Shadow of Tranquility (NarutoxHighschool-DXD)

Disclaimer: This story is fiction. All the characters, names and places belong to their respective owners.

Recap: Naruto had finally returned to the world of his birth – earth – in order to seek out the reincarnated form of his sister, whoever she might be. Sadly, when found by him, she had no memory of her past life, and his clashes with her King – Rias Gremory – made the matter worst, and any possible reconciliation seemed impossible.

=[Memoir of the Past]=
Act I

He coughed lightly while pressing his free hand against his chest. The white glow of a foreign power infesting his body could be seen on his fingertips as he grunted a little at the pain. Even as powerful as he was, being attacked by a polar opposite energy could have an everlasting effect.

"Are you alright, Naruto-sama?" the fallen angel, Raynare, asked sincerely. She used her body to give him support as they glided slowly toward the mainland from the sea. One of her kinds, a blond hair and blue eyes girl, Mittelt, followed the couple from behind, but did not bother to render any assistance.

Naruto looked at the fallen angel to his left while his arm wrapped around her shoulder for stability. He formed a smile as he remembered a certain worrisome servant from his past had done the same thing when he was injured. The silver-haired girl was one of his many subordinates when he was promoted to one of the pillars, but she had him were more than that at his own sister's constant interference.

'Astra…' Naruto muttered that devil's name and pondered why he was remembering something like that at the moment. He shook his head lightly to clear the image. "I am fine, Raynare, and as long as Mittelt don't try to stab me from behind, I will heal quickly enough."

Hearing that, her eyes sharpened and immediately cocked her head to behind her. She saw Mittelt was holding a light spear tightly in her hands and was readied to do something she wasn't about to allow.

"Tehehe, I wasn't going to take away your beloved, honestly, Raynare-sama, so please don't look at me with those scary eyes," Mittelt asserted as the energy weapon vanished from her hand. The girl then tightened the string around her gothic attire in order to stop matching those deadly glares. She was confused to why Raynare would want to serve someone like that. It would be better for them to run away and report everything that had happened to the governor general, Azazel-sama. They would be punished for trying to steal the Sacred Gear and ignoring their task of observation and engaged the target, but it was still better than staying here.

Naruto chuckled lightly, getting Raynare's attention. "There's no need for you to do anything. If Mittelt thinks she could kill me when I'm this weakened then she's free to try. But I can say for certain, the end result won't be pleasant for her."

Mittelt tensed up at the dry remark before smirking. "Ah, I've never thought of doing something like that, Naruto-sama. With the power you wield, I would not last a second. And even if I do, Raynare-sama would kill me."

"At least she's humbled and smart enough to know where she stands against you," the dark voice within Naruto commented. "She might still be useful yet. I want to increase the test subject when you're recovered fully. Getting blasted by a full power of purification without actively defending yourself has serious consequences no matter how strong you think you are."

'Don't need to tell me that. I know my mistake, but I was a little shocked to see my imouto would attack me with a full force,' Naruto replied with a thought and paid attention to Raynare. "We don't need to return to the church since they're probably not there anymore. Set me down right here so I can fix myself."

"As you wish, Naruto-sama," Raynare replied and descended toward the ground. Mittlelt followed suit while Naruto sat cross-legged and entered a meditated state. Shadowy aura enveloped him as small droplets of light were being expelled from his body.

"Sorry to say this, but she's not your imouto yet," Kurama pointed out as Naruto frowned. He knew that much. If it was her then there was no way she would attack him like that. "She's Koneko even if my sister Serene had awakened within her… grumpily, I must say. Serene will slowly introduced a new set of memory into the girl's consciousness, but there are several ways that this could go."

'Three ways to be exact,' Naruto corrected.

"Yes, three ways, either consciously or unconsciously since foreign memory is always a pain even if the soul is the same." Kurama agreed. "First, Koneko could reject the memory and it would be locked away or be destroyed forever. In other word, what made your imouto your imouto will no longer exists. Second possibility is that the new set of memory will overshadowed Koneko's current one and what made her would cease to be. That would be the best choice in my opinion since this Koneko's personality is not real, but only created after her reincarnation."

