So's the epilogue that no one knew I was writing!

This is what happens in the year between when they met and the end of the main part of the fic, how their relationship progresses.

Rose Tyler and the Doctor had been back in London for a month now, back to their jobs and reality after their two weeks in America.

They hadn't really defined what they were to each other. They were exclusive and she had a drawer and closet space and a toothbrush at his flat. He had the same at hers.

They didn't see each other as often as they wanted, devoted to their jobs as they were. But there were texts and phone calls and stolen lunch breaks when they could manage it.


It was halfway through month two when Rose officially moved into his flat.


Things were going well for both of them.

People were starting to comment on how the Doctor had changed recently, how he seemed happier than he'd ever been before.

Rose was running Vitex's marketing campaigns to perfection, growing the company by unexpected leaps and bounds.

She was unaware that her success was earning her enemies among some of her subordinates who thought she'd been promoted unfairly.


Six months after returning to London, they went to Gallifrey Airline's Christmas Charity Gala together and raised quite a few eyebrows.

They hadn't been keeping their relationship a secret really, but they weren't advertising it either. Whispers followed them around the room as they mingled but as they weren't doing anything wrong, they quickly died down.

There were a few people who tried to stir up a scandal but Vitex and Gallifrey were in two very different markets so all they could do was snicker about the age difference. Everyone else could see the love in their eyes and mannerisms and said nothing at all, just smiled as they saw Rose sneak a kiss during a moment when she had the Doctor to herself.


Seven months to the day they met, he whispered those three words they'd both been dancing around into the sweet silence that stretched between them as they lay sated in their bed.

She whispered them back and they both smiled like the fools in love that they were.


They were well into month ten when the Doctor had to leave for a week long business trip to Germany. They both expected it to be like every other business trip either of them had taken - a necessary evil that would involve lots of text messages being sent to one another.

But when he called her halfway through the conference to say goodnight, she was crying. He couldn't figure out what was wrong and she just kept telling him that she didn't want to interrupt his work and that they could talk about it when he got home.

The Doctor blatantly ignored her and hopped the first plane back to London despite it being on an airline not his own.

When he walked into the flat he found her sitting on the couch, curled in on herself and shaking. The tears were gone but she looked completely drained.

He wrapped her in his arms and slowly, haltingly, she told him what had happened.

Vitex had fired her.

Apparently someone who had been holding a grudge against her rapid promotion and her success had gotten the ear of the bosses and conspired to have her fired. They were citing "creative differences" as the reason and the Doctor had never wanted to strangle people as much as he did when Rose started crying again.

He just kept telling her that they'd make it through this, that someone else would be ecstatic to hire her but he knew it didn't help, not right it the middle of the tragedy.


A few days later, Rose started her job hunt.


Two weeks after she was fired, the Doctor had to be at another conference in Las Vegas but since Rose hadn't accepted a new position yet, she went with him.

When they made it back to London two weeks later they were both sporting shiny new bands on their left hands and Gallifrey Airlines had approved the hire of a new member of the head marketing team.