Girl Code – Every end is a new beginning

"How's that for romance, Sweets?"

"Edward!" I squeak, pressing my palm to his cheek as he sucks at my ear lobe, and his hand slides under the hem of my dress. "We don't have time for that, we'll be late."

"I can be quick," he says with a laugh while his fingertips softly creep higher and higher up my thigh.

With his lips and tongue moving down my neck, the idea of skipping my high school graduation is suddenly very appealing. "Edward…"

"Sweets," he groans against my skin.

"Bella?" My father's voice booms from the bottom of the stairs, dousing any lingering heat between us like a bucket of ice water. "Hurry up. Your mother wants pictures, and you're running late."

"I'm coming," I shout as Edward and I scurry off the bed.

"Oh my God, Bella," Edward whisper yells, looking at me like I've lost my goddamn mind. "What are you thinkin'?" I look at him confused to which he rolls his eyes. "Did you really just say 'I'm coming' to your father? You know he's loadin' his gun now."

"Christ, pull yourself together. He doesn't think like that, ya' perv."

"He does. You watch. I'm gonna walk down there and get shot in the dick."

Shaking my head, I grab his cap and place it on his head, sliding the tassel to the right. "I promise we'll continue where we left off tonight." He visibly relaxes when I give him a quick peck. "If my father doesn't shoot your dick off first."

"Well that was fuckin' uncomfortable," Edward says, shoving his key into the ignition while I smile and wave goodbye to my parents.

"Which part? Was it when my dad got all teary talking about how grown up I am or the fact that you took most of the pictures with your hands shielding your package?"

He gives them a quick wave before throwing it in reverse. "Both."

"Eh, well. At least he didn't shoot your dick off."

"Yeah, lucky you."

My cheeks flame as his smug grin grows, but I have to agree. "Lucky me."

"And then there were three," Alec says when we finish taking our pre-grad selfies and ussies in our caps and gowns. "What a difference a year makes, huh?" Rose and I nod as we note the loss of two members of what was once our circle. Never one to dwell on unpleasant things, Alec spreads his arms and legs wide. "Alright, Swan. Frisk me."

"Um… why?"

"See if you can find the illegal paraphernalia," he says, loud enough to cause more than a few heads in the parking lot to turn. Rose's eyes get big and Alec rolls his. "I mean the illegal graduation paraphernalia. Silly string, beach balls… that kind of thing."

"Pfff," Rose scoffs, "she doesn't need to frisk you. The beach balls are in your chest, and the silly string is down your pants."

"How did you know?"

"Because you suddenly have pecs and are sporting a massive erection."

He tips his cap to her. "Why thank you."

"Come on, Dirk Diggler, let's line up."

Five hours later, we are no longer seniors, we're graduates… and we're drunk. Some of us more than others, namely Alec, who has our valedictorian, Jessica Stanley, in a vice grip hug, rocking her back and forth as he pats her hair and tells her he wishes they hung out more.

"Jess, your speech was fucking inspirational, like it goes," he puts his hand way up in the air, "JFK's ask not what your country can do for you speech, which is like epic." She nods and he drops his hand a couple of inches. "And then your speech. I mean… with advice like always be the best version of yourself." He bites his knuckle and shakes his head. "Fucking poetry."

"You're an asshole."

"And you're a fucking master orator." Rolling her eyes, she turns to walk away. "Aww, don't be like that, Jess. Let's bring it in for the real thing, come give me a hug goodbye because I'll miss you sooooo much."

"Fuck off."

"Wait, wait. Seriously Jess," he says sounding utterly sincere and she spares him one last glance. "Impart some of that brilliance in my yearbook, would you?" He hands it to her and gives her a pleading look. "Come on, be a pal."

"Fine," she says, grabbing it and scribbling something quick before slamming it and handing it back.

"See you girls."

"Bye Jess," Rose and I say with sloppy waves while Alec reads her message.

