Loki peered out over the edge, observing as Iron Man smashed Thor against the cliffside, both wrestling head to toe in the rocky terrain, battering each other in the rugged landscape as they smashed their way through both stone and trees.

When at last they landed, arguing some nonspecific nonsense, and Thor raised Mjolnir to the sky, Loki was about fed up with their bothersome idiocy. Clambering down the rocks, Loki darted out in between the chaos, feeling the Seidr rush to his hands as he deflected the hammer weakly and made it crash into the trees.

"I've had enough of this! Both of you are clouded by childish need...it sickens me." Loki scoffed. Only seconds later did Captain America land, cloaked briefly by his grey parachute, before it fell off of him in a discarded heap.

The Iron Man's helmeted face was revealed again, and he crossed his arms. Thor summoned Mjolnir back, placing it on his belt. Around them, they stared at the disastrous ruins of the forest, trees toppled up over each other in a mess. Death. Destruction.

Loki gritted his teeth, lowering his hands which were still pulsating with green energy, his nose pointed upwards in a disgusted rage. Thor's blue eyes were still on him, now more like that of a kicked puppy than a vengeful god of thunder. Loki almost felt more down of him than he ever had. Wanted to taunt his so-called 'brother' for showing such weakness. But he didn't dare now, in the presence of the two mortals.

"Are we done here?" Cap growled, his gaze shifting from Iron Man to Thor. Loki nodded.

"I believe we are." was all Loki replied with.


"Lemme know if 'real power' wants a magazine or something."

Nick Fury walked away, leaving the Dark Elf with his leering azure eyes to turn, looking right at the camera, taking a step forward before...

"He really grows on you." Bruce Banner interrupted, a slightly amused smile crossing his face. Loki's serious expression didn't falter as he glanced at the man, observing him with caution. He'd heard plenty a tale about the mysterious and unpredictable 'Hulk.' And he didn't really want to witness it for himself. Even so, Bruce didn't seem threatening, with subtle features and a laid back purple top.

"So. Malekith comes from a place near Asgard, right? Thor, Loki, what's his plan?" Steve asked, his fingers drumming against the curve of his arm anxiously.

Loki leaned back a bit, his arms crossed, lips thin.

"He has an army. The Chitauri, and he plans to lead them against us using the Tesseract. He was in The Void for many centuries. Loki would know more than I." Thor stated simply.

All eyes landed on the raven-haired god, whose dark eyebrows furrowed in a split second of hostility.

"Oh, I see, brother," the last word came out as a spat, "You suspect me of having sided with the Chitauri, with this deranged elf. You believe I have something to do with this. Why else would the Allfather whisk you here!?"

Thor took a step forward, clenching his hands into fists, though his voice remained calm-to the best of his ability.

"It is a reasonable suspicion-"

"For the Norn's sake, Thor! I went through hell in that disgusting wormhole!" Loki's voice was barely below a yell.

Thor could no longer handle it, his lip curling back in frustration. He shifted as if to move forward, Loki shrank back, holding his fists above his face protectively to block any blows.

Steve decided once again he had enough. It wasn't hard for both him and Natasha to make it in front of Thor in time to get him to calm down and not do anything regretful. Above some gruff remarks from Thor and Steve countering a lot of it, Loki couldn't take his infuriated green gaze away from his former brother's.

He knew now, why their relations as brothers never truly worked. It was because of this stubbornness that was Thor.

"Know your place, brother." Those words haunted his every living moment, replayed in his mind at least once a day. "The Frost Giants should learn to fear me!"

Loki shook his head, lowering his arms, his breathing slowing back down when he recognized he was not to suffer another bashing from his 'brother', before turning on his heels and leaving. Nobody said anything in complaint-they were too busy babysitting Thor, and dealing with Malekith.

He just needed air...he needed to breathe, and think this all over. He'd find a way out of this confrontation with Thor, didn't he always?

'Silvertongue, Liesmith, God of Lies'


Loki observed the two scientists at work, observing the scepter. It made humming noises...he wasn't certain if Tony and Bruce could hear it.

It was whispering to him, calling his name. It was alluring, entrancing...and very dangerous. He was attempting to ignore it, but its voice was incredibly tempting.

"Hey! Reindeer Games!" a voice snapped his attention. Tony was waving a bag of blueberries in his face. Loki snorted, reaching in the bag and pulling out a few before popping them into his mouth, allowing the sweet juices of the berries to distract him and supplement the parched feeling in his throat.

"You zoned out there for a moment, bud, you a-okay?" Tony continued. Loki nodded, his eyes fixating on the much shorter man before him.

"I was just thinking, I'm going to need a drink when this is over." Loki murmured, his eyes lingering back to the scepter. Bruce was applying some sort of test to it, trying to retrieve data and science information on it.

Loki strolled over casually, shrugging the scientist aside and gesturing to the scepter.

"It doesn't work like that. It's an Infinity Stone, you see. The 'Mind Gem', to be exact. There is none of your Midgardian science to back it...it merely exists." Loki pointed to the small blue orb in the center without touching it. It sizzled and crackled again, and he tried to ignore the small, hushed voice that seemed to be beckoning to him.

Its whispers only grew louder as they chatted, until at last, Loki bit down the urges to touch it and went to go take a seat a few feet away, reaching again into Tony Stark's bag of blueberries and eating away at them. It seemed calm, if only for a few more moments.