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A/N: A small epilogue chapter to tie up some loose ends.

Chapter 4

Burbank, later that week

"Hey Baby! I've been so busy at CI. I forgot to ask. How did those shakedown tests of the prototype equipment go?"

"Excellent. From what I could tell everything worked flawlessly."

"I hope you didn't mind the cat motif. It was a homage to your time on the C.A.T. Squad…"

"No it was cute and my co-tester thought it was fabulous."

"Yeah. You never did tell me who you were working with…"

"Well I can tell you who it wasn't. I still can't believe it was Amy that was the mole. We thought she was so sweet!"

Chuck's eyes widen "Honey we haven't covered that part of your missing memories yet. How did.."

"Chuck...I'm starting to remember. I'm starting to remember us. I've known I was in love with you even when I couldn't remember. We had a rule "No secrets, no lies" and starting today I want to re- institute that again. I'm sorry I lied. I was just so scared and I reacted as nothing but a spy. I don't want to do that anymore. I don't want to be that anymore. A good friend of mine said I need to un-complicate things with you and me, so today I'm starting to. I love you Chuck. I have for a very long time. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you."

Chuck's eyes begin to mist. "Sarah...I...you...so long." He shakes his head. "I love you too Sarah. I always have and I always will."

Sarah crashes into Chuck searching and finding his willing lips as they embrace each other. Finally as air becomes a necessity they stop kissing and assess the effect they have on one another.

"Wow...wow! This is wonderful...this is great! I really need to meet this friend of yours Sarah."

"Chuck you know her already."

"I do?" Chuck's mind starts racing through a number of possibilities. The red headed kind at the top of the list."

"Yeah, you worked with her for years. You know Anna Wu. From the Nerd Herd?"

"Anna Wu?!

"Yeah Anna. We met by accident one day and guess what she had an experience with an intersect too. At least we think she…"

"Sarah, Honey? Come sit down on the couch Baby. We need to talk…"

Jack waited for Anna. He briefly thought about the impending rain but his feet would be bound to that spot until he saw her. She had said she would go with him to the hearing.

He really wanted her to see that he wasn't a loser. He thought she cared for him in spite of that and he counted himself blessed to be on the receiving end of her heart. He had fallen so hard for her but they really were still getting to know each other.

Eventually he saw her, as beautiful as ever walking up the steps. The look on her face gave him pause though as she met him outside the courthouse. He pushed on anyhow willing his instincts to tell him something different.

"Thanks for coming Anna. It means a lot to me. I mean I put some work in but those anonymous files that were sent to me at the Bureau and the YouTube exposure got things expedited."

He still didn't know where the files came from but they had been authenticated. He could have asked Megan to look into it but after her help in spite of almost getting her in trouble, he decided that he wouldn't risk their friendship anymore.

He had to laugh at the juvenile sense of humor that was responsible for the YouTube account "winterbourneyoureadick" and the incriminating videos. He wondered if the same anonymous hacker was responsible for both.

The new evidence he had come up with after reviewing the case and making some requests, really made a case against Edgar Winterbourne. The federal government classified the crimes as terrorist acts and pushed up the hearing. They had even tried to apprehend Drew Anders but he seemed to have dropped off the map.

Anna just looked away. Jack's heart was pricked "What's up Anna? I'll do anything."

"I know Jack. I know. That's part of the problem…"


"Jack...Jack I care for you…" Jack sighs in relief.

"...but I can't be with you."


"I...There are things about me Jack. I'm changing and I can't take you with me on that journey, especially now as your career is starting again. You're getting on track and I'm lost."

"Anna, Let me help you."

"Trust me you're better off without me."

"I can't even imagine that world…"

"Goodbye Jack!" and Anna takes off. Even with hearing about to get started, Jack is tempted to run after her but in a moment she is gone. Jack breathes deep a few times. A calming exercise and enters the courthouse. I love you Anna.

Anna stares back at Jack from a safe distance across the corner from the courthouse. She has blended into a crowd with another one of her Sarah skills. Within seconds she wipes the tear tracks away. She has a list compiled from information taken from Edgar Winterboune's safe.

Working with Sarah had been illuminating. She has some answers but she she's not sure where the ghost of Sarah Walker ends and she begins. The list will let her find out...at least that's the plan. Her decision to follow that plan put her on the opposite side of the street from Jack and there was no way she would make him choose. This was all on her. She just hoped he'd find someone else and be happy even if it couldn't be with her. The rain starts to fall and Anna again melts into the background.

As Jack enters courtroom 207 he hears the bailiff. "The State versus Edgar Winterbourne. All rise."

"We tried Edgar…"

Edgar's words were like ice "I don't pay you to try Samuels. I pay you to protect me and get results."

"Well maybe you should have given more to the President's re-election campaign because that's the only way you're getting out of custody for crimes of terrorism."

Edgar finds himself being escorted by FBI agents to a secure holding cell. Later he is taken to an enclosed prisoner transport that quickly sets off. Two hours later after travelling on what seemed to be the roughest interstate ever, the vehicle comes to a stop. Minutes tick by before the doors open to a bright desert vista. After adjusting to the glare Edgar sees the man with the pistol.


"Hector!." The pistol roars. "Rule number one. Don't turn your back on a Bulldog." The pistol roars again. "Miss me motherfucker?"

One month later,

"May. Would you send Major Fitzgerald in please? Thank you."

"Yes ma'am." May Flores General Beckman's executive assistant and trained NSA analyst looked at the man waiting to see General Beckman. He had introduced himself as Major John "just call me Fitz" Fitzgerald. She was unsure if it was nervous small talk or true interest but he had tried to engage her in conversation while he waited to see the general.

