It's been almost a whole year since Ben and Rook started dating. A whole, WONDERFUL year they spent together. Only today wasn't very wonderful for Ben. At Plumbers H.Q. Max Tennyson was currently looking for his grandson, who was suppose to be on patrol with Rook hours ago. Max spotted Rook and walked up to him. "Have you found Ben yet?" Rook shook his head. "I am afraid not Magister. I just got off the phone with your daughter-in-law and she confirms Ben leaving to come here."
A Plumber walked past them and over heard the conversation. "You guys are looking for Ben? I saw him almost an hour ago." Max and Rook turned to the Plumber in surprise, Max was the one to speak up. "Do you know where he went?" The plumber gave a concerned look and pointed down the hall. "My guess is the bathroom, he looked like he was going to hurl when he rushed past me."

After thanking him Rook and Max rushed for the bathroom. When they reached it they could hear someone vomiting in one of the stalls. Rook walked up to it and knocked on the door. "Ben are you feeling alright?" "Y-yeah, just an upset stomach." He tried to take a few deep breaths to calm his gut only to start dumping the rest of his breakfast in the toilet. After five more minutes of this Ben flushed the toilet, got out of the stall, and washed his face and mouth in the sink. "Ugh, either of you got mouth wash? I got a nasty after taste stuck in my mouth."
Max placed his hand on Ben's shoulder. "Maybe he should have Blukic and Driba take a look at you. I don't want you getting sick while on a mission." Ben rolled his eyes. "Ah come on Grandpa. I'm perfectly fine, I probably just had to much chilly fries last night." Max just crossed his arms and gave Ben a stern look. "...Okay okay fine!"

After running some tests, Driba was writing down notes. "So you've been getting sick all morning, have you noticed anything else strange?" Ben, who had his boyfriends arms around his shoulders, thought for a minute. "Well, last night I actually ate my mom's Cooking. I normally avoid eating tofu but it actually didn't taste so bad. I felt pretty tired all day yesterday and the day before, my head has been killing me too." Driba wrote all that down "Oh my." Blukic looked over his shoulder. "I think we should call him."

Rook looked at them confused. "What is wrong with Ben?" Driba scratched his head. "We're not sure, but Azmuth told us if Ben had any of these symptoms we should call him right away. But I'm sure it's nothing to be worried about." Blukic, of course, disagreed. "I think they should be worried." "BLUKIC!" Rook and Ben looked at each other worried. Max rubbed Ben's head. "Don't worry kiddo, I'm positive you'll be fine."
About an hour or so Azmuth teleported to earth, and is looking over Driba's notes. "So how long have you been feeling like this Ben?" "Uuuh, a few days? Are you going to tell me what's wrong with me or not?" Azmuth gave Ben an annoyed look. "Be patient, I just need to do something before I do. Tell me, where are your parents, cousin, and her boyfriend?" Now Ben was really confused. "Why do you want to know?"

"Just tell me Ben." "Uh, my Dad's at work, my Mom's at home, Kevin's probably at his garage, and Gwen's probably in school right now." Azmuth nodded and pulled out his teleporter, after pressing a few buttons on it Ben's parents, Gwen, and Kevin, appeared in the room. Ben's Mom and Dad looked around in shock. "Hey Mom, Hey Dad." Both parents turned to their son, Sandra walked up to Ben and gave him a quick hug. "Ben is everything okay? When Rook called I got worried."

Carl looked around the room rather confused. "How did we get here?" "That is actually my doing Mr. Tennyson." Everyone turned to Azmuth. Gwen seemed rather annoyed. "This better be important, I was in the middle of a test when you zapped me here, and it's good to see you Ben." Gwen gave Ben a quick side hug when Azmuth cleared his throat. "I assure you this is very important. Some of you may know about how Ben's been feeling ill lately. I feel it's best for all of you to hear about this so you don't have to go through so much drama." Azmuth looked at Ben. "You might want to sit down." Ben just rolled his eyes and sat down on an examination table. Kevin was starting to get impatient. "So what the heck is wrong with Ben?"

"I'm getting to that. Benjamin Tennyson, you're pregnant."

Everyone's jaws dropped while Ben's face drained of color. "Wha- Bu- I-I- HOW?!" "It's a setting I put in the omnitrix. I was going to tell you when you were older, but apparently your teenage urges got the best of you." Kevin, now over the shock, was trying very hard not to laugh. Ben's Dad didn't seem to happy about this. "Why would you do something like that?!" Azmuth was remaining totally calm during this. "It was a contribute to science, child birth is the one thing that separated human males and females apart since the beginning or time."
Gwen looked at Ben in shock. "Wow, I never expected to become an aunt this soon." Kevin snickered. "Yeah, nice move Tennyson." Ben threw his hands in the air. "HOW WAS I SUPPOSE TO KNOW THIS WOULD HAPPEN?!" Sandra cleared her throat. "So um, do I dare ask about the father?" Everyone turned to look at Rook, who was smiling nervously. "If I would have known this would happen, I would have made sure we had protection."

Azmuth walked over to Ben. "Now that you all know, I need to do one more thing before leaving." He walked up to the omnitrix, opened it up, pushed a few buttons, and closed it. "There, the onmitrix is now locked." Ben looked at him in shock. "Ah what?! But how am I suppose to go hero?" Azmuth shook his finger at him. "You didn't think I'd let you fight while you're carrying precious cargo now did you? Untill the baby is born you are not allowed to fight what so ever."
"But that's going to be nine months!" Azmuth started turning on his teleporter. "Not my fault you and your Revonagander boyfriend didn't use protection. So long." And with that, he was gone. Ben hid his face in his hands. "I can't believe this is happening." Rook rubbed his boyfriends back, trying to help him feel better. "Do not worry Ben, I will be with you every step of the way."

Ben looked up at Rook and smiled, he nervously turned to his parents."Soooo..." Carl and Sandra looked at each other, not quite sure what to say. Finally Ben's Mom sighed and spoke up. "Well one thing's for sure, I'm not leaving you home alone for a while. But, I was hoping to be a grandmother someday. Aparently that someday is going to be really soon." Ben's Dad rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, if your Mom's okay with it then I am too."
Gwen smiled "If the kid's a girl then I hope you're going to name her after me Doofus." Ben laughed while Max patted his shoulder. "I never thought I'd be around long enough to become a great grandpa, and have fun explaining this to your parents Rook."

Rook gulped, already picturing how furious his father will be about this. "Yes, that will be quite eventful..."