{So, as I was reading the last part of Eleanor and Park I kept listening to the song Ayano's Theory of Happiness (for an awesome english cover go check out judyponic's version on YouTube) over and over agin. This song just kept amplafying my feels for the book. I also found that it related to the book. So I wrote this. It alternates from Park's point of view to Eleanor's. Enjoy!

Her Sun, His Red

Again those years run on by

My mind filling up with only family

Park could remember the time before he had met her. It was hard to imagine, but he could remember it. Now he did not know how he had survived that time

He missed her.

He needed her.

we all had fit inside of that place

Two and fro they whispered back, making plans of their own so it seemed

She had missed so much of their lives. She didn't know if they had made any new friends or even if they had any friends. She felt like she had failed them. She had failed them. She had left them behind.

But she didn't regret it. If they had been there then she would not have been able to enjoy her last hours with him.

"That red you hate so much, "

He loved that red.

"It's okay, no need to be afraid anymore"

At least she was safe now.

Thinking of what'd be fun, or might be dumb,

But they could not have their light conversations anymore. He missed those. They had been so easy. Just pick a character and ask about them. She had been so easy to be around. It don't matter if he said dumb stuff. Nothin mattered. Not as long as she was there.

I was a big sister and tried my best too

Dye it in madder of roses, so we can begin

She had messed up. But she had also done all that she could. She had known that it would not last she knew that HE would have found a way to ruin it. Now she just missed him.

"So maybe just a little we'll smile again

He hopes she was happy now. He just wanted to know. He wanted to go back to the times on the bus and in the hallway and in english class and at his house and his grandparent's driveway.

I hope they're happy and laughing at every new day

She knew that she couldn't have him. Well, I'd she really wanted to she probably could go back. Just, not right now. She would never be able to go back right now. But she wanted him to be happy again. She wanted to see him smile. She didn't want to think that he was frowning or nearly as miserable as she felt.

And if they just couldn't take it, they wont run away

"Now listen close, hear this secret for you"

He knew that she was safer where she was. He also knew that she would survive there. She would probably flourish. She was, after all, the strongest person he knew. He just wished he could tell her again.

I love you.

And so the sun sets on a day fun and new

Blowing spring into the air, the adult world we knew was changing too

She wished it could have lasted longer. But she had known it would end. No, it hadn't ended. They were just stopped.

Besides leaving him, her world had greatly improved. She missed her mother. But this was a better solution.

Something wrong I couldn't see, like a plan of their own so it seemed

He had known something had been wrong. But she hadn't told him. Maybe if he had pushed harder, demanded more, it wouldn't have come to this and they would still be together.

Or it could have gone even more wrong.

Billow tears and fade away, the people that I love keep crying out

No one seems to notice but it's all dying into black

At least the rest of them were safe now. She was safe and she would not be in danger again and neither were her siblings.

But maybe if someone had noticed earlier. . . maybe she could have stayed with him. Or it could have gone worse.

It's all gone wrong, but now I knew deep down

I couldn't tell a single soul how I felt

No one would understand what he had lost. He had chosen to loose her anyway. It had come between her staying with him and her safety. He would choose the same thing every time.

"God no, oh please don't destroy what I had found"

In came a world where our happiness died and flew out

She had found happiness and THAT MAN had ruined it all, just like he ruined every shred of happiness that had entered her family.

Oh madder red no, I beg you, can take no more

He wanted his red back so much. Why did every thing here have to remind him of those bittersweet memories?

Why can't you stop breaking futures so there'll be tomorrow?

Her future with her sun. Her sibling's future. Her mother's future. That had all been ruined.

But she refused to believe that his future had been ruined.

The tears never stop falling the answer is clear

Hiding behind smiles from ear to ear

He could do this. Everything was fine. He would be fine. He was fine. But maybe just one more letter.

If they were my eyes, such red eyes, I wonder could I

She could have done more. She knew this. She thought of different sinereos where they would have the happy ending.

be their one and only hero who saves their future?

I'm clumsy awkward and shameful no less

At least she was safe. Unless something else had happened to her. No! She was happy and safe. He had done what he could for only being himself. If only he had powers, like the X-Men.

But on this mission, I must go aloneā€¦

Now I'm gone and wonder what the brigade is doing now and hope again

It was better that she was gone. They couldn't have stopped if they had stayed together. They would have ended. It was better to just stop. And maybe someday...

They're smiling all the time and they're getting along with each other

They probably hate me now or maybe just hurt

It's better where she is. She wouldn't want to see me anyways. I let her go.

I wonder, have I become for them their big sister by now?

Will you remember the word I loved with every bit inside me

All the ones she loved. Maybe they all still loved her. Hopefully they'll still keep the good memories.

That "happiness" ah how strange it is, the feeling

He'll never feel it for anyone else.

And as tomorrow breaks, I hope you love it too

Three little words.