Leroy Jethro Gibbs didn't pause in his quick stride as Abby Sciuto and Abigail Gibbs careened past him, giggling like schoolgirls. Of all the originals and clones, those two had adapted the fastest, acting more like twins separated by a decade and a half than anything else. Aton and Tony acted like brothers, continually pranking each other and everyone around them. They had a quiet understanding of each other that they had needed for most of their lives. Gibbs could offer support and guidance, but not true understanding.

Timothy McGee and Thom Gibbs circled around each other, feeling the other out and slowly coming to some agreement. Gibbs knew that Thom had agreed to Aton recruiting the originals but Timothy had been completely weirded out of the idea of a clone. Ziva Gibbs spent a lot of time with the boys, mediating between them as the two of them offered the girl encouragement and companionship. Ziva didn't seem too upset that Ziva David had remained on Earth since she had the attention of two kind-hearted Tims. If Tim and Thom could focus on Ziva, their combined awkwardness faded away.

Jon waited for Gibbs in their office. General O'Neill had once again blindsided the gunny with the suggestion of Jon O'Malley as the team leader of the clones. Gibbs would lead the originals during the cases and Jon, the clones. It worked. Gibbs had decidedly parental emotions concerning the clones that could have (and before the addition of Jon had) complicated investigations. Jon, as a clone of the general, turned out to be extremely good at negotiating the minefields of being a clone. He was also a good enough commander and tactician that Gibbs knew that his kids were safe in his hands.

"What do we have?" Gibbs asked Jon.

Jon handed him a data pad. "You have a dead native on P3F-798. The brother of the native claims that a Marine killed him, but we have a location of the native the whole time. If we can give the town council the true murderer beyond a reasonable doubt, we can keep our treaty. They're the ones with the best local coffee beans. Everyone wants to keep the treaty."

"And your team," Gibbs prompted.

"R6Y-553. Supposedly no sentient life but something or someone started with minor theft and destruction of property and moved up to jumping a scientist last night. So far, no deaths, but we want to keep it that way."

Gibbs nodded. His team would have more obvious dangers ahead (re mobs and lynching parties), but the mysteries behind the curtain in the Pegasus Galaxy were treacherous. "You'll keep the kids safe."

Jon didn't roll his eyes. He would.