Chapter 1

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"The story became legend and legend became myth." Galadriel's word could also be used for Arthur's legend. Since I was a child I've always been fascinated by the Arthurian legend. The king Arthur and his round table knights and the greatest warlock that has ever walked the earth, Merlin. I love the stories, the betrayal, the love, the loyalty, and the wise advice of Merlin, all in all, I love it. Careful, when I say fascinated I don't mean obsessed with it. I know the big lines of the legend. I know how Arthur died and how Merlin disappeared. It's the mystical part of it and the numerous interpretation of the legend that I love the most. Every new version of this myth add new insight, new way of telling the story of one of the most famous King. Arthur is just a legend, he didn't actually exist. He was nevertheless inspired by other kings that did exist. Throughout the centuries his story has changed and characters have been added such as Lancelot or the Grail. Still, he is one of the medieval heroes that I liked and probably the only one. Did Camelot exist? Was Merlin a real warlock? To all of these questions I would have answered "maybe, we can be really sure." But today I would say yes. Why? Simply because I was there and I saw it all. You know I always thought that Merlin was an old man when Arthur became king and even before. I always thought that the Queen Guinevere was a princess when she married Arthur. I always thought that Arthur never grew up as a prince but as a peasant. I always thought that it's because he was able to withdraw Excalibur from this big rock that he became king. Well, if you thought like me, you were wrong. Everything that you know about Arthur, his round table knights and Merlin just forget it because the truth is so much more. The real story is so much better than everything you know.

It seems to me that it was yesterday that I arrived in this world. I was a young maid then. I used to live in the modern world, you know, a world full of cars, cell phones and TVs. A world where magic doesn't exist but I wish it does a world where Kings and Castle are rare. A world where the only place we can see magic is in our dreams. I never thought for one second that when I'll die I will end up in this magic land. Yes, I died. Not from a car accident, not from killing myself, not from being killed, but from an illness. It's on my death bed that I wished for a second chance. It's on my death bed I wished that I could have a chance at living. Because my illness took all of my energy and time. It plagued me and kept me in bed. I was born to die and only that. I didn't get a chance at living; I didn't get a chance at loving. My wish was granted and I got the chance to do all of this; living and loving. My family, well, they suffered to see me in pain. There were good days but mostly bad days. Days where I would just stay silent and stared at the space. Days where I couldn't even see my mother and my father talked to me or even hear them. My consolation is that they are relieved to see me dead as I am to be dead. This way they don't have to wait for my return. This way they don't have to hope for something that will never come back. I had a lung cancer. There was no cure and the worst form of this cancer. At the end of my life I needed help to breathe. But I'm better now; I'm much more than better. My wish was granted to me, I got a second chance.

I was eighteen when I arrived in this world. I woke up in a small village called Ealdor. My mother here is Hunith and my younger brother is Merlin. I've never told them what I knew of the legend. I've never told Merlin about his destiny. Merlin and I don't share a lot of physical traits. The only things we shared were the colour of our hair. Well mine are longer. When Merlin's eyes are blue, mine are green and Merlin's ears are bigger than mine. I don't know if the world I'm in is real or fake. I don't know if I'm actually alive or not but I like it here. Merlin is a warlock as you know but Magic in the kingdom is banished and punished by death. Merlin has to be careful. Mother sent us both to Camelot. I went with him to make sure he was behaving and to make sure he will be safe. My mother also wanted me to have a better life. She thought Camelot was this place. We were going there to live with Gaius, our uncle. My life in Ealdor was peaceful. My illness was not a part of the picture. I was a healthy little thing. I was helping Hunith in the household and keeping Merlin out of trouble. I was always with him and our friend Will, if I wasn't at home. The strange thing is that I have memories of my life with them when I've never been a part of their lives. The memories of my previous were still fresh in my head. I didn't think too much about it. I was enjoying my life in Ealdor and I discovered that I can be bossy with Merlin. That didn't get better with time. I'm still bossy with him but he's used to it by now.

