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Chapter 1 – We are screwed

The Great Hall was as lively as always, even if some students were more subdued due to the presence of Umbridge. Even the Slytherins didn't like the woman but as she targeted mostly Gryffindors they were quite happy with the outcome.

Harry, Hermione, and Ron were discussing the next DA meeting in low tones when lightning flashed across the enchanted ceiling. Usually it wouldn't have captured their attention, or anyone else's for that matter, however what made them look was the fact that the lightning was purple.

Looking closely they saw that it wasn't on the enchanted ceiling but actually inside the Great Hall, they would have assumed it was some sort of prank if the Headmaster hadn't gotten up from his seat and taken out his wand.

The lightning continued and now even the first year students could feel the magical pressure it was causing, they knew it wasn't some prank gone wrong. Something was happening. Then a glowing purple lightning hit the middle of the floor between the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff tables and a bright gold and purple light illuminated the Hall for a few seconds.

Then it vanished and in the place it had hit were four boys.

For a second Harry felt like he was going to faint. The moment he looked at the boy who seemed to be the oldest amongst them he knew who he was. But at the same time, it wasn't the same person, there were small differences that told him that it couldn't be who he was thinking.

He looked at Dumbledore and saw him pale, along with Snape and McGonagall and he knew that they were thinking the same as he, they recognized him too. However their reactions were far more telling than his, especially Dumbledore's wide eyes and Snape's look of horrified comprehension.

The stunned silence was broken by a boy that had his back turned to Harry, but who seemed to be the second oldest.

"We are so screwed," he whined, "Dad is going to be so pissed. He's going to kill us." Harry almost felt like laughing, the boy sounded rather adorable.

"Dad? You're worried about dad?" the oldest one asked incredulously, and Harry felt himself tense, even his voice was similar, but he did calm down. If the boys were brothers then it couldn't be who he was thinking about.

"Hem, hem." Umbridge had stood up and the four boys turned towards her, making the students sitting near the head table gasp. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" she asked, as if she was the one in power, completely ignoring Dumbledore who was still looking at the four boys. Harry wasn't able to see what had him so focused on all of them, he had only seen the side of the oldest one's face.

"And you are?" the oldest ask, contempt and arrogance dripping from every word.

"I am Dolores Umbridge, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge, Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor and Hogwarts High Inquisitor. I demand to know who you are and what you are doing here!"

"You demand?" the same boy asked again and he narrowed his eyes. No one demanded anything from them aside from their parents. "Very well," he smirked maliciously and his younger brothers chuckled darkly, though coming from the youngest looking boys it was more of a giggle.

Dumbledore lost his twinkle and Snape gripped his wand tighter. They knew that they weren't going to like what was coming. They could guess what it was, looking at the four boys how could they not? They just didn't understand how it had happened, or how it was even possible.

"My name is Erus Hadrian Potter-Riddle, son of Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as the Dark Lord Voldemort, and Harry James Potter-Riddle, also known as the Dark Lord Hades. Emperors of the Wizarding World." the oldest one introduced himself with a cruel smirk on his lips and Dumbledore closed his eyes for a fraction of a second. It was as he suspected, looking at the boy who could think anything else? He looked like Tom Riddle but he had Harry's eyes. His features weren't as sharp as Tom's had been at that age, he didn't look older than thirteen, but he supposed that was Harry's influence.

The Great Hall was deadly silent, they may not understand what was going on, but they understood enough. That boy claimed to be the son of the Dark Lord and Harry Potter. Every single one of them were thinking the same thing, how? How was it possible?

However no answers were forthcoming and the boys continued their introductions.

"My name is Erebus Thomas Potter-Riddle, son of the Emperors of the Wizarding World." this boy, who looked to be around ten or eleven, looked just like Harry, though without the glasses and his eyes were blood red and Dumbledore couldn't contain the shiver than ran down his spine. Just what was going on?

"My name is Ares Orion Potter-Riddle, son of Voldemort and Hades." he appeared to be six or seven and had Harry's wild hair, Tom's features and Harry's eyes with blood red specks here and there. If he weren't glaring, and how such a small child was able to glare Dumbledore would never know, he would look rather adorable.