Naruto pursed his lips at the grim possibility. He had somewhat acquaintance with the white-haired reincarnated devil and thought her like a friend even though she took advantage of him for sweets. But then his sister took advantage of him for many things as well.

"I'm going to call that plan B. The third choice is be better in my opinion so we'll go with that."

"Meshing their memories together so they both could exist as one?" Kurama questioned skeptically. "I don't think you should do something like that. If that is too much dissimilarity between them, the two personalities might come in conflict and she might reject both of them at once. In such case, it will be disastrous and she'll become nothing more than a blank person."

'Kurama, why do you care so much what happened to her? It's not like she's your sister, and you said the choice is not up to us,' Naruto stated flatly.

"True, she's not my sister, but Serene is in there. Even we all have our differences at doing things, we Aspect are siblings. We were born together … probably," Kurama said unsurely. "Anyway, yes, I suppose it's not entirely up to us which choice she would make, but we can still persuade her to make the one we wanted by showing her things."

'I know, but I won't force her in the end because she probably will hate me for it,' Naruto replied mentally and opened his eyes slowly. He had expelled all the foreign energy from his body and now it was returning to its full power. The shadow around him condensed and formed a thin layer over his body before become unseen.

"Raynare," Naruto called.

"Yes, Naruto-sama?"

"Do you know where Kuoh Academy is?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, I do. I've spend a bit of times there masquerading as a student in order to spy on Issei," Raynare answered truthfully.

"Mmm… that's good to know. Alright, I have a task for you," Naruto said after he made up his mind about where to go from here. "I want you to check on Koneko and see how she's doing. I would have gone myself, but I don't think my presence is welcome there just yet."

"But they will attack me if they found out that I'm spying on them," Raynare stated her concern.

"Then don't spy from the shadow, just act like a student of the academy and don't attack them unless they mean you harm, but I don't think they will," Naruto advised. "From what I seen, they wouldn't attack each other in public, let alone a school full of people."

"I understand," Raynare said. "I know it's not my place, but what will you be doing, Naruto-sama?"

Naruto paid an eye at the girl as she averted her own ones from him.

"I'm sor –

"I'm going to visit my home in the remote part of the underworld. It was given to me when I was promoted to one of the pillars so even now, it's still technically belongs to me," Naruto interrupted.

"Pillar… Y-you were a devil!?"

"Yes, was it that shocking?" Naruto questioned with a chuckle. His life was filled with twist and turn, meeting many different people from all walks of life. Many of them were previously his enemies, but became some of his best friends. Michael, the archangel was the best example.

"No, I just thought you were an angel originally," Raynare answered. "But it doesn't matter. I will serve you whether you are an angel or a devil because you gave me a purpose."

'Really?' He thought and briefly leered at Mittelt, who was paying attention, before returning his gaze back to Raynare.

"I think I should tell you a bit about my past. I was born as a human in a small ninja like village many years before the Great War broke out. After my village was destroyed by monsters, I was reincarnated as a low ranking devil under Lucifer's leadership. Through my innumerable achievements, I was promoted to one of the seventy-two pillars and given a… generous amount of land as well as title of a duke of the underworld. It was the best I could hope for at the time so I continued to serve him with the best of my ability."

The former-devil inhaled deeply and frowned. "However, he betrayed me when he showed his true face. He killed my sister right before my eyes and fatally wounded me. It was then that Michael gave me salvation and granted me the power of an archangel by sharing some of his essence. Technically, I was a reincarnated angel, but a true angel regardless."

Raynare and Mittelt were speechless. Reincarnation ability was always possible without Evil Pieces or Brave Saint system, but to reincarnate a high ranking devil – one of the pillars – during the war was unthinkable since there were many ramifications. The entire host of heavens would definitely be against it.

"It's strange isn't it? For Michael to do something like that?" Naruto asked as the two girls nodded in agreement. "Even now, I don't know why he did that."