Our road to Camelot was long and agreeable. Merlin and I couldn't hide our excitement to see Camelot for the first time. I couldn't wait to see the castle and maybe meet the King Arthur. We finally arrived at Camelot. We walked through the market. It was exhilarating and I could read Merlin's excitement on his face. Our Uncle worked in the castle. So we walked to the courtyard. There was a crow there and we could see the King, who I assumed to be Arthur, on the balcony. I thought that since Merlin was a young boy it wasn't impossible to see that Arthur was a middle-aged man. Maybe the legends got it all wrong. A man between two guards was led to the pillory where he was to be executed.

"Let this serve as a lesson to all. This man," He started. "Thomas James Collins? is adjudged guilty of conspiring to use enchantments and magic. And, pursuant to the laws of Camelot, I, Uther Pendragon," I felt silly for thinking that this man was actually Arthur. "have decreed that such practices are banned on penalty of death." Merlin and I exchanged a look. I took his hand and pressed it gently in a reassuring manner. "I pride myself as a fair and just king, but for the crime of sorcery, there is but one sentence I can pass." He raised his arm and lowered it in a gesture to the executioner. I hid my face in Merlin's shoulder. He was taller than me. "When I came to this land, this kingdom was mired in chaos, but with the people's help magic was driven from the realm. So I declare a festival to celebrate twenty years since the Great Dragon was captured and Camelot freed from the evil of sorcery. Let the celebrations begin." He was leaving his place on the balcony when we heard wailings. An old woman was on the place crying and wailing.

"There is only one evil in this land, and it is not magic! It is you!" She spat with anger. "With your hatred and your ignorance! You took my son. And I promise you, before these celebrations are over, you will share my tears. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a son for a son." She was threatening the King's son which meant that Arthur was prince of Camelot.

"Seize her!" Uther ordered. The woman chanted a spell and disappeared in a whirl of wind and smokes.

"Well, that was quite impressive." I whispered to Merlin who chuckled in return. "Come on, we still have to find Gaius."

We entered the palace and Merlin asked the guards where Gaius' chamber was. The guards pointed behind him and we climbed the stairs. We arrived to his chambers and entered. It was not really big and was full of items of any kind. Gaius is the court physician, so I guess that his quarters are also where he prepared his medication. We called for him and wandered around for a few minutes. Merlin stopped and looked up; I followed his gaze and saw that old man was in front of a bookshelf. Merlin cleared his throat and Gaius fell backwards. Merlin's magic is instinctive and immediately kicked in. He stopped Gaius mid air and with his magic moved Gaius bed to stop his fall. Everytime Merlin uses his magic his eyes flash gold. The first thing Gaius did after that fall was to ask Merlin what he just did. Merlin and I, obviously knowing that magic was sentenced to death, panicked at his question. Merlin tried to deny it; I tried to deny seeing anything but the old man was no fool. He kept insisting on knowing where Merlin has learned his magic but he never learned anywhere, my little brother was born like this.

"Who are you?" Gaius asked us. I took the letter our mother gave to me for Gaius in my bag.

"I have this letter." Gaius took it but didn't read it.

"I don't have my glasses." He said.

"This is my brother Merlin and I am Nellie." I introduced us.

"Hunith's children?"

"Yes." Merlin answered.

"But you're not meant to be here till Wednesday!" He exclaimed. Merlin and I exchanged a disbelief look.

"hum…it is Wednesday." Merlin informed him.

