Harry Potter: Rise of an Empire

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Chapter 11: Expansion.

With my new equipment, vehicles, and armada under construction, I turn my attention to the inhabitants of my empire. Surei and the rest of the Guard have been doing a good job in their duties but it just isn't enough, the people have started to lose faith in me.

With Surei running the day to day operations of the empire, the people have started to lose belief in my authority, regardless of whether I'm advising him or not. It is to be expected however, many of these people have only seen me once and that was through a broadcast, with their growing intelligence and industrialization, the people are starting to pull away from religion and turning to science.

I can't have that.

Regardless of the power provided by their worship, I require their belief in our goals to fuel my war effort and if the people stop believing in me, they'll want more power for themselves, peace for their worlds and generally all the things that will lead to their prompt annihilation by the Goa'uld.

Which, of course, would be very bad.

Despite the amount of non-believers on some worlds though, there are still many that believe enough to set up an actual organized religion, religion worshiping the might of the great Lord Heka.

This, unfortunately, led to a break in the leadership and populace.

On one side of the break is the Priesthood, a group of human and Jaffa elders that run the various temples and propagate the new religion, encouraging all others to worship the mighty Heka. The Priesthood and their followers believe that they should have more power in how things are run, that as the true followers of Heka, they are the only ones worthy enough to shape the empire.

On the other side is the High Council, a large body of smaller councils made up of specifically selected officials, each tasked to oversee their separate worlds and report directly to Surei and I. Members of the High Council believe that being chosen by their god grants them the right to rule, they are afforded a great deal of power and authority in their positions and they refuse to part with even a scrap of their power, it doesn't help that a majority of their supporters are those that doubt my divinity.

This has all the beginnings of a great and bloody civil war written all over it, the Priesthood has quite a lot of fanatics and worshipers willing to fight should it come to it, they are widespread on all my worlds and are prepared to take up arms at anytime. On the other hand, not only does the High Council have supporters of its own but as the rightful authority, they have the backing of the Peacekeepers; a police force that I created to enforce the law and keep the peace on all my worlds.

Unless something is done, my territories will descend into infighting and war, which is why I decide to personally step in and deal with the situation before it worsens.

"My lord, this is highly unnecessary." Spoke one of the many councilors in the room. "Our petty situation is not enough to require one such as yourself to inter..."

"Do not dictate what is necessary to our god!" a priest shouts in reply, leaping to his feet. "Only he decides what is and is not necessary."

This, of course, leads a degradation of the situation as everyone else in the room leaps to their feet in anger, each shouting their opinion at the top of their voice, how annoying.

I sigh and glance around the room, taking in the various priests and council members arguing with each other, I'd called this meeting in the hopes of resolving the issues between the Priesthood and the High Council but we haven't even begun yet and things have already degraded to this point.

I sigh again, louder this time, and my eyes sweep around the large room we're gathered in.

We're currently seated within a large meeting room within the city hall on Taiyu, it's a pleasing room colored in soft tones, my mark decorating many areas in the room. On one end of the room is a raised platform with several seats arranged behind an ornate wooden table, these seats are normally used by the various council members during meetings but right now they're filled by myself and my honor guard. The rest of the room contains several rows of chairs, this is where members of the community usually sit but they're currently filled by the several councilors and priests.

This planet has really come far over the past few months, the people bettering themselves under their new level of freedom and education. The entire city, which was once nothing more than a grouping of decrepit huts and tents, is slowly becoming more and more urbanized. Granted access to all the materials they need and provided with various blueprints, the Council commissioned the construction of many new buildings, a task that was made far simpler with the upgrade to all of my factories.

Now, several months later, the old and decrepit village has been replaced with an urban cityscape. There are hundreds of different buildings making up the city, from apartments and houses to storefronts and restaurants, I've left creation of the cities to the various councils but all of them contain the same core buildings around their center, namely various schools, the Main Temple, the City Hall and the Peacekeeper Headquarters.

This is happening all over my empire, the villages becoming more urbanized as the people learn and grow, the quality of life has improved and there's a higher level of education. While I've made education mandatory for all my subjects, many of the older generation have chosen to only receive a minimal education on the truths of the galaxy, the general things that people need to know about the Goa'uld and how to survive in this turbulent galaxy.

It's the children, the future inhabitants of my empire, that are receiving the full education I provide, all of them learning the intricacies of living in an advanced civilization. It's also these children that are loosing faith, their increased knowledge disproving the theory of gods as science is brought into play, it almost makes me reconsider my decision to not indoctrinate them in school.

At first, I'd been stumped on how to solve this problem, there was little I could do other than running all over the place and throwing magic around all willy-nilly, I'd even delved back into my fantasy and mythology books for ideas. It was in one such book that I found the perfect solution to both issues, a solution I could enact if these men and women would just stop arguing.

I sigh for a third time, eyes narrowing to slits as they continue shouting and making fools of themselves.

"Silence." I whisper in a frigid tone, my magic sweeping through the room and silencing all sound, this leads to the regular fear and awe of my subjects as a further application of my power forces them into their seats, backs straight and bodies rigid as a board. "I did not come here to listen to you all bicker like insolent children."

A second passes in silence before I release the effect, watching them relax as movement and sound returns to the room.

"Now then, it is to my understanding that you of the priesthood believe it is your right to rule simply because you are worthy." My voice is low and even but the pure malice projected in those words has them shivering in fear. "Tell me, what makes you worthy? What sets you apart from the others within my empire?"

"G-great one, we are the true believers." A young looking priest begins in a shaky tone. "T-the others, they lose faith in your grand majesty, we only seek to set them on the correct path and guide them to your golden light."

That earns him a raised brow, how flattering and completely cheesy, I'm surprised he could say that with a straight face and actually mean it.

"Indeed? And what gives you that right?" I ask in reply, suppressing my amusement at his reply. "What gives any of you the right to act as my voice among the people? Is it because you believe, because you are worthy?"

That shuts him up as he looks to the others for help, help that he doesn't receive.

"I find myself sorely disappointed." I continue with a sigh, twisting my face in an approximation of Dumbledores disappointed face, it seems to work and it takes all of my willpower to not laugh as my comments turn these adult men and women into apologetic children.

"A-apologies Great God, we meant no disrespect." Another priest speaks up, looking quite fearful.

"I know." I sigh, giving them a small smile, which causes them to turn even paler.

Despite the time that has passed and the progress made, they're still used to Fujin's rule, they expect punishment for their perceived insult, it's what the Goa'uld would have done.

