Once again Leonard doesn't appear to miss her. This time Penny decides to break off the engagment, to make things more difficault she begins to realize something about Sheldon she never realized before.

Even the others begin to notice.

After their usual get together, Bernadette is the only one who feels something 'going on' between the two, at first.

"What was going on in there?" Bernadette asked her husband as she climbed into the passenger seat.
"I was feeling some very freaky vibes myself." Howard said. "Maybe I shouldn't have ordered the chicken calamari."
"No, I mean Penny and Sheldon. They've been spending an awful lot of time together."
"So? They did that one summer Leonard went on that trip for Hawking."
"I know. But this is different somehow. They practically couldn't keep their hands off each other.
and Sheldon doesn't let just anybody touch him."
"Maybe he's just accustomed to her. They've known each other a long time."
"I don't think that's it. But did you see the way they were looking at each other?"
"What do you mean?"
"Sort of like we do."
"Bernie, Penny and Sheldon?" He asked shocked, putting the keys in the ignition, but he paused, his mind daring to go there for a second. Then, he started the car, shaking it off, "Nah!"
Bernadette shrugged in reply compliment. But the more she thought... there was something there. Why did it take this long to realize? Penny Birch and Sheldon Cooper were in love with each other and because of their blind stubborn nature they couldn't see it...yet.

It was operation get Penny and Sheldon together.
The seed was already planted in her husbands mind, as for Raj, he was a softy when it came to romance, it shouldn't be that hard to get him on board.

The only big issue was Leonard and Amy.

This was going to take some time.

Leonard comes back. It has been a few days.
Sheldon is taking a shower. He lets Penny in to use the bathroom.
"Do not flush the toilet."
"I won't." She assured him.
"Sheldon." Came Leonard's voice from the hallway.
"oh crap on a cracker."
"I'm in the shower." Sheldon answered back, peeking his head out from the certain.
Penny looked at him with a look that read, oh my god, why'd you answer?
"I think I forgot my phone." Leonard's voice was coming closer.
"Oh Crap!" Penny looked for a place to hide. When she couldn't find one she opted for the shower.
Sheldon looked over his shoulder at her
Penny stared at his face, her eyes litteraly glued there. They looked like they were about to pop out of her head. She did not want to look down. Now Penny was no stranger to the male was just that he was her best friend. And she never thought of him in any other way.
The bathroom door opened.
She never had taken a shower with Leonard. Standing in a shower with her ex's friend, how would that look? She knew how jelous Leonard could get, taking things to the extreme when they really meant nothing. She prayed he wouldn't discover them.
"Is there someone else here with you? I thought I heard another voice." Leonard looked at the shower, he thought he could see a vauge silhouette through the certian.
"I can't talk Leonard, I'm getting soap in my mouth." Sheldon said.
"Ok. Hey uh, Sheldon I'm going out. Howard and I are going to go over my reasearch. If you want to come, we can wait for you. I know how much it means to you..."
"No you go on ahead Leonard. It doesn't bother me a bit, little buddy. You go out and enjoy yourself."
"Alright. You...you to." Leonard closed the door behind him.
What the hell was that? Penny mouthed.
Like you could've done any better. His expression read.
He turned his back to her. She just smiled, her eyes slightly closed, she looked down,
Her face turning red, her eyes wide, then slowly but surley, the smile crept back on her face in the form of a smirk. Crossing her arms, directing her gaze away she exited the shower.

"I think Sheldon has a girl in there." Leonard told his friend as he entered the apartment.
"What'd make you say that?" Howard ears seemed to perk up with the news. "Are you sure that's possible? Sheldon, a girl, in the shower?"
"I thought I saw an extra shadow is all. Do you think...did Sheldon and Amy..."
"It can't be Amy."
"Why not? Who else would It be?"
"Haven't you heard? Amy and Sheldon broke up, or what they called a separation trial period, think that counts as a break up. Anyway she went to Saudi Arabia to meet this Prince Faisal the one that backs her research." They both left the apartment.