Rose jerks her chin at his book. "What'd she say?"

"She told me to 'fuck off and have a good summer.'" Laughing, he closes it and tosses it on the table. "Friends forever, Jess!" She keeps walking, only acknowledging that she heard him by giving him the finger. "Love you. Mean it."

"Oh my God, you're awful," I say, helping myself to another Jell-o shot. "Now where were we?"

"Mmm." Rose swallows her shot and grabs another. "We were debating the existence of Jalice. Thus far, we've been unable to debunk the alarming amount of evidence confirming the new coupling."

"It just doesn't make any goddamn sense," Alec argues, grabbing himself a shot. "They've hated each other since seventh grade. It can't be true."

"It is a little disturbing." I mutter, trying to imagine a world where Jasper and Alice can exist without killing each other, let alone be romantically involved. "I don't know if I believe it."

"To be fair though, he's stoned out of his mind half the time." Alec shrugs. "He's bound to make a questionable decision every now and again."

Rose laughs and toasts. "Here's to not getting high on your own supply."

"Having fun, Sweets?" Edward asks, sounding amused as he leans down to kiss me.

"I am," I say just before our lips meet.

The kiss is hardly appropriate for public viewing, but his lips feel soft against mine, and I can't help myself when I open my mouth in welcome, tangling my tongue with his. "Mmm, you taste like—"

"I taste barf," Alec interrupts, making a gagging motion with his finger.

"I'd rather see that than watch her tonguing her shot glass," Rose says offhandedly, popping a few vodka-infused gummy bears into her mouth before looking up at me. "What?"

"What do you mean? I don't tongue my shot glass."

"Would you prefer me to say making love to it?" she challenges back while Alec mimics me behind her, rolling and darting his tongue into the glass.

"I don't look like that!"

The opening notes to 'Young, Wild and Free' filters through the speakers, and Alec is up on his feet pulling Rose up out of her seat. "THROWBACK!" He reaches his hand out to me. "Come on, B."

Leading us out to the makeshift dance floor, he spins us as we sing along to the chorus. Seth Clearwater is on the couch with his shirt off and his dick out, and it's officially a party.

Edward is still at the table, standing there talking to Garrett. He's all smiles and swagger with his backwards cap, and I find myself watching him take a sip from his beer bottle. I lick my lips at the sight of his perfect mouth wrapping around the spout. My eyes move down his body, over his broad shoulders and chest, and land somewhere near his pelvis then back up again only to see that I've been caught.

He mouths the word 'what' to me, to which I crook my finger, beckoning him with the sway of my hips to come dance with me. Taking one last swig, he heads my way, still wearing my favorite smirk. With my arms around his neck and his hands sliding down my lower back, our bodies are flush tight as we move together.

Somewhere along the line, our dancing turns into foreplay as swaying becomes grinding, and singing becomes soft moans and pants. Something stirs inside of me. Sure it could be vodka, but more than likely it's hormones that have my hand moving down his chest and my lips at his ear. "Let's get out of here."

"You wanna go?"

I nod my head, slipping my hand beneath his shirt, running a fingertip over his stomach. "I want to celebrate… just you and me." My finger skims lower until I hear him exhale a shaky breath.

"Let's go."

Hand in hand we give our friends a wave, leaving them to dance and sing about living young and wild and free. They can sing about it all they want, because Edward and I are going to actually do it.

We make it two blocks before he's kissing me wildly under the streetlight with his hands gripping my ass roughly. Memories from prom night drift through my mind of slamming headboards and my ankles on his shoulders while he whispers dirty words against my skin.

"Where are we goin', Sweets?"

"Over here," I say, pulling him to the moonlit baseball field.

Before I know it, he's caging me against the chain link fence, kissing his way down my neck. "Here?"

I moan softly. "Maybe somewhere a little more private."

With a small laugh, his fingers trail over the small cleavage visible from my dress, before sliding a strap from my shoulder. "So, no pitcher's mound?"