"Do not worry yourselves, unlike the impostor, I am a merciful god." I begin, earning small sighs of relief. "The Priesthood desires more power, the High Council wants to keep its current power, I have come to a compromise."

I can practically feel their anxiousness as they wait to hear my compromise.

"The High Council shall keep its full powers, you will continue as you have been, ruling in my name and enforcing my laws." I announce, my gaze focused on the lead councilman, an elder of Taiyu.

"Thank you my Lord, you honor us." He replies, bowing low in his seat, I reward him with a gracious smile before my face goes blank and I turn to the priests.

"It truly pleases me to see such believers, I feel your worship at every waking moment." I announce, watching as their faces light up in joy. "But." That sends them crashing down in disappointment. "There are many that do not believe, many that have lost their faith. Despite your best efforts, many have begun to pull away, disbelieving in the power of their god."

"We have tried divine one but they do not understand their folly." a priestess shouts out fearfully. "Please majesty, please forgive us."

I continue to smile graciously, maybe I should have tried setting myself up as something simpler, like a king or emperor. Nah, there may be less headaches that way but I would have to constantly keep an eye out for traitors after my throne, I think I can put up with some grovelling and cheesy lines for the peace of mind.

"There is nothing to forgive, it is no fault of yours." I reply, sighing yet again. "The fault is mine alone, many of the people pray to me, yet I do not answer."

Silence meets my comment, they know it's true.

"I have heard their prayers but they have yet to prove themselves, miracles do not come to those that simply wish for them." I lie, playing the role of a displeased god, things would be much easier if I could actually read minds with my wide range Legilimency and grant what prayers I'm able. "Which is why I have a new task for the Priesthood."

"What will you have us do my lord?" an elder priestess asks, the leader of the main temple on Taiyu.

"It is the duty of a god to watch over his people but I refuse to baby them, only those that prove themselves may receive the miracles they request." I explain, musing over my idea. "It shall be the duty of the Priesthood to select those that are worthy."

Their shocked expressions cause me to smirk in amusement, it's a very powerful role they're receiving, choosing those worthy to receive a miracle from their god.

Which is why I need to limit their power now before it spirals out of control.

"You shall erect a shrine in my name, one created from the technology I will provide, those who wish for a miracle shall come to this shrine to pray and should I find them worthy, I shall assign a task to be completed." I continue, my eyes turning hard. "It shall be the duty of the Priesthood to oversee these tasks and ensure they are completed, only then will I bestow a miracle upon the worthy."

They're still shocked but there's some awe there now.

"However, I shall grant only one miracle a day per world, even I have business to attend to." I continue, this will likely take up the entirety of my time with one body but as I've completed many of my time consuming projects, I have the time to spare. "Those who request a miracle may not pray for harm to befall another of my followers, they may not trifle in the realms of love and they can not pray for the dead to walk once more, so long as these rules are obeyed and their tasks completed, I shall bestow a miracle."

With my speech finished, I recline back in my seat and wait.

My plan is quite simple, I'll be using the quest-reward method of mythological Olympus, it worked pretty well for them and it's probably better than the pray-receive method of most other religions. Simply put, my followers will pray for a miracle and I'll assign them a quest, completion of that quest will earn them a reward.

It's a simple plan, although it will require some effort on my part.

The shrines that I plan on having them build will be a mix of a holographic communications device, a modified neural interface and a subspace transmitter. Whenever someone prays before the shrine, vocally or mentally, it will send a transmission to the main computer in my lab, which will log it based on the location. At the end of the day, the computer will run through the various requests and select those that sound the most deserving, a programmed copy of my thought process ensuring it will select the same option I would.

Once selected, the computer will then send me the information through my neural interface, alerting me of the selected 'miracles' and asking my permission to proceed. Once permission is given, a standard message would be sent through the holographic communicator with a suitable task for the priests to assign. After that, I simply have to wait and receive confirmation of the completed task and then one of my bodies can head out and provide the miracle.

It's all quite simple, yet complex at the same time. It will mean more work for me but I need to keep up appearances, a true god has many duties and I can't renege on those or my people will continue to lose faith.

"Technology my lord?" a priest asks, latching onto that one part of my entire speech. "Is such a thing required?"

"It is a simple communication device, one that will allow me to contact you when I am occupied elsewhere, nothing more." I reply, waving the question off. "Do any of you have problems with the duties I have assigned you?"

They all share a look, glancing around at each other before looking to the lead elder.

"None my lord, we are honored by your trust." she replies, bowing low.

I allow my eyes to glow, a full and radiant glow rather that the temporary flash of the Goa'uld.

"As you should be but I warn you, even my mercy has its limits." I ground out, my tone cold and dangerous. "This is a great deal of power and authority that I am entrusting you with, with that power comes great responsibility, do not disappoint me."

That's right, I went there. Some of the good god, bad god routine, followed by a Spiderman quote. From the shivers going up their spines, it works and that's enough for me.

I stand from my raised seat, my guards standing with me as all others double over in a respectful bow.

"I hope that we do not have to meet again under these circumstances." I finish, my magic flaring around me in a golden aura.

My guards look on nervously as the aura envelopes them as well, that nervousness turning to shock as we're suddenly standing before the Chappa'ai, the on duty Peacekeepers shouting out in surprise at our sudden appearance. I like to add a little shock and awe when I can, it helps with the ruling process and their first magical transportation seems to leave my guards in an awed state, perfect.

-Three Months Later-

Exiting the Chappa'ai onto the planet of Hanaka, I nod at the supplicating soldiers and proceed through the small village, my honor guard following close behind me.

Looking around, I'm quite glad to see many of my men scurrying about, offering their aid to the villagers in any way they can. When we first came to Hanaka, these villagers had been quite fearful of our intentions, Nirrti's rule had not been very kind to them. Despite the fact they were all farmers and hunters, they had all been very malnourished and weak, Nirrti claiming close to ninety percent of their supplies.

This is one of the main reasons I've relegated control of her territories to Tej'oc, keeping the Goa'uld prisoner on Taiyu unless she has System Lord duties, it's hard to win over the people if you keep their oppressor in power. This seemed to work and they eventually warmed up to our presence, our kind actions and helpful aid winning them over in the end, they're quite thankful for the aid and willing to accept the rule of my empire.

I hold my head high and my back straight as everyone I pass bows to me, soldiers and villagers both bending at the waist in respect. Walking through the streets, I can still see the lingering fear on the faces of those that gaze at me, fearful of yet another 'god'. Still, I try to offer calming smiles where I can, hoping they'll be more trusting of a young, kind child.