"Anyway, as an archangel, I had to fight against those that were once my friends. Even with scorn on both sides of the war, I did not care. My only motivation then was revenge for my sister. I knew my own men would not listen to me and followed me like when I was a devil, but I didn't expect them to betray me in the end," Naruto lamented about the critical mistake he made near the end of the war. "They cut off my wings and left me to die, but even in that moment, where everything seemed hopeless, a new force came to my aid. It was also when I fell and my wings became like yours."

"You went from human to devil, angel and fallen?" Mittelt called out. "I never heard someone doing something like that before."

"Naruto-sama," Raynare mumbled with a sad face as the said person gave her a nod.

"My journey did not end there, and many things I did after were something I'm not too proud of," Naruto admitted. He had allowed his newfound power to take control of him and slaughtered so many of his comrades. "I don't want to tell you about them since I don't want to remember it, but currently I am known as an aspect empowered entity. The only one higher than my current rank is a true Aspect like the beast you all feared, the Great Red."

"The G-great Red!? I thought it was a dragon," Mittelt called out again. Naruto was about to clarify but a shadow materialized above him.

"Dragon? Don't group us with such a puny mortal species. Unlike those you called Gods and Buddha, we are true immortals. We can never die!" Kurama roared before swirling into a small creature with nine tails. "Physical form has no meaning to us; we can be anything we so desired."

"Is that a youkai!? It's so cute," Mittelt announced and tried to hold it. However, a playful flick of its tails batted her away as Raynare tensed up.

"I'm not falling for your façade," Kurama snorted.

"Why must you choose that form?" Naruto asked, seeing the shadowy kyuubi before him. Youkai was what destroyed his village under the order of Lucifer in order to test his survival and willpower. How the Satan ordered them into doing that still eluded him, but he would deal with that race eventually.

"Why not, does it annoy you?" Kurama asked while flicking its many tails in front of the blond face. Naruto simply sighed.

"What are you doing out here?" Naruto changed the subject. The Dark Aspect rarely projected itself outside its host as it would not have access to its full power.

"You're not going to see Serene so I'm going with her instead," Kurama said and landed gently on top of Raynare's head with a single playful leap. "I want to have a chat with her since it has been a while, and I want to check how my experiment going."

It then looked down at Raynare. "The devouring gear within will prevent you from dying under normal circumstances, but the power of destruction of that red-haired girl can still kill you at the moment if you're not careful. You can still die if your body is destroyed entirely."

"I understand. Thank you for granting me such power, Aspect-sama," Raynare thanked sincerely. She always wanted a Sacred Gear and be useful to someone.

"Kurama," Kurama corrected.

"Kurama," Raynare said.

"-sama," Kurama added.

"Apology, Kurama-sama," Raynare apologized.

"Then shall we go?" Kurama asked and then looked at Naruto. "I will catch up with you later when we met up or if this form somehow got 'killed'. If I die, then the negotiation is off and I suggest taking Koneko by force instead. You can do something like that easily even if Serene tries to stop you."

Naruto gave a nod of approval. It took centuries to master the Aspect powers with great efficiency, and even then, there were plenty of ways to use it. He'd constantly made up more techniques as the possibility seemed to be endless. In contrast, Koneko, was more or less, just a new born, learning how to walk for the first time. There was no doubt in his mind that he could overpower her if he chose.

Raynare and Kurama vanished in a swirl of black smokes, afterward.

"Where did he go?" Mittelt asked when she returned while rubbing her swollen cheek. "Where is Raynare-sama?"

"She went on an errand," Naruto said as a black line formed horizontally in the air behind him. It split opened like several adjoining double doors as he stood up. Naruto stepped all the way through it. "You are free to go, Mittelt. I no longer required your service."

"But…" Mittelt called out, but the rift closed, leaving her all alone. "Ah, what should I do now? Should I go after Raynare-sama?"

The blond-haired girl pondered for a little bit before flying off to report back to Shemhazai-sama and Azazel-sama about a certain being named Naruto Uzumaki.


