Hello all! So this is a Vampire Diaries/Teen Wolf crossover (neither of which I own) inspired by a prompt provided by the lovely Rat3000 who was a huge inspiration while I wrote and was very patient with all of my questions and concerns. Thank you for letting me write this! It's been a huge pleasure.

As a slight warning - I've rated it T for violence, and I don't think it's too bad, but if anyone at any point feels differently please let me know and I'll up the rating.

Few details on the story - everyone's alive, Peter isn't evil (but he is creepy), Jackson isn't gone, and Derek is still alpha. On the point of wolves, it doesn't come up till later, but all the wolves have beta and full wolf forms - Derek being the alpha is just much bigger, but they can all go full wolf.

Anywho, here's chapter one - Enjoy!

Chapter 1 – The Youngest Original

"No, Stiles. You need to stay here." Derek growled at him for the third time since his pack had decided to go face the alpha pack, and Stiles glared angrily. Once again he was so tempted to prove that he wasn't as weak and useless as everyone thought, but he held himself back. Personal pride was not a good enough reason to give up his secret. Plus, he loved Beacon Hills; why put himself in a situation where he'd be forced to leave? So, much like a human would do, he glared but relented.

"You know, if it wasn't for me, you would've died at least half a dozen times by now." Stiles noted, and Derek's glare just grew more dangerous. Stiles was glad sometimes that he was considered Scott's best friend, because if that weren't the case, he was sure he would've been attacked by now. The thought had Stiles frowning in return. He was Derek's mate, and he knew it, could feel it right in his bones, and he knew Derek's wolf felt it too, but Derek's human side refused to accept it. Stiles mentally rolled his eyes. If only Derek realized what he really was; luckily, his witch heritage allowed him to mask his scent as human.

"You aren't coming." Derek snapped, voice final, and Stiles just shrugged. They all knew it wasn't likely that he'd stay once they all left, but there was nothing they could do about that short of leaving somebody behind to keep watch over him. Stiles always managed to escape no matter where he was trapped, so they'd stopped trying to trap him into staying behind. Stiles looked to Scott to see if he'd argue, but Scott avoided his gaze. It only frustrated Stiles more. Scott always fought so hard to stay separate from Derek, until it came to things like keeping Stiles out of things.

"If you'd like, my dear nephew, I could stay and keep Stiles company." Peter said, giving Stiles a smile that told him just what kind of company he was offering, and Stiles just rolled his eyes. Even though Derek's human side wouldn't accept him as mate, his wolf revolted at the idea of anyone wanting intimacy with him. He watched the conflict flit over Derek's face and Stiles cut in.

"As thrilling as your offer sounds, I really don't think you want to be the kind of company I'm craving." Stiles knew he was flirting back, but it was worth it just to watch Derek's jaw tick.

"No, we need you with us. Stiles will stay here and keep out of the way." Stiles just grimaced.

"I'm not a child." he said, and would've laughed at how true the statement was if the pack wasn't clueless to his identity. Being a thousand year old vampire sort of made everybody a child in comparison and himself far from it.

"Then stop acting like one." Derek snapped. At that, Erica stepped in.

"Look Stiles, it's not that we think you're useless, it's just, if you're there and we have to worry about you getting hurt, we'll be distracted. If we're distracted-"

"I know. One of you could get hurt. But you know, you could always pay attention to what your doing instead of what I'm doing-" he was cut off by Derek grabbing him and slamming him into the wall, and boy was he ever glad that he wasn't as hot tempered as his siblings, because if he was, Derek probably would have died years ago.

"Can we just go?" Jackson asked, and Derek released Stiles, stepping away. Stiles looked at Jackson but he too avoided his gaze. They all knew that he'd cut in to save Stiles, but nobody would admit it because that would ruin Jackson's image. Without another word, Derek turned on his heels and left, the wolves filing out behind him.

"Maybe next time, Stiles." Peter teased wistfully, ruffling Stiles' hair, and Stiles just shot him a look.

"Not in your lifetime." Peter just grinned wider.

"Now that is a challenge I willingly accept." With that he followed the others out, and left Stiles alone.

Though he planned on following them, Stiles went home first, intent on finding the sheriff. He knew there was a strong possibility of trouble, and he wanted to warn the man first so he could keep the human population at bay. He appeared in front of his house after disappearing from Derek's loft in seconds, and saw the police cruiser in the driveway. Letting himself in, he called out for the sheriff.

"Dad?" he called, as he'd done since they'd begun their arrangement, and he truly did love John Stilinski as a father, he certainly did a better job than his own father had done.

"In the kitchen, son." the sheriff shouted back, and Stiles flashed to the kitchen.

