I turned off the TV with a yawn before resting my head back onto the couch. I had promised myself that I wouldn't sleep before midnight, but I'd had a pretty busy day today and I found my eyelids heavily drooping down to shut my eyes, so I finally gave in to sleep.

But just a few minutes later, I found myself wide awake and listening to the static sounds that the TV was making.

What the-? I just turned the damn thing off!

Rubbing my eyes, I reached for the remote control, but I must've accidently pressed something because there was suddenly movement on the TV screen and the static was gone, replaced by familiar sounds and voices. I rubbed my eyes and blinked them a few times, waiting for the images on the screen to get clearer.

Damon and Bonnie held hands and looked straight at the white, blinding light that was headed their way.

"Do you think it'll hurt?" Bonnie asked Damon, not even turning around to look at him.

It was hard to hear her over the sounds of the destruction of The Other side, but he heard her nevertheless.

As the white, glowing light came closer and closer, he finally replied, "I don't-

And the light swallowed them both up, leaving nothing but silence and emptiness behind…

I sighed. Way to open up that old wound, I thought as I stared at the whiteness of the TV screen.

Something really weird happened the next moment. The whiteness on the screen turned into a deep purple colour and it sort of came out of the TV, looking like a whirlpool or more like a vacuum.

I stood up and went closer to the TV to take a better look at the purple whirlpool and I stopped just a few inches away from it. Sure enough, it wasn't connected to the TV screen or even anywhere close to it. The whirlpool was a few centimetres away from the screen and just to make sure that it was real and not just an illusion, I decided to touch it with the remote control in my hands.

As soon as the remote control made contact with the whirlpool, I felt a sudden pull towards the whirlpool and tried to pull away. It was too late though, so I closed my eyes and felt the whirlpool pulling me into it. I felt a rush of strong winds around me and had the sensation of flying, but it was gone as quickly as it had come.

When I opened my eyes, I was standing in an unknown place. The place looked strangely familiar and yet, I could swear that I'd never been here before. I also realised that I'd lost the damn remote control that had pulled me into that stupid whirlpool in the first place. But that wasn't even the worst of it.

The worst part was that I had no idea where I was, I had no money or anything else for that matter, and I was stuck over here in my night clothes that I'd been planning to sleep in-a light blue T-shirt and dark blue shorts-so I was also freezing. Thankfully though, I was wearing slippers, so I wasn't going to be walking bare feet.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I would also in a few minutes, have something else to worry about.

Right in front of me, I saw a wooden board that said 'Wickery Bridge.' I knew that I'd heard that name somewhere before but I couldn't seem to remember where.

"A girl your age shouldn't be out here all alone at this time of the night," a voice called out to me. I froze. Not with fear, mind you, alright maybe a little bit of fear but mostly with shock-thick shock-in my mind. The shock was due to recognition. I recognised this voice and knew this person. But it wasn't possible and it couldn't happen, my mind tried to tell me, while my heart just beat louder and faster.

Wickery Bridge! I suddenly realised where I had heard that name before. Mystic Falls….Vampire Diaries…it can't be possible!

I turned around just in time to come face to face with the owner of that voice. He was so close to me, his body just inches away from mine, that I didn't dare to move and I couldn't seem to look away from his gorgeous blue eyes.

It took me some time to realise why he was staring back at me, his blue eyes looking into my dark brown ones. He was expecting me to reply to him, to say something back to him.

"Umm…I'm sorry, but I didn't hear what you said just now," I said to him. I was distracted by your handsome face and your perfect body and *sigh* your eyes.

He chuckled as if he'd just read my mind and knew what I was thinking, which made my face flush with heat.

"I asked you what you were doing here so late at night," he said, stepping closer, and I stepped away knowing that his intentions couldn't be good.

"I was just…," I took a deep breath and decided to tell him the truth, "I need your help."

"Well," he chuckled, stepping right under the light of the road lamp, "you chose the wrong person to ask for help."

With that, the colour of his eyes suddenly turned darker, as if ocean waves were wildly crashing against each other. His eyes had veins popping out under them and I saw him flashing his fangs at me.

So without a moment of hesitation, Damon Salvatore dove straight for my neck.