It doesn't seem to work.

Which is why it comes as quite a surprise when a child, a girl roughly 4 or 5 years old, runs up to me, giggling as she grabs my hand. There are a few gasps from the villagers and one of the women shouts out, most likely the girls mother. I'm caught off guard by this, surprised at her actions and confused about what to do, so I go with my instincts, play nice.

It works for politicians back home, it should work here right?

"Hello little one, what's your name?" I ask, crouching low and smiling kindly.

She returns my smile with a bright one of her own.

"C-casanda." she stutters out, she's not fearful but I get the feeling that she doesn't speak much.

"Cassandra?" I ask, receiving a nod in reply. "I'm Heka, how old are you Cassandra?"

She stews over it before grinning and holding up seven fingers, that makes here six years younger than me.

"This many."

She looks much younger than that but that may just be from the malnutrition, considering the way Nirrti treated her subjects, it's a surprise the girl can even count. I assume a small community like this has very few that can teach the children basic things like that, that should all change once I've urbanized the planet.

"That's very old, you're a big girl." I reply, receiving a wider grin from her.

"Do you want to play?" she asks, pulling on my hand.

I'm caught off guard, wondering what sorts of games Hanakan children play but I nod nonetheless. At this point an older looking woman, similar in appearance to Cassandra, rushes forward and grabs her.

"I am sorry great lord, she is young, she does not know better." the woman pleads, looking fearful despite the kind smile on my face.

I sigh as I stand, glancing around at the other villagers, a few remain fearful but those closer to me seem more calm, having overheard my conversation with Cassandra.

"What is your name?" I ask the woman, making sure to keep my smile soft and charming.

"Katherine my lord." she replies, fearful yet defiant. "I beg forgiveness."

"There is nothing to forgive." I reply immediately, helping her to her feet. "You have nothing to fear Katherine, not from my soldiers and certainly not from me."

"Thank you my lord, you are merciful." she says, bowing low and slowly backing up towards the crowd.

I sigh again but I'm glad to see Cassandra fighting back, trying to leave her mothers tight grip.

"Mama, I want to stay with Heka, we're going to play." Cassandra whines, pouting at her mother.

Katherine hushes her, continuing to back away but it takes some effort as her daughter fights every step of the way, whining about how she wants to stay and play.

After a few seconds, I decide to step in.

"Katherine." I speak up, smiling at her daughter, causing her to giggle. "Leave her."

"My lord?" she asks, her eyes wide and fearful.

"Do not worry, she will be returned to you unharmed, I simply seek her company." I reply, giving another disarming smile, this one seems to work as she nods and let's go. "Please, let her stay?"

I don't really feel like dragging some kid around for the entire day but I'm hoping it'll help with the 'kind and benevolent god' image I'm going for.

"As you command my lord." Katherine replies, looking anything but pleased.

"I am not commanding Katherine, I am asking."

"As you wish Lord Heka." she says in reply, finally smiling and looking less fearful, about damn time too, I didn't think she would ever calm down.

Pushing my annoyance aside, I smile and allow my magic to flare, golden light flowing off my form and wrapping around Cassandras small frame. There are quite a few gasps from the surrounding villagers but the girl simply laughs as I levitate her, easily holding her aloft with my power despite being at half-strength, I could have done this without the flashy glow but sometimes it's all about the showmanship.

"Would you like to play Cassandra?" I ask the girl, my eyes glowing as golden power billows around me.

She grins and nods, looking fascinated at the golden light surrounding her as I send her flying around me, doing slow loops and twirls. It seems to entertain her as she laughs and claps, her mother watching in amazement, amusement and slight nervousness.

"She shall be returned to you Katherine, unharmed and safe." I say to her mother, who nods nervously, at least the fear is fully gone now.

With that, I stalk off towards my original destination, Cassandra floating around me gleefully. My idea seems to be a success as the villagers look less fearful now, some watching in great amusement and awe.

My soldiers barely look twice, most of them already used to more impressive displays of power.

It takes a few minutes for us to reach the our destination, an outpost built a couple kilometers outside the village. The outpost is a large complex capable of holding over six thousand soldiers at this point, I expect it to house over ten times that number once its been upgraded to a full military base.

"My lord, welcome." Surei greets, bowing in respect.

I have to give him credit, he doesn't even blink twice at the young child floating around us.

"Greetings Surei." I reply, smiling to my second in command.

My aura fades as I gently set Cassandra down, ignoring her pouting and whining. I turn to Mina, who is holding a distressed looking Salem, the only one of my original guard to follow me on this mission.

"Mina, why don't you take Cassandra here and clean her up." I suggest, pointing out the girl who happens to be covered in layers of dirt and grime. "We will take lunch in one hour, have her prepared to join us."

Normally my soldiers would never see me eat or sleep, I always have one of my bodies around to propagate the image of a god while the other one eats and meditates in private. However, I do join my guard from time to time, usually when I'm inspecting a planet or aboard a vessel. I do make sure to completely avoid food when I do though, and even then I only drink a glowing, golden liquid that I've personally conjured, its just water but the glow adds some mysticism.

It's the little things like this that further the belief of divinity, something the Goa'uld fail to understand, if you're going to play a god, then you should commit to the role.

"It shall be done Lord Heka." Mina replies bowing.

'Ha! Now someone else can suffer under the demon woman!' Salem crows, smugly peering down at Cassandra. 'Enjoy it you little brat!'

"Oh and Mina," I interrupt, grinning darkly. "Take Salem as well, he's starting to look a little messy."

She nods and tightens her grip on the furious animal as my familiar attempt a leap for my throat.

'Curse you, you damned bastard, curse you!'

I send my amusement through the link, closing it after a few seconds to drown out his expletives, damn that cat hates his baths. Mina stalks off, leading a cheerful and giggling Cassandra away. I sigh in relief to see them go, I've never gotten along with other kids, not the ones my age or younger and definitely not the ones older than me. It was a bit weird with Cassandra, I don't really know what it is kids do for fun, at least I was able to distract her with that levitating trick.

"You have done well with your task Surei, the empire flourishes under your command." I comment, turning back to my high commander. "Ask anything of me and I shall grant it."

His eyes widen slightly, his mind spinning at my offer, a true gift from a god.

"My lord, it is my duty to serve, I do not require any reward." Surei replies, bowing once more.

I offer him a smile, showing that I'm pleased with his reply.