"Hey, just wanted to warn you about tonight. Looks like Derek's pack is planning on confronting the alpha pack for the first time tonight."


"Out by the old mill."

"Are you planning on going as well?"

"I figure I'll just keep an eye out. Flash in if anyone looks close to death. Derek once again banned me from joining them." the sheriff chuckled at that.

"He certainly wouldn't do that if he knew what you were capable of." the sentence once would've been awkward, but now it was fond, and Stiles smiled. He remembered when he'd met sheriff Stilinski; he'd saved his life. Their meeting had been by chance; Stiles was passing through as he travelled around the country hiding from his family, and there was the Sheriff of the town, bleeding to death on the side of the road. He'd fed him his blood, healing him, and though the sheriff had been originally wary, he was infinitely more grateful. They'd come to an agreement then; Stiles needed to hide, and the sheriff was lonely so they would act as father and son, providing companionship, protection, and a home to hide in. It had initially been a bit uncomfortable, but they'd soon grown fond of each other, and now it felt as if they truly were family.

"If he knew, he'd probably try to actually rip my throat out with his teeth."

"If it's any consolation, I could try and shoot him first." John joked, and Stiles grinned.

"I do appreciate the sentiment." John nodded, ducking his head to look back down at the file. He was frowning at it more than usual so Stiles approached. "Is something wrong?" he asked, and John shook his head.

"I'm not sure, to be honest. You know those signs you asked me to watch out for?" John asked, and Stiles went completely still.

"Yes. Did you find something?"

"I'm not sure." he pushed one of the files towards Stiles, and Stiles zipped closer, bending over the paper. "Freak weather storms and people have been found drained of blood. It sounds like-"

"Yes, it does." Stiles' read over the names of the towns and cities the events had happened in and relaxed. "It doesn't look like they're coming closer though. Thank you for watching for this." he said, touching the sheriff's shoulder, and the man nodded.

"Of course. I'll let you know if anything else happens." Stiles nodded and then headed out, giving a wave. He wanted to watch what happened between Derek's pack and the alpha pack.

The meeting went much like Stiles expected it to; there were thinly veiled threats from the alpha pack, offended growls from Derek's pack, and Stiles couldn't help but be amused by the youth presented in meetings like this. It was so clear how young the wolves were when he witnessed them in the face of older creatures.

He made sure to be back at the loft by the time the pack arrived back, and sat on the couch as he watched them all filter in. He pretended to ignore them, controller in hand as he played a game on the TV, and could feel the eyes on him as they entered. They were all clearly surprised he was still there. Stiles just smirked. If only they knew.

"How'd the meeting go?" he asked when Scott dropped down next to him, snagging the controller, and Scott's silence was answer enough.

"They were jerks." Erica provided, dropping down on his other side, and Stiles agreed with her assessment. Though of course, he'd already known that.

"Are they going to leave though?" Stiles asked, and it was Jackson who answered.

"No. They don't think we're worthy enough." the words obviously didn't sit well with Jackson who'd struggled so much to become a part of the pack and manage to become a proper werewolf. Being told he wasn't worthy would've hit hard. Stiles frowned. He remembered hearing something along those lines, and it didn't sit well with him either.

"What do they plan to do about that though?" he asked, though he had suspicions. He remembered what he'd heard about the alpha pack before he'd arrived in Beacon Hills, and he was afraid those rumours might be true. Those rumours were nearly as frightening for wolves as the rumours of his family were for vampires.

"They collect alphas." Peter said, coming up behind the couch where Stiles sat and leaning in far too close, close enough to make Stiles shift uncomfortably. He really did have this human thing down; even Peter believed he was uncomfortable when really he knew that he could kill everyone in the room before they could even consider hurting him.

"What does that mean for us?" it was Isaac who asked, and Derek frowned.

"You don't have to worry about that. They won't be collecting anyone." Stiles didn't hear Isaac's reply, because his attention had been caught by something outside. Someone, or multiple someones, were approaching the loft, and it seemed they weren't quite close enough to be heard by the wolves. Or at least they were quiet enough that only his far more sensitive hearing could hear them. His senses were stronger and more well honed than those of the wolves, and as useful as that was, since they all thought he was human, it made acting on what he was hearing very difficult. He realized an instant later who it was approaching; it was the alpha pack, and that meant trouble. Were they planning on attacking the Hale pack inside their alpha's home? How uncivil was that? His temper boiled under his skin and he forced himself to stay calm. He couldn't let his temper get the better of him, not now, not when he was finally able to watch this pack begin to become what the Hale pack truly could be.

"Hey, did you hear that?" he asked, hoping they'd at least try and listen even if it was just to prove him wrong, but he just got looks all around.

