The magic was gone.

Mary stumbled, disoriented with the sudden change. She knew she had to run, but her mind still whirled from the lack of instincts and information she knew she was supposed to have.

She stared at the blue hand gripping her arm, leaving rends in her pretty dress. Damien was always a step ahead, pulling her forward, trying to get her to move faster. The demon who had lost everything because he'd fallen in love with her.

Mary staggered again. Sharp pain lanced from her ankle and up her right leg; immediately Mary knew she had twisted or cracked something. She gasped and fell to the ground.

"Mary we have to go now - "

Damien stopped when he saw what was wrong. Mary's ankle was red and swollen, and he quietly cursed as he reached down to pick her up.


Damien looked at Mary. "We need to leave! I can carry you!"

"No you can't." Mary's face was desperate and scared, but underneath Damien could see that she had reached a cold, hard conclusion that he would deny for the rest of his life. "You can't move as fast if I'm slowing you down. You can't fly while holding onto me. You can't teleport two of us at the same time."

"No - "

"You have to leave me." Tears were running down her face.

"NO!" Damien tried to pull Mary up again, but she stubbornly held back.

"You have to go!" screamed Mary. She pushed; caught off-guard, Damien stumbled back. "You need to get away! They'll just brainwash me and bring me back home, but Potsdam will kill you!"

Damien stared at her for what felt like an eternity. Mary was crying again; she had her hands to her face, trying to wipe away the tears. Even in a torn dress, crying her heart out and spirits at their lowest, she was still beautiful in his eyes, the one that he'd given up his entire raison d'etre for.

"Mary - "

Mary turned and suddenly found Damien forcing a deep and messy kiss on her. She surrendered to it, allowing the possessive demon to run his hands over her face and hair and letting him memorize the feel and touch of the moment. After a few seconds - they could both hear the shouts in the near distance - Damien pulled away to look at her reddened eyes.

"You won't remember this, but I'm going to find you. I'm going to come back for you, I'm going to make you remember everything we had, and we'll have our revenge."

Mary smiled - a weak, helpless smile - and pushed him away again.

Every step Damien took backwards into the trees pulled at him. He wanted her last memory of him to be something happy, not him retreating and leaving her behind. If he wasn't so blinded by love, he'd even admit that Mary was right.

He had to move far, to escape the detection spells that could find him, but his ears could hear everything. He could hear the sobbing, then the hysterical screaming, then - silence.

And he swore that he'd kill and kill and kill until he could get her back.