"Be that as it may, you have earned it." I counter, my voice and face resolute. "Ask Surei, and you shall receive."

He stands in thought for a few moments, his eyes sweeping my form and those of my Guard. Finally he sighs, deciding to just get on with it and make a request.

"My family, Lord Heka." Surei says after a moment's silence. "It has been some time since I have seen them, I request leave to visit them, my son comes of age in three months time and I would like to be there for the event."

I muse over the request, my head tilted to the side in thought. It's not much of a request, one that I can grant easily but Surei has done very well, he deserves more.

"Your son, he turns ten in three months?" I ask, struck by a sudden idea. The coming of age of a Jaffa is ten years old, the age where they would usually receive their symbiote, my Jaffa receive the cure potion instead.

"Yes my lord, he is my firstborn, such an event is one that I do not wish to miss." Surei replies, his face blank of emotion despite the anxiousness in his tone.

I smile at that.

"Very well Surei, your request has been granted." I announce, much to his joy. "Also, you shall bring your son before me soon after his ceremony."

"My lord?" he asks, looking calm but sounding uncertain.

"You have served me loyally and faithfully Surei, yet you ask for so little, you and your line shall be greatly rewarded." I reply, smirking smugly. "Should he be willing, your son shall receive the proper training and once complete, he shall be granted a position of honor within my guard, an elite among elites."

His eyes widen at the honor I've bestowed upon his son, a gasp from behind me shows that the rest of the guard are surprised as well. My personal honor guard is composed of exactly twenty soldiers, the best of the best of all my soldiers. The original forty-six members of my guard are all commanders now, they lead my armies while the new guard serves as my protection and personal force. Only the very best soldiers are allowed into my guard, all of them leagues above their fellow soldiers in terms of strength and ability, to be promised such a position at a young age is an honor any Jaffa would kill for.

Of course, the kid would have to pass the training first, which is why I'll have him start at a young age. With several extra years to work with, he could take the training slower than any other and achieve a level of skill higher than that of my current guard.

"My lord!" Surei gasps, looking flustered for once, point in my favor. "Such an honor is..."

"Less than you deserve." I cut in, still smirking. "You deserve more Surei, continue with your excellent service and I shall grant you more of such rewards."

I tend to offer these rewards in order to reinforce my soldiers loyalty and raise morale, they receive rewards for excellent work and punishment for great failures. So far there haven't been any failures great enough to require punishment, that's good at least.

"Thank you my lord, I am truly honored." Surei replies, bowing lower than I've ever seen.

"It is no less than you deserve." I comment, waving off his reply and gazing around the base. Outside of our little bubble of peace, everyone else is rushing about, busily at work. "Come, show me the base. The sooner we finish the inspection, the sooner you can all eat."

He nods and takes a step back, his stoic composure back in place as he turns to walk away.

I shake my head in amusement and follow behind, Salem's shouts pounding on my barriers as I go.

"Do you want one Heka?" Cassandra asks, holding out a small fruit.

She looks completely different now that she's been cleaned up, her brown and unruly hair is now a lighter shade and falling down in neat curls, Mina has done a great job.

We're currently within the dinning hall, my guards, Cassandra and I seated at a high table while the rest of the men sit at their own tables below us.

I look at the small fruit in Cassandra's hand, it looks like a strawberry but its purple in color, it does look delicious but I have an appearance to maintain.

"Thank you Cassandra but I don't eat." I reply, swirling the golden liquid in my glass, I've transfigured the water into simple apple juice with my magic adding a golden glow for appearance. "A simple drink is enough for me."

"But you have to." she insists, pouting once more and staring at me with wide eyes. "It's delicious."

I sigh and glance around the room, noticing how many of the soldiers are pointedly looking in the other direction, as if I didn't see them turn away just as I looked over. My guards have no issue with staring however, some are even smiling in amusement as they eat their meal, so much for Jaffa stoicism.

"Please?" Cassandra pleads, holding the fruit out once more, her eyes looking watery as her lip begins to quiver.

"Fine." I reply hastily, snatching the fruit from her hand.

It's one that I haven't tried before, seeing as it's grown locally on this world. I pop the fruit into my mouth, noticing Cassandras beaming face as her mood does a massive one-eighty, what a manipulative little girl.

"Yay, want another?" She asks, going for another fruit, a black apple this time.

As the fruit is shoved into my hands, I narrow my eyes at my chuckling guard, the amusement clear on all their faces.

"Not one word." I mutter, taking a bite out of the delicious fruit. Weird, it looks like an apple but it tastes like an orange.

"Of course not my lord." a few mutter back, turning back to their food.

"Another, another." Cassandra begs, clapping her hands excitedly.

I sigh and draw on my power, the magic striking out at a nearby rock and transforming it into an adorable little duck. Cassandra breaks out in laughter as the duck waddles away, joining a score of other creatures congregated in the courtyard. My guards and a few other soldiers are nearby, watching in shocked amazement as I create strange creature after strange creature, all at the insistence of a little civilian girl.

"Again, again." Cassandra squeals, eyes wide in joy.

I sigh and draw on my magic once more, focusing on the image of a new creature, this had better do wonders for my PR.

"Higher Heka, higher."

Frowning in focused concentration, I will my magic to lift the girl higher in the air, my magic complies and the girl is lifted another ten feet in the air.

"Higher, higher." Cassandra shouts from above, her head swiveling in every direction as she tries to take in the view.

I sigh once more and focus, this is getting really annoying.

"Here you go Katherine, safe and sound." I begin, giving the woman a calm smile as she fussed over her daughter.

"Thank you my lord." Katherine replies, tilting her head in respect.

"Are you leaving Heka?" Cassandra asks, her eyes wide and watery again. "We're not done playing."

I give her a wide smile, two parts calming and one part charming, this has been a very strange and bothersome day.

I'm not used to dealing with children around my age and Susanoo's memories are definitely no help here. Still, she was somewhat well behaved, unlike Dudley and the other kids I can remember. She's also been quite nice and somewhat entertaining, again, unlike Dudley and the other kids I remember.

All in all, she's been a good companion, only slightly annoying but not as troublesome as I'd expected.

"Don't worry Cassandra, I promise to come back and visit." I reply, fully intending to keep that promise. Despite the few annoyances, it's been quite relaxing hanging around with her, no responsibilities or planning. Well, not for one body and half my mind at least.

"But I don't want you to go." Cassandra whines, ignoring her mothers efforts to shush her. "Please don't go Heka."

