Genesect was pulling out some stuff to get rid of to charity. "A picture book." Said Genesect. He tosses the book to the bin. Then he pulls out an old Nintendo power magazine, & he tosses into the bin. He pulls out an old board game. He tosses into the bin anyways.

But then, without warning, he glimpsed at the package. "Hello, what's this?" Said Genesect. He opens the flaps of the package with his limbs. One day, Red Genesect flies to Genesect & Red Genesect says "What are you unboxing for Genesect?" "I was just liquidating my old items that I don't use, so I can donate it to the charity &-..." Genesect hesitated because he glanced at something in the package. "Holy Arceus! It's a GameCube!" Cried Genesect. "I wanted this video game long time ago before the Wii is released, followed by my favorite Wii U." It came with the game "Super Smash Bros. Melee." on a separate box inside the package. Genesect is so excited for this. "I always wanted this game long ago." Said Genesect. "You want to play Smash bros. Melee Genesect?" Asked Red Genesect. Genesect nodded yes.

Two to three minutes later, the GameCube is fully setup. Except for something in the package. He realizes that the Intec brand LCD screen for the GameCube was in the package. Genesect pulls it out & unplugs the a/v plugs & attaches the Intec screen & plugs the GameCube. "It's a dream come true!" Said Genesect.

Genesect plays the single player classic mode as Kirby. After he finished the game, the challenger appeared as Jigglypuff. "Jigglypuff, really?" Commented Genesect. He plays harder to beat Jigglypuff, and then he unlocks Jigglypuff. One day, Jigglypuff pops out of nowhere into Genesect's state room for the condo. "Ahem! Are you playing Melee & you beated me?" Asked Jigglypuff in a hostile manner. "Yes I did." Answered Genesect. Jigglypuff uses double slap at Genesect. "This is what you get for unlocking me." Responded Jigglypuff. "I want to have a Pokémon battle with you." Declared Genesect.

The Pokémon battle begins. "Whoever wins the battle gets the GameCube." Stated Genesect. "It's a deal!" Replied Jigglypuff in a competitive manner. Genesect uses techno blast at Jigglypuff, but Jigglypuff avoided the attack. "So, you are a normal/fairy type." Commented Genesect. "Yes I am." Answered Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff used sing. "Oh Arceus, not sing!" Cried Genesect. Genesect fell asleep due to the effects of the move. Since Genesect fell asleep, Jigglypuff puffs into anger & scribbles all over Genesect with permanent marker. Jigglypuff laughs at Genesect & hides into a pile of fruits.

"Wake up Genesect, you got marker all over you!" Said Red Genesect. Genesect looks at the mirror & screams like a girl. "I got marker in my face, I'll get you Jiggly-pest!" Exclaimed Genesect. Genesect washes his face & wipes himself with a towel. Then he flies to the pile of fruits & pulls Jigglypuff out of the pile & Genesect says "I know your weakness Jigglypuff, it's steel type!" Genesect used metal claw at Jigglypuff & then Jigglypuff screams & flies to the wall with a crash. Then Jigglypuff cries & she says "You win Genesect, keep your GameCube!" Jigglypuff sobs & runs away. "That will teach that pink puff ball a lesson!" Said Genesect. One day, Kirby pops out of nowhere & he says "Who are you calling pink puff ball?" "Wait a minute, I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about Jigglypuff. Get out of the story, you're not supposed to be there, you're in the wrong fanfiction." Demanded Genesect. Kirby walks away.

"I will get more GameCube games someday." Said Genesect. He finally gets to keep the GameCube for eternity.

The end