"Looked like everything healed like it'd never existed, Buchou," the black-haired with a killer figure said and checked her lower chest. The ribs within were perfectly mended while Rias clenched her hands to see any sign of damage. Those limbs were torn apart during the one sided fight, but now it was completely fine.

Yuuto was checking on the unconscious Koneko while Issei checked on Asia. They found the blond-haired nun in the basement of the abandoned church after the crucifix was found empty. They weren't sure who moved her, but she had no injuries on her person. Both of the girls were now sleeping peaceful on a separate sofa of the Occult clubroom.

"They are fine. Koneko only appeared to be exhausted while this one was only knocked out," said the silver-haired girl with a matching pair of eyes. After the careful examination, she tugged them nicely on the sofa and pulled the other two boys away to let them rest.

"Why are you here, Grayfia?" Rias asked, now seated in behind her desk with Akeno by her side. "Did nii-san send you? Is this about the engagement?"

"Yes," Grayfia answered flatly. "The contract between your House and House Phenix must be up hold and fulfill. That's what Lord Gremory and Sirzechs-sama wishes."

"I told him, I don't want to! They signed it without my consent!"

"Even so, both Lord Gremory and Lord Phenix had agreed on such union then so it still valid. Sirzechs-sama have given you some leniency on the matter and hoped you would discuss it with your fiancé, Riser-sama, but you have been avoiding him constantly," Grayfia pointed out. "You can blame no person by yourself for neglecting it until now. I was only going to deliver the message that you have no time left but…"

She looked at Rias and frowned. "I didn't expect to find something like this. If your opponent is too strong for you, you should not engage them and make a tactical retreat."

"Pardon me, but we didn't expect him to be that strong, and escaping then didn't seem possible either," Yuuto interjected as Akeno nodded. Issei was depressed that he couldn't do anything during the fight. His gauntlet arm was blast into pieces by the strange beam of dark energy, and it was a miracle that he was still alive now.

"Without Koneko's help, I don't think be here and talking away like this," Akeno added. "I still don't understand what happened then though. We were dying then we were fine. It felt like a dream."

"Obviously, it was not," Grayfia said.

"Yes. We will wait until she wakes up and explains it to us," Rias said, fidgeting her fingers. "Grayfia, do you know anything about a fallen angel named Naruto Uzumaki?"

"Naruto Uzumaki?" Grayfia repeated the words a few time. Her eyes shifted from normal to sorrowful in a fraction of a second as something went through her mind. She then brushed her maid attire a little and smiled. "Yes, House Uzumaki was one of the Pillars of the underworld."


"Please don't shout in here," Grayfia ordered as if she owned the room. "House Uzumaki was promoted to that status as a reward for Lord Uzumaki's accomplishments during the war. He defected to the opposition near the end of the war, however, and from then on, that House was abolished due to being a traitor. But in actual fact, there was no heir left to continue it. By the way, did you have a good look at that person? Did he have golden blond hair and blue eyes?"

"Yes, there were also some markings on his cheeks," Rias answered after calming herself. She was in thought.

'He's still alive…? Where have he been all these years?' Grayfia thought with great inner conflict. She wanted to go ask him something, but she was also angry at him.

"If he was a pillar, that mean he was a devil. Why is he a Fallen Angel now? No, is he even called that? His light spears are pitch-black," Akeno asked.

"I don't know what happened exactly since I wasn't born then so I never met him personally, but he was a devil before he was an angel; an archangel to be exact," Grayfia explained. "And as an angel, he could fall due to impure actions and become a fallen."

"That's made sense, I guess," Rias said.

"Unfortunately, that's wrong, he's not a fallen angel anymore," corrected a very cute girl in school uniform. She was standing in the door way with a bright smile plastered on her face. A small black fox was sitting on top of her head, wrapping its paw around her long silky hair while leering at the group inside the room.

"Raynare!" Issei called out.

"Wrong. It's Yuuma Amano," Raynare corrected. "How could you forget your girlfriend's name? I know we only went on one date, but I thought you would remember at least that much, Issei-kun."