With a sigh, I crouch down and pick up a nearby rock, my magic flashing as golden power flows into the small item in my hand. Katherine and some nearby villagers take a step back nervously but my guards remain in place, their eyes on the rock in my hand as they wait to witness another act of divinity.

Before their very eyes, the rock in my hand changes, shifting from a small worn stone into an intricate silver chain with threads of gold looping through it. It's a simple item with no jewels or anything overly gaudy attached but I've injected some of my blood into it, using it as a focus for the minor enchantments and protections on the necklace.

It will keep her somewhat safe and protected for however long the enchantments last, which should be roughly half a year or so, before it requires recharging.

"This is for you Cassandra." I whisper, slipping it around her neck. "As long as you wear it, I'll be able to find you wherever you are, then I can come back to play again. Okay?"

The enchantments will prevent it from being removed against her will and it should alert me if she's ever in danger, I don't expect her to ever need it but it never hurts to be safe. Somehow, she's managed to worm her way into my heart, my first... friend. Well, my first human friend at least.

Cassandra beams and plays with the necklace around her neck, admiring its beauty.

"Okay." she replies, grabbing me in a hug.

That catches me off guard and I stiffen for a moment before returning it, what a weird kid.

"Bye Cassandra." I say, standing and turning to my guard.

I'm pretty much out of power in this body, all of it poured into creating and enchanting an item that will last for so long a time in this realm, we'll have to walk to the Chappa'ai.

"Bye Heka!" she shouts at our retreating backs, causing a couple of my guards to chuckle. "See you next time."

It's times like these that I wish I was still Goa'uld, at least then I wouldn't have embarrassing situations like this, no one plays with or laughs at a murdering dictator.

Another sigh follows the first as I make my way to the Chappa'ai, I suppose I can deal with a little embarrassment from time to time, respect beats fear.

-Two Months Later-

"It truly is a magnificent sight Lord Heka." Asha'ka comments from behind me, her voice low in awe.

I smirk as I look behind me and take in the awed looks on my guards faces, their eyes are locked on the vessels flying above us, the first of my future armada.

Flying above us are close to five hundred Fighters, one hundred bombers and transport vessels, and eight battlecrusiers, five months worth of spacecraft production.

The Sword is close to completion but it wont be finished for some time, I've programmed my docks to spend more time producing the lesser vessels rather than working on the huge flagship, the Sword isn't required quite yet as Nirrti's former territory will be an easy conquest.

"Indeed and these are nothing more than the beginnings of a greater force." I reply, smirking as four Fighter Craft fly by, their pilots pushing the small vessels to their limits.

"Truly magnificent." Tej'oc murmurs, his voice low in wonder.

I turn my gaze back to the sky, my enhanced vision allowing me to pierce through the cloud cover and see one of the battlecruisers in the upper atmosphere, I'm pleased to see hundreds of orbital satellites being released from the vessel, all of them programmed to float uselessly around the planet until they're required.

"Asha'ka." I call, gaining my commanders attention. "Contact Surei, I want the fleet prepared to leave immediately, it is time we bring the rest of Nirrti's former territory into the empire."

"Yes, Lord Heka." She salutes, hastily turning to leave.

They all seem to be quite excited, about both the ships and my orders, the Jaffa are nothing if not warriors after all.

"Oh and Asha'ka." I continue.

"My Lord?" she asks, stopping in her tracks.

"There should be several crates by the Chappa'ai." I explain, my eyes locked on the sky. "They contain several new suits of armor, labeled by name for the Commanders and by unit for the army, see that they're properly divided."

The thought of new armor seems to excite them, a few of the Guard following Asha'ka to lend their assistance. Jaffa, stoic and emotionless until you offer them new weapons and armor, then they're reduced to children with new toys. Still, with all the work I've put into that armor, I'm glad to see them excited over it.

I cant wait to see their expressions at all the new features in the armor, it'll take two days to travel from Shakha to the closest world with the sublight engines, plenty of time for them to adjust to the new armor.

-Three Days Later-

Seated within the lead vessel of my fleet, I gaze through the force field windows at the first stop on our system wide expansion, a small world several light-years from Shakha.

My vessels have been orbiting this planet, named Veda by the inhabitants, for close to an hour. Five minutes have passed since I sent a holographic transmission to the planet, I'm still waiting for a confirmation from my soldiers.

The seconds slowly pass in silence, my various soldiers working diligently at their stations, before my neural interface beeps and I receive a direct confirmation of the established connection. Standing from my seat, my new robes billowing around me, I send the signal to the communications device and close my eyes.

When my eyes open, I'm standing within a village, one at the standard level of most Goa'uld controlled villages. The entire area is packed with curious villagers and warriors, an elder Jaffa standing at the forefront.

"You have come my Lord." The elder greets, falling to one knee in salute.

The others are quick to join him, ever single one of them bowing before me in supplication.

"Stand." I command, my voice echoing throughout the silent courtyard. "I am Heka, God of Magic and Protector of Mortals, I have come to grant you aid and reveal a great many truths."

At the last word, bright flashes of light fill the village as my men are beamed down, each looking impressive in their new armor. They immediately move out, handing out supplies as the medics inquire about the injured and diseased, the priests will follow as soon as the situation is stabilized.

Classic missionary approach, provide them with supplies and aid, then preach until they're avid followers.

The looks of awe and hope on the villagers faces cause me to smirk in satisfaction, another world falling under my control before my very eyes.

-One Month Later-

With a total of nine planets falling to my machinations, I now control over half of the system.

Unfortunately, my expansion has just been cut short as I've run out of battlecrusiers and able soldiers, each planet requiring one full vessel and a contingent of soldiers to keep it under a full lock-down.

With seven new planets added to my growing empire, I've added another two hundred and sixty thousand people members to my empire, eighty thousand of which are Jaffa warriors.

Currently, these few worlds are being combed over for spies, any warriors that pass the tests are immediately shipped off to Hanaka, Jaipur or Taiyu to receive training at the military bases.

It will take some time to absorb the last six worlds in the system but the entirety of the territory will be within my control before the year is out, after that I can allow my forces to grow stronger before I continue expanding my empire.

"My Lord." a voice calls, drawing me from my thoughts.

My eyes snap open, each glowing with golden power within the darkness of my hood, I've taken to meditating in public as well as in private, Jaffa already practice Kel'no'reem so there's nothing wrong with me doing the same.