He had just been promoted and would be one of the general's liaisons for intelligence updates. May smiled. She knew the general could be quite the taskmaster and wondered how the Major would do in his first debrief. She hoped he wouldn't live up to her newly imagined nickname for him. Major "Fitz".

"Major...the General will see you now."

General Beckman dispensed with pleasantries "Major Fitzgerald, what do you have for me."

"Uh… yes Ma'am. I have an update on the Winterbourne situation. As you know, the case against Winterbourne was broken wide open by a young FBI agent that worked with him a few years ago."

"In spite of the damning evidence exposing Winterbourne, it was going to be ruled inadmissible until Agent Lingo presented DNA evidence linking Winterbourne to the assassination of two FBI agents in 2008."

"We thought, based on the previous evidence, Winterbourne was involved in some sort of homegrown terrorism. We had no idea. The new evidence linked him to Fulcrum and has been confirmed by a Fulcrum asset involved in that case that we still have in custody.

"Well once we found the Fulcrum connection we were able to dig a little deeper. It would appear that Alejandro Nova and Winterbourne had grown up together and were involved in a local gang in Los Angeles called the Bulldogs, before going to college and joining the FBI together."

Winterbourne apparently abused that relationship in order to retrieve the stolen Fulcrum database and left his friend out to dry relying on the honor code of the Bulldogs to cover him. Which it seems to have done...for years. It was Alejandro Nova who was responsible for assisting in Winterbourne's escape from custody after his hearing in Federal Court."

"So this accomplice was FBI, that explains a lot. I have a report that Winterbourne is dead. Please elaborate."

"We think Winterbourne underestimated his betrayal to his friend. Nova had been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of cancer and forced to retire a few weeks before Winterbourne was arrested.

We believe he orchestrated the escape by pulling some strings and calling some favors to take possession of the transport.

The prisoner transport was found deep in the desert a few days ago under a camouflage canopy. It was an apparent murder/suicide. Not a pleasant sight so I hear. Preliminary autopsies confirm the body's of that of Nova and Winterbourne."

"What about Anna Wu?"

"She seems to have disappeared Ma'am. We don't believe this was due to foul play but rather her own choice."

"Have your analysts and field agents keep her on their radar. My debrief with the agent that was working with her has led me to believe she could be an asset. But right now she is just a loose cannon. Now what about Anders?"

"He has successfully disappeared as well. We believe he may be hiding out amongst the Fulcrum remnants. We also believe he has a backup of Winterbourne's version of the Hydra database."

"Thank you Major. That will be all."

Sarah and Chuck are in the study at their house waiting for a video conference with the NSA to discuss ongoing operational issues concerning Carmichael Industries.

"General Beckman asked for this video conference Sarah. It may to include information about the Winterbourne case. The General said she would keep us up to date on any developments. Are you going to be okay? I know you're disappointed, especially after everything that happened."

"It's okay Chuck. As bad as Edgar Winterbourne is, Anna was right. Following through on my original plan would just have put me deeper into the hole I was digging for myself. I'm much happier looking forward to my future instead of wallowing in my past." She pins his eyes and raises her eyebrows.

"I'm so glad to hear that Sarah."

Within seconds the visage of the petite fiery general comes across the screen.

"Sarah, Chuck. I want to update you on several current operations Carmichael Industries has been involved with but before we get started I would like to put to bed the Winterbourne case".

At the use of "put to bed" both Sarah and Chuck's eyebrows raise in surprise.

"The details are classified but rest assured Edgar Winterbourne will never cause trouble for this country or you ever again…"

As good as that news is Sarah interrupts "Any word on Anna Wu General?"

She's been worried about her friend. Anna said that she had some things to work out and would contact her when she could. Sarah wonders if it hadn't been for Anna if her memories would have started coming back as fast. She finds that she misses her "amnesia sister".

"We have some resources following her situation Sarah. Based on your report, the Fulcrum intersect is bleeding through but only in small doses. Nothing like last time. She has your skills and some of your memories but retains her own very unique personality. My suspicion is we won't find her unless she wants to be found. Please let me know if she tries to make contact with you."

"Yes...of course General."

"Now, Chuck have you been able to evaluate the Hydra database?"

"I'm working on it General. I have no idea where Hartley Winterbottom is and quite frankly since the database was created by the Volkoff persona I'm not sure if he could help."

"Right now I'm comparing the version we downloaded off the main server at Winterborne Security to the version we captured with Alexei Volkoff. Hartley really is a genius but I think I'll be able to exploit some weak spots if the need arises"

"Good. We're going to need those capabilities if Drew Anders surfaces or worse attempts to finish Edgar Winterbourne's plan for rebuilding Fulcrum. Now on to old business...I would like an update on the Libyan weapons consortium you've been tracking through their Swiss bank accounts…"

Anna breathed a sigh of relief as she exited the airport in Hamburg. Her inner Sarah or her Sarahsect as she had come to think of it, had come through again. No one had suspected Lín Xiǎowēi, sixteen year old male exchange student was her. Her hair would grow back soon enough.

It occurred to her that no one was looking for her but she doubted it based on what she had picked up while working with Sarah.

The work Jack had put in not only pegged Winterbourne for two murders but implicated him in a home grown terrorist organization and she had been in the middle of it.

Anna sighed. Jack. How many times had she almost turned around and headed back to California, to him. There was a part of her that wanted the normalcy of a boyfriend and maybe more but now she was filled with a restlessness that did not seem to abate. That she needed to keep moving, keep working or something terrible would overtake her.

She recognized the thrill and excitement of the espionage work she had done with Sarah and found that she quite liked it. She had Winterbourne's list; seven people that he was working with to re-form an organization in the U.S. With this overwhelming need to keep moving, the list would provide the focus. Maybe then she would find herself back in Los Angeles.

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