"You'd love that, wouldn't you?" He smirks at me before moving back to my neck, nipping at the base of my throat while my hand reaches down between us. "Me with my knees on the rubber…"

"Jesus, Sweets," he breathes when I grip his length and stroke him through his pants. "What are we doin' here?"

Pulling his face down to mine, I whisper hotly, "We're celebrating."

His mouth crashes to mine, kissing me hungrily as his hands roam and our tongues explore. Breathless, I pull away, dipping under his arm and running a few feet onto the field. Teasingly, I lower the second strap and unzip the side of my dress, letting it drop just below my chest.

"Sweets," he groans, stalking toward me slowly and running his hand across the fence as he goes.

"Tell me what you want."

Smirking, his eyes follow my hand as it moves up over my stomach, settling at the front clasp of my bra. "Open it."

I continue walking backwards, taunting him as I unfasten the bra, until I'm standing there on the third base line, dress barely hanging on and an eyebrow cocked. "Now what?"

"You teasin' me?" he chuckles, running his hand over the top of his cap, lifting and smoothing his hair beneath it before replacing it. Shaking my head, I slide the bra straps down my shoulders, but clutch the cups to my chest. "Lemme see you, then."

A thrill rushes through me when I drop my hands and watch his eyes turn from playful to predatory. With just three long strides, he's on me, grabbing my jaw and roughly pressing his mouth to mine. I whimper when his hands squeeze my backside as he picks me up and carries me into the dugout.

"Up here," he whispers, lifting me to stand on the bench.

I steady myself on his shoulders as he bunches my dress up over my hips and buries his face between my legs. A breathy gasp escapes my lips when I feel the contrast of the cold, cement blocks against my naked back and the heat of his mouth covering the lace of my underwear.

As amazing as it feels, a sobering thought creeps into my head and my entire body tenses. Dear God, what if I smell like a swamp down there? What if he peels off those panties and its full-on Funkytown?

"Relax, Sweets," he coos with a smirk and a wink, dragging the material down my legs, causing my entire body to shiver with anticipation.

His fingertips run softly up my calves and thighs, soothing me as I watch his face disappear beneath my dress. He only lingers for a moment before I feel the stubble of his jaw grazing my skin. "Oh God."

Chuckling, he hums against me before plunging his mouth between my legs and running his tongue over the sensitive flesh. My back arches off the wall, and my hips buck into his face, trembling with each suck and swirl.

I cry out when he hitches my leg over his shoulder and slips two fingers inside, furiously pumping as his tongue teases my clit. "Yes, yes, yes," I chant, tearing the hat off his head and weaving my fingers into his hair, pulling him to me firmly.

He goes wild, lapping and nipping until my legs shake and my knees nearly buckle from the pleasure. Shuddering, I slink down the wall, seeing his mouth curve into a smile as I moan his name.

"I want you," I murmur, tugging on his fly and sliding the zipper down. I hear him suck in a breath and his palms slap against the cement above me, watching my hand stroke him lazily.

"Bella," he hisses when my tongue sweeps over his tip before sliding my lips down his shaft. "Hold on," he grits out, cradling my jaw with his hand. "I wanna be inside you."


Staggering backwards, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet. "Condom," he mumbles absently, tossing the wallet to the bench and plopping down next to me.

We laugh, watching him fumble with the latex before successfully rolling it down his length. I straddle his lap, gripping him firmly and slide him along the wetness, making both of us moan.

"Take this off," he says, tracing his fingers down my cleavage. I peel the bra cups back and close my eyes, reveling in the feel of his strong hands palming and kneading my breasts roughly.

"Yes," I pant, fisting my hand into his hair when he sucks my nipple into his mouth. I gasp at the stiffening sensation when his tongue passes over the hypersensitive tip before grazing it gently with his teeth.

He groans, low and deep when I lower myself onto him, guiding his cock into me slowly. I hear his breath hitch and his fingers dig into my hips just beneath the fabric of my dress. "That's it, Sweets."