Surei is kneeling at my feet, a modest marble throne within my manors study, I've finally managed to tie the inside of my wizard tent to a doorway in Taiyu's city hall. It's an ornate doorway attached to an outside wall within the hall, it continually fills all with awe as the doorway should lead outside of the building but instead leads to a massive manor, this allows me to have an impressive palace without seeming as ostentatious as the Goa'uld.

More importantly than that, there is a child kneeling next to Surei, a young boy that is quite similar in appearance to my High Commander.

"Surei." I greet, my eyes flickering to the boy and back. "Your son I presume?"

His helmet splits apart and collapses into the neck of his armor, the impressive mask folding away to reveal his true face.

"Indeed my lord, this is Tiri'el, my firstborn son." Surei replies, standing from his supplicant position.

He looks quite impressive in his new armor, the entire suit allowing him to stand at over seven feet tall, its dark colors and mask adding to the intimidation factor.

"Tiri'el." I repeat, turning my attention to the boy.

The boy in question is of Asian descent like his father, with short black hair and brown eyes that glow with intelligence. Being a child, he's received some level of education, more so than the adults within my empire.

"Lord Heka." Tiri'el replies, respectfully bowing at the waist. "I am honored to stand before you."

That causes me to smirk, though it's completely hidden within the darkness of my hood, only my eyes can be seen, the rest is obscured by an enchantment that prevents the glow of my eyes from illuminating the rest of my face. The boy is speaking with the monotone voice of a Jaffa, his face a stoic mask, like father, like son.

"I bet you are." I murmur under my breath, my eyes flickering to Surei in amusement. "Do you know why you are here today Tiri'el?"

"Yes my lord, my father has told me of your command." he replies, his gaze cautiously inquisitive as he tries to peer into my hood.

"It is not a command, you are free to choose Tiri'el." I comment, it would be bad if he has no wish of being a soldier. "There is no disrespect if you refuse."

His eyes widen slightly and he looks to his father, who nods in return.

"Thank you Lord Heka." Tiri'el says after a moment, bowing to me once more. "I would like to accept my lord, I am overjoyed to receive such a great honor."

I smile and nod, my eyes glinting in amusement at the wide grin on his face, perhaps he's not completely like his father, not yet at least.

"That is good, your father shall ensure that you are trained." I reply, standing from the throne. "I look forward to having you at my side Tiri'el, it is my hope you become a great soldier, greater than any before you, the potential is there."

"Thank you my lord, you honor me." he replies, grinning once more.

"Thank you my lord." Surei adds, squeezing his sons shoulder in pride.

I nod and flicker away, appearing on the surface of a planet half a system away. This world, Rigeda, is the most recent to fall under my command and with a population of five hundred, it's also the smallest.

The planet is a jungle world, full of large predators and poisonous plants, it also happens to be where Nirrti sent all those that have ever displeased her. With such a dangerous environment, it's no surprise that most inhabitants of this world live such short lives, very short lives.

Luckily for them, my forces are here and we'll either clear the area of dangerous beasts or move the villagers to another world depending on the level of danger.

Stalking through the jungle, I chuckle as a ferocious beast crosses my path, a wild cat over twenty feet high and capable of knocking trees over as it passes.

'Having fun?' I ask, running my hand over Salem's muddy pelt.

'Oh yes, this place is wonderful, did you see the size of those lizard things?' Salem asks, his voice cheerful and giddy.

'It's called a Tyrannosaurus Rex.' I reply, remembering the large blue creatures he's speaking of. They're similar to the T-Rex's of earth, except smaller and blue.

'Yeah those, this place is great for hunting, we have to come back.' he adds, batting aside a small tree.

I chuckle and wipe my hand on a clean patch of fur.

'You do know you're going to need a bath after this right?'

'Meh, it's worth it this time.'

'Well in that case, I suppose we can come back again, this world has a Chappa'ai so it wont be too difficult.' I answer, headed for said Chappa'ai.


-Five Months Later-

I giggle to myself in glee, a momentary loss of composure but it doesn't matter, I'm clustered away in my lab where no one else can hear me.

The reason for my giddiness?

I've made a major first step in my quest for immortality.

With the power granted to me by the Resequencer, I've managed to splice my DNA with that of another, a difficult technique even with the powerful machine of the Ancients. The Resequencer was built to alter DNA, not splice it, while DNA splicing is within its capabilities, it's difficult nonetheless.

Despite the difficulty, I've managed to use the Resequencer to splice my DNA with a modified strand of Srotpar DNA, the self-replicating raptors from the nameless planet with the Furling outpost.

The DNA of the Srotpar, when added to mine, will grant me one of the abilities that I previously crossed off my list, instant regeneration. The Srotpar's DNA, with some selective modification, will allow my own cells to self multiply, easily cloning themselves whenever it's required.

Basically, it will give me a healing factor so powerful that I'll be able to fully regenerate as long as one single cell survives.

Normally, this would be a useless form of immortality, as proven by the vampires of my home reality. With those creatures, destruction of the brain would usually lead to death or brain death regardless of all regenerative capabilities but with my mind tied to my magic as it is, I can anchor my mind and magic to a single living cell of my body even if it's not a brain cell.

A single cell wouldn't last too long though, that much magical power concentrated in one spot would burn through it given time but the cell would last just long enough for more of my body to regenerate, hence immortality.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this method, as is to be expected.

For one thing, I have no way of controlling the cloning process, nothing I can do will allow me to control the science oriented gene with magic. If left as is, my cells would keep cloning themselves and dying until eventually, there are more cells dying than there are being made, death by rapid aging.

Until I can fix this little issue, this method is incomplete, forcing me to consume deaging potions every few hours to counteract the effect. However, it is still a viable method, more so than any other method I've considered.

It will take some work but I'm slowly getting closer to my goal, this method may not give perfect immortality but it's a big step in the right direction, especially when coupled with my ability to inhabit two bodies at once. Still, I'll need a magical form of immortality as well, something to further protect my soul and magic.

A Horcrux would be a step in the right direction but even that would have flaws, such as splitting my total magical power in half permanently, besides, I still don't know how to make one and I don't plan on experimenting. Nothing good can come out of splitting my soul in half, even if it's between my two bodies, stretching it between both bodies is my limit at this time.

I need to find another method, some way to keep my soul tethered to the mortal realm without splitting my power. The regeneration method might last for some time, my living cells tying me to the mortal realm but another method will be needed in the case of full obliteration, something that could easily happen in this reality. With all of the powerful plasma weapons and bombs, the backlash from a Chappa'ai and exploding starships, there are just too many things that can fully disintegrate my body.

