There was white everywhere. White walls, white ceiling, white uniforms worn by the doctors and the nurses. All she could hear was white noise.

Everything was white, and she was cold, until she saw those eyes. They were brown and full of warmth, and managed to render her both breathless and speechless.

Hands, warm, touched hers. "You're awake," a soft voice spoke to her. Jeremy.

And she remembered everything!

"I am," she said, her voice scratchy and throat dry, but she wasn't in pain anymore. Maybe it was all of the painkillers that they were administering her or maybe it was the blood loss, either way, she couldn't feel a thing.

She blinked up at Jeremy, who was sitting there wringing his hands and fiddling with his fingers. She knew that he was worried about her. He had probably had a mini heart attack because of the cryptic message she'd sent him and then the state that he'd seen her in on that bridge. She wondered if it had reminded him of Vicki.

"Thank you," she told him. For saving my life, for coming to my rescue as soon as I called, for bringing me to the hospital and staying with me until I woke up, and for offering me a place to stay when you didn't even know who I was.

He nodded his head as if it were no big deal. "I called…um, your friends Damon and Stefan so they're here too."

"You what?!"

"Well, I knew that they'd be worried about you and they were. They're waiting for you right outside. I didn't tell them I knew about any of the vampire stuff, by the way."

Sherry stared at Jeremy wide-eyed and fearful. He'd called them and they were waiting right outside. Damon was waiting right outside. He'd killed her and now he was waiting right outside. She felt like she was going to be sick.

"I'll go get them. They said to call them in when you wake up." Jeremy started to get up.

No no no no. "Wait," she almost cried out, a hint of urgency in her voice. "Just give me a second. I need to breathe."

Jeremy gave her a weird look but complied. As he sat back down, Sherry let her mind race. Wood. She needed to find something wooden, a weapon of attack in case she needed time to defend herself, or….

She felt a plan slowly coming together in her mind while she continued to look for something made of wood that was small enough to stay easily hidden.

After a few minutes of searching, she calmly looked up at Jeremy and told him to call the Salvatore brothers inside. As soon as he walked away and closed the door behind him, she leapt towards the drawers located next to her bed and quickly put the object she'd spotted up her coat sleeve.

The Salvatore brothers walked into the room as if they owned the place, or at least one of them did. Stefan looked at Sherry with worry and concern in his eyes and she suddenly wondered if he knew. Did he know that she was in the hospital because of his brother? Did Stefan have any idea about the fact Damon had killed her?

Sherry wasn't going to delve into it and risk getting another panic attack.

"You're still human," Stefan noted as he stood next to her bed to observe her. She blinked at him. What did he mean by that?

"I killed you," Damon stated, letting his fingers slowly brush the back of her palm. She had to stop herself from flinching or from showing any emotions at all. She could do this. "-and you aren't dead. You came back to life and you're still human."

Now she got it. So Damon had filled Stefan in, and he was here questioning her? Oh, how the tables had turned. She could never have imagined that bringing the Salvatore brothers together could backfire so immensely.

But she was too tired to feel anything towards Stefan, too exhausted. Suddenly, a pair of clear blue eyes filled her vision. "How are you still alive? We can't kill you, we can't compel you and you have knowledge that makes us want to do both."

Damon's hand subconsciously landed on hers and this was the exact moment that she had been waiting for. She sprung into action, pulling her hand from under Damon's and piercing it right in the middle with a wooden pencil. Before either of the brothers could react, she got another two out, ready to attack.

She pointed to Damon with a pencil. "You killed me!" She accused. "After all I did for you, both of you," she wiggled the second pencil that was pointed at Stefan slightly, but continued looking at Damon, "you actually…." She stopped, letting out a quick shudder.

"How could you?" She asked, just as Damon pulled the pencil out with a growl. She looked at him for a second but turned her attention to Stefan in time to avoid eye contact. "And you, I thought that you were supposed to be good. Does that mean questioning someone who was just killed by your brother? Did you honestly even give a damn, Stefan? Did you feel anything when you found out that I was dead?"

She felt a pang in her chest, a hollow empty stab of pain becoming prominent, because Stefan couldn't meet her eye. "That's what I thought," she muttered.

Sherry cleared her throat and staring down at the two pencils in her hands with wet eyes and a blurred vision, as she told both the boys to get out. She took in a deep breath before daring to look up, more than ready to shout at Damon and Stefan to leave a second time, but they were already long gone.

And now she was left alone, her eyes drawn towards the blood staining the white hospital sheets, wishing more than anything that she was back home in her warm bed instead. She missed her family, missed her friends and the familiar faces, her familiar routine. She wanted to go back, because she hated this. She hated this place and everything in it and the-no not the people.

Thoughts of those warm, liquid-y chocolate eyes and the brown hair with a fringe that fell into those eyes, that boyish smile and those hands, firm and sure, which had held her and hugged her and saved her and reassured her, filled her mind. It was thoughts of Jeremy that made her decide that no, she didn't hate the people here after all, in fact, she quite liked them.

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