"Eh!? That's… what?"

Raynare's expression turned dark and menacing. "Or maybe I should remind you of what happened then?"

Issei held his chest where the light spear had pieced it on reflex before clenching his fist in anger. Yuuto stopped him from doing any further after examining the fox, however. Everyone else in the room could sense the vast power that the small creature was emitting.

'Hmmm… what does Red sees in this boy?' Kurama thought and checked each of the people in the room. It then stopped and stared at Grayfia, who was stoic. 'She looks familiar… silver hair and eyes. Where have I seen her before? Ah…'

"What do you think you're doing here, Fallen Angel?" Rias asked, breaking up the façade.

"Can't I visit my school club and check if I could join as a member?" Yuuma asked with a smile as almost everyone stared at her. Kurama figured out who Grayfia was and vanished in a puff of black smokes from the top of Raynare's head. Grayfia along with Rias and Akeno located it quickly as it stood next to the sleeping form of Koneko.

"Hey, I want to talk to you so get out here," Kurama said with a normal tone. As requested, a white dense steam erupted from the small girl's body. It swirled in the air a little, forming a translucent serpent.

"Nnnnn, why are you so small? Hang on a sec," it said before its body split apart into many white streams like ribbons. They glide toward the ground, wrapping into each other and formed a small white bunny right before the fox. "About the same eye level now, Dark, or you go by Kurama now?"

"Either one is fine, Serene," Kurama said, ignoring everyone else in the room. "So how is she?"

"I don't know. I'm still half asleep, and mad at you for waking me this early," Serene growled and scratched her long bunny ears a little. "Just with only a one small technique, she became comatose like that. Mortals have such a fragile body."

"It's not a small technique and it's definitely wasn't my fault, or his. We weren't really sure where you were when you are in your slumber, and your aura was everywhere around the world. Why is that?"

"What are they?" Yuuto asked, looking at the two small creatures that could talk. The fox look liked a youkai with its multitude of tails while the rabbit looked like just an ordinary rabbit a person can buy in a pet store. Raynare simply giggled like a school girl and brushed her long black hair back.

"The white one came out of Koneko didn't it? They could be a new kind of familiar?" Akeno asked, arching her body over them.

"They are not, can't you feel their aura?" Rias said as Grayfia nodded in agreement.

"They look cute and cuddly," Akeno tried to touch the bunny, but a white string made of fur originated from its body passed through her without slowly down before swinging to the side out of it. It then hovered in the air above as Akeno collapsed to the floor, unmoving.

Widening their eyes, the group tried to help Akeno, but found she wasn't breathing at all. Raynare was speechless as she watched the display near the door.

"What did you do to Akeno-chan!" Issei roared angrily as Yuuto formed swords in his hands.

"Stop it you two," Grayfia ordered and stopped the two from doing something foolish. "May I ask what did you do to her?"

The bunny stared at Grayfia for a few seconds while Kurama sighed. "Nnnnn, at least someone here have manner. I just rip out her soul that's all for calling me a familiar and try to pat me like some kind of domesticated animal.

"I apologize on her behalf so can you forgive her this one time?"

"Fine, but I'm not going to put it back next time," Serene replied in a normal tone of voice.

The furry string in the air then lowered and impaled into Akeno's body. The girl gasped and coughed as she held her throat in discomfort. Just seconds ago, she was held above the room while she watched her lifeless body below, unable to say or do anything.

"When you left with your host, I found the human world was devastated so I simply use my power to heal and repair it so it could bloom again," Serene continued like nothing had happened. "That was before I went to the other side and search for the girl's soul fragments. It took longer than I thought since there were so many there. Then everything became a bit hazy so I fell asleep."

"Is that why you're grumpy than usual?"

"I'm not grumpy! Don't call me that! And why were you fighting in the first place? Do you pick fights with mortals now?" Serene asked and then had a detailed examination of the people around the room.