"Mmm," I moan at the feel of him stretching and filling me. We find a rhythm, slow and steady as I sink and rise and swivel over him. "Edward…"

"Fuck, you look so good, Sweets," he grits out, seizing my hips and dragging me harder down his length. I arch my back, leaning my palms on his knees letting him control our movements. "Ridin' me…" he trails off, burying his face in my cleavage and slipping his fingers between my legs.

Gasping, I throw my head back as his tongue circles my nipple with his fingers mimicking the motion below. A breathy, whispered 'fuck' falls from my lips and my thighs clench when he begins speaking against my skin.

"I'm so close," he confesses quietly, skimming his nose along my collarbone. "And seein' you like this…" He sucks in his teeth and rolls my clit between his thumb and forefinger. "Thinkin' about the things I want to do to you..."

"Tell me," I pant into his neck, clutching him tightly as I ride him harder, faster.

"Slow down, baby," he warns, his voice dropping lower when he grips my hip inching me up and down slowly.

"Please…" I beg, sucking his bottom lip into my mouth.

The corner of his mouth curves up, and I hear him exhale a shaky breath as he concedes. Murmuring softly against the shell of my ear, he whispers filthy words and fills my head with memories of hard thrusts and tangled limbs and our joined hands pinned on a mattress. My body tenses as a searing rush of heat surges through me and I close my eyes, letting the lewd images flash through my mind.

The sounds of slapping of skin and harsh breaths echo through the quiet dugout while we both chase our release. With a loud groan, he stills my hips as he throbs and twitches deep within me, and I cry out and collapse against him, feeling his chest heave against mine; our breath coming out in rough pants.

He holds me close, rubbing lazy shapes into my thighs as our breathing slows and he softens inside of me. Our eyes meet and he gives me this smug grin, nodding his head like 'I rocked your world girl'.

I can't help but laugh. "What?" He shrugs and slaps his hand to my ass, grabbing a handful. "You seem awfully proud of yourself."

He leans forward and nips at my neck. "You complainin', Sweets?"

"Mmm… never." I twist my fingers into his hair. "I love it."

"Good," he says, kissing the corner of my mouth. " 'cause I love you." He taps me on the backside once more. "Now get up for a minute, I think I've got a sunflower seed stuck to my butt."

Apart from our week in Chicago, we spend many of our summer nights at that field, sometimes watching Edward play under the lights and other nights we make the most of the dark. The summer flies by, and before we know it, it's time to say goodbye to home.

"Tanya… you didn't have to do that," I say, holding up the money-filled card.

She waves me off then grabs my forearms. "Now listen to me, you be safe. Lock your doors. Carry your mace. Be aware of your surroundings, you hear me?"

Nodding, I pull her in for a hug. "I will."

Patting my back, she whispers into my ear. "And don't use that money to buy booze. I've got a nice little care package coming for you girls." I laugh as she rocks me back and forth. "Nothing like a box of wine and shots of Schnapps to celebrate your independence."

I hug her harder. "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too." Her voice shakes slightly, and she clears her throat before patting me twice more. "All right, my ten o'clock is here."

"Mrs. Berty for her monthly pedicure?"

"Yep." She jerks her thumb towards the back of the salon. "I've gotta go get my belt sander ready."

With a quiet wave, she disappears into the back, and I head over to Zee's station when the bells over the salon door bang against the glass.

"Mrs. Weber!" Esme shrieks. "Oh my God, are you okay?"

Agnes Weber staggers in, huffing and sweating profusely before slumping into a chair, frantically fanning her face.

"Carlisle, grab her a bottle of water," Esme barks out and grabs a magazine for her to use to cool down. "What happened?"

"Jesus, do you need a doctor?" Carlisle asks, kneeling in front of her, offering the water.

