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This will only be a short story of 5 or so chapters.




"This is Lois Lane for Daily Planet Live reporting from the Watchtower with a special report on the Justice League.

"Acting as the headquarters of the League, the Watchtower is the space-station in orbit around Earth. Led by Princess Diana of Themyscera, better known as Wonder Woman, and Kal-El of the now-destroyed planet Krypton, better known as Superman, the Watchtower was designed by the Wayne twins and built by WayneTech. The basic frame was built on Earth and lifted into orbit by Superman, Supergirl, Captain Marvel and J'onn, the Martian Manhunter. Once in orbit, the four flew up modules and support structures to enhance the station until it reached the size it is now.

"Crewed by volunteers from WayneTech/SpaceDivision, the main portion of the Watchtower is a cylinder almost a kilometer long, oriented so that if you stand in the main hall and look up, you see Earth floating against a backdrop of stars, reminding all who stand there that they may have powers, but the welfare of Earth is their primary concern, and that they must always hold the people of Earth's safety as their highest priority. Three smaller cylinders are arranged equidistantly around the main cylinder, connected to the main tower by reinforced pylons and walkways, while a large ring encirles the whole array, containing living quarters for the crew and the heroes who have joined the League.

"The secondary cylinders contain research areas for the three main superhero-allied organisations. WayneTech runs the upper half of what has become known as the Tech tower, Star Labs run the Meta tower and the Sentinels of Magic are based on the obviously-named Magic tower. Other organisations also have labs and research areas on the Watchtower, companies like LexCorp and the Queen Foundation or other groups like the Green Lantern Corps and, amazingly, the Amazons of Themyscera.

"The base of the Watchtower's main structure is where the main power core is. A unique fusion of Green Lantern and Kryptonian technologies, the power core provides enough energy to run the life support systems, the gravity generators and the protective energy shield which is strong enough to survive even a solar flare. The Watchtower has no weapons, but given that it holds several powerful beings to whom the vacuum of space is unimportant, it doesn't actually need any.

"Transport between the Watchtower and Earth is achieved by several different means. All of the Halls of Justice on Earth contain special teleport gates which connect to the Watchtower. Although the energy cost is quite high and the gate can only be held stable for a minute or two, it allows for instant, easy travel up to orbit and back again.

"The second method of travel are the Javelins, the production model of the prototype flown to Krypton and back by Clark Wayne and Green Lantern Hal Jordon, a flight that resulted in the last two Kryptonians becoming guardians of Earth. Capable of FTL travel, the Javelins carry limited armaments as well as heavy shielding systems and sensor arrays.

"The final method is jokingly called GTY, or Get There Yourself. For beings like Captain Marvel, it is simply flying there. For mages like Zatara and his daughter, teleportation. However, most prefer to use the first two methods.

"The Justice League itself is comprised of heroes who have agreed to abide by the code of conduct of the League and is supported by a large number of civilian staff. The Heroes are led by Wonder Woman and Superman, the civilians and support staff work under the benevolent gaze of Lucius Fox, head of WayneTech who has transferred up to the Watchtower to take up his new duties. Although not a powered individual, both Wonder Woman and Superman have declared that he is a full member of the Justice League and he is, to all intents and purposes, their counterpart on the civilian side with full voting rights.

"The League itself is best described as a loose alliance. At the top, Wonder Woman, Superman and Lucius Fox provide direction. The day to day duties are generally overseen by the Martian Manhunter and Mr Terrific, with a full staff monitoring communications and emergency channels. As a result, requests for emergency support, medical aid and many other things can be responded to very quickly.

"In the spirit of co-operation, the Justice League has set up smaller space stations in orbit around it, providing each one with power generation, basic life support and two teleport gates, one to the Watchtower, the other to wherever the organisation in question wishes to install the receiver. Already, one of the space stations has been leased by the International Superhuman Threat Response Organisation known as Stormwatch, while the Green Lantern Corps is adapting another as its own independent base of operations for Earth and the surrounding areas..."


"Hello, Lois. May I join you?"

Lois looked round and smiled.

"Superman! Of course, please."

Superman placed his tray on the table and sat down. Picking up his fork, he speared one of the vegetables and then looked up.

"Is there something wrong? Spinach in my teeth or something?"

Lois laughed, then clapped her hands over her mouth. When she had managed to fight down the giggles that threatened to overwhelm her, she lowered her hands.

"No, nothing's wrong. Although..."

Superman paused, swallowed his mouthful of food and looked at her with a quizzical expression.

"I heard that you were the one who recommended me as the main reporter for the Justice League. I was wondering why?"

Superman took a quick sip of his drink before answering. "Well, let's put aside the fact you're one of the best-known reporters around and that you've proved with Diana that you can cope with super-powered beings very well. We'll ignore your good looks and professional demeanour, your ability to dig out hidden truths and expose lies to the public gaze, your determination and grit... I guess it's because we know that we can trust you to tell the truth. About us and what we do."

"You're quite the flatterer." Lois said with a lopsided smile. "But I am not susceptible to flattery."

"I know." Superman shrugged. "You cannot be bought, bribed or threatened into doing anything other than what you see to be your duty. If you thought it necessary, you'd stride into battle just to get a good quote. We respect that sort of bravery. Besides, Batman recommended you."

Lois stiffened. "Batman! Can you get me an interview with him? The rest of you are open books compared to him!"

Superman shook his head. "I am sorry. He doesn't like to be in the spotlight, he prefers to work in the shadows and behind the scenes."

