Hello this is the second chapter of my book club thank you for the reviews I don't own dog with a blog.

Avery P.O.V
I just came back from my date with Wes and saw my mom and Karl sitting in the kitchen talking
"What are you guys doing." I asked while i took my jacket off.
"Oh hey Avery were just talking how was your date with Wes?" my mom asked.
"Oh it was great." I said

(The next day)
We had just finished today's book club meeting and everyone except Karl left and Wes just come to hang out with me
Karl's P.O.V
Once again I saw Avery with that guy Wes. I thought to myself. But why do I care I wondered
Avery's P.O.V
"Hey Wes" I said as Wes walked into the house.
"hey Avery." Wes said as he grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss I wrapped my arms around his neck as we kissed.
After we were done we went upstairs and I think I saw Karl frown when we kissed