"My name is Salazar Jameson Potter-Riddle, son of the Dark Lords." he was the youngest, looking to be no more than four years old. He too was a more noticeable mix of both his parents, having Harry's eyes but his features seemed to be a mix of both of them. The hair though had a slightly red shine to it, Dumbledore guessed it came from Lily, since neither Harry nor Tom had anyone else with red hair in the family.

Harry was looking at the boys stunned. What? What had they just said? He didn't even need to look at his friends to know that they were thinking the same thing. Just what was going on? However he could feel that the atmosphere in the Great Hall was changing, it was becoming more hostile and he knew that at least part of it was directed at him. He relaxed a tiny bit when he felt Ron and Hermione squeeze his hands, they at least would stand by him.

"What nonsense is that?" Umbridge snarled and Harry could see that she was beyond furious, "The Dark Lord is dead! Is this another ploy to get attention, Potter?" she demanded looking at Harry, "I thought that I had left an impression on you, apparently I was mistaken. However we can remedy that. I will punish you for this, you ungrateful brat!" she seemed completely out of her mind and before they knew what she was doing she had taken her wand out.

Before she could do anything however, there was a low hissing sound and the older boy, Erus, was standing with his wand pointing at her.

"How dare you speak about my parents that way, you disgusting filth?" he snarled and anyone who had ever seen Tom Riddle could not deny that they were father and son. Harry saw Snape pale and he guessed it was from the slightly elongated 's' that preambled Erus' words. He knew for a fact that Voldemort did the same when he was angry.

"I am Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic!" Umbridge exclaimed, looking more than a little deranged in Harry's opinion, "I will not be spoken to like that by you! You will desist of your shenanigans or you will be punished!"

"Crucio!" the boy hissed, almost slipping into parseltongue and Umbridge screamed. No one moved, most looking at Umbridge or Erus in complete horror.

Erebus walked to stand beside his brother, the two younger ones standing behind them, and took his wand out as well.

"How stupid can you be, woman?" Erebus asked as soon as Erus lifted the curse, it hadn't been more than ten seconds at most but it had felt like an eternity, "We are the Dark Princes of the Wizarding World, do you really think our fathers would leave us defenseless?"

Umbridge was on the floor, her breathing ragged and Harry saw a look pass between several professors and he knew what was going to happen. Before he could even think about what he was doing he had stood up and moved to stand before the boys, his wand raised and a Protego on his lips before the stunner that Snape had cast was halfway there.

The spell clashed harmlessly against the shield, and everyone was looking at him.

"What are you doing, Harry?" Dumbledore asked, though Harry was sure that he knew.

"You heard what they said. They are my children. Do you really think I would stand by and do nothing while you curse them?" he replied, he had no idea what was going on, but it didn't matter. What mattered was that they were his children. He had always wanted a family, now that family was standing there, he may not know how it happened, but by Merlin he would do anything he could to keep them safe.

"They tortured your Professor! Now stand aside, you arrogant brat, before we stun you too!" Snape sneered, and Harry glared right back.

"It was nothing more than she deserved!" he snarled and he could see the surprise on their faces, "She did far worse to me and to other students." the scarring on his hand would never heal and he couldn't feel an ounce of pity for the women.

"They used an Unforgivable, Harry. Surely you can't condone that?" Dumbledore asked, his voice low, no twinkle in his eyes.

"She deserved it." he stated again, sneering at them. They hadn't made half that much fuss when he was put under it, nor when Snape was mind raping him, nor when she was carving up his hand. He was tired of playing their Golden boy, who forgives and forgets. He hadn't forgotten and he sure as hell hadn't forgiven.

He saw more teachers taking out their wands out but he stood his ground. Even if he had to fight them alone he wouldn't move.

Before any of them could do anything, he felt two people stand beside him.

"I hope you know what you're doing mate." Ron mumbled and he could have leaped for joy, he couldn't ask for better friends.

"We are going to be in so much trouble." Hermione muttered and shook her head, though her wand arm never wavered when she pointed at the professors.

