"Do you think they're defaming your name or mine? Some are calling you my whore now. God only knows what they're saying about me." Jaime and Brienne walked side by side, as people were finishing the decorations and preparations for the following day's wedding of King Joffrey and Lady Margaery. Although there was work to be done, they still managed to gossip and stare around Brienne and Jaime.

"Whore? Well, that's a first. It's usually cow, or giant, or giant cow..." Brienne instantly regretted mocking herself. She knew she was spending too much time around Jaime Lannister, especially since they have arrived back to King's Landing. Starting to unwillingly trust him more than she should.

That comment stung lightly with Jaime as well. He also has started to trust Brienne more, but something more. Friendship? Should he even give it a name? Appreciation, for saving his life more than once...

"That was almost funny, Lady Brienne. Be careful, you might gain some sense of humor here in King's Landing, we both know how much you'd hate that. However, usually fools comment on themselves, and you are no fool."

"Neither am I a Lady."

"I seem to recall you have a father. A Lord father. I'm just following proper code, my Lady." Jaime bowed slightly as he walked, causing Brienne inhaled sharply, even though her eyes shared the small, childish teasing.

"Call me Lady one more time and you'll be stuck bowing due to the fact that my lady foot will be-"

"Your Grace!" Jaime interrupted her. He smiled, looked up at her quickly and winked. Approaching them was Queen Cersei, with a handful of guards. Brienne bowed. "Your Grace."

"Was that a bow, Lady Brienne?" The Queen asked, mockingly, but slightly curious.

"I never learned how to properly curtsy, your grace. It was...difficult. For me " She stood there awkwardly. Well then, mocked even by the queen...

"Yes, I supposed it was..." The queen eyes her up and down. This is the last thing she needed right now. Mocked by the queen, in front of Jaime Lannister.

"If you pardon us, Your Grace, we really must be on our way. Things to do and attend. As you must also have your duties, no doubt, having your son the King to be married tomorrow! What a joy." Jaime grinned as they both walked away, his charming good looks staring back at Cersei. Brienne looked curiously. Were the rumors true, of Jaime and his sister?

"Is there any particular reason you called me out for this stroll? Just because you saw me in a pink dress does not mean I am some frail woman, needing fresh air every hour on the hour. Or did you just bring me outside to have the pleasure of someone not looking at you-"

"For someone who barely spoke a word when I was your prisoner," he cut her off, placing his hand on her arm, and then quickly stepping away, "you really are letting lose now. King's Landing has taken you. Can't I just want to spend some time with my...what should I call you? Traveling companion? However, I was your prisoner."

"I highly doubt you'd ever want to spend time with me." She said lowly.

"Stop that. I just never thanked you. At least I don't recall. My mind was a bit foggy, back then, you see. Losing a hand and being starved can do that. So, thank you. I know, I know," she opened her mouth to speak, "You did it for Lady Stark. However, it did me good, seeing as I'm still alive."

Quite a few things ran through Brienne's mind. Half of which she could not say. She wasn't about to tell him how grateful she was he saved her, on more than one occasion. Or her gaining trust, or other...feelings A part of her still wanted to believe he was the horrible Kingslayer she believed he once was.

She cleared her throat. Even though it was a warm day in King's Landing, she could still feel her own heat rising to her cheeks, making her pale skin blush. "Yes well, I guess you're welcome."

He stopped in his tracks, shook his head and chuckled. "I guess you're welcome? A bit more cold, I'd have thought you'd come from beyond the wall. Is that really all you have you say?"

"No, I really must finish that if you call me Lady again, you'll be stuck bowing due to the fact that my foot will be so far up your ass it'll curve your spine."

"Your Lady foot, as you so gracefully put it before."

This small bickering, however annoying it may get sometimes, was actually something Brienne enjoyed, however secretly. Being an only child, with really no friends or anyone to relate to, her relationship with Jaime was one, even though she was trying her hardest not to, she liked. She has also recognized this to be a weakness emotionally, but how was one supposed to stop thought and feeling when they creep on to you like thieves in the night?

Even though it was King Joffrey's wedding, eyes were still on Brienne as she walked through the crowd. Whispers of her stature and looks were no doubt following her as she made her way to the King's table. She, however, had learned to ignore these comments, even though they did sometime come creeping up in her thoughts.

She walked up to the King's table, unaware of Jaime following her every move with curiosity in his eyes. She bowed to the King and Queen. "Your Grace, I just wanted to wish you both a very joyful and fulfilled marriage."

"Brienne of Tarth, how lovely it is to see you once more." said Lady Margaery, standing and taking Brienne's hand momentarily. Joffrey straighted his posture.

"Brienne? Of Tarth? You slayed Renly Baratheon then, I've heard all about you. Magnificent of you to do that, getting him out of my way." He smirked. Brienne cleared her throat, and clenched her fists behind her back. However tempting it may have been to grab the King by the neck at that moment, mocking her... king? Renly is dead, he is nothing to her anymore. Pain still stabbed in her heart at the thought of her lost love.

"I assure you, my love, Brienne had nothing to do with it. I do hope we find the true murder one day..." Lady Margaery sat, and looked away rather sad. The kind seem to have noticed.

"Why? So you can avenge Renlys' death? You swore an oath to me, woman-" Joffrey was getting red in the face, angrier. His quick snap from one emotion to another would frighten anyone.

"My king, if anything, I would love to shower him or her with gold. They gave me one step closer to you, my one true love." Lady Margaery smiled, fear in her eyes. Brienne bowed once more, bid her farewell to the couple and turned, feeling sorry for her. She had heard stories, of course, along the way of how terrible of a king, and a person, Joffrey was.

"Lady Brienne." She turned around, and found Queen – well, Lady Cersei now – behind her. Brienne bowed. "Excuse me if our meeting yesterday in the courtyards was a bit rushed. Just a preoccupied mother, of course, dealing with her sons marriage." she snarled, taking a long sip from her wine glass.

"No apologies, Your Grace." she said, still as a courtesy.

"Your Grace? How very kind of you. So tell me, you've become quite good friends with my brother Jaime? I really must thank you for saving him." She pointed her glass behind Brienne, and Brienne turned, seeing Jaime standing guard.

"Our relationship is one of gratitude for one another. He says I saved his life, and he most definitely saved mine. In more than one occasion." Brienne smiled and looked at the ground, then at Cersei who was staring at her intensely.

"Except that's not all, is it? You're in love with him." Brows furrowed, she looked at Cersei.

"Your Grace – "

"Let's get straight to the point, for your own good. I know for a fact he loves some other girl. Or rather, she's young, tiny and ripe for the picking, for his children. He probably won't be Lord Commander for much longer with that hand, or lack of to be correct." With those words, Cersei took another long draw from her wine goblet, and walked away.

Brienne took a deep breath, shut away any feeling, and walked, looking straight ahead, back to her room. The heat, loud music and people chattering was making her tired, and she needed rest away from all this noise.