There was something exquisitely hot about watching Kenma come completely undone beneath him. The smaller boy clenched, and twisted, and mewled under Kuroo, completely at his mercy, as Kuroo pounded into him. Kuroo had never known how badly he wanted to see that sight until he'd gotten his first glimpse, and now he couldn't get enough of it.

He knew he was being rougher than he should, since tonight was Kenma's first time – both their first times. But he couldn't help it. Seeing Kenma like that made him half mad with lust, and the need to claim and dominate the younger was too strong to resist.

"You're mine," he said, as he fucked Kenma into the gym floor for the third time that night. "No one else's. Only mine, and I will never let you go."

He thought that Kenma attempted to smile, even though there were tears pooling in his eyes, and his mouth was a little contorted, but he couldn't hold such a definite expression very well while Kuroo was having his way with him. A spasm struck Kenma's legs as Kuroo gave a particularly hard thrust, and a cat-like cry crept through Kenma's swollen lips.

Kuroo saw the sheen of sweat on Kenma's neck and couldn't resist leaning down to lick at it, savoring the salty taste of his lover's skin. Kenma made a noise halfway between a moan and a whimper and tilted his head away, almost like he was trying to block Kuroo out. Or like he was baring his neck to give Kuroo a bigger expanse of skin to lick.

Being inside Kenma felt better than Kuroo had ever imagined. Kenma was so hot inside, like a sauna, or a hot stone massage. And he was tight. The friction that Kuroo generated with each thrust felt so good, he didn't even have words for it. Too soon, he reached his climax and arced over Kenma as he came inside him again.

"Kah! Nygh! Ahhhha!" said Kenma, tossing his head one way, then the other as Kuroo's seed filled him. His breath was coming in erratic gasps, and his whole body shuddered.

Kuroo pulled out then, and cupped Kenma's face in one hand, as Kenma kept making adorable if unintelligible sounds.

"Shh," he said and soothed him.

"Ku-Ku-Kuroo. P-please," said Kenma in a pleading voice.


"I c-can't . . . anymore. T-t-too m-much. Please."

A twinge of guilt pulled at Kuroo. He himself was a little sore, and definitely tired from his exertions. Kenma had to be even more so.

"Shh. It's okay. You're right, we've probably done too much for tonight. We need to lock up and go home."

Kenma looked relieved as he kept panting, then closed his eyes.

"Hey? Are you alright?"

Kenma gave a little mewl in answer.

Kuroo sat up and moved to be near Kenma's head, then put a hand on his hair. "Sorry. I think I must have overdone it a little, Kenma. My bad."

Kenma was quiet for a little bit. Then –

"I love you, Kuroo."

Kuroo felt a flash of warmth. "I love you too, Kenma," he said.

"You meant what you said?"

"Of course. I love you. I've loved you for a long time."

"I mean what you said while we were . . ." A blush spread over Kenma's face.

"Uh, remind me what I said? I was a little . . . lost in the moment."

"That I'm yours. No one else's, and you'll never let me go."

"Of course I meant that," said Kuroo. "You are mine. And you always will be."

Kenma smiled then, tears spilling out of his eyes, which he quickly closed to stem off.

"Oi, what are those tears about?"

"Nothing," said Kenma.

At another time, Kuroo probably would have argued and tried to get Kenma talking, but now, after just losing his virginity, it was clear Kenma was completely exhausted and in a good deal of pain. He'd feel like a bully, and a horrible boyfriend to boot, if he nagged at him now. So instead he leaned down over Kenma and kissed him on the forehead.

"Never forget it. You belong to me."

He sat up then, and ran his fingers through Kenma's hair for awhile, while Kenma regained his breath. Finally, Kuroo stood.

"We should head home. It's late."

"Yes," said Kenma, then he tried to get up, but winced hard and collapsed back to his former position.


"Sorry." Kenma tried again, but got the exact same result, only this time he whimpered as he fell back to the floor.

"Oi, are you alright?"

"Kuroo . . . I can't move," Kenma said, and he looked just like a sad little kitten.

Kuroo gave him a rueful, guilty smile. "Don't worry. I'll carry you."

He lifted Kenma's skinny body off the ground, trying to be gentle when he saw Kenma wincing again and gritting his teeth, and pulled up Kenma's underwear and shorts, hiding the sticky mess he'd made, that was still dribbling out of Kenma.

"I'm going to carry you to the club room, then come back and clean the floor, real quick, alright?" said Kuroo.

Kenma rested his head against Kuroo's chest and made a noise that sounded like, "Mmmmm." Kuroo took that as assent. He carefully carried his best friend, nay, boyfriend, to the volleyball team's clubroom and gently laid him down on one of the benches.

"I'll be right back," he said, and hurried to go clean up the mess he'd made.

When he got back, Kenma was still laying there, exactly as Kuroo had left him, right down to the strands of hair in his eyes, which he turned on Kuroo to give him an exhausted, and maybe slightly accusing stare. They both knew whose fault it was that Kenma was in this state.

"Eh, sorry Kenma. I guess I was too rough. Especially for our first time."

Kenma blinked at him slowly, then closed his eyes. "I don't mind," he said. "Make it up to me by carrying me home."

"You just said you didn't mind. Which is it?" Kuroo asked in a teasing voice.

"Both," Kenma said tiredly.

"Heh. Alright. Whose home? Yours or mine?"

"Mine. All my videogames are there," said Kenma.

"That's what you're worried about?"

Kenma opened his eyes again to look at Kuroo. "I'm calling in sick tomorrow and skipping practice."

"Oi . . ."

"I can't move," said Kenma practically.

Kuroo huffed and scooped his lover back into his arms. "I guess we'll have to be more careful about when we do this, so I don't make you miss more practice or any games."

Kenma put his face back against Kuroo's chest and sighed, looking as content as he ever looked.