Sigh Don't even ask what influenced me to write this. First Zero Wing fic, sorry if the language is a little bad. I'm not very good at the whole messed up word thing. Also, this takes place when the people are still little, which is why it's AD 2080. The rest of the beginning sequence is how it's supposed to be though.

'In AD 2080, war was beginning'

Captain: Tag play we should.

Operator: Think good idea.

CATS: Fun tag sounds. Captain be it. /runs off to hide from captain/

Mechanic: Away getting CATS is!

Captain: Got did away CATS, Drat. Find CATS I must. could bush behind be CATS?

CATS: Drat, I found. Create must diversion. /throws cherry bomb/


Captain: What happen?

Mechanic: Someone set up us the bomb!

Operator: runs to front porch We get signal!

Captain: What! follows Operator

Operator: Main screen turn on!

Mechanic: I about care not Operator's romantic preferences.

Operator: Up shut fool! Meant door screen!

Captain: Two you arguing stop! Tag CATS!

CATS: is laughing at all of then through the screen door How are you Gentleman? All your base are belong to us!

Captain: What you say? Not base designated!

CATS: Win will I! You have no chance to survive make your time! Hahahaha!

Operator: Seriously taking tag game CATS is?

Captain: I care not. Take off every 'zig'!

Mechanic: Reacting over Captain is?

Captain: You know what you doing. Move 'zig'.

Operator: Win CATS did. Captain give up?

Captain: Not ever! For great justice!

Mechanic: I and Operator play go seek and go hide.

CATS: Play can I?

Operator: sure, rambling leave Captain too.

Yea, I realize that was pointless. but I wanted to contribute something to this sections, so voila. This wreaked hell on my spelling and grammar checker.