"Miss Granger, Mr. Weasley, just what do you think you're doing?" McGonagall asked and Harry could see that she was even more surprised that they were standing up to them than when Harry had done it.

"Well, we don't know what is going on, but they are Harry's children, that makes them my nephews." Ron told them, "You can't really expect us to just let you harm them and well, you were talking about cursing Harry as well. Did you think we would do nothing? If we were ready to face Voldemort when we were eleven for Harry, do you think we wouldn't face you now that we are older?"

A small smile appeared on Harry's lips. Ron had his flaws, they all did, but when it really mattered he knew that he could count on Ron to have his back.

"Professor, they are only children." Hermione tried to reason.

"Children who used an Unforgivable!" Umbridge screeched getting back on her feet, "I'll have all of you thrown in Azkaban! Starting with Potter!"

Then something happened that none of them could have predicted.

The twins, Ginny and Neville stood up and joined them, forming a barrier around the boys and pointing their wands at the professors' table.

Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott, Justin Finch-Fletchley and Ernie McMillan did the same.

Luna Lovegood and Terry Boot joined as well. For once Luna had lost her dreamy expression and was almost scowling.

However the biggest surprise was when Malfoy, Nott, Montague, Zabini and Parkinson did the same.

Harry looked at them curiously and Montague smirked.

"We know as much about what's going on as you lot. However it is clear that they are our Lord's children. It is our duty to protect them." he stated low enough for only those around to hear and Harry nodded.

He may not like most of them, he had no reason to like them, but he was grateful that they were willing to help. He didn't delude himself into thinking that they stood a chance against the professors. He was hoping that the professors would be reluctant to fight against them.

"Daddy." a small voice broke the silence that had fallen over the Great Hall, and Harry was surprised when he saw the smallest boy, Salazar, looking up at him with big emerald and ruby eyes. It had to be the most adorable thing he had ever seen. Especially when the child held up his arms and called him daddy again.

Harry felt a wave of protectiveness wash over him and he picked the child up. Holding him close and feeling the little one's heart beat faster and his body shaking ever so lightly made him realize that the little one must be afraid.

He almost cursed. He should have realized that Salazar would be frightened. He was small, looking no older than four, and even if his older brothers understood what was happening to some degree, it was likely that he didn't.

Ron and Hermione stepped in front of them, shielding them from the professors.

"Hey, little one," Harry whispered to the child, "Don't be afraid. Everything is going to be alright."

"Promise?" the small voice whispered again, and Harry felt the arms around his neck tighten.

"I promise, Sal." he kissed the raven-red hair and held him close, knowing that they would almost need a miracle to get out of this.

"Dad," he heard and automatically turned to look at Erus, who was standing a little to his left, "Call father."

"What? How?" he didn't even think about arguing, about telling his son, his son, that Voldemort wanted to kill him.

"Your connection, use it, show him what's happening. He will help." Erus looked so sure of it that Harry didn't know what to think. He was used to seeing Voldemort as a monster. Someone who would stop at nothing to kill him and to achieve his goals. But Erus was looking so confident that his father would help, that he could trust him and Harry didn't know what to make of that. Was Voldemort a good father? Did he love his children? Wasn't he supposed to be incapable of love?

"I don't know how." he replied honestly, because he truly didn't know how to contact Voldemort.

"Close your eyes, you said it helps at first, drop into your mind and follow the connection. You told us that you used to do it when you were at the Dursleys. You will find a door in your mind, knock, it leads to father's mind, then show him what happened." Erus explained, "You told us that it was just a matter of concentrating on him and you would be able to follow it and that the door appears when you don't want to intrude and to share memories. I don't really understand how it works, I don't think anyone but the two of you do, but you told me you were able to do it almost instinctively."

"Try it Harry." Hermione urged him, looking wearily at the Head table, she too knew that they wouldn't be able to get out of this alone, "We will watch over them." the others nodded and Harry agreed.

He took a deep breath and did something he hadn't done since he had left his cupboard, he delved into his mind. He had done it when he was a small child, he really had nothing else he could do, so he had entertained himself with what he could; creating worlds in his mind. Now that he knew about the existence of occlumency and legilimency he thought that he might have been doing some sort of mind arts, how else would he have been able to create things in his mind and actually see himself there?

