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The next morning, Vlad found the den empty. The book of poetry was missing as well. He walked the quiet halls to the room he'd put Sam in. He'd never quite realized how hollow his home sounded until he heard the tap of his shoes echo off the walls on that isolated trip. The door hung open slightly, and he could hear soft singing from inside. He peered through the sliver in the door, and he watched Sam write in a notebook with the book of poems at her side. A pair of headphones were plugged in her ears. He stepped back from the door, his brow furrowed, before leaving to return to the den.

Sam emerged from her room five hours later. She walked to the kitchen and found a covered plate in the fridge for her, bearing a tofu burger and fries. She put the plate in the microwave and waited for it to heat up. When she sat at the counter, the door swung open and Vlad entered. He sat an empty wine glass on the counter and grabbed a bottle from one of the shelves out of her view. He poured the burgundy liquid in his glass and took a sip before corking the bottle and putting it away.

"I believe I deserve to know why you are on the run now." Vlad raised a curious eyebrow as his finger circled around the rim of the glass.

Sam didn't bother looking at him. "I don't trust you. Me staying here for two days doesn't make that happen, not with everything you've done."

"Really? I'm allowing you to stay here. When you are trying to escape, I offer you santuary. The people who are supposed to care for you aren't here. The people you trust aren't even here! Your boyfriend, Daniel, isn't even here to take care of you. Your disappearance isn't on the news Samantha!" He didn't mean to yell, but something in his facade broke.

"Stop calling me that." She commanded through gritted teeth.

"If they really cared, they would be out looking for you. Instead, I am the one who is looking after you! I am the one taking care of you! Me! The person you don't trust! Where's Daniel if you trust him so much more than me? Where is your boyfriend?"

"He's not my boyfriend!" Sam yelled, and he halted his verbal assault. "He dumped me, alright? Is that what you wanted to hear? You wanted to hear that I'm just like you, alone and bitter and broken because the person who I love more than anything, the person who I would've given up everything for, the person I laid down my life for, dumped me like a bag of rocks? Well guess what, I'm not like you. I may have had my heart ripped out and was forced to return to that nightmarish hell on earth that my parents call home, but I will not end up like you. I will not dedicate my life to destroying someone else."

"I am sorry, Samantha. I did not realize." Vlad offered before taking a long sip from his wine glass.

"Please, I'm begging you, do not call me that name anymore. I don't care whatelse you call me, just anything but that." Sam propped her elbows on the counter and rested her head between her hands.

The ache in her voice tugged at something in his chest he hadn't felt in years. "I will try my best, Sam." He paused and watched her wipe away a tear before it fell from her eye. "Did he perhaps give a reason?"

"I didn't stay to hear one." Sam sighed and dropped her hands to her side. Her eyes stayed on her food. "What does it matter what the reason is? If we're over, we're over, there is no other way around that. People always say they want closure in those instances, and I cannot understand why. I don't want closure. I just want to go away."

Before Vlad could say anything more, Sam hopped up from her stool and darted from the room. She ran back to through the hall and slammed the door to her bedroom. She climbed on her bed and cried into the pillow, cursing herself with every shaky breath.

Four hours passed, and Sam stepped inside the den. She wore a black long sleeved tunic over purple fishnet stockings and boots. Her makeup was fixed back to near perfection, as though she'd never cried. "I just want to say-"

She paused and Vlad turned away from his book and took in her figure in the entrance.

"I wanted to apologize for my outburst. It was rude of me. I am a house guest, and I should behave better. Thank you again for letting me stay here until I get my barrings, however long that may take." Sam began to turn to leave the room.

"Saman-." Vlad stopped himself. "Sam."

She turned back to face him.

"Would you like to play me in a couple games of chess?" Vlad asked.

"I would like that very much." Sam crossed the room and sat on the couch, a faint smile on her lips.