Logan McCall had just come back into Beacon Hills well he was on spring break after he'd spent Thanksgiving and Christmas at home. The first thing he found out was that Derek was missing and all they had to go on was some bullet shells that had the Calaveras mark on them. Logan talked them into dropping him at Derek's where they went up and he grabbed the keys to his SUV and said he was going to take the twins and Allison and would meet them at the southern edge of town. When he got there the three of them were in the lobby as he had sent them a text to meet up there. Allison got in the front seat well the twins got in the back. She said that she was trying to reach her dad but couldn't get him; apparently he was trying to track down Kate. As they were driving to where they were going to meet Stiles, Lydia, Malia and Scott, Logan filled them in on what was going on.

Ethan jokingly said "I'm glad you're the one driving this thing because if you weren't Scott's older brother Derek would probably kick your ass for this."

Logan laughed at that and said "yeah I'm not sure if Derek could even kick my ass after all I do have some pretty high levels in a few martial arts."

Once they arrived at the gas station on the edge of town they filled up and grabbed some sank as Stiles joked it's always a good idea when traveling with werewolves or in the case of Mila who Stiles, Isaac, Scott and Lydia had picked up on their way, a werecoyote.

They then made their way down to Mexico Stiles handed a walkie-talkie to Allison so they could keep in touch with each other. They drove through the night and spent the night in a town just before the border of California and Mexico.

The next morning they made their way to the town that the Calaveras lived in, they had found out that they ran a nightclub there. It was decided that Allison, Mila, Isaac and Scott would try and blend in well the twins and Logan went in the back. Lydia and Stiles arrived shortly after with a briefcase of money that they had "borrowed" from the evidence locker. After dropping a couple of the bullet casing in some shots of tequila they were immediately taken to see Araya. Stiles and Lydia laid the money out on table.

Araya commented about not wanting money that had come from the Yakuza, she then said "you two were not so smart to come on your own."

Stiles then said "who says we came on our own?"

Meanwhile in the club Allison and Malia were dancing together with Isaac and Scott was lurking in the shadows. Araya then said "you brought a werewolf into my home?"

Stiles then said "actually a couple and an Alpha."

She then begins by toying with them and asks what they know about the dark moon. Lydia then says that it's the part of the lunar phase when the moon is least visible in the sky. Araya wonders if they know what it means. Lydia says it's a time of reflection or grief. Araya seizes on the latter and says she wonders why, when Scott and the rest have suffered so much loss, they would risk it again for someone like Derek. Stiles replied "it's because we don't like to lose."

Isaac and senses something and Allison tells him and Malia to try and bend in more, she then grabbed Malia and danced close with both her and Isaac it drew attention to them on the dance floor as the three of them are grinding on each other. Meanwhile Scott had made short work of one of the hunters and gotten one of their walkie-talkies. The hunters then begin getting in contact with Araya, Scott then says threw the one he has "Stiles take 10 off the table."

Just as Stiles takes ten off Logan says "take another 10 off." There's a loud crash then he says "put a couple thousand back on the table Aiden just broke something and it looked expensive."

Lydia then says "you should take the offer."

Araya then said "as tempted as I am to take a warning from a banshee I will decline it."

Meanwhile back in the club a couple of hunters have approached the others Logan takes out a pair of glowing nun chucks well the twins try and take on a couple of others. Isaac, Malia and Allison made short work of some around them too so did Scott with the ones who attacked him.

Stiles was trying to make jokes to Araya about how she doesn't really want to keep someone like Derek as he's such a big downer all the time and has no sense of humor and is a really poor conversationalist.

Araya isn't impressed with him and instead grabs the walkie-talkie and says "let's show this Alpha and his pack how the Calaveras negotiate."

Smoke beings spraying from several places in the club the pack then moves to a hallway which begins to fill with Smoke everyone realises it's wolfsbane. One of the hunters knocks Allison out with the butt of his gun.

Araya come in and looks at Scott and says "someone who has only been an Alpha for a few months should be more careful when facing a hunter with more than 40 years." She then shocked him with an electric cattle prod.

The next thing they find is them all walking up separately in a room that appears to be some sort of disused bathroom. Scott is the last to get up and immediately goes to try the door. Logan says to him "forget it little bro we've tried it already and not even the four of us together could budge it" He said the last part motioning towards Isaac, Ethan and Aiden.