Doing what he had done before he let himself fall into his mind, and when he opened his eyes he knew that he had succeed. He was in a library, filled with books and comfortable looking armchairs. Remembering what Erus had told him he tried to feel the connection he had with Voldemort. Surprisingly quick he found it and he almost felt compelled to follow it. Just as Erus had told him at the end of the connection he saw a door. It was huge, and it had snakes engraved all over it, it seemed rather fitting, considering that it lead to Voldemort's mind.

He took a deep breath and knocked.

Almost immediately he could feel the difference in their connection and before he could really prepare himself the door opened and Voldemort stood there in all his glory. Harry almost took a step back when those blood red eyes glared at him.

"Potter." Voldemort hissed and Harry was rather glad that looks couldn't kill.

"Wait, I have to show you something." he said before he lost his courage. Voldemort stood still and looked at him expectantly and Harry almost fidgeted.

"I... I don't really know how." he admitted and he swore that he heard Voldemort sigh.

"As I know that you do not have a death wish, whatever you wish to show me must be relatively important, correct?" Harry nodded, surprised that Voldemort was actually being civil. "Very well, think about what you want me to see, I will do the rest."

Nodding again Harry thought about everything that happened since that strange lightning. He could actually feel Voldemort go through the memory, analyzing it. He could feel Voldemort's curiosity when he saw the lightning, however it was nothing compared to the unadulterated shock when he saw Erus. When he saw the boys introducing themselves he felt his disbelieve, but there was something else there as well, Harry wasn't sure, but it felt almost like hope.

Before he knew it, it was done and Voldemort was looking at him with an undecipherable expression.

"I'll be there in five minutes." he stated, "You just have to hold on for five minutes, do you understand, Harry?"

"I... Yes, I understand." he replied, surprised by the use of his given name.

"Good. Go, now." Voldemort told him and then vanished.

Harry took a deep breath and willed himself back, just as he did when he was a child.

When he opened his eyes again he was in the same position as before, Salazar still in his arms and Erus hovering to his left.

"Five minutes." he said, and only those around them were able to hear him. He saw all the boys relax and smile, even his friends seemed to become less tense.

"Thank Merlin," Terry muttered, "I don't know how long we could have held up."

That's when Harry noticed that all of them had shields up and he looked around, seeing that most professors had their wands pointing at them, though Sprout, McGonagall and Flitwick seemed rather reluctant.

"What happened?" he asked, passing Salazar to Erus and taking his wand out, erecting a shield over them as well. He made sure to keep all four boys in the middle of all of them, keeping them safe.

"Umbridge and Snape became rather curse happy." Ron replied.

"We reckon that they thought that they would able to at least hit one of us." Fred added.

"I don't think they were expecting us to have shields up that quickly." George concluded.

"Yeah, have to thank you for that, Harry." Justin said smiling, "You taught us well."

"Yeah, this was my plan all along, you know? Lead a rebellion against the professors to protect my children from the future." he snorted, spoken out loud it sounded even more ridiculous. The twins were laughing and Ron snorted.

"Yeah, it's obvious that it was your plan all along." Ron muttered, "You didn't look surprised at all." he mocked and Harry smiled.

He could imagine the look on his face when he had heard what the children had said.

"I do wonder how you always end up in these situations." Ginny said and there was a teasing edge in her tone.

"Don't we all?" George asked and his friends laughed again. Harry saw the confusion on the Slytherins' faces but didn't comment. He knew that the Slytherins didn't know them, so they had no idea how they interacted amongst each other. They thought that only Ron and Hermione were close to him, most people thought that, but it couldn't be farther from the truth.

He had many friends that he trusted, not everyone knew about all of them. He was the boy-who-lived, he had a role to play. So he did just that. His friends understood and did the same, Hermione the know-it-all muggle-born; Ron the lazy and clueless pureblood; Ginny the shy fan-girl; Neville the spineless Gryffindor. On and on it went. It wasn't all that honest for them to do that, but they had quickly learned that if they didn't fit a certain mold then they would be looked at with distrust and be shunned. So they did what they did best, they blended in and acted the way people expected of them. They had done it since they were small children, so it wasn't all that difficult.

