Sam was the only one of the three who could see Hades, and I've always had a bad feeling about the fact that the fire started in our nursery," said Natalie, rolling over to look at Loki with her sunglasses down so he could see her eyes.

"Nursery fire?"

"My adopted mom Mary died roughly a month after I showed up on their doorstep, pinned to the ceiling while a blaze consumed the entire upstairs. Dad had me checked out once he learned what really happened, but he never did forget that she died shortly after I was adopted into the family. The guy was a total asshole about it too," said Natalie.

John always suspected Natalie might have had something to do with why a demon had shown up in their house, as she had shared the same bed as Sam since they were about the same age. He had never forgiven the fact that Mary had died less than a month after she had appeared.

So whenever he was drunk and dead to the world of reason, he had taken it out on Natalie. Dean had learned early on the signs of when John was too far gone, and had acted like a big brother should. He would hide Sam and Natalie from their father until John went to sleep, and kept them from being hurt.

Fortunately John had never turned his suspicions on Dean.

There was no love lost between Natalie and her adopted father.