Lois pouted and Superman hastily bit down on the laugh that threatened to escape. Picking up his fork again, he applied himself to the food before him. For a few minutes, Lois simply watched him eat.

"Superman... what was it like, growing up on Krypton?"

"You'd have to ask Supergirl that. I was raised on Earth."

Lois' eyes narrowed. "But you said that Clark Wayne and Hal Jordan brought you and Supergirl to Earth?"

"We were brought to Earth on the Javelin that Hal and Clark were testing, yes." Superman said carefully. "But I had been sent to Earth as a baby, where I was found and adopted. I returned to Krypton to see if anyone else was alive and that's when I found Supergirl in a stasis pod."

"And you met up with Hal and Clark there, and they brought you both back. Is that about it?"

"Something like that, yes."

Lois frowned. "I get the impression that there's a great deal you aren't telling me, Superman."

"Please, call me Kal."

"Kal, then. How did you get from Earth to Krypton? How did you persuade both Hal and Clark to keep quiet about meeting you there and ferrying you and Supergirl back? And why is so much of the technology WayneTech started producing several decades ago so similar, and so easily integrated with your Kryptonian tech?"

"What's your theory?"

"I think you are Bruce Wayne in disguise." Lois pronounced.

"I'm not a Kryptonian." an amused voice said from behind them and Lois paled. "Hi, Kal. Been busy? Ms Lane, a pleasure to meet you again."

Lois dropped her head into her hands. "Oh god, no. Okay, you aren't Bruce."

"I assure you, I am." Bruce said, sitting down beside Clark. "Or did you think Kal was me or vice-versa?"

Lois shook her head and raised her eyes, a new determination filling them. "Okay, so he's Clark. Your brother."

"Did someone call?" a familiar voice said and Lois' head snapped round to stare at the familiar figure entering alongside Supergirl. Clark glanced at Bruce.

"J'onn." Bruce sub-vocalised and Clark nodded, then he rose and collected two more seats.

"Hello! Please, grab some food and sit down. We were just discussing secret identities."

"This cannot be happening." Lois groaned. "That's twice I've been wrong in as many minutes. I must be losing my touch."

"We were just passing through." Supergirl said. "Clark here wanted a tour to see how we're settling in up here and to say hello to a few of the heroes."

"Superman," J'onn said, reaching out and shaking Clark's hand. "It is good to see you again. We'll have to do dinner sometime." **Kara told me this was necessary. I hope I am not embarrassing you.**

"It's great to see you too, Clark." Clark said with a smile. "Once again, thanks for the help you've given us."

"It was an honour." J'onn said. "I'd like to stay and chat, but I'm on a tight schedule. Bruce..."

"Enjoy your tour." Bruce grinned. "I have to head back down soon. Work keeps just piling up. I sometimes wish I was Kryptonian, that super-speed must come in handy."

"I am not going to live this down, am I?" Lois asked almost rhetorically. The others just grinned at her and she sighed.


"Heya, beautiful, what's wrong? You seem down. Need a friend?"

Lois looked round and couldn't help but return the smile that the red-clad hero was giving her. "Oh, hi, Flash. How are things?"

"Great!" Flash said expansively. "I just signed a contract with Martha's Meals, you know, part of Wayne Enterprises? Three public appearences a year and a few adverts, and in return I get a decent paycheck and all the food I can eat! You know, it was really hard surviving before that, having a hyper metabolism can be a real pain sometimes. So, I'm happy! Now you, what's got you down? Can I help?"

"I think I'm losing my touch." Lois sighed. "I accused Superman of being Bruce Wayne."

Flash frowned slightly. "That... might actually be true. WayneTech has a real lock on all that Kryptonian tech stuff..."

"Yeah." Lois replied with a humourless laugh. "And as soon as I said it, who should come in but..."

"Bruce Wayne." Flash said with a nod. "Ouch. That's gotta sting. So what happened next?"

"Next, I changed my stance a bit, and said..."

"Clark Wayne." Flash finished. "And let me guess, he showed up too?"

At Lois' nod, Flash inhaled sharply and shook his head. "Wow. Embarrasment city. And I thought yesterday's soda incident was bad."

"The what?" Lois asked, her self-berating momentarily forgotten.

"I grabbed a bottle of what I thought was orange juice to keep me going through the big meeting." Flash said. "Turned out to be orange soda. Fizzy. I rushed into the meeting room, sat down, opened the bottle and..."

"Oh no!" Lois laughed. "Oh, you didn't! You're making that up, right?"

"Fwwwsssshhh all over the place!" Flash said, miming the spray of fizz with his fingers. "All over me, Superman, Captain Marvel, Nightwing, Dove... not pretty. Anyway, long story short, Zatanna, nice lady, not as pretty as you, though, waved her wand and said some gobbledygook and suddenly, all the mess was tidy. But wow, I felt only two inches tall after that. So, you feeling better?"

"Oh god." Lois gasped as she leaned against Flash for support. "Oh, if only I could have seen that. Thanks. Wow. I hope they didn't hold it against you."

"Nah, the Big S found it funny. Told me afterwards that he didn't hold it against me and told me a couple of stories about how he messed up a few times when first learning to use his powers. Said that when he was learning to fly… think George of the Jungle, but without the vines. He's a real nice guy, I like him. Hey, think I'd look good in black and silver like him and Supergirl?"

Lois stepped back and looked him up and down. "I don't know, Flash, as you are, you're... iconic. The red really suits you. I don't think black would."

"Iconic..." Flash mused. "Iconic... I like that. Thanks."