"That wasn't –

"That's because he took Asia-chan captive and send a formal challenge to Buchou," Issei called out, remembering the excruciating pain around his chest as the black marking tortured him.

Revising a bit of Koneko's memory, Serene spoke up. "Buchou is Rias Gremory, who's Asia-chan?"

"That's then golden haired girl sleeping over there, and nope, he's wrong. Naruto didn't take her, she went with him willingly," Kurama revealed while using one of his tails to point at Asia. "And the challenge thing was to check if Rias actually cared about her peerage or not, and to see their devotions to their leader. Naruto had something similar, but they all abandoned him when he needed their support the most."

Hearing that last bit, Raynare frowned and wanted to know more.

"That's bullshit! He tries to kill us!" Issei shouted as Yuuto and Akeno agreed.

"That's because your King broke the rules of the game first," Kurama said calmly and eyed Rias. "She tried to attack Raynare while she was busy fighting you three."

"Buchou helped because she only wanted to save us from getting killed."

"So? The fact she broke the rules of the game and entered the battle means that Naruto could do the same as well," Kurama retorted.

"But there's no reason to kill us! I despised someone like him. He's a mons –

Issei couldn't finish as a tendril slammed the boy's into the wall. Yuuto tried to help, but got slammed into another wall with another tail. Grayfia stopped Akeno and Rias from doing something foolish as the boys weren't in mortal danger. In addition, she wasn't sure she could fight against the fox evenly in this place and there was a nagging problem of the white one that could rip out people's soul effortlessly, ignoring their physical defenses entirely.

"Listening here, puny ex-human, you do not have the right to call him that without going through what he did. You do not know how much he had given up for your kind's continued existence. He grew up and lived in a world where it kill or be killed! Even so he tries to spare as much people as he can. But what did he get in the end? Being called a traitor by his friends, his only family member killed before his eyes, betrayed by his own men and left to die alone at a bottom of an abyss? Do you think this is some sort of a game? The moment you become a devil, you have entered a world that not rainbow and sunshine so grow up or I will kill you right here and now."

"That's enough, stop bullying the naïve boy," Serene ordered flatly as Kurama growled and shrank his tendrils, letting his captive go. "When did you become so emotional? You were always indifferent to everything."

"Things change, I've changed." Kurama admitted that he was no longer the same Aspect those centuries ago. "Whether it's for the better? I don't know for sure, but I feel like I'm really living in the world."

"No, we're have changed, all of us," Serene claimed.


"Traitors…" Naruto mumbled sadly as he looked at the condescending sigils that were plastered all over the outside wall of the rundown building. It wasn't exactly his choice to join the angels, but rather Lucifer had forced his hands. Standing here in the home he built with his two hands, he realized how much he had missed the place since it was full of memories – both sad and happy one. He couldn't return here when he joined the rank of the angels as they were at war.

"What a dump, and in the middle of nowhere too," the blond-haired girl pouted as she examined the small piece of land they were given. "Why can't the great one give us something better? A little closer to the market would be great."

"Imouto, we weren't born as true devils so he can't do something like that without everyone challenging his wisdoms," Naruto said, trying to force a smile. "The Master had granted us this since we don't have a place that we could call our own. It's generous enough, and besides, I think it's the thought that counts."

"But you're a duke now, and one of the 72 Pillars. People shouldn't argue what you are being rewarded with, if they're jealous then they should do those deadly missions themselves," she snorted with frustration. "Wealth, fame, prestige, and you can have own servants now! You gained all that with hard work and bloodshed so why are they complaining? It's not like the great one favored you without basis."

"Imouto, please stop. I don't mind what the masses think of me, I only care about those that are my friends and family think," Naruto claimed and placed his hand on her shoulders. "If you don't you want to live here with me then I'm sure I can arrange another place for you with Luci-kun. You like him don't you?"

"I don't like him! He only has eyes for Astra even though she likes…" the girl said and trailed off that last bit. "I'm sorry, I won't complain anymore, and I want to live with you, Onii-sama."

