Perseus Pov

Unknown to Artemis I watched her after giving her my protection. I don't know why I gave it to her but it just felt right. I would admit it, she is very beautiful. Artemis is way more beautiful than Aphrodite to me. Aphrodite's beauty is fake, but Artemis's is natural. I wondered if she is the one I'm supposed to fall in love with.

The oath she is going to make requires her to be a maiden. I don't think it will be her, but a feel a weird feeling in my stomach when I think about her. Love? Maybe. I watched as she flashed into the throne room. Zeus was there and no one else.

"Daughter. I suppose you are here for your Oath. Repeat after me. 'I Artemis, Olympian Goddess of the Moon, Forests, Virginity, Childbirth, etc., swear to not break my virginity. In return I get to create the Hunters of Artemis.'

Artemis repeated what he said and she was enveloped in a bright silver light and then the Fates came and said,"All Hail Artemis, Olympian Goddess of the Moon, Forests, Virginity, Childbirth, and the Hunt!" I swear the Fates love being dramatic.

Artemis said thank you and then flashed off probably to find people for her hunt. Then Zeus flashed out and the Fates looked straight at me for a second, but then flashed away. I was in the throne room but was invisible. I started walking but stubbed my toe on one of the thrones and yelled out in pain. Yes I am the strongest being ever, but my toe fucking hurts.

I just flashed away to my home somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. I decided that I will look into the future and see what the future holds for Artemis. For some reason, I can't forget her. Maybe it's because of the crush that's forming. As if she would ever like me. She is a maiden, but still I will protect her.

I looked into the future and saw Gods fighting Titans, Giants, and even a Primordial. I know they wont survive without me. I need to help, but I can't do it directly. Maybe I can send my self there in mortal form. I will forget my memories until I turn 18, and then I'll get some of my powers back by 18 years old so I can fight the primordial.

I am going to go in as a son of Poseidon that's going to be born in about 2000 years. In the mean time I should keep track of a certain Moon Goddess...


Things have been going great! I have recruited about 35 hunters already. All of them are Greek because I don't like Roman hunters. I wondered what Perseus meant about going to the Garden of Hesperides. I flashed there and used my godly powers to stay hidden. I saw the bastard Hercules doing his labors, but then saw a one of the Hesperides crying. I went up to her and asked her why she was crying. She didn't look up but said,"Hercules... I helped him.. and he left me taking my greatest possession. Anaklusmos, the sword I made embedded with the power of the sea. I knew I shouldn't have trusted him. I'll be an outcast, my immortality, family, and home..." She broke into another round of sobs.

I decided to offer a spot in my hunters. "Would you like to join my hunters? We will give you a home, a family, and partial immortality. The only thing is to swear of the company of men and your virginity." She finally looked up and she saw my face and tried to bow but I stopped her. "I hate it when maidens bow to me." I said honestly.

She nodded and said yes, and she took the oath. "I, Zoe Nightshade daughter of Atlas, swear to Lady Artemis to stay a virgin for ass long as I stay in the hunt. I swear of the company of men.

"Okay Zoe let's go met your sisters. Also, here is your bow and arrow and hunting knifes."I said and handed her the weapons. I snapped my fingers and made a hunters outfit appear on her. I flashed her to the hunters and flashed to my palace's bedroom to find Perseus on my bed. He was drinking some nectar and laying down.

I would never admit it but I yelled in surprise and he started laughing. I decided to use my bow and shoot him in the crotch. I aimed and shot but time slowed down and he grabbed it and but it back in my hands. "I suppose you got the Hesperide I told you about. If you want I can help you find new hunters." He said laughing.

"I don't need a man's help." I said with dignity. He started laughing again and I asked him what was so funny. "It's just that you called me a man not a male or boy." He said and I blushed. I then felt a disturbance in the hunter's camp. It was Zeus and Apollo trying the rape my hunters. I know I can't stop them so I looked at Perseus for help but was shocked at what I saw.

He was radiating so much power it would power Olympus forever. "Where is the hunter's camp? Zeus has raped 2 of your hunters and Apollo has raped 4. We need to go now or they wont stop." He grabbed my hand and a vortex appeared in front of us. I blushed when he grabbed my hand because it fit perfectly in my hand. He went into the vortex and Time stopped for all except me and Perseus. He growled at the sight. I told him to come down or he'd blow up the place.