Gaius showed us to our bedchamber and assured us that he won't say a thing to anyone about his magic. He thanked Merlin for saving his life. I did my little prayer for whoever granted me this second life and joined the lands of dream as soon as my head hit the pillows. I was awake before Merlin the next day. I greeted my sleepyhead of a brother and went to help Gaius with breakfast. The latter went to fetch some water for Merlin in order for him to wash himself. While Merlin was eating, Gaius knocked down the water jug and Merlin with his magic prevented it from falling. Again Gaius started with the questions but he gave up when Merlin told him it just happened. Gaius asked Merlin and me to deliver some medicines for him. Actually, Merlin was to go alone but I wanted to explore with him, so I tagged along. After our rounds we stopped at the training ground where we saw some young men bullied a poor manservant. The leader of the group was a handsome young man with a redshirt. He was blonde and blue eyes but I couldn't be so sure. He threw his knife while the manservant was walking with the target. What a jerk face! The poor lad was now running trying his best to carry the target while jerk face was throwing his knives at him. Eventually, the manservant dropped the target and i put my foot on the target. My brother and I have a really bad tendency to get in trouble, this day was no exception.

"Hey, come on that's enough." Merlin said.

"What?" He exclaimed.

"You've had your fun, my friend." I replied.

"Do I know you?" He asked walking to us. Yep, his eyes were blue.

"This is Merlin, my brother and I am Emmanuelle." I introduced us giving him my full name. Merlin stuck his hand out for a shake.

"So, I don't know you." Jerk face stated.

"No" Merlin replied.

"Yet you called me 'friend.'" He pointed out the obvious again.

"That was my mistake, not his" I responded.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Yeah. We'd never had a friend who could be such an ass." Merlin continued. I smirked. Merlin and I started to walk away.

"Or I who could be so stupid." Merlin stopped in his tracks. Alright, I would let that pass because I don't really care about his insult. But Merlin has always been protective and sometimes has a short temper.

"Merlin, please just let go."

"Tell me, Merlin, do you know how to walk on your knees?" Jerk face asked.

"No." Merlin answered.

"Merlin, I won't repeat myself, let's go." I whispered in his ear.

"Would you like me to help you?" He offered

"I wouldn't if I were you." Merlin challenged jerk face.

"Listen, whoever you are, he doesn't know what he's doing. Could we just leave it at that?" I tempted to appease the two sides.

"Why? What are you going to do to me?" He chuckled. Jerk face ignored me and my stupid brother too. So it's fine whatever happens next, he's on his own.

"You have no idea." Merlin retorted.

"Be my guest!" Jerk face challenged him. "Come on! Come on! Come oooon!" He tempted one last time. Merlin took a swing at him and Jerk face twisted his arm behind his back.

"I'll have you thrown in jail for that." He warned Merlin.

"What?" I exclaimed.

"What, who do you think you are, the King?" Merlin asked.

"No. I'm his son, Arthur." He answered. Of course he has to be him.

The Prince Arthur 'Jerk Face' Pendragon has thrown my little brother Merlin the Idiot in a cell. I ran to Gaius to ask him to do something. He promised he would do something but we might let Merlin sleep on it. What I didn't know is that Gaius already talked to the King Uther. They arrived at an agreement instead of being in the cell Merlin would have to be put in the stocks. So, there he is, on the streets, in the stocks and rotten vegetables were being thrown at him. Gaius and I laughed when we saw him. I helped Gaius while he was running his errands. Gaius went on with his errands and I joined Merlin. The people have gone to grab more fruits and vegetables.

"Are you enjoying yourself, little brother?" I chuckled.

"Very funny, Nellie." Merlin answered mockglaring me.

"Next time, you will listen to me." I said smirking. A young girl walked to us. She has a tanned skin and a red dress and cloak.

"I'm Guinevere, but most people call me Gwen." She introduced herself. She is the Guinevere that is supposed to marry the Prince Arthur. She was beautiful but wasn't dress like a princess, neither did she look like one. "The lady Morgana's maid." Alriiiight! So, Morgana who is Arthur's nemesis and half sister lived in the castle and Guinevere is her maid. The legend has it all wrong, hasn't it?

"I'm Merlin and this is my sister Nellie." He introduced us and moved to shake hands with Guinevere.

"Although, most people call him the idiot. I know I do." I added and shaking hands with her.

