"I need you to take him back to King's Landing." Lady Catelyn held a strong posture, but her eyes were still sad.

"My Lady?"

"It'll be the only way I could ever have any reassurance I will get my daughters back, unharmed. I need them back, Brienne. I only trust you to help me." I kneeled in front of her, shocked by her trust.

"I am honored by your trust, and I will do everything in my power to fulfill this task set upon me."

Brienne woke up, the sun obnoxiously blinding. It took her a moment, but her heart sank as she realised she was dreaming of the last moment she had spoken to Lady Catelyn. She also realised, even though she was in King's Landing keeping an eye on Sansa Stark, she hadn't done much to fulfill her oath. She had been trotting around, wasting time with Jaime, and around King's Landing. But what was she to do, now that Lady Catelyn was dead?

Frustrated that she awoke with a stressed mind, she stood up, put her clothes on, strapped on her sword, and went down to the kitchens to grab breakfast. She ate with haste, thinking quickly about Sansa. She decided she would go, and speak properly to Sansa, offer her anything she might need here in King's Landing, as she could no longer deliver her back to her mother. Washing everything down by chugging a cup of lukewarm water, she made her way up to Sansa's chambers.

Brienne knocked on the door, and a few moments later, a thin, small blonde girl opened the door. "I'm looking for Lady Sansa. May I speak to her?"

"M'lady's not here right now, she went to go walk the garden, accompanied by her grace." The handmaiden said. Brienne nodded thanks. She decided she wanted to speak to Sansa alone, although the presence of Margaery Tyrell was not unwelcome. She wasn't going to shut herself back in her room to await her, so she set off to walk the gardens herself.

"I want him out. He's unfit to protect Joffrey." Cersei sat in front of her father, the hand of the King. He was looking down, writing on a parchment. He sighed.

"I don't have time to deal with whatever childish fights you and Jaime are having." He rolled up the parchment and began to seal it.

"He lost his hand. His sword hand. There are other men in the Kingsguard who are more fit to take his place."

"How do you propose I tell my son, your brother, that he's to leave the position of Lord Commander?" Tywin was getting irritated, wanting the conversation to end.

"I'll speak to Joffrey, I can persuade him to relieve Jaime of his duty. I only want the best for him."

"You will do no such thing. Joffrey is a Lannister king, and he needs to be surrounded by Lannisters. Jaime as Lord Commander, I'm the hand of the King, and you as Queen – "

"I'm surprised you haven't noticed that high pitched little whore from High Garden who has married my son, making her Queen." she spat out with sarcasm drenched in her voice.

"Be honest Cersei, he's still got the mind of a child, even if he may be a wicked little boy. He's always going to listen to his mother. He's surrounded by Lannisters, and it'll stay that way." Cersei sighed, annoyed that her father was fighting her so adamantly on this issue. "I've been told he's practising swords with that great giant of a woman he brought back. She must be worth something if they both survived the road back to King's Landing. Her looks definitely weren't the reason why."

She inhaled sharply, tongue in cheek. "Brienne of Tarth." she hissed out.

This better not be the reason Jaime's rejecting me.

Tyrion was interrupted abruptly by loud knocking on his door. "What in the seven hells..." he muttered to himself, as he walked over and opened the door to his small room. His brother Jaime stood at the door.

"I need a drink. Actually, I need a lot of drinks." Tyrion smiled, a curious look on his face. He hopped down from his chair, placed two cups on the table, and poured out some wine. Jaime grabbed a cup, and sat down at the table across from Tyrion.

"While I'm never opposed to drinking a good wine, my dear brother, I really must ask what has prompted this sudden...urge." Jaime had gulped down the first cup and was already pouring himself a second. He sighed.

"I just really need to get drunk. I need to get my mind off certain things, and walking around as Lord Commander, surrounded by a bunch of uptight greying men is not a fun way to spend my time." He said, going back to drinking. The incident with Cersei from a couple night ago kept replaying in his mind, as well as the dream he had of Brienne. His mind was in a whirlpool, and he was unsure of what to do. He hadn't had a chance to see Brienne, or really much of Cersei, since his job as Lord Commander was taking up much of his time, with the insurgence of guests due to Joffrey's wedding.

"Do any of these certain things have anything to do with our dear sister? I've noticed she act's like she would much more prefer to have leeches on the skin than be in the same room with you. A special treatment that was once only held for me."

"You know how Cersei is with the cripples and the grotesques." Jaime waved his golden hand, sighing.

"Well, however out of character or comfort this may be, I am here to speak to if you need." Jaime nodded, and smiled lightly in thanks. He wasn't about to spill his feelings about Cersei, although he was pretty sure Tyrion had a vague idea of his sexual relationship with his sister. He also wasn't going to speak about Brienne, because he was still unsure as to what in the world that was.

"So, when am I going to meet this wonderful, great beast of a woman you've brought? I've seen her around, almost breaks my neck trying to get a good look at her face. Tell me, do you think she's as ugly as everyone says she is?" Tyrion drank from his wine. Jaime pretended to be lost in thought, but in all honesty didn't want to answer. Really thinking about it, Jaime didn't really think Brienne was that ugly. No, she was no beauty like Cersei, but once you got a good look at her, as he did spending all that time with her on the road, there were certain features that stood out, such as her piercing blue eyes, which brought him back reminding him vividly of his dream. He drank some more, then poured more wine.

"I think I can squeeze a free night tomorrow, and ask Brienne if she would like to join us again. She really is quite amazing. In stature, and other redeeming qualities." Tyrion gave him another curious look, obviously noting Jaime ignoring the remark he made about Brienne's appearance.

"I'm sure."

Jaime, although slightly buzzed, made his way to his guarding location for the rest of the day. He jogged lightly outside, hoping to get some energy in him to get rid of the buzz. Note to self, don't drink so damn early. His insides squirmed a little as he saw Brienne, looking over the bridge, and remembering his dream. He swallowed hard, and made his way to her. He leaned next to her on the bridge, and smiled. "Lady Brienne."

"...Are you drunk?" She said, irritated. She could smell wine on his breath.

"No, not completely. Just a little to take the edge off, being Lord Commander is hard work." He chuckled, but Brienne stared at him intently.

"Have you completely forgotten our arrangement? The only reason you're free is because of Lady Catelyn. We both swore an oath to her, and when we got back to King's Landing, you forgot all about it, going back to being Lord Commander for a king who -"

"Careful now." Jaime said, not wanting to sound threatening, but did so anyway. He wasn't going to be offended if she spoke foul of the King, however he knew many people had spies all around King's Landing, and no one was safe with their words.

"You've dragged me around with this nonsense of training your left hand, and we've forgotten the importance of Sansa Stark!" She was breathing heavily, angry. She was unsure as to whether Jaime really had any fault, but she was so angry with the whole situation, she sure wanted him to feel some of her pain for the Starks. Jaime's eyes narrowed.

"What the hell do you expect me to do? Ship her over to the Riverlands? Let the Frey's have her, so she can lie next to her mothers body? She's safe here in King's Landing!" He was exasperated with the women in his life being completely confusing and a pain in the ass. He started to walk away, before turning. "Also, I thought back in Harrenhal, in the bathhouse, that I could trust you. Therefore, I felt that in this land of liars and snitches, I would be able to come to you with an actual problem, and have you help me. Guess I was wrong. Don't worry, I won't drag you around with my nonsense anymore." He walked away, livid.