Hey. I know it's been a while. I'm gonna be honest, I forgot about you. I don't even know where to begin.

The world ended. That's what happened. It was all over, but it was alright. Daryl was with me when it got so bad we just had to hide, run, fight. Kill. He kept me strong, he says I kept him sane, whatever that means now. We were alone, until Rick caught up to us. Turns out, he'd been onto Daryl, planning to arrest him, once he they had the right evidence.

But, who cares? The FBI that doesn't exist anymore. Doesn't even matter anymore. None of it matters. Funny. It would've ruined our lives, but instead, it saved us. We got Rick, and we needed Rick, just like he needed us.

People need people. That's one thing I know, when the rest of the world doesn't always make sense, that's something I know.

The three of us were closer to Atlanta than home, so we tried to get to Shawn, but by the time we made it to Grady, he was gone. He woke up to this. He's alive, I can feel it. We'll find him. I thought he'd come to the farm, but when we got there, he wasn't home.

We've lost people. But, I'm lucky. I still have my family. I still have Daryl.

We found people. A lot of people. Rick's family, and officer Shane. I should probably stop calling him officer, but it's an old habit, remember when I wrote about him last? The night I met Daryl? We had to leave the farm, I think it was the hardest thing that daddy ever did. He convinced the others that we should go look for Merle. Just because he's Daryl's brother, and we knew right where he'd be. It turned out to be another decision that saved us. Not only did we find Merle, but we found a home.

A prison is safe. A prison has walls that keep the nightmare out. That's something Bob said once.

We can live here, we can be happy here, for the rest of our lives.

I was so worried that Daryl could end up in one of these cells, if anyone found the bodies, or if it just got to be too much somehow and he had to turn back to doing crime with his brother. I can't help but laugh about it now, not because it's funny, but because of how nice it is to have a cell to sleep in, together.

Everything is different now, except for the important things. We're the same. More honest with everyone else, though. In some ways, it's easier like this.

We were made for this world.

I'm not saying I wouldn't want things back the way they were. I'm scared sometimes, because not everyone will make it. Because we lose people. Because what about the babies? I think about the future a lot, and sometimes it scares me.

But, then Daryl will put his arms around me, and remind me that we're both stronger than this. Stronger than the whole damn world, whatever state it's in.

We'll make it. We already made it, long before the world ended.

The End

And the last song is…

Last Chance – Emily Kinney

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