The DA had been a blessing in disguise, they could interact with each other and no one would know or make anything of it. Not all of the DA were as close, some only wanted to pass DADA, now though people would know that they had to be more than casual acquaintances. Why else would they have stood up and faced the professors if they weren't.

"You know we can't stay here." he told them, knowing they were all thinking the same.

"We know," Ernie replied, "But you know that we couldn't just stand by and do nothing."

"Even if you acting brings you in close contact with the Dark Lord? There is no going back after he arrives..." he was giving them a way out, he knew that many had lost family to the dark and that many would lose the family that they had if they continued on the path they had decided to take. He was giving them the last chance they had to leave and continue as if nothing had happened, he wouldn't blame them.

"Harry, we know what's at stake." Neville assured him.

"We may have acted impulsively, but we stand by our decision." Susan added.

"Besides, there must be a reason why they were born, you would never join someone who wasn't worthy." Hannah brought up what he had been avoiding thinking about.

He became a Dark Lord. How had that happened? He just couldn't see how that would work. Even if he didn't like it he was the boy-who-lived, he doubted that he just woke up one day and decided to become a dark lord and join Voldemort. It was even more unbelievable that Voldemort would actually allow that. He just knew that when this was over he would have the mother of all headaches.

"Harry, think about what you are doing." Dumbledore pleaded with him and Harry could see true concern in his eyes. Even so he wouldn't, couldn't, back down.

"I can't. They are my children, even if I have no idea how it could have happened. I won't stand by and let you hurt them."

"Do you really think I would hurt a child?" though Dumbledore tried to hide it, he was unable to completely mask the hurt he felt at the accusation.

"Professor, one thing we know for certain is that Voldemort won the war. I know that you would do anything you could for the Greater Good, even get the information about how Voldemort won the war from the boys. No matter the cost. And Snape would be more than happy to mind rape all of them, even if only because they are Potters."

"And you would let Voldemort win? What would your parents think?"

Harry almost flinched when he heard that. It wasn't something that he had thought about yet. Frankly he couldn't see how his parents would be pleased with it, they had fought against the Dark side. But his mum would understand why he was standing against the professors, he was almost sure of it. She had given her life for him, surely she would understand him wanting to protect his children.

"Shut up!" little Ares shouted, glaring at Dumbledore and Harry was rather proud to see that he had a rather intimidating glare for a six year old. He must have gotten it from his father. "Grandma and grandpa are really proud of dad." he stated, daring Dumbledore to contradict him.

"Child, Harry's parents haven been dead for a long time." Dumbledore told him, trying to sound as soothing as possible. Harry knew that he didn't mean any harm by it, but he still glared at him. Did he really have to bring that up?

"I know." replied Ares, looking at Dumbledore as if he were stupid. "But daddy talks to them whenever he wants. Daddy is a necomencer."

"Necromancer." Erus corrected.

"Yes, that." Ares nodded, smiling at his brother then going back to glaring at Dumbledore.

"What?" Dumbledore muttered and every professor was looking at Harry in shock and a little bit of fear.

"On his sixteenth birthday dad came into his magical inheritance. The Light," Erus spat the word out with so much disgust that even Harry looked at him stunned, "Shunned him as soon as they found out. After everything he had done for them, after everything he had lost, they just turned on him. Father was more than happy when dad came to him looking for revenge."

"You never do things by half." muttered Neville, looking exasperated.

Harry himself was feeling slightly flabbergast. He was a necromancer? There hadn't been a necromancer in centuries. How could he be one? Weren't the Potters light wizards? How did they have necromancer blood in them? That did explain however how he ended up on Voldemort's side and how Voldemort didn't kill him on sight. A Dark Lord would value a necromancer. That didn't explain though how he ended up involved with Voldemort, he must have been suffering from temporary insanity, there was no other explanation for it.

Before anyone could do or say anything else the doors to the Great Hall burst open and surrounded by over twenty Death Eaters was Voldemort.

