?'s Pov

Life is both beautiful and ugly. It is said that without love, there is no joy. And at first I believed it, but now after countless eons I want it. No one knows of my existence, and I want to keep it that way, but I am getting lonely.

I am the Destroyer, the Primordial Lord of Death, Destruction, Life, Time, Space, and Everything negative that ever existence. Unlike Chaos who gets all of the positive stuff. I kind of created her, in turn creating the universe. I am everything negative and very little positive.

I forgot happiness over the eons. I am the beginning and the end, though I prefer my 18 year old form. I didn't name myself though, a mortal kid did. I always wanted a child. Not a created one like Chaos, though I love her but I can't show myself to her. I need to find the one I was destined to love.

I need to go to Earth again and look for a women who can bring the hate out of me and let me love. I forgot what that feeling felt like, I only felt a little when I created Chaos. I consider Chaos a daughter not anything more. I want to find true love, not created love.

I will go to Earth and search through everyone. The mortals, demigods, demi-titans, Titans, Gods bot major and minor, and the Olympians. I am going to start from the strongest to the weakest. I flashed to Earth and I have no idea where I landed...

Artemis's Pov(Before the hunt was made)

I am the goddess of the hunt but I don't even have a hunt. I am also the goddess of maidens. I got it, I will make a group of immortal girls that are virgins. They will learn how to hunt and we will hunt animals and monsters. I will also stay a maiden just to make sure the girls think it is fair.

I was currently in my the Olympus Garden in which everyone left after seeing me. I had tears in my eyes thinking about it. No one wants to be around me not even the council. They all make excuses whenever I go to them. I was crying and was oblivious to everything happening and I didn't see the two figures approaching.

"What do we have here? The weak goddess of the forest and moon. No one cares about forests of the moon. The moon is ugly." The figures said more but I wasn't listening. I looked up to see Aphrodite and Ares looking at me with hate. I don't know why everyone hates me? I didn't do anything.

I said,"Leave me alone. I didn't do anything to you." Aphrodite glared angrily at me and said,"You've been a virgin for to long. Me and Ares are going to make sure you can't make that hunt you think of all the time. You have to be a maiden to make it, but you wont be any longer. It's a insult to me when people avoid my domain. "

Ares then came coming closer and scooped my breast, but that was all he did when a figure landed on top of him. The figure kept cussing and saying how he should of focused on where he was going first. It was a teenage boy, about 18, with a hood on. He looked creepy but cool in a way. He looked at me and then at them. His eyes glowed golden for a minute as he stared at Aphrodite and Ares who got up. Both of the gods had weapons in their hand and suddenly they went limp and floated, but then went back to normal.

I was still sitting here scared of what could happen. Is he a threat or a ally? I would tell the council but they wouldn't believe me. Suddenly the figure turns to me and says,"Are you alright? What did they do to you?" He came closer and he looked at me as if telling me to speak up. Suddenly Ares ran at him when the figures back was turned. I was about to yell watch out but what I saw confused me. Ares seemed to be moving in very slow slow motion.

"Are you Kronos?' I asked kind of scarred. He looked at me and then shook his head saying no. He removed Ares from his time warp. A scythe appeared in the man's hand. He deflected Ares's sword with a simple swipe and then he grabbed the God's weapon, all of us gasped except for the man. No one can touch a God's godly weapon besides the owner, not even other gods.

He took ares broadsword and snapped it in have right in front of us. That is impossible, that was Olympic Silver. It is indestructible, guaranteed by Lady Styx. "As punishment for trying to rape a maiden, Ares. You Aphrodite shall not be allowed to wear any make up for a month or sleep with one for a month. Which one?" The man growled in anger.

"No men for a month..." Aphrodite croaked in fear. I asked him with bravery,"Who are you? What are your powers?" I kept going and he sighed, "I have no name. I was called The Destroyer by my foes and I don't have any friends. My powers is what I can't tell you."

"Perseus..." I said and he looked at me confused. "Perseus?"He replied confused. "Perseus means Destroyer in Greek." I explained and he smiled for a moment.

"Take of your hood coward." Ares said weakly still crying about his weapon. The man took of his hood and we all gasped. He had pure black hair that was so dark it looked white. He was handsome, even I would admit it. His eyes shocked us all. They were pure white with black and red on the edges. His eyes contained sorrow, anger, hate, and no love or joy. I wanted to cry staring into them.