She shakes her head. "My car broke down eight blocks from here, so I tried to run," she pants, stopping only to take an unladylike swig. "Couldn't miss this appointment, it's been too long."

"You need someone to look at your car, Mrs. Weber? Because I've got a guy," Esme says, waving Rose over. "Rosie, what's Emmett's number?"

I see Carlisle's lips turn up into a small smile, and he kisses Esme on the temple. "I'll be out in the car, hun."

"Agnes?" Zee calls from the sinks. "What on earth?"

"I know, I know," Mrs. Weber starts, rising from her seat. "I look a fright."

Zee's lips twist with disappointment as she lifts a few pieces of the good reverend's wife's hair. "Hmph. The Lord said 'righteousness' not 'ratchetness.'"

"You're preaching to the choir now. I just had to convince my husband to foot the bill." Mrs. Weber puts her hand on her hip. "Can you believe that man called me 'frivolous'?"

"Frivolous? Girl, this is upkeep. You tell Reverend Weber that if he liked it, then he shoulda' put a weave on it." Mrs. Weber cackles. "Now go on back to the chair, and I'll be there in a minute."

The bells clang against the door again when Edward walks in, giving me a smile and mouthing the word 'hi' before Esme accosts him, probably going over the plan for today again.

Zee turns to me. "Heading out soon?"

"Yeah, Edward has to check in to the dorm at three o'clock, so…" I trail off and bite my lip when it starts to quiver.

"None of that now," she says, wrapping her arms around me. "You're not going that far, just a couple hours away."

"I know."

"And you'll do great, Bella." She pulls back, shaking my arms slightly. "You'll make us all real proud."

Edward walks up beside me, rubbing a soothing hand on my back. "You okay, Sweets?"

"Yeah," I lie, "I'm all right."

"I gotta start my client," Zee says, pulling me in for one last quick squeeze. "We'll see you soon."

"Bye Zee," I whisper against her shoulder.

She smiles at me when she lets go, then turns to Edward and looking at him over her glasses. "You take care of our girl, now."

"I will." He smiles and holds his hand up. "I promise."

Her brow arches and she walks away, muttering just loud enough for us to hear. "Mmm hmm… I'm sure you will."

Laughing, he grabs my hand. "You ready to go?"

"Almost," I say, looking at our joined fingers. "I just need to talk to Alec before I go."

"He's outside with Rose and your mom."

I have one last look around, taking in the sights and sounds that have surrounded me all my life. The bells jingle above me and I say goodbye.

"Bella, honey," my mom starts, brushing a rogue piece of hair out of my face. "Your father and I will be up tomorrow morning, so just call me if you remember anything that you need me to pack, okay."

"Okay." I hug her tight. "And tell dad to pull himself together."

"Stop that."

"I'm serious, he's been emotional all week." I can feel her shaking her head against my shoulder. "I don't know whether to hug him or offer him a Midol."

"Shameful," she teases, swatting me playfully. "Edward, I'll see you tomorrow." He nods and pats her back as she gives him a half hug. "Drive safe and text us when you get there."

I give her a salute. "Will do, Mom."

"I'll, uh, be right back," Edward says awkwardly, pointing across the street. "Let you guys have a few minutes."

Silence falls over us, no one wanting to start with the goodbyes.

Alec smirks, leaning against Edward's Jeep. "So…"

I cover my eyes, squinting as I look up at him. "So… any words of wisdom to share before I go?"

He blows out a breath. "Girl… yes. I'm so glad you asked." Ticking off a finger, he starts in. "Lucky for you, plaid is in right now, but don't overdo it. Throw a solid color or two in there at least a couple times a week."

Sighing, I shake my head and motion for him to keep going.

"Don't you dare go all granola on me. If I find out you're wearing any kind of hemp jewelry or stop shaving your armpits or go any length of time without washing your hair, I'm on the first plane back for your intervention, you hear me?"

"You're insane."

"I'm serious, Bella. You know I've logged enough hours watching that show that I could totally run one."

