Author's Note: Prepare yourselves.

They had walked for a couple of hours down that lone road, Clementine pretty much assumed, until finally the history museum came into view on the horizon. "We're almost there." Clem said as she pointed off in the distance. The sun hung way high in the sky, so the three guessed that it was around noon. It didn't take them as long as they thought to get to the museum, and Clementine's nerves were overwhelming her as they came closer and closer to it.

"See any lurkers?" Luke asked as they approached the museum. It was a huge building, old from it being built for so long, but still huge nonetheless.

"This place looks cleaned out." Nick said as he observed the building, and the area around the building. Clementine's heart was pumping faster and faster as they made their way up to the entrance of the building. Her anxiety and nerves were honestly getting the best of her right now, and she didn't know what to do to make herself calm down.

"What if she's not here?" She asked, which was her biggest fear. "What if Sarah isn't here? Then what are we going to do?"

"We'll look somewhere else." Luke replied.

"She's gotta be around here somewhere." Nick commented.

"Alright, I'm gonna open the door on the count of three." Luke said, and cocked the small pistol he had in his hands just in case something were to pop out at him. Clem and Nick stood behind him with their weapons as well; Clementine with a gun, and Nick with a large knife.




Luke opened the door quickly and quietly, but nothing seemed to be there. "Keep your eyes open." He ordered as he walked inside the large building. It was rather dark, so you couldn't really see much, but the place looked pretty much deserted. And it was practically empty so someone must have looted it a long time ago. "Be careful." He warned as he practically tip toed around the room.

"No one's here Luke." Nick deadpanned. "It's safe."

"We should split up, so we can look for Sarah." Clementine suggested and the two boys nodded.

"I'll check the first floor." Luke volunteered.

"Guess I got second." Nick said.

"I'll be on third then." Clementine said, and began walking up the flight of stairs to the third floor. Good thing this place only had three floors, she'd probably be driven crazy if it had more than that. She was tired of searching and wondering. She just wanted to get this done and over with.

"Holler if you need anything." Luke called out. She was quiet as she ventured around the top floor. Nothing really too peculiar that caught her attention. Clem was really starting to give up hope, and just ready to get back to the rest of her group to tell them that this place was safe. She hoped Nick and Luke were finding something, because she wasn't finding a damn thing. Suddenly, though, she heard a cough, and it made her heart beat even faster than before.

"Hello?" She called out aimlessly. She knew she was alone, Nick and Luke would have said something if they came up to the third floor. "Who's there?" She asked again, but still received no answer. Walking around some more, Clem decided to go in the direction where she heard the cough come from. When she finally found the source, her heart nearly sank to the ground. It was dark in the room, but you could still see clearly. "Sarah?" She questioned, looking down at the small girl who was crumpled up and laying on the ground.

"Clementine?" She replied hoarsely. Oh she didn't look good. "You found me." She stated.

"Yeah... I've been looking for you for awhile." Clem admitted gently as she sat down on the ground in front of the teen girl. "I'm sorry about your dad." She reached out to grab Sarah's hand and give it a squeeze. She was feeling so much empathy for the girl laying in front of her right now. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Clementine asked, looking at the girl who had no glasses anymore.

"My leg burns a little bit." Sarah replied in a small voice as she pointed down to her ankle. Clementine moved to the area she was talking about, and pulled her pant leg up. She couldn't believe what she saw; a walker bite. How did it happen? She didn't even want to know. But now she was faced with a harsh reality, Sarah was going to turn, and quickly too because the bite looked like it had been there for a while.

"Oh Sarah..." Clementine trailed off, tears stinging her eyes.

"We're friends right?" Sarah asked out of nowhere.

"Yes, we're friends." Clementine replied. She had to shoot her, she had to do it... She couldn't just let Sarah turn into one of those things.

"A pinky swear is forever." She said, looking up at Clem.

"Forever." Clementine repeated. She then noticed she was still holding Sarah's hands, so she easily intertwined their pinkies together once again for another pinky promise. "Close your eyes Sarah." Clementine said gently, and the girl obliged. She must have been fading out anyway. Clem's hand then shook so much as she raised up the pistol and aimed it towards Sarah's head. "Keep them closed." She ordered, and Sarah still obliged. A second later, she pulled the trigger, and Sarah was dead. The gunshot rang throughout the air, and things didn't feel right. Again, Clem had done this one too many times, and she couldn't help the tears that were now steadily pouring down her cheeks.

"What the fuck?" Luke said as he came running up the stairs from hearing the gunshot.

"You okay Clem?" Nick asked, but the two men stopped dead in their tracks once they saw the sight in front of them. That was when Clementine realized her pinky was still intertwined with Sarah's.

"She was bitten."

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