"No, no, no I saw what he did, what you did both. It was so brave." She replied.

"It was stupid." Merlin retorted.

"Well, I'm glad you walked away." Guinevere started. "You weren't going to beat him." I snorted at that. I mean it's true physically speaking, Arthur would beat the living lights out of Merlin but magically speaking Merlin would have won without breaking a sweat.

"Oh, I—I can beat him." Merlin snorted.

"You think?" Guinevere looked sceptical now. "Because you don't look like one of these big, muscle-y kind of fellows." I was laughing now. It is so true, Merlin is thin not skinny but he's not muscle-y either.

"Thanks." Merlin frowned.

"No! No, I'm sure you're stronger than you look." She tried to rectify. "It's just, erm…Arthur's one of these real rough, tough, save the world kind of men, and…well…"

"What?" Merlin and I encouraged her.

"Merlin doesn't look like that." She simply answered. Merlin motioned for her to come closer, s if he was going to tell her a secret. Guinevere got closer to Merlin.

"I'm in disguise." Merlin whispered in a conspiracy manner. Gwen and I laughed.

"Well, it's great you stood up to him." She added.

"What? You think so?" I asked her surprised.

"Arthur's a bully and everyone thought you were real heroes." Gwen replied smiling.

"Really?" Merlin said and Gwen nodded. The children returned with more rotten fruits. "Oh, excuse me Guinevere. My fans are waiting."

"Come with me, Gwen. I'll walk with you to the castle." She placed her hand in the crook of my offered arm to her and we walked together to the castle.

On our way there, we talked and learned a bit more about each other. She told me she lived with her father, Tom. Tom was the blacksmith, the best in Camelot, according to her. I told her about Merlin being my youngest brother and about our village; Ealdor. We went our separate ways when we arrived in the castle. I went to Gaius' chamber. Until the return of Merlin, I helped him with the making of the potions. Merlin came back for lunch and after his bath he sat at the table with us. Gaius asked him if wanted some vegetables with it which was really funny since some rotten ones had been thrown at him in the last few hours.

Gaius asked Merlin what our mother told him about his gifts. Well, mother always told Merlin that he was special and she was right, Merlin is special. As Gaius confirmed Merlin's magic is instinctive, elemental while people has to learn incantations and spells and they have to study it for years before being able to use it properly. Merlin didn't see the importance in that since he couldn't use it. Merlin was his magic and without it Merlin is nobody. Well, he thinks that, for me he will always be my brother with or without his magic. Merlin doesn't see the use for his magic yet, but I do. There's a reason why he's in Camelot and this reason is Arthur Pendragon, if the legends are right about that part.

Gaius explained to us that the King banned magic twenty years ago. People used it for evil purposes. Uther decided to destroy everything that was related to magic, included dragons. Except for one, it was kept as an example beneath the castle, in a deep cave. A dragon, here in Camelot, I know how cool is that? The only place I heard about dragons were books or movies, but here they are real. And the last one was in this castle. You know what I'm thinking about, I'm thinking about meeting that Dragon. I know, it is reckless but you would have done the same if you were me.

Merlin left to give Lady Helen her draught for her voice. And I waited for Merlin outside, in the courtyard to go walk in town. He joined me a few minutes later telling me about what he saw in Lady Helen's room. I scolded for snooping at first and then I agreed with him about the straw doll. I mean it is weird to have a straw doll and why would she need that? On the other hand she might be an eccentric woman who's fascinated by such things as a doll made from straw. So we forgot about this, and went on with our walk through the market. I stopped at a stall on which there was some fancy bracelet. I looked at them for a few seconds and when I turned around Merlin didn't wait for me. I still could see him and ran to join him.

"How's your knee-walking coming along?" A voice called behind us. A voice I recognised as Arthur. Merlin decided to be the bigger person; he grabbed my hand and kept on walking, ignoring Arthur. "Aw, don't run away." He sort of whined. Merlin stopped in his tracks and I groaned.