He calmed at my words but was still angry. "Milady their punishment is yours to decide. The hunters that had their virginity taken can have it restored. I also know there is a traitor among the hunters. I wont say who but it is a daughter of Apollo. She told Zeus and her father of their place and let her sisters suffer. She will also get the punishment you say."

I was shocked at how much he cared but I was mad at how this happened behind my back. He summoned a scythe that was really scary. The scythe he wielded then turned blood-red into different one. He saw me staring at the weapon and said,"This is the Blood Dragon Scythe, created from the first and last dragon. Blood makes it stronger and Ichor will do well too. I wont kill but I'll teach them a lesson on raping maidens."

I went to check on my hunters after he released the time spell. I was about to go when I heard screaming come from to figures. Apollo and Zeus were being tortured. I couldn't care less. I wish he could kill them but that would cause problems. I found the daughter of Apollos. I only had 3 so that makes it easier.

I went to the memories of Diana, Drew, and Tracy. I saw that it was Drew and I grabbed her by the collar of the hunting outfit. I flashed away to my palace the place I teach hunters that betray me a lesson. I want to kill her and I noticed how much power I was emitting. I was about to go into my divine form to burn her to crisp before Perseus came. To my surprise someone touched my shoulder.

"Artemis let me deal with her." He said calmly but I didn't move. He sighed,"Do you trust me?" I was kinda shocked but nodded slowly. He is stronger than me but doesn't force me to hand her over. I nodded a little surprised that I trusted someone I barely knew. He just looked at Drew and his eyes became golden for a minute. Drew's eyes seem to glaze over. He looked at me and shook his head and telling me she did it on her free will.

I drew my hunting knife that I use for situations where my hunters betray me. Also used for cutting male genitals. Drew was silent the while time but then she looked at me and said,"Puny goddess, the lord of time will rise and end the era of the gods. He will enslave you stupid gods and throw you in Tartarus." Perseus snapped her neck in pity knowing I have a hard time killing my own hunters.

Perseus's Pov

I decided to try to cheer up Artemis. "You know I made sure Zeus and Apollo can't have sex for about 2 years. I also taught them a lesson, *cough* cutting *cough* private part." After I said that Artemis laughed and that was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard. I wanted to record it and listen to it forever. I spaced out and I felt someone slap me. I grabbed my cheek and started massaging it, while glaring at Artemis.

"What? You were looking at me for like 5 minutes." She said and I blushed. It only felt like five seconds. I spaced out again and she said,"Did I grow another head or what? Stop looking at me like that!" She was practically yelling making her look cute. She pouted and punched me playfully. Damn the fates! Off all the people to fall for it has to be an eternal maiden.

I teleported us to a cliff somewhere in the world. It has a great view of the sea and moon. She leaned on my shoulder and had her rested on me. I didn't mind but I was nervous. I wanted to just kiss her and confess but I knew it was to early. "I have to go my duties." She said and was sad that she had to leave. I stood up and grabbed her hand to pull her up but I messed up and we both fell back.

She was on top of me and was inches away from my face. I could literally feel the heat coming out of our faces. I felt her breath against mine and her even breathing on my chest. I was about to apologize and get up but she started leaning in and so did I. I couldn't control my body as I felt her soft warm lips against mine. Her lips tasted like cinnamon and were sweet. It was a gentle kiss but then it soon turned into a make-out session. I grabbed her hair and she grabbed a fist full of my shirt.

She teleported us to her bedroom and we made out for like another hour pouring all our love into it. Once we were done she just layed in my arms and fell asleep. I don't need sleep as I am a Primordial Lord. Primordials need to sleep once in a while but I am a Primordial Lord. The difference is I am the Lord of Primordials and the strongest. No one but Artemis knows of my existence. I played with Artemis hair and tried to sleep.

I wish it could be this peaceful but war is inevitable. All I know is I'll protect the one in my arm as best as I can. No one will be able to hurt her if she is in my protection. Same goes for her friends and family that she likes. I gave her one last kiss before I fell asleep...