"Cool, then I has a surprise, I'm going built a house like our parents from scratch," Naruto declared with his chest puffed up. "Well, not exactly the same since our parent's home is pretty small and we have to sleep in the same room. You will have your own room from now on! Do you like that?"

"Yeah," she replied with a slight sad face.

"What's wrong – ?"

"Wow, this place is… I thought Lucifier-sama would reward you with a better land," someone else said from behind them. The handsome man with crimson hair waved at the siblings. "Hey, I brought those materials you ordered, completely free of charge as long as you attend the upcoming party for my son."

"Lord Gremory, It is nice to see you," the girl greeted. "How's Sirzechs-chan? Can he walk yet? I wanted to hold him, but your wife wouldn't let me. She's so mean."

"Hahaha, no, she just quite protective of the babe, but he will grow to be strong as worthy of my heir, Sirzechs Gremory! I just know it," Lord Gremory replied. "We will talk more at the party, is there anything else you need? I still owe you several favors."

"Well, if you really wanted to pay me back then…" Naruto said and requested something.

"Eh? No way, I'm not that kind of devil, I can't help you build a house! I will order my servants to do it for you."

"But you said anything, or you want me to tell Vene-chan that you flirted with Sola-chan? I got pictures of it too," Naruto pointed out and held up a photo. The red-haired man was shocked and tried to grab it, but failed miserably. He admitted defeated afterward and helped the duo build their homes. He eventually found Naruto had no such evidence in the first place, which caused him to crack up hysterically.

Every bricks, every timbers, every nails, he remembered touching them and making sure they were in place. It took more than a year to build with only the two of them between missions while extra helpers came occasionally. Passing through the door-less entrance, vision of old inhabitants filled the hall, converting the darkness into bright light. It revealed the double staircase up to the second level.

"Welcome home, Lord Uzumaki," welcomed the maid with silver hair and eyes along with several servants. "I hope your mission went well. Shall I get the bath ready for you?"

"No, the task was tiring and they kept chasing me. I'm famished," Naruto said as the girl nodded. "By the way, Astra-chan, why do you want to work here? Your parents are high ranking officials, and you know you could get much more with others household. Better pay too. Luci-kun kept asking me about it, and I'm inclined to agree –

"Ah your back, Onii-sama, come here, I want to show you something," the blond haired girl said and dragged her brother away while narrowing her eyes at the maid suspiciously.

"I don't care about money or fame, I only want one thing," Astra mumbled softly as she watched the siblings ran off.

The vision faded as Naruto looked around at the extensive damage. Misty shadows erupted and swirled around his body as he spread out his hands outward. Like conducting an orchestra, each wave of his hands, the shadow was morphed into materials. They began filling in the gaps in the wall, floor and ceiling. Black fog spread across the floor from his feet, repairing the foundation and materializing a brand new red carpet. Cracks and fissure closed itself as lantern and candles filled hall in its brilliance. Smashed statues, ornaments, and paintings uplifted by shadowy hands and tendrils, piecing together and returned to their original place along the wall.

While that was going on, a girl with long black hair tied in twin ponytails noticed the phenomenon from outside. It was like a shadowy tornado of materials, but instead of destroying the building it enveloped, it was restoring the building rapidly. "Someone is fixing the old haunted place? Or maybe it was a ghost?"

Chill went through her body as she shrieked on reflex. Realizing what she had done, she patted herself in the forehead in a patronizing manner. She then remembered the story when she was younger as it was told to many kids about a devil that betrayed his creator and lost everything he had as it was stated to be this place. The story was to show kids that no one should dare to challenge the Satan, and it was one of her favorite story until the civil war broke out when someone did do exactly that.

"Ah, it's the Legend of the Fallen Devil! That sounds like a good episode for Miracle Levia-tan!"

Author Note:

Happy boxing day! Hope you got what you wanted. The next chapter will come after two one-shots - Shadow of Tranquility: Blackened Wings (Raynare) and Shadow of Tranquility: Whitened Wings (Gabriel). They are called false epilogues and would only occur if the first of the three options I mentioned happened.