"From you?" Merlin asked.

"Not a chance he would do that now." I whispered for myself. Well, let's get into trouble then.

"Thank God. I thought you were deaf as well as dumb." Jerk Face sighed.

"Look, I've told you you're an ass." Merlin started and we both turned to face Arthur.

"He just didn't realise that you were a royal one." I finished for my brother. "What do you think he's going to do, brother?"

"I don't know; get his daddy's men to protect him?" Merlin replied smirking. Arthur laughed.

"I can take you apart with one blow." He said more to Merlin than me. I'm pretty sure it's because I'm a woman and he considered himself a gentleman.

"I could take you apart with less than that." Merlin countered.

"Are you sure?" Arthur challenged him. Merlin took off his jacket and gave it to me. Arthur burst out laughing.

"Why are you giving this to me?" I asked Merlin tossing his jacket aside. "This time we are getting in trouble together." I smirked.

"Here you go, big man." Arthur said throwing a mace at Merlin. Merlin dropped it and then picked it up. "Come on then. I warn you, I've been trained to kill since birth." Arthur was swinging his mace skilfully.

"That's cheating." I commented.

"Wow, and how long have you been training to be a prat?" Merlin sassed back.

"You can't address me like that." Arthur snorted.

"He's right, Merlin." I mock scolded my brother. "Forgive him, he meant to say; how long have you been training to be a prat, my Lord?" I bowed at him.

Arthur smiled a perturbed grin. He then swung his mace at us and Merlin pushed me aside. Arthur kept attacking him. He backed Merlin in one of the stall. I looked for something to help me, any weapon, anything. I found a wood stick and grabbed it from the floor. And followed the crowd that was following the Prince. I ran to them, I arrived when Merlin fell over a stall of fruits and vegetables. I arrived behind the Prince and hit him behind his knees. He fell on the ground and I ran to pick Merlin up. I know that was a low blow but I had to do something, Merlin is my brother and as his eldest sister, it is my duty to protect him. We ran to the covered market. Merlin was holding my hand and when he fell down and pulled me with him.

"You're in trouble now." Arthur declared swinging his mace.

"Oh God." I would have used my staff but I didn't realise until now that I've lost my grip on it, a few seconds earlier.

Merlin used his magic to entangle Arthur's mace with a couple of large hooks. Merlin and I got up and moved away from Arthur. Merlin moved a box when Prince Jerk Face came at us again and groaned when he hurt his foot with the box. Now, I was getting worried Merlin was using his magic and as long as the people were cheering him; he would keep on doing him. I have to find a way to stop Arthur and stop Merlin from using his magic otherwise he would be beheaded for being magic. Arthur kept pursuing us. I saw a rope on the floor, I used to trip Arthur. Arthur fell on the ground dropping his mace. Merlin picked it up and swung it at Arthur in his turn.

"Do you want to give up?" Merlin asked him.

"To you?" Arthur said back.

"Do you? Do you want to give up?" Merlin repeated and I followed behind. Arthur tripped over a bucket and fell on his back. Merlin and I were grinning but our grin dropped when we saw Gaius in the crowd. Arthur took that opportunity to attack Merlin from behind with a broom and one of the guards grabbed me. Two others picked Merlin from the floor.

"Wait. Let them go. They may be idiots, but they're brave one." Arthur ordered to his guards and they released us. "There's something about you. I can't quite put my finger on it."

Arthur left with his men and the crowd dispersed. Gaius was furious. He was pretty mad at Merlin for using and at me for not doing anything to stop him.

"How could you be so foolish?" Gaius yelled as soon as we enter our chamber.

"He needed to be taught a lesson." Merlin yelled back.

"Magic must be studied, mastered, and used for good. Not for idiotic pranks!" Our Uncle explained angrily.

"What is there to master? I could move objects like that before I could talk!" Merlin answered.

"Then, by now, you should know how to control yourself." Gaius replied.