The Great Hall was deadly silent. Harry could practically feel the fear coming of from the students. Even the Slytherins that were with them tensed slightly. If Harry had to guess he would say that they had never actually met the Dark Lord.

"Papa!" Salazar yelled, breaking the suffocating silence, and before Harry could stop him he ran towards Voldemort and jumped at him. Only Voldemort's quick reflexes kept Salazar from falling, automatically Voldemort opened his arms and caught the little boy, holding him close.

Harry would have laughed at the look on his face if he wasn't as shocked as everyone else.

The look of wonder, amazement and a little bit of panic that appeared in Voldemort's eyes was something that Harry didn't think anyone had ever seen.

It was strangely adorable to see it. Who would have thought that Voldemort would actually want children.

"Father." Erus whispered and Harry could hear the relief behind that simple word.

Voldemort must have heard him because he looked in their direction and his eyes locked on the other three boys. His blood red eyes studied everything about them, they took everything in. Then his eyes looked at Harry and he saw the same confusion, wonder and shock in them that he had felt when he had seen the boys and found out they were his children.

"It's time to go." he told his friends and they nodded.

Still with their wands raised and shields up they started walking towards the Death Eaters and Voldemort. That seemed to break the shock the professors were in.

"I can't let you do that Harry." Dumbledore told him gravely and Harry almost sneered.

"You don't really have a choice. Are you willing to put the students at risk just to try and stop us from leaving?" he asked and he saw most of the other professors falter slightly.

"Would you hurt them?" Dumbledore sounded so very disappointed and Harry wanted to laugh.

"Yes." he stated, clearly shocking everyone but his friends and, strangely enough, his children, "Do you think that anyone of these people are more important to me than my family? Most of these students don't even know me and were quite happy to believe the lies the Ministry sprouted about me. Why should I care about them?" he could see the surprise in Dumbledore's eyes and he smirked. "What, did you actually think that I cared about complete strangers that call me a liar and deranged? I couldn't care less about what happens to them."

Some of his friends chuckled, while the others shook their heads.

"It looks like the Golden Boy persona is being thrown out." Hermione said and Harry could feel the curiosity of every single one of the people in the Great Hall aside from his friends. "What?" she asked, when she felt their eyes on her, "You didn't really think that Gryffindor Golden Boy is truly Harry, did you?" looking at them all incredulously, "We knew what was expected of us and we played our part, but as we are leaving and since it is clear that Harry somehow joined Voldemort there is no need to continue with all this acting. Though I've got to say that Umbridge was driving us so crazy that we almost dropped our acting just to get back at her." the last part was muttered under her breath but even so almost everyone heard her.

"I don't understand." McGonagall said, looking at Hermione and trying to see what she meant, trying to see any difference in them.

"Well," Harry said, a small smirk appearing on his lips, "The Sorting Hat did want to put me in Slytherin."

"I would never have guessed." replied Ron sarcastically, snorting when he saw the glare Harry was aiming at him.

"It is rather simple to understand, professor. We knew what was expected of us and we did it. All of [what you saw was] what you wanted to see. We must thank all of you for that actually, our lives would have been far more difficult if you weren't all so willingly blind." Hermione told them, "As Harry said, the Hat did want to put him in Slytherin, he is a brilliant actor. Ron would have been the most loyal and hard-working Hufflepuff possible, and I would have found a home in Ravenclaw, but we met on the train. We talked and realized the truth. People already had an idea of what we were, we had two options, we would either break their preconceived notions completely and risk being under heavy scrutiny, especially since we would befriend Harry, or give them exactly what they were expecting. As you can guess, we gave you exactly what you were expecting. Then we just made friends with people who had a similar mentality."

"Be that as it may," Dumbledore interrupted, looking even more grim, "I cannot allow you to do this, Harry. Think about the consequences. How can you trust that Voldemort won't do anything to you or your friends? We can not let the Dark win, Harry, you know that."

"Shut up!" Erebus screamed, glaring and pointing his wand at Dumbledore, "You don't know anything! Dad and father are happy! They love each other and father would never hurt dad. Never! Father would kill anyone who wants to hurt any of us, especially dad!"