"You two shall forget your ways and will treat this fine young lady with respect from now on. Understood?" Perseus said. Suddenly the two gods glazed over before flashing away. He turned to me and said,"Thank you for the name. I never thought of a name, but I like the name I have been given. I heard you want to create a group of immortal hunters. You should let anyone in. Mortal, demigod, demi-titan."

"Demi-titan? Why would I do that. Titans are our enemy." I said confused and shocked he would want that. He shrugged and said,"You'll understand soon enough. Some titans are good, like your mother, Leto."I actually agreed with him but then thought no one else would share my views. Usually males always do stuff to get more stuff. How come he hasn't taken advantage of me yet?

"What do you want in return for saving me?" I asked hoping he doesn't try to take advantage of me. He is stronger then me for sure. To my surprise he laughed. When he laughed or smiled, it was as if the universe got brighter. It was as if the universe responds to him. The only one that strong is Chaos. But Chaos is a female.

"My only request is the suggestion I said before. Not all Titans are evil, if anything make them swear to Olympus. Demigods or Demi-titans don't get to choose if their born. Also, if any females are treated bad make sure that you punish those responsible. I need to leave but I'll see you later. I am gonna give you a present to remember me by, if you don't mind." Perseus said and I agreed with what he said, but I didn't understand the present.

There was a flash of silver and my bow was in his hand. He observed it and said,"This is nice. Olympic Silver, Imperial Gold, Celestial Bronze, and mortal metal. I will add the strongest metal of all into it, if you don't mind." He snapped his fingers and there was a bright light making me have to look away. When the light died down in front of me was the most beautiful weapon ever. It is impossible to describe, that's how good it is.

"The bow's power has increased by 50% of it's power making you stronger in return. Don't tell Zeus because he'll see it as a threat. I also offer you my protection if you want it." He said and I was kind of offended. He noticed and said,"Sorry, I mean if something like this happens and you can't defend yourself." He shoot a blast of silver light into my arm. A tattoo appeared, and it looked pretty cool. I looked at him confused, and he said,"If your are in trouble, that tattoo will appear. Hit it and I will help you in any way. Also, you can use it as a weapon, armor, chariot, etc storage. You can keep track of your hunters and a lot of other cool stuff. You are the first to receive this so I have no idea what it can do."

I ran up to hug him and he seemed shocked. It was if he never was shone any affection. I pulled away from the hug with tears in my eyes. "That was the first true present I ever received. Thank you." I said with honesty. "Come on, don't cry. Your the great goddess of the soon to be made hunt, you can't be crying on a male's shoulder." He said nervously.

"Don't you er have a family? You seen awkward around anyone who shows affection." I said. It sounded like a weird question but he understood. "I need to leave. Sorry, I cant answer every question you have. Thank you for all that you have done." He said and before he could leave I grabbed his hand and asked him,"At least tell me who you are in general."

He looked at me as if debating whether he should tell me or not. "It is easier if I show you instead. I thought Athena was the one who wanted answers." He said with a sigh. He tapped my forehead and disappeared saying,"See you later..."

I was instantly transported to his memory he gave me. I was in a space of nothing. There was a boy, really young walking around and playing with stuff he created. He aged over a few years and then created a girl. I assumed the girl is Chaos, because that's what the boy said. I saw as he disappeared into the shadows and let Chaos create the universe. I saw how the universe was about to collapse and the boy saved it. I have no idea why Perseus is letting me see this.

Then the man came towards me and said,"Milady, please keep this information to yourself. I don't want to be discovered yet. I am Perseus the Destroyer, the true creator of all. Chaos can keep her title, and also I consider her my daughter nothing more, just for your information. You need to return to Earth. After starting your hunt, go to the Garden of Hesperides. You'll understand later." He waved his hand I was back in Earth and saw that nothing had changed.

Strange. Perseus is the most powerful being in the universe, but stays in the body of a teenager and doesn't abuse his power. Maybe he his the one true good male. I need to start recruiting! I am going to go to the garden after recruiting a few hunters.

I hope I see Perseus again. I don't know why but I want to see him again. He defies all the boundaries I set for males. I slapped myself thinking about my oath I have too make. I headed to the Throne to make the Oath...