"Come on, Stiles. You're surrounded by werewolves. If something were coming, we'd hear it." Stiles almost wanted to laugh at the statement, but before he could, the door flew open, and the alphas poured in. Kali moved first, going straight for Derek, while the twins went for Scott, Isaac, and Jackson. Stiles was immediately pushed behind Erica and Boyd when Ennis came forward, and Peter moved in to help against the twins. Stiles' gaze snapped to Deucalion, the alpha of the alphas who stood in the doorway, smirk on his face. Part of him wanted to race over and snap his neck, but he knew he had to be careful. While he was fast, and strong, it had been a long time since he had been in a fight, and he needed to make sure he didn't get bitten. He didn't need that kind of trouble. That was when Kali and Ennis switched places though, and he watched Kali's claws slice towards Erica, going for a kill. He couldn't help himself; he jumped forward, listening as Scott called for him to stop, and threw one hand out, the power from his mother's line flaring through him, throwing her aside. She crashed into the wall with a resounding bang, and everyone looked over. Of course, in the moment of distraction, the alphas tried to get the upper hand, but Stiles moved faster than any eyes could follow. He grabbed the twins, each by the back of their necks and tossed them over into Kali, watching them all land in a heap and then went for Ennis. Ennis had the gal to bite at him, and with a snarl, Stiles plunged his hand into the alphas chest. Before he could wrap his fingers around his heart, he was grabbed from behind, but he spun around, power crackling around him, and the alpha who grabbed him flew back, body convulsing from an electric shock. Stiles spun back, and this time his fingers did close around Ennis' heart. He gave a feral snarl.

"You aren't alphas. You're wild dogs. Nobody attacks my pack." and with that, he tugged, and the wolf's heart came with. The body dropped to the ground and Stiles turned, tossing the heart at Deucalion's feet. "The Hale pack is worthy. Now leave."

He watched Deucalion take a step back and saw the flicker of fear pass over his features.

"Nobody told me that the Hale pack was involved with an Original." he stated, clearly wary and trying to backpedal now that he realized who he was really up against. Stiles said nothing and Deucalion bowed his head. "We will leave Beacon Hills in peace. We're sorry for bringing you trouble." the room reeked of fear as the alpha pack realized what they were facing, and with a nod of Deucalion's head, they made to leave, collecting body and heart, and leaving the loft. "We'll be gone by nightfall." Stiles gave a sharp nod, and the moment they were out of sight, he took in a deep breath. For a moment his features had changed, and he knew his pack had seen it. Taking a deep breath, he turned to face them, looking first to Erica.

"Are you okay?" he asked, and she nodded, clearly shell shocked as she watched him, eyes wide. It was Scott who spoke first.

"Stiles, he said he didn't realize we were involved with an original. An original what?"

"Vampire." Peter said, approaching and offering Stiles a towel to clean his hand. Peter's smile said he wasn't in the least bit afraid, but Stiles could see the wary look in his eyes. Of course, he knew that it didn't mean the older wolf would stop flirting.

"Vampire?" Jackson asked, and Stiles winced.

"Yeah. That's me. Original vampire." he said, and flashed across the room and back just to prove a point.

"But when you knocked Kali, that wasn't speed or strength – that was –"

"Magic." Stiles provided, and even Peter was surprised by that. "It was magic." he glanced at Derek who'd remained surprisingly quiet, and what he saw there had him wanting to wince. "Look, if you guys want to know the truth, we should probably get cleaned up first. It's kind of a long story."

Two hours later, they were all sitting around the loft, everybody shocked to silence by Stiles' story. He'd told them he was here hiding from his parents who wanted to kill him and his siblings, and that he'd split away from his siblings because they'd disagreed on how to protect themselves. He'd told them about how he'd taken the name Stilinski after he'd saved the sheriff's life and they'd made the agreement to be each others family.

"So your parents want to kill you and your siblings?" Scott asked, unable to believe it, and Stiles nodded.

"When we were younger, it was harder to control the bloodlust, and we didn't think we should have to. We were young, naive, and powerful. Not things that go well together. Our father, Mikael, also became a vampire, but then again, the chase didn't start with him wanting to kill all of us; just Niklaus."

"Why Niklaus? Why not the rest of you?" Peter asked, and Stiles frowned. He remembered when he'd discovered the reason, but he'd never thought it was a good enough reason to wish him dead. None of them had.

"Because he's technically a bastard son. He doesn't belong to Mikael. Our mother was – unfaithful." there was a pause before Boyd asked the next question.

"Now he wants to kill the rest of you though, why?" Stiles sighed.

