Hotch sat himself up straighter in the chair he sat himself in, taking a small sip from the tumblr of brandy in his hand as he threw his phone onto the coffee table. "Knowing her, she should be here in maybe five minutes."

The younger man chuckled. "She lives twenty minutes away, man."

"And?" The Unit Chief set his hand to his chest and put on a face. "If she thinks that I'm in need, she'll come running."

"You sure are a little cocky, aren't ya'?"

Hotch grinned. "Next time we're all together, you watch how her ass looks at me."

Derek laughed at the words coming from his boss' mouth. "Do you hear yourself, man?"

"Yeah," he groaned. "I think you've gotten me drunk."

"So your plan here? It didn't come out of nowhere, did it?" Looking to the older man, Derek let himself smile. "Had to take some planning."

Hotch sighed before he nodded to the younger agent. "She and I have had some tension around us, and tonight just seemed like a good night to bring us together. Having you here is probably just a bonus for her."

"You're welcome for letting you use my house."

"Thank you," the usually stoic agent laughed.

Hearing a rapid knocking at his apartment door, Derek quickly stood from his seat. "Damn, five minutes. You were right." He walked away from the man who began straightening his tie and reached to open the door. "Em, hey."

Emily was quick to nod her head, following her friend into his apartment with her phone tight in her hand. "Is Hotch ok? He texted me a double 911."

"Yeah, he's right in there."

The brunette woman practically ran past the older man and found herself in the middle of the living room, setting her stuff down on the coffee table just next to the newspaper. "Hey, are you ok?"

Hotch nodded. "I just wanted to talk to you."

Emily felt herself fighting off a smile as she watched her boss strip himself of his suit jacket, vaguely hearing Derek's footsteps behind her as he came back into the room. "Are you drunk?"

"Agent Prentiss, I don't believe that's an appropriate question to ask of your supervisor."

Taking a glance at the other man and in the room and noticing his stiff demeanor, Emily held her breath. "Agent Prentiss? We're not in the office, Hotch."

The Unit Chief sent a look to Derek and nodded before eyeing the woman before him. "I'll ask you once more to watch your mouth."

"What?" Emily stiffened, feeling Derek firmly grip her wrists and tug her body back against his chest. "What is going on?"

Derek forced himself not to smile against the younger woman's hair when he leaned in, feeling her shiver as he whispered into her ear. "You obviously need help with opening your mouth at the right time. Do you really want to speak back to us?"

"What are you talking about?" Emily could feel her eyes widen and her voice crack as shock ran through her.

"A little incredulous, are we?"

The brunette woman fought against the strong agent behind her, knowing that she had taken Derek in the gym at least a dozen times before. "Get off!" she shrieked, wrestling against his hold.

Hotch smiled cheekily at the younger woman, taking a small step forward and running a coarse knuckle down his subordinate's ivory cheek. "Calm down and maybe it won't hurt."

Emily's eyes widened, her face flushing when her boss went for the buttons of her shirt. "Hotch," she whispered, fear clearly present in her shocked eyes. "What are you doing?"

"He's touching you," Derek smiled as he nuzzled his nose against his coworker's cheek.

Deciding to let herself relax in her coworker's hold, Emily's dark eyes met those of her superior. "Fine," she breathed. "If you want to touch me, then touch me."

"Demanding, are we?"

Emily took in a breath when Derek let go of her wrists only so her shirt could fall to the floor.

Hotch grabbed the younger woman's shoulders and pulled her to him, holding her to him and staring deep into those chocolate eyes as his partner undid his belt. "Do you think you can learn to keep your mouth closed when told?"

"You tell me," she teased, her face completely stoic as she refused to show the older man any weakness. "Teach me a lesson."