"What…" Faith stopped at the nursery, taking in the scene before her. "Right, ok, I'm here Baby, I'm here." Faith moved swiftly, slipping her arm around Buffy's waist and coaxing Buffy's arms over her shoulders.

"It hurts Faith," Buffy said, "it hurts."

"I know honey, I know" Faith said sympathetically, gently scooping Buffy into her arms and carrying her out to the car, Tara and Willow trailing only inches behind.

"What do you want us to do Faith?" Tara asked when they reached the front door. Buffy reached for the other blonde like a small child, "Tara will you stay with me, please?" she asked, her voice weak though there was a pleading, puppy dog eye type look in her own eyes.

"Of course I will Buffy," Tara smiled kindly, reaching out and giving her hand a gentle, reassuring squeeze.

"Ok, I'll drive," Faith decided as she slipped Buffy gently into the back of the car, "Tara, Willow, could you sit with her in the back please?"

The other two women moved quickly, slipping into their seats either side of Buffy. Just as they began to hold Buffy's hands for support, Buffy squeezed back, harder as the intense pain of a contraction coursed through her. "Faith!" she screamed.

"It's ok Baby, not long now I promise." Faith said, leaning in to kiss Buffy's lips, effectively calming her down some.

"Xan Man!" she yelled over her shoulder, "baby time! Wanna meet us there?!"

"Got to get home to Anya!" He called back in a rush, "I'll come a little later."

Faith nodded, slipping into the car and slamming the door and starting it up, tearing at full speed out of the driveway and down the street.

"I can't do this!" Buffy cried in the hospital bed in between contractions. "I'm not supposed to do this! Not on my own!"

Faith and Tara looked at one another, worried expressions crossing their faces before they looked back at Buffy.

"Yes you can. You're stronger than you think," Tara said.

"And you're not alone, B, you never will be so long as we're around. We're not going anywhere, B, we promise."

Tara nodded solemnly.

"I love you B, you can do this," squeezing just a slight fraction harder, Faith leaned forward, kissing her girlfriend's lips. Buffy closed her eyes, attempting to absorb herself in it as she kissed the girl she loved more than anything in the world back.

"She's so beautiful," Buffy looked down at the newborn baby in her arms as tears trailed slowly but steadily down her cheeks.

"What's her name?" Willow asked, her smile as wide as ever.

"Her name? Oh, ah, Valerie Elsa Danielle," Buffy answered, smiling at the thee women surrounding her, "because you were all my rescue. You especially," she leaned towards Faith, kissing her lips.

"Baby, if you want to, you can give the baby my name," Faith offered when they broke apart.

"I already did Faithie," Buffy said softly, confused.

"You can take it too. My name, Lehane."

Buffy nodded as a fresh round of tears fell. "I'd love to."