As Light Yagami lay on the staircase of an abandoned warehouse, he heard Ryuks voice.

"Light... You remember all those years ago, I told you that it would fall upon me to write your name in my Death Note?
That is the agreement between a Shinigami who brings a Death Note to the human world and the human who picks it up."

Ryuk opened his Death Note and brandished a pen.

Light stared at the notebook in Ryuks hand, his eyes wide with fear, an emotion he had not felt since he first picked up
the Death Note.

"No, Ryuk, please! Write down their names! Near and the SPK and the task force members! Kill them!"

"Sorry kid, but it looks like your time is up. Besides, if you were arrested who knows how long it would take for you
to die. I don't wanna sit around waiting."


"It's decided. You'll die here." Ryuk touched the pen to paper and begin to write the letters LIGHT YAGAMI.

"No! No no no no no I don't want to die! I don't want to die I don't want to die I don't want to die!"

Ryuk laughed with amusement and showed Light his notebook. On it was written his name. Out of habit, Light glanced
at his watch. 30 seconds had already passed since Ryuk wrote down his name.

31. 32. 33. At that moment Light remember the scrap of Death Note in his watch. He pulled at
the knob three times. 34. 35. 36. He pricked his finger with the needle and began to write,'N.. A.. T.. E.." 37.. 38.. 39..
'R.. I.. V..' 40.

Light felt a pain in his heart, and he knew that it was the end. The end of Kira. The end of the new world. The end of God.

And then there was nothing. Or so he thought. He remember the words spoken to him by Ryuk when he first found the notebook.

"A human who has used the notebook can neither go to Heaven nor Hell for eternity. So now you have something to look forward
to when you die..."

Was this what Ryuk had spoken of? Mu? Nothingness? It certainly lives up to its name, he thought. It was at that moment that
Light realized that if he were in Mu, then how could he still exist? How was it his thoughts were still his own? He grunted
and pushed his eyelids open. Around him was still blackness, no different from when his eyes had been closed. He got to his
feet, and looked down at himself. There was Light Yagami, no different as he had been during life. All his wounds were gone,
and he felt no pain. He stepped forward, surprised by how difficult it was. As soon as he made that step, however, the
darkness of Mu suddenly rushed at him, seeming to be a tangible object. It engulfed him, squeezing his body so hard he thought
it would simply burst. He felt his bones move and grow in odd, unatural ways. He felt sharp pains in his back, as if new bones
were being grown alltogether. Then as suddenly as his had appeared, the pain was gone. A mirror rose out of the ground, if there
was ground at all, and he saw the reflection of not himself, but of a Shinigami. He moved his hand, the Shinigamis hand moved
in the same manner. He suddenly realized that this was, in fact, him. He had somehow became a Shinigami.

But how could this be? How could he have become a Shinigami?

As he looked closer at his reflection, he saw that his head was a skull, with the red eyes of a Shinigami that Ryuk had offered
him in exchange for half his remaining lifespan. On his forehead were goggles, with teal gemlike lenses. Around his head was
a red tie, exactly like the one in his school uniform. On his back was a scythe made entirely of sharpened bones. And on his
waist was a black belt, which held a Death Note.

His Death Note.

A grin spread across his skull, as he thought to himself,

I am Kira. And I shall have my revenge on those who wronged me. I WILL become the god of the new world!

~To Be Continued~


Well there it is, the first chapter of what I hope will be a long story of Light getting his revenge as a Shinigami!

Basically, after finally finishing the anime, manga, and both relights, I toyed with the idea of Light turning into a Shinigami after dying, and read several Fan Fictions about that subject. There were a few good ones, but I felt they were too short to do the plot justice. There were some long ones, but they seemed to be lacking something. So I decided to write my own, that will both include a good(I hope) storyline and a large amount of chapters. Next chapter will be longer, I promise!