Beginning to feel the blood loss turn her hands cold, Emily did her best to regain her breath as the man below her continued to pound into her. "Please," she whispered harshly, whipping her hair away from her face so she could look up to the man before her. "My wrists hurt, please. Please untie them."

Derek groaned, ceasing his thrusting into the younger woman's abused cunt. He let go of her bound wrists and yanked her back by her long ebony hair, smacking a hand against her cheek. "What do you say?"

"Please sir," the agent breathed through grit teeth. She let out a relieved sigh when the belt finally fell from her wrists, bringing them before her so she could see the purpled color of her skin.

"Let me."

Emily watched with parted lips as Hotch took both of her hands and kissed tenderly at her sore wrists, her heartbeat thumping hard in her chest when his tongue peeked out to lick her skin. "Thank you sir."

Hotch smiled patronizingly to the younger woman, taking her by her now bruising arms and helping her up. "Can you stand for me?" Impressed with how still her legs were staying, the Unit Chief gifted Emily with a soft kiss to her lips. "Come with me, alright?"

"Yes sir."

The darker man in the apartment followed the pair over to the leather couch, giving a firm slap to Emily's ass before he laid himself down on the polished wood floor. "Hop on," he chuckled darkly.

Emily let her boss kiss passionately against the ivory skin of her neck before she sat herself down on the older man, sinking down onto his rock hard cock.

"Hold onto the couch," Derek grunted, thrusting up to know what kind of an angle he was getting. He traced his fingers down the smooth skin of Emily's taunt stomach, tapping lightly at her navel to gain her attention.

Hotch watched with fire in his eyes as the younger brunette laid her arms on the shining leather of the couch, her breasts hanging down in front of his partner's face. "Bear down."

"Sir?" She knew the catch in her voice gave her fear away. Feeling the hot breath hit the skin of her ass, Emily's jaw dropped, a moan escaping her when the Unit Chief's wet fingers circled her untouched hole.

"Bear down."

Derek shared a smile with the other man, hearing the pained whimpers from their shared woman as he started to slide into her. "Just let him get in there and the burning will go away," he soothed.

Emily's heart thudded loud in her ears as she felt the older man separating her cheeks and sliding in slowly. "Sir it hurts," she cried, her fingers digging down into the material of the couch.

"Just one more second."

Pushing back against the Unit Chief just as he was guiding her to do, Emily's mouth went dry, Derek thrusting up into her once her boss was fully inside of her.

Hotch leaned forward and peppered kisses down the younger woman's spine. "I want you to scream as loud as you can for me."

"It hurts!"

Hotch pulled back and paused, staring hard at Emily's backside before slamming back into her and slapping his hand against her ass so the smack echoed around the room. "How many times do I have to fucking say it?"

"Sir!" Tears began to stream down her face as both men started thrusting, one pulling out when the other would push in. "I'm sorry sir!" The feeling of being as full as she was causing the brunette agent to see stars, little black dots invading her vision as her pleasure was increased.

"God you're so tight," the eldest of the group grunted, hearing his balls hitting the vibrant skin of the beautiful woman. "Your ass is so fucking hot and tight."

Emily did her best to nod as she heard herself wheezing. "Thank you sir," she mewled. "Oh fuck!" She threw her head back, feeling the heat in her stomach begin to climb when Derek's teeth bit down hard on her perked nipple.

Hotch kept up his pace as he heard Derek finally cum beneath him. He looked down, watching as the still thrusting man's cock and the brunette woman's legs became soaked in his milky seed. "Fuck."

"Please sir," the ivory agent begged as she was pushed harder into the leather couch. "Can I cum?"

The older man forced Emily to give him her wrists, and he held them together at the small of her back as he rammed into her. "You cum when I cum."

Emily surrendered herself to him, her moans just loud enough as she pushed back against him, grinding back on his cock to get him to cum.

Vaguely hearing the sound of the couch slamming up against the wall, Hotch sped up his pace, his tempo running so fast that it wouldn't be a surprise if he ended up actually ripping through the beautiful woman's body.

"Oh my God!" she screeched, Emily's body practically flailing and waving around from the force she was being taken with. She heard felt the familiar sensation of the Unit Chief's penis stiffening within her, and she found the strength to finally let herself go.

Derek reached up and pulled the crying woman into a bruising kiss. "You're good baby, you're good."

Emily thanked God when Hotch finally let go of her wrists, and she fell down against the darker man's strong chest.

A bang on the wall alarmed the three that had collapsed on the floor, Derek laughing against the brunette's neck when he heard his neighbor yell for the to 'keep the porno down'.

"So," the eldest man sighed, reaching down so his fingers could rub against the tired woman's tender cunt. "Ready for round two?"