Hell, even a simple Zat'nik'tel could do it.

Regeneration is a big step but it's not perfect, not yet. There is a true method out there, I just need to find it but until I do, I'll keep studying and experimenting.

-Two Months Later-

With another force of starships completed, I set off to conquer the last five worlds of the system.

It fills me with great joy that my flagship is leading this invasion, the Sword is now fully operational and is performing to the best of its capabilities, easily outperforming the average battlecruiser with great ease.

The first three of the remaining worlds have already fallen under my control, their inhabitants surrendering with little to no resistance as my medics and missionaries set to work.

The main issue with these worlds is their population.

While Nirrti's inner worlds had low populations from her various experiments, these outer worlds are thriving with life, their inhabitants numbering in the millions rather than the thousands. These worlds were mostly left alone by Nirrti, as she needed the people to slave away in their abundant mines. So long as they kept providing resources, Nirrti would leave them alone.

Due to the massive populations, each world takes at least two battlecruisers to place it in a lock-down, not to mention the large contingent of soldiers to keep the order and the many medics to provide aid.

On the positive side, those very worlds are thriving with loyal subjects, all willing to swear allegiance to my cause and worship me as their god. Already the first three worlds have provided me with several thousand soldiers, so many in fact that I'm being forced to construct four more military bases just to contain and train them.

These worlds are gold mines for my empire, providing me with tremendous resources, new subjects and fearsome warriors, all with little to no resistance.

Of course, such good luck couldn't last for long so I wasn't all that surprised when I face some resistance on the fourth world, Goa'uld resistance.

"My lord, there are vessels in orbit around the planet." a technician comments, turning towards me.

I frown at that, my eyes closing as I link into the sensors observing the planet and receive the information directly. Many of the worlds we'd captured had come complete with their own vessels, Ha'tak and all the rest, however those vessels had all been on the planet's surface, awaiting my arrival.

This world on the other hand, has three Ha'tak in orbit, one of which is a Goa'uld flagship. All three vessels are fully loaded with soldiers, their weapons and shields at full power.

It's just my luck that the Sword is the only vessel here, the others headed for the fifth and final world with Surei as leader.

"Communications, contact the lead vessel." I command, turning to the communications console.

I could have done it myself, the Sword being designed to operate with just one pilot from the command chair, but it's better to let them assist, the practice and training could one day save their lives.

Receiving a confirmation from the communications expert, I link into the holographic communicator, projecting my image towards the flagship of the small force. With a blink, I appear in the Pel'tak of the lead Ha'tak, several staff weapons aimed in my direction.

"What are you doing here Asgardian, this is Goa'uld territory?" a voice asks, one that is decidedly Goa'uld in nature.

This, of course, causes me to frown. The Goa'uld leader of this planet should already be dead, executed with the rest of his ilk some months ago, that means this is a rival Goa'uld invading Nirrti's territory.

I'm dressed in my armored robes with the hood pulled up so he can't ascertain my identity, which is most likely why he assumes I'm an Asgardian, only they're known to use holographic communicators.

Without replying, I turn towards the voice and frown at the boy seated lazily on a throne, one leg thrown over an armrest. He's roughly two or three years older than me, of Asiatic descent with black eyes and crimson hair, a strange mix but I wouldn't put it past a Goa'uld to alter their host so it's more fitting.

"Who are you and why have you trespassed into my territory?" I ask, slipping into my godly persona as my eyes begin glowing within my hood.

The Goa'uld frowns at that, leaning forward in his seat as he observes me.

"You are not Nirrti, she prefers female hosts." the Goa'uld sneers, staring me down. "Neither are you Asgardian, you're far too human."

"No, I am not Nirrti, nor am I of the Asgard." I reply, narrowing my eyes. "I have claimed her territory as my own. Now, who are you and why are you in my territory."

His eyes widen slightly as he leans back.

"So, someone has defeated Nirrti?" the Goa'uld mutters to himself, practically ignoring my presence. "Interesting."

My eyes close and I sigh in irritation.

"This is your last chance before my vessel opens fire, who are you Goa'uld and why do you trespass in my territory?" I ask, annoyed at his avoidance.

I plan to open fire either way, I just want to know which Goa'uld I'll be killing today, that will make it easier to claim his territory afterwards.

The Goa'uld waves his hand negligently, looking almost bored of my presence., like I'm a mere annoyance rather than an actual threat.

Typical Goa'uld arrogance.

"I am your god, Kagutsuchi." The Goa'uld replies, signaling his men. "I claim this world in my name, the first of many in my new territory."

I frown at the name and begin sifting through my memories for any information on this particular Goa'uld, the name is familiar but it takes me some time to find it, this doesn't come from any memorized information but from my Goa'uld memories. The information is hidden at the very beginnings of Susanoo's memories, buried in the genetic memories from before his birth.

Kagutsuchi the exile, one of the few Goa'uld reviled even among his own kind, he also happens to be Susanoo's half-brother, an idiotic fool with a love for war and violence.

Over twenty-five thousand years ago, Kagutsuchi led an invasion into the territory of the System Lord Izanagi, his own father. The invasion had been completely foolish, Izanagi's forces outnumbering Kagutsuchi's three to one, the foregone conclusion was Kagutsuchi's defeat.

As his father however, Izanagi was willing to allow Kagutsuchi to live, to learn from his mistakes. Kagutsuchi however, was a coward and a fool, willing to attack his own father when the Goa'uld's back was turned, an attack that went awry and struck Izanagi's mate, Izanami.

Normally, this action would be ignored by the other Goa'uld, most of whom would only scoff before forgetting about it. However, Izanami was a Goa'uld Queen, one of the few able to produce Goa'uld larva.

The murder of a Queen is a grave crime among the Goa'uld, a crime punishable by death, resurrection and death, repeated over and over until the victim is driven insane. Rather than face his punishment, Kagutsuchi fled, narrowly escaping with his life and fleeing from Goa'uld controlled space, exiled to the furthest reaches of the galaxy.

Which is where he remained for several thousand years, only leaving to invade other Goa'uld territories, an action that usually ended with his defeat, the capture of his territory and unfortunately, his quick escape. Somehow, he always managed to escape, find a new world to claim in his name and repeat his foolish actions.

It would be admirable if he didn't insist on always attacking the most powerful System Lords, never a minor Goa'uld that he might have a chance of defeating. Kagutsuchi is an idiotic and overly arrogant fool, even for a Goa'uld, this won't be a challenge.