"I don't want to." Merlin protested. "If I can't use magic, what have I got? I'm just a nobody, and I always will be. If I can't use magic, I might as well die." Merlin finished much calmer than he was before. He sounded defeated. Merlin went to our bedchamber. Gaius turned to me.

"Before you say anything," I said raising my hand to stop him from talking. "I know I should have stopped him and not attack the Prince. I'm sorry." I said softly. "Look, you don't have to believe me but Merlin will be known one day for his magic and people will admire him. He will be respected for being the one who helped Arthur the King of Camelot. Neither of them is at this point of their history." I explained to him. I paused and took a breath before continuing. "But until this day both of them need guidance, this is what you and I are going to do. As for now, let's take care of Merlin."

"How can you be so sure, my dear?" Gaius asked. "Do you have magic too? Are you a seer?"

"No, I'm neither of that. I just know" I smiled.

Gaius grabbed a medical basket and went to our bedchambers. Gaius ordered him to sit up and to remove his shirt. There were bruises on his back. He asked Gaius if he knew why he was born like this to which the latter answered by the negative. Merlin questioned us about whether or not he was a monster. Gaius looked him in the eye and told him to never think that. Gaius said to Merlin that he doesn't have the answer to his questions but someone knows held the answer to his question. Gaius left us both in our bedchambers.

"Merlin, Gaius is right never say again that you are a monster or a nobody." I said to him sternly. "Because for me you are the most important person on Earth."

"You have to say that, you're my sister." Merlin scoffed.

"No, I'm saying because it's true and not because I'm your sister." I replied. "Anyway." I drawled "I was thinking."

"That's not going to end well." Merlin complained.

"Remember the Dragon Gaius was talking about?" I said. "The one under the castle."

"Yes?" Merlin frowned.

"We should go and see him." I replied.

"No, I got into enough trouble." Merlin refused to go.

"Come on, it's going to be fantastic." I insisted. "You, me and a Dragon."

"No" Merlin answered sternly. "Sometimes, I wonder how come you're the eldest when you act like a child." I pouted and Merlin chuckled.

In the morning, Merlin told me about his visit to the dragon, the latter had called him in his sleep. No need to say that I wasn't impress with him, I was quite angry that he didn't bring me with him. The Dragon told him about his destiny. Merlin the Idiot was to help Arthur unite the land of Albion. First I heard of it. Until then Merlin has to protect him from his enemies. Merlin's revelation sparked my interest and left all my angriness behind me. I promised Merlin that I will help him with anything but demanded that next time he will bring me with him to visit the dragon.

Merlin left to bring her draught to Lady Morgana and I went to the woods to fetch some herbs for Gaius. I could have gone to see and meet, Arthur's nemesis but I didn't feel like it, plus, there will be plenty of time for me to do so.

That night Lady Helen was going to sing to the banquet. Merlin and I accompanied Gaius; we were here for work and nothing else. Arthur was in a corner talking to some of his friends, and apparently they were talking about Merlin and his fight with Arthur. They were definitely making fun of him or us. Lady Morgana, Merlin told me it was her, came in the banquet room in a brown gown. She looks beautiful and not like a crazy woman who is about to attack the kingdom. Again maybe the legends have it all wrong. Maybe Morgana is not evil; maybe she is a kind person. She walked by us and Merlin kept staring at her. Gaius reminding him that we were to work and I wacked him on his head.

"She looks great, doesn't she?" Gwen said appearing behind us.

"Yeah." Merlin answered.

"She looks amazing." I replied.

"Some people are just born to be queen." Gwen declared.

"No." Merlin protested.

"I hope so. One day." She continued. "Not that I'd want to be her. Who'd want to marry Arthur?"

"Come on, Guinevere." I chuckled. "I thought you liked those real rough, tough, save the world kind of men." I teased her.

"No, I like much more ordinary men like, Merlin." She replied.

"Gwen, believe me, I'm no ordinary men." Merlin scoffed.

