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Lucy Heartfilia was a 17 year old girl that everybody knew. She was friendly, genuine, and a beauty.

She was living a decent life. Lucy was grateful for what she had. Her mother passed away when she was a toddler. To keep away his demons, her father moved away to another country to expand his business. As a 12 year old, Lucy was taken in by a close friend of her mother's; Miss. Spetto.

Miss. Spetto accepted Lucy with a welcoming embrace. Miss. Spetto understood that it was a new environment for Lucy and she needed some space. With that mindset, Lucy's new guardian treated her as a guest at first. Lucy steadily became more comfortable with her new home and learned to acknowledge it.

After being completely settled into her home, Lucy entered high school. Because of her looks and personality she naturally fit in with everyone.

Miss. Spetto, thinking of Lucy as her own daughter, took the initiative and bought Lucy a laptop.

"You're going to need this a lot while you're in high school," she claimed, carefully placing a brand new sleek laptop on her desk.

"Thanks, Miss. Spetto," Lucy replied, eying the laptop. She didn't think she would find much use to it but she didn't tell Miss. Spetto that. She might need it for school, anyway.

On a relaxing Saturday evening, Lucy disinterestedly turned on her laptop for the first time. There was nothing else to do, so why not try it out?

It lit up and quickly commanded her to personalize it. She spent some time dabbling with colors. It was actually a bit cool. Two years later, Lucy was an avid user.

Everybody at Lucy's school knew she was with someone but nobody was certain on who it was. Not one person knew who had the privilege of naming Lucy theirs. She had many friends but she never went out with them. She was invited by others to many events except it was unknown as to why she never attended.

After declining many invitations each day, Lucy would dash to her house and turn on her laptop. The unused laptop was not only on everyday now, it was on for at least eight hours.

Within these hours Lucy would speak to five people that were spread out all over the country. They had all grown so used to each other throughout the first year of knowing each other, it was odd if someone didn't come on without saying it in advance. She loved the group more than she loved herself, however one person from the group had a special place in her heart.

"Sweet dreams," Lucy read from her screen.

"You too," she whispered as she typed on her laptop.

The blonde yawned, turning off her laptop. She looked at the digital clock beside her desk. It was three in the morning on a school night.

"Why do time zones exist?" She mumbled, crawling inside her bed.

Just turning on the laptop that one day made her get tangled inside the web of love.

She didn't know how the man she loved looked like or how he sounded like. She only knew two things; his name was Natsu and he lived 2500 miles away.

There was a website Lucy daily logged onto as soon as she pressed the power button on her laptop. Finding the website was a mistake. She had accidentally clicked a link that directed her to the website. After seeing what the website was, she was hooked. She would open up her internet browser, key the first letter of the website in the URL bar, and hit the enter key each day.

This website was solely dedicated to amateur artists. There were multiple servers, or rooms, open for the artists. The rooms would also welcome watchers. Lucy was among them.

A username was required to join the room. Lucy took the original route—using her first name as her username. There could only be twenty users in one room. In Lucy's favorite room named FT, she was always online after coming home from school. It was almost as if there was a spot in the room specifically for her.

In each room there was a white board. Whoever had the wish to draw merely dragged their mouse to the white board and drew away, using the various colors and pen sizes in the corner of the screen.

Lucy never spoke in the room. She never had the courage to. Speaking in person came easily to Lucy, but speaking online? It was like speaking a whole different language. There was a chat available for the users in the room below the white board on the web page. She occasionally giggled at the artists' jokes. Although there was one person in the room that stood out the most to her.

He wasn't like the others in the room. If any words were to have the capability of truly explaining him, it would be alien. He was outgoing and always had something humorous to say to one of the other artists. He was unpredictable. Lucy always smiled to herself while reading his responses to others in the group.

She watched him for a month. Each day and night she would watch him pester the others. There was something about him, though. Lucy had never see him draw before. Lucy could point out each artist and watcher out but she never knew what to label this guy.

Lucy occupied herself with her homework one day, watching the amusing and engaging man. She would glance up from time to time to skim the chat and see if he had said anything related to drawing.

Then it happened.

"Don't you think your hiatus has dragged on long enough? Start drawing again, Natsu," an artist in the room had reached out to him.

"Yeah, it's been a while. I'll do a sketch," he replied.

When a mouse was dragged onto the board, everyone had the ability to see the cursor. Each cursor had a username by it to indicate who was who.

Lucy watched as a cursor with the name of Natsu floated around the screen. She leaned in closer to her screen so she wouldn't miss any of it.

"I need to dedicate this to someone," he said onto the chat.

She glanced at the usernames that were in the room. She waited for Natsu to type one of them.

"This one is for Lucy," the words were displayed on the screen.

Lucy blinked several times and stared at her name in the chat. Was he serious?

Natsu didn't say anything more. For the first time, Lucy was watching him draw. She watched his cursor zoom by the white canvas creating lines that curved all across the screen.

It was common when two artists drew at once. All they would do is share the white space. However it was definitely uncommon for someone to draw solo. Nobody drew alongside Natsu nor interrupted his drawing.

Lucy didn't understand why Natsu named his drawing a 'sketch' because it was not a sketch. It was a fierce dragon with scales having various shades of red. The eyes looked sharp and seemed as if they were prepared to fight off the prince and protect the princess at any given moment. The 'sketch' took a sheer fifteen minutes yet it was a masterpiece. All of the artists were especially lousy compared to him. Natsu didn't belong here, he belonged to a prestigious art school only made for the best of the best.

"Hope you enjoyed that, Lucy," he spoke to her in the chat.

Lucy's fingers trembled as they hovered over the keyboard.

"Thanks," she typed.

She watched her small reply disappear and melt with all the others in the chat. Natsu was being tackled with compliments. Lucy read them with a grin on her face. She was glad Natsu was being praised for his work.

Two things happened that day. It was Lucy's first time seeing him draw and it was the first time she spoke in the chat.

Who knew two simple things could lead to things such as love.