Malia then suggested they jump whoever comes through the door next. Stiles then reminds her that they can't leave without Lydia. Aiden then says "I suppose as a coyote you'd leave a week member behind."

Melissa then said "or eat them if the hunting season was bad."

Logan then said "this isn't the wild animal kingdom and were not going to leave anyone for dead." The twins looked at each other and at the ground as they remembered the night they had done that to Logan when there ex-Alpha had bitten him.

A few minutes later two hunters came in and grabbed Scott and Logan and shocked them both with cattle prods and took them away. Scott was then strapped to a metal chair with weirs attached to it next to Lydia who was in a similar chair.

Araya then said to Logan "you will take the dial for your brother if you cause his death then you'll become the Alpha."

When Logan refused, she pointed out "remember your brother can heal himself well Lydia can't and it would be a shame to lose such a pretty girl like her."

Scott looked at Logan and nodded to him he realised that Scott is saying go ahead and do it.

Meanwhile back in the restroom Stiles is trying to find out if any of the others can hear what's going on with Scott well he's trying to help Malia to do it she ends up kissing him well Ethan turns to them and says "thanks for shutting him up it makes it easier to hear what's going on."

Stiles was about to say something when Malia kisses him gain.

Meanwhile as Logan is being forced to slowly turn up the electricity up to his brother Araya is taunting him by calling him "Lobito" which means "little wolf" in Spanish, Logan smirked as he knew what it meant, she then began questioning Scott about what he knows about the Hales. Scott then begins to piece together that Kate somehow must have turned into something and had taken Derek somewhere.

Scott then has a burst of Alpha strength that impresses everyone in the room Logan then says to him "let's get out of here Lobito."

Meanwhile the twins Isaac and Malia have filled Stiles and Allison in on everything that has happened. Just then Araya then arrives and lets them go explain to them that she knows where Kate is but the four men she sent out to find her have never returned.

Araya then lead them to the back door where she introduces them to Braden who then informs them that she will be escorting them to where Kate is presumed to be. On the way they have a conversation explain about Kate to Logan, the twins and Malia as well as Lydia. Some of it Logan already knew but he didn't know about Peter clawing out her throat. Scott then told them that she hadn't died and was actually turning and that the Calaveras had taken her from the Morgue and that an empty coffin was buried in her grave. He also told them how they had tried to force her to "keep to the code" and take her own life, but instead she didn't and killed the hunters before running off. Scott then suggested that she might not be a werewolf as sometimes when you tuned you turn into something else because you turn into what reflects you sometimes. Lydia then added "so what does a psychotic bitch turn into."

Just then Stiles came to a stop as something had hit the Jeep. Logan pulled up beside him well Braden took Scott to carry on finding Kate.

Aiden and Logan were both helping Stiles fix the jeep well Malia said she heard something. Allison drew out her crossbow and looked around as did Ethan. Allison also pulled out another flashlight and points it towards some creature Lydia grabs the flashlight from her and points it at it as Isaac, Ethan and Mila go after it. The three of them come back with Ethan and Isaac supporting an injured Malia.

Stiles then said to Malia that he thought she had run off. She then told him that she could never run from him. She then said that whatever had scratched her had run off before the others got there but it has smelt like death.

Meanwhile Barden and Scott had made their way to a ruined city with the only thing standing being an old church. Barden explains to him that an earthquake had leveled the city leaving only the church as it was apparently built over an Aztec temple which was home to a type of shape shifters called the Nagual . As they enter the old church and head into the tunnel below it Scott finds Derek's sent as well as something not human.

As the others were making their way there they heard a loud roar, Scott had roared like an Alpha to show whatever beast that was trying to attack him and Braden. The twins said to each other "way to go Scott." As Logan thought to himself great my brother has probably just let every creature within a mile of here know that he was there. He muttered under his breath "you are such an idiot sometimes Scotty."

Barden and Scott then found a circular sculpture of some sort of were jaguar god, Scott could smell Derek behind it and punched through the wall. They had found him but oddly he looked to be only about 15 or 16 maybe 17 at the most.

The others pulled up and Logan got out of the SUV almost at the moment it stopped walked up to his brother and swatted him across the head and said "what the hell was that about, your little howl there probably woke the dead or if it didn't it sure as hell let every supernatural creature in the area know you're here."

He then turned and looked at Derek and said "who's that?"