"Because we protected Niklaus. No matter what, he's still my brother and I love him. We all do. Because of that, he decided we would die alongside him. If we protected the abomination, we'd die like him." he quoted, and suppressed a shudder. He hated his father.

"What about your mother?" Boyd prodded, and Stiles shrugged.

"Niklaus accidentally killed her, when we were first turned. It was an accident. She didn't become a vampire, but remained human. She thought becoming a vampire would take away her magic so she wouldn't make the change. Klaus, in a fit of rage after she followed our fathers orders to bind part of his nature, killed her. She didn't stay dead though. She came back and decided that we were all monsters from the moment we turned, and that she could not allow us, with good conscience, to live." there was silence again and then it was Peter who spoke next.

"But you left your siblings, you came here."

Stiles gave a short laugh.

"I didn't leave them just for that." he paused, unsure how to proceed. "I said earlier that I love my siblings absolutely, and I do, always and forever," the words nearly hurt to say, "But my family, they can be very difficult. Niklaus and I had a disagreement." he said, though the word made the event sound mild in comparison to what it really was. "I decided then that I needed a break from my family, and a break from all that surrounded them. On my own it's easy to hide from our parents. My scent is masked with magic, and I usually pose as a human. My siblings are not so careful."

Again silence reigned and Stiles waited for their reaction, nearly afraid of it. He cared dearly about everyone in the room and didn't want to have to leave them, but if they requested it, he would. He wouldn't impose.

"I won't say I'm not glad you can take care of yourself." It was Erica who spoke first, a wide grin spreading across her face. "Now I don't have to worry about you getting your skinny butt killed." Stiles gave a relieved grin, and relaxed when Boyd nodded with her in agreement.

"How come you kept it hidden so long? You let Gerrard Argent beat you up to make a point. Why would you do that?"

"Because if one hunter knew about me, then they would all know about me, and you can guarantee that my parents would find me before my siblings would. Plus I heal at lightning speed. My bruises only seemed to last so long because I cast a glamour."

"Glamour?" Jackson asked with raised eyebrows, and Stiles rolled his eyes.

"I made you see an appearance that wasn't mine." he rephrased, and then finally chanced another look at Derek. The alpha was watching him with a blank look even he couldn't decipher, and so Stiles stood. He would leave and let the wolves sort this out among themselves.

"I've got to go check on dad – I mean the sheriff." he corrected, but the correction made him visibly wince. He often wished he'd been born as Stiles Stilinski rather than Stiles Mikaelson. He flashed out, not even bothering to hide his nature anymore, and left the wolves staring after him in awe.

"It explains why he always knew so much about everything." Isaac finally said, and when all eyes turned his way he shrugged.

"It certainly does explain a lot." Peter agreed with a smirk, but all eyes were on Derek now. Nobody had missed his continual silence, and it set them all on edge. "Perhaps you'd like to share your thoughts with the class," Peter prompted his nephew. "We're all just dying to know your opinion on Stiles' secret."

"He's a vampire." Derek bit out, and all the betas visibly flinched.

"A vampire who only revealed his identity to save young Ms. Reyes life." Peter pointed out, and Derek cut a look towards his uncle. Peter on the other hand, did not back down. "Perhaps it's time for everyone to go." he said, looking around, and everyone was quick to leave, not wanting to get in the way of the argument they all knew was about to take place. When the loft was empty except for Peter and Derek, Peter began again. "Prejudice is not a good thing to start so early in life, Derek." Peter informed him, but Derek grimaced.

"He's a blood sucking vampire. He's killed people before. He admitted it." Peter just lifted a brow.

"Are you trying to tell me that while I have gained your forgiveness for killing your sister only a few years ago, you won't forgive him for the lives of strangers he took centuries before your birth?" Peter demanded, and Derek flinched.

"We just watched him kill someone." Derek argued, but Peter scoffed.

"He just saved the lives of every single one of us." Peter growled. "If not for his actions, they would have slowly killed off your pack, and it's more than likely that they would've forced you to kill at least half of them." furious with his nephew, Peter turned to leave. "Perhaps you should admit what this is really about; you have feelings for Stiles and you're afraid to admit it. This," he jabbed a hand at the air, "Childishness, is just another excuse for you to ignore them." Peter snapped before leaving, slamming the door behind him, and as soon as Derek was alone, he slumped back, as if his strings had been cut. Stiles was a vampire; the awkward, spastic, teenager he'd known wasn't real; instead, the face belonged to a thousand year old original vampire. Not knowing how to deal with that, Derek pushed the thought aside. His wolf was howling inside his mind, begging to be let out, and he decided now was a good a time as any. He needed to clear his head, and a run would be a good way to do it.