Bonnie took Caroline to her house. She could have left the vampire in her house, but with Klaus' obsession over her blonde friend, Bonnie was obliged to keep the blonde vampire in her house. Bonnie made sure that her friend was comfortable and left her friend to rest. She told Caroline that she was going to visit Elena and left.

She just stepped out of the house, when she saw a man walking toward her house. She frowned as the man reached the portico.

"Miss Bennett?" the man asked. He was a brunette with hazel eyes. He was wearing jeans and grey t-shirt.

Bonnie was puzzled about who could it be. She just looked at him and said, "Yes"

"I am Atticus Shane. I was acquainted with your Grandmother" he said. "Do you have a minute so we can talk?"

Bonnie nodded. They walked the short distance that took them to reach the local park. They sat on the bench and Bonnie waited for him to say something.

"I am sorry about your Grandmother. I was abroad on an excavation when she passed away so I couldn't attend the funeral." He said.

Bonnie nodded politely, still unable to decide what this was all about and asked, "How did you know each other?"

Atticus had a soft smile as he asked, "What do you know about Silas, Miss Bennett?"

Bonnie thought for a moment. But she couldn't come across anything. She shrugged, "No idea"

Atticus nodded and started to explain, "Silas was the first perfect Immortal to be made. He had the perfect balance of Immortality and Witchcraft. But it was said that he was turned into a stone and locked in a cave with the cure for Immortality. Sheila made it her life's mission to find the cure."

Bonnie blinked rapidly, for a moment forgetting that the man knew her family's secret. "Are you saying that there is a cure for vampirism?"

Atticus nodded, "Yes, there is. I was wondering if I could take Sheila's papers. I would like to continue the search that Sheila and I planned."

Bonnie nodded mutely, her wheels already turning. "Can you meet me tomorrow? I will text you the address later" she said and exchanged mobile numbers with him. After saying goodbye to Mr. Shane, Bonnie made her way to the Gilbert house to meet Elena.

A phone call to Elena was all it took for her to have their most trusted friends to gather at the Gilbert House. When she reached, she saw that Tyler, Matt and Jeremy were waiting for her with Elena. It was urgent and Bonnie refused to beat around the bush. "Hey" she said, unsure how to start.

"What is so important, Bonnie that you made us abandon the X-Box?" Matt asked.

Bonnie rolled her eyes, "What if I told you that there is a cure vampirism?"

Elena perked up at that, "What?" she said softly.

"Ha ha, very funny." Matt said, "Seriously, what is it, Bon?"

"I am serious, Matt. A Mr. Shane, ex-colleague of my Grams paid me a visit" Bonnie said, "Apparently there was this first Immortal who was turned into a stone with a cure for him. Grams and were searching for it." Bonnie said.

"Why did it take him this long to tell you this?" Jeremy asked, with a hint of doubt.

"He said he was in an excavation and couldn't cut it short. He wants my Grams' papers to continue the research" Bonnie said.

"Wait" Tyler said, "Is vampirism is even a disease?"

Bonnie glared at him, "Just think about it. If we can get our hand on this cure"

"Then I can be a human again" Elena finished for her.

Bonnie nodded enthusiastically.

Atticus Shane returned to the cabin that he was living in. Temporarily.

"How did it go?" the boy, his protégé asked.

"I would count it as a success. Judging by the way her thoughts ran frantically once I confirmed that there indeed is a cure for Immortality" Atticus replied.

The boy chuckled.

Atticus stuffed his hands in his pockets and asked, "So, did you hear from Hayley yet?"

The boy nodded, "They just settled down in the Lockwood property"

Atticus nodded, "Time for step two then. Inform Hayley"

The boy nodded. "Do you think the latest doppelganger would go for the cure?"

"Of course she would" Atticus smirked. "You know why?"

The boy shrugged.

Atticus chuckled and said, "She lacks Amara's fire, Tatia's elegance and Katerina's slyness. In other words, she's plainly boring." Atticus sighed, "How the universe managed to produce such a doppelganger is beyond me"

The boy laughed, "The Bennett girl would bend over backwards to obtain the cure for her. Too bad, they are in for a disappointment"

"True, true" Atticus chucked.

Hayley got the message exactly three hours after the set up the camp. She waited until nine o' clock to execute their plan. So she told her newest pack that she was going to meet her friend Tyler and left the Lockwood property. After about thirty minutes of driving in a circuit, she reached the cabin, where her boss, Atticus and his protégé were staying. There was already a room ready for her stay. Once she reached the bedroom she took her untraceable mobile phone and composed a message.

Your slave, Tyler is entertaining a pack of wolves in his property. He promised them your death and Immortality. They are devising a plan to kill you as of now.

-A well-wisher.

The moment she hit the send button, she set aside her phone and laid down on the bed. Soon, everything would fall in place. She and all the alphas over the world would meet their Alpha and pledge their allegiance. They would be his faithful Betas. Now it's imminent that they eliminate Tyler from the equation. With him gone, her Alpha and his Mate would have some space to get closer. They have to make sure that it happened. She felt slightly guilty for doing this to Tyler. But he had it coming. No wolf should go against his or her Alpha. No matter what. But he did.

So he must be punished.

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