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The stench of rotting zombie flesh filled the air as soon as Clementine hacked open the walker with the small axe that Luke had given her. It was now or never, she concluded, and the body fell to the ground. She used the axe to slice open the stomach, where its blood and guts were exposed. They were really going to do this, weren't they? But the idea seemed crazy enough that it just might work.

There wasn't much left of their original survival group now. Pete was no longer living, neither was Alvin, or Walter. The only people that remained were Clementine of course, Rebecca, Nick, Luke, Kenny, Sarita, and Carlos and Sarah. They had also added to the group with Bonnie, Jane, and Mike, who had been nothing but helpful in their endeavors.

Clementine felt that it was her fault maybe as to why they had suffered so many casualties in the past few days. She felt as though she had to destroy everything in her wake, which is how it seemed anyway. Shaking off those thoughts, she decided now wasn't the time to dwell on negative thoughts. She needed to focus, for the sake of herself, and for the sake of her new friends.


Yes, that was what they were, she was sure of it. They trusted her, mostly, and she trusted them... Why question it? It was why she stayed, wasn't it? Because she was beneficial to them, and they were to her? Clem would rather be with them than alone anyway.

"Okay, let's do this." Jane said as she too had slain a walker, and began covering herself in the zombie goo. Clementine watched as her other fellow group members began to do it as well. Taking a deep breath, she pushed her hand into the belly of the lurker, grabbing a handful of whatever. God, it smelled so bad.

Holding her breath, Clem rubbed the zombie muck all over her clothes and face. "Come here Sarah." She motioned as she grabbed another handful of insides.

Sarah had definitely grown on Clementine, and one might say that the two were rather close to one another. It was hard to have friends in the zombie apocalypse, but Clem was grateful for Sarah. Originally, when Carlos had told her that Sarah was different, Clem didn't really understand. But now, after all this time the two girls spent together, she knew exactly what Carlos was talking about. Sarah still had hold of her innocence, and Clem didn't want it any other way.

"It smells so bad!" Sarah complained.

"I know, but you have to do it." Clementine replied and began rubbing the walker guts on Sarah.

"It'll be okay honey, just stay still." Carlos said as he approached the two girls.

"Are you sure?" Sarah asked.

"There is nothing to fear if you remain calm, Sarah. I'll keep you safe." Carlos said as he got his daughter's back covered in the nasty smelling stuff. Clementine's eyes went wide at his choice of words; that's exactly what Lee had said to her. "Turn around Clementine." He ordered and covered Clem's back in the walker insides. Feeling Carlos' hands on her back, Clementine closed her eyes, and she imagined Lee. The way he covered her in the walker guts after they left the Marsh house so that they could be safe. She missed him dearly, and it seemed as though everything reminded her of him nowadays.

"Man, we're never going to make it through this." Nick said pessimistically with a shake of his head. It looked as if the whole group was covered, so they could leave any time they wanted to.

"You kidding me?" Luke retorted. "If Clem can handle it, then I sure as hell hope you can."

"Fucked... This is so fucked..." Mike commented.

"We ain't got all day here, everybody ready?" Kenny asked. "They're almost on us." The group was about to start making their way through the hoard, that is, until Troy showed up.

"What in the actual fuck is going on here?" He asked as he saw the group covered in walker entrails. "What is this sick shit? Somebody say something before I start shooting." He demanded as he lifted his gun for emphasis. Clementine never liked Troy. He never did anything to help them out. They needed to get rid of him as soon as possible if they wanted to get out of this zombie herd and live. Clem then ran through the plan in her head again: Once they got out of the hoard, the group was supposed to meet up at this old civil war sight or something like that, then after that, they were going to head to a history museum where they would be safe from walkers, then after that... Who knew?

"Troy." Jane said subtly, approaching him. "Troy, we talked about this." She said, getting closer and closer to the guard.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" He asked.

"I told you I wanted to get out, you said you'd help, then I'd help." Jane said, and they didn't have much time now, the walkers were closing in around them and if they didn't make a move soon, they'd be trapped and the plan would have been for nothing.

"I thought you meant outta the pen! Not whatever the fuck this shit is!" He yelled.

"I did, but now we can leave Troy... You can come with us."

"What?" She was nearly face to face with him now, and she must have knew what she was doing, because Troy was lowering his gun as Jane approached him. "Where would we go?" He asked.

"Away from here, together." She answered.

"Man, you smell really bad... You gotta take a bath before we-" But he was interrupted when Jane shot him in the groin, blood spewing everywhere, and Troy letting out a loud yelp. He fell to the ground, "You shot my dick off!" That was the last coherent sentence he could get out before the oncoming walkers began to devour him.

"Come on." Jane said as she got ahead of the group. "Don't make any noise, they might hear something they don't like. And for fuck's sake, walk. Act like you belong, and you will." The group listened to her wise words, after all, she had done this before, so hopefully she knew what she was talking about. Without fear, Jane took to the front of the group, and they began walking cautiously through the zombie horde.

Author's Note: To be continued...?