"Killing isn't right, surely you know that child." Dumbledore tried to reason.

"One more word Dumbledore." Voldemort hissed, his wand out and pointing at Dumbledore. The tension that had eased flared back up. "I am prepared to leave without causing any harm to the students, but do not push me."


Voldemort looked to his left and saw Erus standing at his side, a small smile appeared briefly on his lips.

"Erus," he almost whispered the name, "Who picked the name?" and Harry was able to hear small traces of amusement in his tone.

"Dad did actually," Erus replied smiling, "He said that any child the two of you had would be nothing else but a Lord."

"He was right." Voldemort replied and it was impossible to miss the pride in his voice. Though Harry was shocked to see the teasing smirk Voldemort sent his way.

"You said you wouldn't hurt the students, right?" Erus hissed and Harry knew he was speaking parseltongue, Voldemort's eyes opened wide and he laughed. It was dark and seductive, nothing like the high cackle that Harry had heard coming from him.

"I did, yes." Voldemort replied, his eyes shinning. Harry was transfixed, he had never seen Voldemort look so alive.

"You didn't say anything about the faculty, and that pink toad over there tortured dad." Harry wasn't really surprised by the hate he heard in those words, nor by the cold fury behind them.

Voldemort looked frozen on the spot, then his eyes pierced Harry's.

"What did she do?"

"She made me use a blood-quill." he replied, knowing there was no use in not telling him. From the look Erus had it was clear that if he didn't then Erus would.

Slowly Voldemort took a few steps in Harry's direction and looking at him for permission, which Harry granted without a thought, he took his hand. Far more gently than what Harry thought he was able to he caressed the words that were engraved on Harry's skin.

Voldemort turned around again and Harry knew what was going to happen before Voldemort acted.


Umbridge went down again, and this time her screams reached new heights.

Erus had a look of satisfaction on his face that showed, more than anything else, who his father was.

A curse came Voldemort's way, and before Harry knew what he was doing he was standing beside him his wand drawn and a shield up. Voldemort stopped cursing Umbridge and looked at Harry in surprise. But Harry didn't see it, he had his eyes fixed on Dumbledore and the look of betrayal and anger that was on his face.

"You've gone dark." Dumbledore whispered.

"Took you long enough to realize," sneered Harry, "I think most of the Hall realized the moment they introduced themselves as the sons of the Dark Lords."

"But you don't have to take that path." Dumbledore pleaded with him, and Harry shook his head.

"I'm not willing to pay the price to change the path." Harry replied looking at the young boys standing behind them. He didn't see the look of amazement that Voldemort had on his face, nor the small indulgent smiles on his friends' faces.

"You called him a liar. Said he was nothing but an attention seeking brat. As you can see, I am indeed back, Harry was not lying." Voldemort stated looking at Umbridge and everyone could hear the anger in his voice, "Now you are going to die for hurting him."

"M-my Lord," Umbridge simpered, "He is but a filthy half-blood."

Well, if Harry had any doubt about Umbridge's intelligence it would have been cleared then.

The smile that appeared on Voldemort's face was nothing short of bloodthirsty.

"Avada Kedavra." he even had a smile when he cast the curse. Harry looked at the green light transfixed, he had never noticed before, but it was a rather beautiful green, the same green as Erus' eyes.

She was dead before anyone could do anything.

"We will leave now, Dumbledore." Voldemort stated, standing with Harry at his side and their four children behind them, Harry's friends still formed a loose circle around them and the Death Eaters were in a single horizontal line by the doors. They presented a rather intimidating image.

Dumbledore's shoulders slumped and Harry knew that he would give in.

"This isn't the end." Dumbledore warned, and Voldemort cackled.

"You're right, this is just the beginning."

He turned around and picked Ares up, Harry did the same to Salazar and they walked out of the Great Hall with Erus and Erebus behind them. Harry's friends looked around the Great Hall for a last time and followed them, knowing that everything would change now. The Death Eaters were the last to leave, leaving a heavy and oppressive silence in their wake.

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