"No, I didn't mean you, obviously." She defended immediately. "Not you. But just, you know, I like much more ordinary men like you."

"Keep digging your hole, Guinevere." I snorted. They both gave me weird looks. "What?" They glanced at each other and turned away from each other awkwardly.

Uther's arrival was announced and all the court members took their seat at their table. Merlin and I were standing near by the King's table. Uther made a short speech about the 20 years of peace and prosperity that Camelot has known an introduced Lady Helen of Mora. She started to sing and her voice was hypnotizing. It was like a lullaby that used to make me fall asleep. My eyes started to shut. My eyelids were heavy. Merlin jabbed his elbow into my ribs and ordered me to cover my ears. I did and then I realised that every single court member has fallen asleep. Then something strange happened. Cobwebs started to appear on the sleeping people. I asked Merlin what we were going to do to stop her but he didn't answer me. Lady Helen was still walking to the King. But the king wasn't her target, no, Arthur was. She unsheathed a dagger from her sleeve and Merlin used his magic to drop the chandelier on her.

The people in the banquet room woke up and started to pull the cobwebs off. Lady Helen of Mora had turned into the wailing mother of Thomas Collins. She raised herself up enough to throw her dagger at Arthur. I reached for Arthur in order to get him out of the way. Merlin slowed down time and he helped me to pull Arthur out of the way, and the three of us fell on the floor. Merlin helped me up and Uther and Arthur were staring at us. Uther wanted to reward us for saving his boy's life. We refused at first; you know trying to be modest. He kept insisting and eventually we were ready to accept anything from him but I wasn't expecting this. Y brother and I were now the manservant and maidservant of the Prince Arthur. And this is supposed to be a reward. Money is a reward but being a servant is not one. Especially if I have to work for an arrogant Prince such as Jerk Face.

Merlin and I were sitting in our bedchamber when Gaius came in. He was holding something in his hands.

"Seems you're both heroes." He declared walking in.

"Hard to believe, isn't it?" Merlin replied.

"No. I knew it from the moment I met you." Gaius said to Merlin. "You saved my life, remember?"

"What about me?" I asked curious of his answer.

"Well, you didn't hesitate to intervene to save Arthur's and this before Merlin gave you a little bit of help." He answered.

"You know he used magic, right?" I asked again. He nodded.

"And now, it seems, we finally found a use for it."

"What do you mean?" Merlin questioned.

"I saw how you saved Arthur's life, Merlin." Gaius answered.

"Oh, no"

"Perhaps that's its purpose." Gaius smiled.

"My destiny." Merlin added.

"Indeed" Gaius agreed. "This book was given to me when I was your age, but I have a feeling it will be more of use to you than it was to me." He gave Merlin a book wrapped in a cloth. Merlin unwrapped it and started to read it.

"But this is a book of magic." Merlin snorted.

"Which is why you must keep it hidden." Gaius retorted.

"I will study every word." Merlin promised.

"I did not forget you, young girl." Gaius turned to me. "This is for you." He handed me a book.

"You know I'm not magic." I reminded.

"This is not about magic but about herbology." Gaius replied. "You seemed gifted with preparing medicinal potions."

"You want me to be your apprentice." I beamed and he nodded. We heard knocked on the door.

"Merlin, Emma, Prince Arthur wants you right away." Someone called in the other room.

"Your destiny's calling." Gaius joked.

"You mean Merlin's , I'm just tagging along." I told him.

"Maybe it's yours too, Nellie." Gaius retorted. "You'd better find out what he wants."

We both set down our books and walked out of our bedchamber, through the main room to the door. Maybe Gaius was right, maybe it was my destiny but I don't really believe this. Anyway we have to go and take care of the Prince Arthur.

No young man, no matter how great, can know his destiny. He cannot glimpse their part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone they must live and learn. And so it will be for the young warlock and his sister arriving at the gates of Camelot. A boy, that will in time, father the legend. His name: Merlin.