"This is true."

"Same goes for wearing socks with sandals." He turns to Rose. "You make sure to let me know if she starts wearing Birkenstocks and listening to underground indie rock."

"Oh my God, is that all?"

"Almost." He ticks off another finger. "Don't become one of those co-op market snobs who demand to know if it's Fair Trade buckwheat they're selling. It's like, we get it, you wanna save the world one complex carbohydrate at a time, but don't be that guy."

"Um, I'm pretty sure I'm an equal opportunity carb eater."

"This is true, you do love your carbs, I'm just saying, don't get caught up in the hipster trends."

"Says the guy wearing skinny jeans and Eurotrash sunglasses." Gasping, he feigns shock, clutching his hand to his heart. "I'm just kidding, you look very J Crew."

"Uh, thank you," he drags out the words like I just gave him the most amazing compliment. "I'm going for the whole Kennedy compound meets London in the fall look."

"It's fab," Rose pipes in with two enthusiastic thumbs up.

"Very posh," I laugh, stepping towards him and smoothing the shirt over his shoulders. "Now let me impart some wisdom on you."


"Don't become one of those douchebags who moves to New York and starts bitching about the food everywhere else like it just can't compare. Don't refer to getting pizza as getting a slice. I swear to God, if I see you fold a piece of Papa Johns in half, I'll unfold it and slap you with it."


"Don't go out to a bar and order a Cosmo or say questionable things like 'OMG I'm so Sex and the City right now.'"

"You're a dream killer."

"Just, uh…" A lump forms in my throat as I pop his collar and pull him in for a hug. "Just don't forget your roots, baby girl."

"I won't," he says with a small laugh. "And don't you go changing either." I feel him peck the top of my head. "Because you, Bella Swan, are fabulous."

My ugly cry face overtakes my resting bitch face, and I start sobbing into his chest.

"Jesus girl, you need to pull yourself together." He pulls me off of him, shaking some sense into me. "This is a Lacoste shirt for the love of God, and it's not like I won't be FaceTiming you tonight."

"I know, I know."

He points at me and shakes his head at Rose. "I can't with her."

Crossing her arms over her chest, Rose shrugs. "Someone call a tow truck, 'cause she's a wreck."

"I know, I totally am," I admit, wiping my eyes and sniffling.

"It's a good thing your boy's bringing you ice cream." He nods toward Edward coming out of Nifty Fiftys. "You can have a good cry and eat your feelings all the way to Seattle."

"I probably will," I say, watching as Edward saunters towards us with his city boy swagger and the smile that makes the good girl in me want to do bad things. Very bad things.

"Alright, you guys need to take off," Alec wraps his arms around me one more time before turning to Edward and extending his hand. "Good luck, man."

"Thanks, you too," he says, doing that weird handshake bro hug thing that boys do.

"See you guys tomorrow," Rose says, blowing me a kiss as they head back into the salon.

Edward hands me my milkshake. "Thought you might need a fix."

"I totally do, I'm a hot mess right now."

"You're fine," he reassures me and helps me into the Jeep.

"Fine as in 'fine' or fine as in 'quit your crying, crazy pants?'"

He chuckles and presses a quick kiss to my forehead, then a firm one to my lips. "Fine as in you got nothin' to worry about because we're doin' this together, Sweets."

"Then I'm definitely fine." I kiss him once more. "Let's get out of here."

Shutting the door, he heads to the driver's side, running his hand along the body of the Jeep as he goes. He looks back at me over his shoulder with his smile that makes me melt. And then, like always…

He knocks twice.

They say if a writer falls in love with you, that you can never truly be gone.
This is for the South Side boy I fell in love with as a young girl playing kick the can under
the streetlights of Canaryville. I loved you for most of your lifetime, and you're far too
wonderful to only exist in memories. Now some of the best of you and the
qualities that still make me smile to this day will always be here.
*she knocks twice*

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