"You claim this world?" I ask, chuckling condescendingly. "I have heard of you Kagutsuchi, a bloodthirsty fool who simply refuses to do as he should and die."

His eyes narrow as his nostrils flare, his warriors shifting uneasily around us.

"Who are you?" He snarls, standing from his throne. "Tell me the name of the worthless fool that I will slay this day."

I take a few steps forward, ignoring the staff weapons that pass through my holographic form, and stop before the throne.

"I am Heka, Lord of Life and God of Magic." I reply, my eyes locked with his. "I am the god that will strike you down Goa'uld, I am the god that will lay waste to you and your pathetic ilk."

His eyes widen in anger but I'm gone before he can say anything else.

"My lord, they are preparing to fire."

"Target the secondary vessels, I want them destroyed." I command, linking into the sensors and observing the battle from both the ships systems as well as the window.

There's a flash of light as hundreds of plasma bolts slam into the Sword's primary shields, close to two hundred staff cannons firing on our position.

"Shields at ninety-five percent my lord."

I almost whistle at that, only five percent damage from close to two hundred staff cannons, that's impressive to say the least. The Asgardian shields are proving to be a great investment.

"Weapons at one hundred percent my lord, vessels targeted, we're prepared to fire."

I shift my focus from the sensors to the weapons system, my mind running through the information provided, all weapon ports are prepared to fire and the bombs are armed and ready.

"Fire." I command, reclining in my seat as I feel the weapons launch.

A veritable storm of energy blasts and lasers descend on the two Ha'tak, slamming into the Goa'uld shields with a flash of power, the shields buckle under the assault but they hold, drained but not completely depleted.

"Enemy shields at sixteen percent."

Hmm, eighty-four percent damage to each vessel from half of my weapons, not bad at all. Kagutsuchi is proving to be a good test subject at the least.

"Vessel launch detected my lord, they've released Gliders and Al'kesh."

I consider various methods to counter, should I use my weapons or launch my own vessels?

Neither option seems all that great, I already know how well my weapons are and I don't want to launch vessels, engaging in a firefight might give the coward a chance to escape.

Time to try something more... creative.

"Ignore them and focus fire on the Ha'tak, do not let them escape." I reply, mentally activating the ship's beam transporters.

As the crew focuses their fire on the Ha'tak, I dive into the beaming system and focus on the nearest Al'kesh, using the missile pods would be a great idea but I want to test out the beam transporters in combat.

There's a series of white lights in the distance, five in total and distantly spread apart, my missiles and bombs appearing in the emptiness of space. A few seconds pass before they detonate, five bright suns flaring to life in an instant.

Just like that, three quarters of the enemy fleet is annihilated, hundreds of Death Gliders and Al'kesh erased from existence as my arsenal of anti-matter bombs detonate. A moment later, the two Ha'tak explode, my vessels weapons punching through the last of their shields and destroying the vessels.

"Targets destroyed, orders my lord?"

"Focus on the last of the smaller vessels, let none escape." I command, beaming the scrap metal into my cargo bay, it will prove useful as basic materials.

The Sword immediately opens fire, the lasers and plasma projectors wiping out the smaller vessels as their own return fire washes off our shields to little effect.

"Sir, we are receiving a communications request."

"Allow it." I reply, returning my attention to my body.

A screen lowers before me, Kagutsuchi lacking the proper technology to project himself as a hologram, and lights up showing the furious face of the redheaded Goa'uld.

"I surrender." Kagutsuchi grounds out, looking furious that he has to do such a thing. "Allow me to leave and I shall never return to your territory."

I smirk at that, the coward is acting exactly like I expect.

I glance around at my crew, all of whom are awaiting my answers, their expressions showing that they want the Goa'uld destroyed.

"Now, why would I do that?." I chuckle as my power swirls to life around me, the golden light further illuminating the bridge. "You are a Goa'uld, a slaver and an oppressor of the innocent, you are undeserving of my mercy. Prepare to be terminated."

My voice is positively frigid, I may show kindness and mercy to my subjects but I have none for my enemies, the Goa'uld most of all.

"No!" Kagutsuchi rages, slamming his hand down on a control pad. "I will not allow this."

I smirk at his loss of composure, how quickly his arrogance fades.

"If it makes you feel any better, your warriors will survive this altercation," I continue, diving into the sensors and transporters once again. "In fact, they're being beamed out right now."

The screen flashes white, the crew of the Ha'tak being beamed away to my detention cells, killing Jaffa in the midst of battle is fine with me but slaughtering them after they've surrendered is not; my soldiers would not respect that decision.

"You dare refuse me?" the Goa'uld roars, now alone in his vessel. "I will slaughter you, impostor!"

"Good bye Kagutsuchi, it has been a pleasure." I reply, beaming a simple Naquadah bomb right next to his engines, there's no need to waste an anti-matter bomb on such a pathetic foe.

"I will n-"

His rant is cut off as the bomb detonates, beginning a chain reaction that destroys the entire vessel.

"The vessel has been destroyed my lord."

"Good, continue to the planet." I command, beaming the scrap metal into the cargo bay.

This battle has been a great test for my vessel, the Sword proving able to handle three Goa'uld Ha'tak with relative ease, I'm pleased with my creation.


"My lord, there is a vessel escaping!"

My eyes narrow as I dive into the sensors again, locking onto the escaping vessel, it's a Tel'tak with only one life sign aboard, that little cockroach.

"It's Kagutsuchi, he managed to escape the explosion." I mutter, turning to the crew, all of whom look furious as they observe the escaping vessel. "Leave him, I shall deal with him personally."

With that I'm gone, flickering into the small transport vessel and appearing before Kagutsuchi. The second I appear, the Goa'uld exclaims in shock, his hand flying up as his hand device lights up with power.

A wave of kinetic force comes flying at me, the Goa'uld activating his hand device before I can react, sending me flying into one of the walls of the vessel. Kagutsuchi's eyes widen when my form explodes into hundreds of black ravens, ravens which fly around the small room before reforming into my body.

"That was foolish Kagutsuchi." I chuckle, amused at the wide eyed look on his face.

"W-what are you?" The Goa'uld stutters, his expression a mix of shock and fear.

I smirk at him and raise an arm, my eyes glowing as ebony flames spring to life in my hand.

"A true god."

A smirk crosses my face as I recline in my command chair, my eyes fixed on the ball of fire burning impossibly in the vacuum of space.

"The worm is dead, continue to the planet." I command, taking in the pleased faces if my crew.

This little encounter has been a lot of fun, if a little too easy.

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