The Day I Meet You

Note for Nomiko:

Hiya! This is my second fanfic, I got the idea from Sk8ter Boi, remember this is just a prologue, so it's probably really short, but longer chapters will come soon! Please tell me if I should continue or not! Reviews are always welcome! ^_^


He was a boy
She was a girl
Can i make it any more obvious
He was a punk
She did cheerlead
What more can I say
He wanted her
She'd never tell secretly she wanted him as well
But all of her friends
Stuck up their nose
They had a problem with his baggy clothes

He was a skater boy
What will she say
Is he not good enough for her
She had a pretty face
But is her head up in space
Or she'll make the right choice

5 years from now

Skater boy is super star
rocking up MTV S
Does she sits at home
Or be back stage after the show
Singing the song that they wrote

He was a skater boy

Will she be with the skater boy

What choice will she make?


The boy got off the plane, with a backpack on one arm and the other with a skateboard, he was wearing a hat that turned backward on his head, baggy jeans and a shirt that's cut up to his shoulders. He stares at the little town called Tomodea and off he jumped from the stairs of the plane, got on his skateboard as he skate off like the chilly wind of autumn